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[8:25] Jellie1: gm - news in 5 min [8:25] Don M: gm [8:25] Jellie2: gm - rgr that [8:31] Jellie1: muted response to a bad number [8:32] Jellie2: down 16 points already? [8:32] Don M: europe consolidating midday push [8:32] Don M: had 3 pushes on 5 into noon and retrace to 5 & 15 [8:33] Don M: I swear most PJOs continue during non US hours [8:33] Don M: crazy [8:33] Jellie1: think that will change once summer is over? [8:33] Don M: it ebbs and flows [8:34] Don M: didn't even have to

be up too early today [8:34] Don M: 6:30am final midday push [8:41] Jellie3: euro at daily ma [8:41] Don M: major fake out yesterday [8:45] Don M: well, MATN I suppose [8:46] Don M: pretty good overnight rhythm though [8:48] Jellie1: yep - expecting oscillations - but gotta be a really nice PJO long at some point due to air on all TF's [8:54] Jellie3: next naked poc at 95 [8:57] Don M: 60, 120 min ES continue to have low ADXs [8:57] Don M: 15 & 13ish [9:11] Don M: yellow with green tint of course

[9:11] Don M: poll is for open [9:11] Jellie4: y same [9:11] Don M: assuming we open near lows [9:12] Jellie1: same - will be watching for opening tick play long [9:12] Jellie4: goal is not to get run over [9:13] Jellie6: 1100 magnet? [9:13] Don M: eur holding last low [9:14] Jellie2: S2 1100.50 [9:15] Don M: maybe though [9:16] Don M: we'll see if PPT is at work today [9:17] Jellie2: so far we have the Plunge Promotion Team in control [9:18] Don M: europe new lows [9:19] Jellie1: if we open down here, there's gonna be 16-19 points air on intraday time frames

[9:19] Don M: y [9:21] Jellie3: euro holding 62% retr mucho air on 5 [9:24] Don M: broke some key levels overnight [9:24] Don M: ES [9:24] Don M: air trades still apply of course [9:25] Don M: but we're back in July #s now [9:28] Jellie2: 3lb green for open..... [9:29] Don M: y [9:30] Don M: 1104ish resistance o/n [9:30] Don M: also overnight 15ma [9:31] Don M: didn;t open open lows [9:32] Don M: tough to buy that imo unless taking the pre-open entry [9:32] Don M: open=on [9:32] Don M: lots of time [9:36] Don M: yellow it is [9:36] Don M: Jellie3's naked hit [9:36] Don M: increased volatility a good thing [9:36] Jellie4: y [9:41] Don M: down up now what [9:43] Jellie3: maybe a hl [9:43] Don M: any major td on move toward 5 or 15 later s/b good imo [9:43] Don M: long way to go before that happens tho [9:44] Don M: tick to 0 shorts for now [9:44] Don M: mkt STILL pausing on entry points [9:44] Don M: lowest risk on setups ... wait for the pause [9:45] Don M: Dow -200 ... may take time to digest [9:45] Don M: or not [9:49] Don M: higher tick low [9:50] Don M: tick 0 line good tub for now .. .mkt digesting losses [9:52] Don M: would expect 11001102 resist if it can get that high [9:52] Don M: OP [9:54] Don M: 0 tick holding [9:56] Don M: ix pause [9:56] Don M: see if 5 air fills [9:56] Don M: on tick pop [9:57] Don M: no [9:58] Jellie6: 3th try south [9:58] Don M: vix extends

