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Currently in the senior year of his Architectural education at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, Zenon loves photography and poetry. He fascinated with Voyager 1, the farthest man-made object from Earth. Zenon enjoys flims, especially Lars von Trier, Sofia Coppola and Wes Anderson. He enjoys the works of Saul Leiter, Vilhem Hammershoi, T.S. Eliot, Rem Koolhas, Sou Fujimoto and SANAA.

CONTENTS Term 4 Architecture Core Studio 1: SHIFTS \ DMD Centre Led by Carlos Banon Other Projects: Introduction to Design Computation Led by Sawako Kajima Architecture Science and Tech Led by Michael Budig

Term 5 Architecture Core Studio 2: TERRAINS \ SUTDX Led by Christine Yogiaman / Yvonne Tan Su Zen Digital Design and Fabrication: HIVE \ CNC Fabrication ELEVATE \ Campus Installation Led by Stylianos Dristas

Term 6 Architecture Core Studio 3: PLAYHOUSE \ URBAN UNIT LIVING LAYERS \ URBAN HOUSING Led by Oliver Heckermann / Ermanno Cirillo

Other works Selected Poetry Selected Photography

SHIFTS \ DMD CENTRE The DMD Centre is a proposed extended fabrication lab in the SUTD Campus. Facilities relating to the making and fabrication are to be available for the users of the school. My proposal for the DMD Centre is to incorperate the idea of the outdoor, through maximising sunlight and natural ventilation. The creation of the central courtyard allows for natural sunlight and wind. It also acts as an exhibition space where products would be displayed. The massing is derived from the plays in the folding of strips of paper, and their interactions.

Axonometric 1:100

Elevation 1:100

Circulation Plan


Floorplan 1:50

Sections 1:50


The following 3 group projects are from the Introduction to Design Computation and Architecture Science and Tech. Odette is a shelter designed parametrically through C# on Grasshopper for Rhino. It emulates the graceful movement of a swan.

Odette Sections

The next 2 projects are from the Architecture Science and Tech module, where a shelter, TREEHAUS is designed for a group of scientists researching on the flora and fauna on Pulau Hantu. This exercises focuses on the technical drawings, as well as the joining of components used in construction. Ariadne, a concrete casting exercise, focuses on the capabilities and limitations of concrete and the process of creating a mold. The positive and negative spaces of the concrete artifact is inspired by Ariadne, who led Theseus through the labyrinth in Greek mythology.

TREEHAUS Axonometric Drawing 1600





Timber 2

















of 150mm

3900 183


2170 1150


Timber ooring

Level 3 plan


Facade timber planks of 25 mm in thickness Safety glass of 25mm









2600 3000

1000 4200


1800 Ladder integrated into load bearing reinforced concrete wall



Reinforced Concrete slab for load bearing of 150mm






2300 3830

Concrete ooring


Level 2 plan

Exploded Axonometric Drawingv

Technical Drawings

1 Door 2 Windows

Ariadne Model

TERRAINS \ SUTDX The SUTDX is an extended campus area in the heart of the city, Dhoby Ghaut. SUTDX serves to provide classes for students and non-students alike, and is also a learning centre to promote the learning culture of SUTD. Terrains is a proposal to encourage the idea of the openness of learning. By emulating the natural landscapes of the rolling hills, users can step up and down to reach different parts of the centre in a continuous space. Small gardens are punctured into the complex to bring light and nature, through the preservation of the already present trees on site.

Siteplan 1:200

Circulation as shortcut

Circulation as visitor

Circulation as faculty

Exploded axonometric drawing

Floorplan 1:50

Sections 1:100

HIVE \ FABRICATION HIVE is an exercise on fabrication techniques. Through manipulating the fabrication software and CAD, an undulating series of unique, connected hexagons are created. A styrofoam mold is first created through the CNC machine. The mold is then filled with plaster of paris. Ink is added into the plaster to emulate the swirls of marble. The completed product can be connected in various ways, changing configuration depending on the users.

