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SPRING IN BLOOM VOLUME 1: Fresh Awakenings


As the long winter ends and spring approaches, the time has come to uncover the healthy, glowing skin that has been in hibernation all winter long. Simple variations to your bathing ritual will bring all of that loveliness out from under the ice and snow, and restore you to your softest self. SHOWER & HAND WASH Envelop the skin in gently exfoliating fruit extracts, with luscious shea butter suds and a delicate aroma BATH SALT Restore the body with healing Epsom salts to soothe fatigued, sore muscles and draw out toxins.

WINTER MELT RITUAL: 1 | As you draw a bath, stand in your tub and massage skin with a generous layer of Body Wash, allowing the anti-aging fruit extracts to gently lift away skin cells. 2 | Mix Bath Salts and an additional pump of Body Wash in the hands, tailoring the amount of Salt to each skin zone. (Use more Salt on rough, dry heels, and skip the salt entirely on delicate skin.) Exfoliate one zone at a time. Apply product in a circular motion, moving your hands toward the heart. 3 | Immerse yourself in the water, allowing the product to dissolve on its own. Sit back and relax fully as you enjoy a luxurious Epsom and shea butter soak. Add an extra dose of detoxifying Bath Salts to support weary muscles, particularly after exercise or a long day.




Replenish skin and undo winter’s damage. Eliminate harsh, chemical soaps for nourishing, gentle ZENTS cleansers (no parabens, sulfates, or propylene glycol!) that won’t rob skin of much needed moisture and deeply hydrating organic shea butter to soften and protect against the fierce winter elements. SOAP Bestow purity and balance to the body with naturally antibacterial, gentle neem and rich shea butter. CONCRETA Repair depleted elbows, knees, heels and cuticles with a powerful infusion of organic shea butter.

WINTER MEND RITUAL: 1 | Massage Concreta into towel-dried skin, focusing on cuticles and heels with intensive, targeted hydration. 2 | Cover hands and feet with socks (or gel socks) overnight.




Restore your skin to its most radiant with a double dose of age-defying Vitamin E, and complete the winter thaw. Banish lingering dryness in one potent punch by painting a mix of Lotion and Oil on the skin. Greet the spring with a red carpetworthy glow. LOTION Soften and smooth with organic shea butter, and improve elasticity with antioxidant Vitamin E. BODY OIL Quench dry skin with jojoba and Vitamin E to leave skin glowing with a delicate cashmere feel.

WINTER GLOW RITUAL: 1 | Squeeze the needed amount of Lotion into your palm. 2 | Use one finger to smooth the Lotion, creating a flat surface. 3 | Spray Oil directly onto the Lotion. 4 | Mix in your palms and apply to skin.



Fall in love with your skin, with spring, with love.

ZENTS Spring in Bloom, Vol 1  

Fresh Awakening