[10:00] Don M: almost wish we had 10 news for once [10:02] Jellie1: 97 current ceiling [10:03] Don M: vix looks like it could pb [10:03] Jellie4: may get the pop now [10:03] Don M: y [10:03] Jellie3: y [10:03] Jellie1: breaking 97 could get the pop [10:04] Jellie4: nice [10:05] Don M: salmon for sure for now [10:06] Jellie1: yep - tough stream too [10:07] Don M: nml [10:10] Jellie5: 98 providing a lid so far [10:10] Don M: y [10:12] Don M: no pace since opening osc [10:12] Jellie4: y [10:13] Don M: need to find its heartbeat [10:18] Jellie6: Small TD [10:19] Don M: 96 tri break resist [10:25] Don M: higher L [10:27] Don M: mkt unimpressed [10:27] Don M: still think we have shot at closing 5 min air [10:27] Don M: time and price sort of thing [10:28] Jellie1: still air on vix too [10:29] Don M: 1 min 3lb is L [10:30] Jellie1: 7.75 point IB [10:30] Don M: buyers on strike [10:30] Don M: just no flow to this [10:31] Don M: POLR down for now ... air can't even fill [10:32] Don M: ib break probe south perhaps [10:32] Don M: in direction of POLR [10:33] Don M: looknig that way [10:33] Don M: heads up [10:33] Don M: see if we probe **** [10:35] Don M: tick to 0 [10:35] Jellie1: vix sneaking back up [10:36] Don M: feels heavy but no go so far [10:36] Don M: pushing it [10:36] Don M: looking for tick lod [10:37] Don M: looking for anvil [10:37] Jellie4: major trend line

support here [10:37] Jellie4: agree if it breaks [10:37] Don M: fake bids [10:38] Don M: lunch if no lod [10:39] Don M: time given the huge o/n move doing its thing [10:40] Don M: europe sessions SOO easy [10:40] Don M: U.S. very very tough lately [10:43] Don M: 94-96 [10:43] Don M: I say down still [10:44] Don M: sellers at 450 [10:45] Don M: come on TICK ... lose it [10:45] Don M: should see -1000 [10:45] Don M: there's the probe [10:45] Don M: now for the wile e coyote [10:46] Don M: 3lb turn [10:47] Don M: wiggle waggle [10:47] Don M: staying with it [10:47] Don M: -785 [10:47] Don M: come on [10:48] Don M: -871 [10:48] Jellie4: nice [10:48] Don M: -1018!!! [10:48] Don M: don't look down Wile [10:49] Don M: from here no clue though ... got the probe and the 1000 tick ... anything else is bonus [10:50] Don M: so trail if holding shorts [10:51] Don M: pace still stinko [10:51] Don M: POLR down vs air to north [10:51] Don M: tough battle [10:51] Jellie1: nice patience - still working on that myself [10:51] Don M: TMAR for sure [10:51] Don M: on at least partials [10:57] Don M: 94 good trail [10:57] Don M: but TMAR channels more than OK imo [10:58] Don M: noon push fade trades possible later [10:59] Jellie1: y - been a while since we've had a good one [10:59] Jellie4: L [10:59] Jellie4: 9150 st [11:00] Jellie4: coin toss [11:00] Jellie4: like the diver though [11:00] Don M: TICK mostly >0 [11:00] Jellie4: scr

Remember I don’t like to lose lunch bets! Haven’t lost one all summer … YET!

[11:02] Jellie4: little early on that one [11:02] Jellie2: story of my life Jellie4 :-) [11:03] Jellie4: lol [11:03] Jellie7: POLR is down, but I see potential support at 90.25 from 7/30 [11:04] Jellie4: y right near 1.5 ib [11:10] Don M: VIX still sneaking up [11:10] Don M: and TICKs have fear of heights for now [11:13] Jellie2: tick lod there on that last push [11:13] Jellie4: L [11:13] Don M: yup, stay wholesale on exits [11:14] Don M: into the retail flow [11:14] Jellie4: need tick to move [11:14] Jellie2: you have 3rd push in your favor [11:15] Jellie2: otoh, i don't like that extreme tick reading [11:15] Don M: will look to fade any 11:30 + moves [11:16] Jellie4: mkt not giving it up easy [11:16] Jellie4: tmar [11:16] Jellie2: I'd really like to see a high volume capitulation bar..... [11:19] Jellie4: y vix broke out of its range, see if it stays up [11:20] Jellie6: Maybe we just got your bar john [11:21] Don M: small td [11:22] Jellie2: probing long for scalp [11:22] Jellie4: y like it [11:23] Jellie4: run [11:23] Jellie2: I'm out on pop.....too chicken I think [11:24] Don M: channel trades OK though [11:24] Don M: no biggie [11:26] Jellie4: 89 st on tr [11:26] Jellie4: tough way to trade [11:27] Jellie4: would obviously like higher prob stuff

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Jellie talk 8-11  

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