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qiรกn collection

zen nomad Moving, stretching, breathing, connecting, being present ……zen nomad presents the Qian Collection, our premier collection of soft, luxurious, natural, contemporary yoga wear for in the studio, or the movements that find you in the flow of your day.


Alone or layered, stylish and comfortable, feels great next to the skin, breathable and natural, exactly what you would expect when doing yoga….ahmisa. Transform from yoga to day wear with subtle layers Created to ensure beautiful fits and flattering, contemporary lines, a blend of soft natural fabrics, organic textures, soft colours….zen nomad Made with compassionate intention: Thoughtfulness of fabric and where it comes from and where its going to how its been processed and who is making the garments, the hands that touched it, made with love in a dignified and pleasant environment, soft and easy to care for…made for the zen nomad. “Zen life balance would be one were you are able to tap into “the source” as my shiatsu teacher calls it, and flow. When your reach this state, veils drop and the life becomes simple, you are able to recognize what is important in life and what is not. That which is creating noise and distracting you from the truth becomes easy to let go of. Things become simple, clear, peaceful, and beautiful. Life begins to move gently like the ebb and flow of the ocean and of breath.” Sonja den Elzen In an aesthetic that includes asymmetry, simplicity, austerity, modesty, intimacy and appreciation of the beautiful integrity of natural objects and processes, zen nomad connects to what yoga is all about… peacefulness; non-harmfulness. zen nomad is about being connected to the flow of nature, the flow of beauty. Simple, slow, uncluttered, authentic, underplayed, with an undeclared beauty, allows us to move in peace. Peace in our bodies, peace in our minds, peace in our spirits! email us at

photography by Tim Bermingham



zen nomad peace in our bodies peace in our minds peace in our spirits


shown here in charcoal linen knit


qián collection 2013

Sun Gazer Shorts - low rise, soft, comfortable, ruched znp101 sides, shown here in light green bamboo spandex jersey Delphine Top - loose, cowl neck top with racer back znt206 shown here in charcoal linen knit

Delphine Top - loose, cowl neck top with racer back znt206 Shown here in charcoal bamboo jersey Rythm Capri - low rise ruched capri with dip cuff znp102

Full Rythm Legging - Full ruched legging shown in znp103 charcoal and black bamboo spandex jeresy

Elipse Capri - fitted capri style with elipse cuff shown znp104 here in charcoal bamboo spandex jersey

qiรกn collection 2013

Warrior legging shown in rose bamboo spandex jersey znp105

Relaxed Tank - long body, mid scoop neck line shown in light green bamboo spandex jersey znt202

Elvin top in beige linen znt205 Creativity capri in beige znp106

Elvin top in bamboo spandex jersey znt205


qiรกn collection 2013

Delphine Dress - cowl neck dress with asymmetrical hemline shown in bamboo spandex jersey znd302

Elvine Longsleeve Top - raglan sleeve longsleeve top shown in charcoal and beige linen knit. bamboo spandex jersey option has a more fitted look znt205

Orgin tank dress with built in bra in bamboo spandex jersey znd301

Orgin tank top with built in bra in bamboo spandex jersey znt203 worn with warrior full leggings in turqoise bamboo jersey.

zen nomad peace in my body peace in my mind peace in my spirit

zen nomad : qian issue  

zen nomad qian issue

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