ELEVATE \ FABRICATION Another fabrication exercise, ELEVATE is an installation on the lift lobby of SUTD. Represented as a growth of triangles, ELEVATE aims to make use of the techniques of fabrications, that of 3D printing, to create joints that allow for the connection of wooden rods into an installation. The concept of fabrication extends to the planning and execution of the exercise to ensure a smooth production of the artifact.

PLAYHOUSE \ URBAN UNIT The PLAYHOUSE is a conceptual take on the HDB unit. Made of of 3 HDB units, PLAYHOUSE provides a dwelling space for a young family with children, where programmatic living spaces happen in a series of freely floating boxes. These boxes are playfully tilted to create an assortment of spaces for children to play in. As a result, the non-programmatic spaces exist as an continuity. The level of privacy of the programs like sleeping areas are also arranged by height. The use of ladders to access the boxes adds another dimension of playfulness.

PLAYHOUSE plays with the relationship of leftover spaces, differing floor and ceiling heights and connection of spaces to create areas where activities and programs occur. Designed for a family with 3 kids and a visiting guest, PLAYHOUSE makes use of large continuous spaces for the kids to play and move (and hide). By playing with several ceiling heights, spaces dedicated to the children are created. Some of these spaces are low enough for kids to access while standing up, but adults would have to sit down. This concept is also used in some of the programs inhabited by adults to create an intimate space for reading and napping. By allowing such spaces to exist, a triple volume space can be created with a typically double volume space. Floorplan + 0.5m 1:100

The groundfloor is mainly for programs public in nature: the kitchen, communal toilet, living room, study area, gardens and play areas. The more informal gardens and play areas are defined and fragmented by the leftover spaces from the program. Because of the playful nature of one side of the apartment, some of the programs (i.e. study room and reading rooms) are angled to create interesting leftover spaces and views. The kitchen is made of glass to allow the views from the study room to remain uninterrupted. The more intimate living rooms are above some of these programs, and the sleeping quarters (master bedroom, kids room and guest room) are on the higher floors for privacy, overlooking the gardens.

Floorplan + 4.0m 1:100

Sections !:100

LIVING LAYERS \ URBAN HOUSING LIVING LAYERS is an urban housing proposal situated in Kallang, a historic area of Singapore where the past meets the present. The project proposes a new way of living, where living spaces protrude out into a common courtyard, fostering a sense of belonging. Each apartment is a duplex unit, providing dwellers with an unique living experience in the heart of the city. The users of the complex get to enjoy a series of communal and community spaces scattered around, allowing for active communities to be formed.

Massing Diagram

Siteplan 1:500

Groundfloor plan 1:250

Section 1:200

2nd floor plan 1:250

Axonometric Section 1:100

A pattern of public-private-communal spatial hiearchy is generated in an attempt to create a rather communal interior courtyard with its residents facing into this courtyard. By placing these living spaces facing the courtyard it allows for visual interaction between neighbours during the usage of living spaces. The massing takes its shape as a series of bent blocks, with living spaces facing the interior courtyard. Diversity: 4 typical duplex unit types, along with other atypical units at the bends of the block.

Typical Floorplan +1 1:200

Intensity: 116 Duplex units, each of more than 120m2, provides ample living spaces for young families

Typical Floorplan +0 1:200

Typical Floorplan -1 1:200

Zoomed in floorplan 1:100

Exploded Axonometric

Unit Floorplan 1:50

Unit Axonometric and circulation

Technical floorplan 1:100

Front facade axonometric

Technical Section 1:50

Technical floorplan 1:100

Back facade axonometric

Technical Section 1:50


indigo the mechanical click of my camera looking at you in saturated blues mountains of mountains of poetry about you spewed across the skies the brilliant cosmic spiral you told me we could be friends like how we always were the blue fades you and me, in negatives you are more than a million miles away infinities apart i can never reach your light

voyager 1 across the empty void birth and death and the laws of physics is all we will see the days would end the stars would freeze the matches would burn out the leaves would fall escaping entropy is inconclusive things end red shifts and deca- dence the convergence of a new era



pelled billion miles

send me your love across time

and space

let the stars burn

forever yours,

Architectural Portfolio: 2015 -2017 by Zenon Tan