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Why Public Places Prefer Beam Seating

• You seem them here, you see them there and you have a sight of it at almost every public place you visit. People sit on them, children play on them and vagabonds sleep on them. These objects of multiple utilities are called beam seating. Before you run your imagination amok with something to do with laser beams, let me give an insight into what a beam arrangement of seating is.

• Beam seating is an array of chairs that are fixed on a single rod and the four corners of the arrangement are supported by legs. The legs are then fixed on the ground with the help of bolts so that they remain on place and no one takes it home. If you are bad at making out the seating type, think of the chairs sticking together and are mostly found at metro stations, airports, waiting rooms and bus terminals amongst others. The chairs have this peculiar name because of the kind of seating arrangement it is – a line of chairs on a beam.

• You may find these chairs even in some parks and gardens due to their toughness while hospitals also find these chairs very useful. Many of these chairs are used as beds by not only the people who live on the streets but even by relatives of patients in the hospital.

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Why public places prefer beam seating