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AIW Newsletter August 2011

Contents Workshop on Landfills AIW takes the first step towards dealing with issues surrounding landfills and their future Recognizing that Wastepickers exist! Bengaluru Municipal Corporation begins enumeration of wastepickers Dry Waste Collection begins in Mumbai The Municipal Corporation contracts AIW members to begin waste collection in select wards

Water Aid’s efforts in Bhopal …. KKPKP’s Credit Society …. Simplifying Carbon Talk The second article in a series that makes the Clean Development Mechanism easy to understand

Mumbai: The AIW workshop on Landfill Workers Struggles and Strategies was held on 2nd – 3rd June 2011 in Mumbai with a view to understanding the situation of wastepickers working in landfills across the country and abroad.

The current situation with regard to access to waste and waste management in eleven landfills across the country and in Senegal and South Africa were presented by one wastepicker from each city working on a landfill. The impact of the closure of dumping grounds on unorganized wastepickers in Vasai-Virar near Mumbai were also shared. Occupational health issues of wastepickers on landfills, formulation of demands of wastepickers on landfills such as access to recyclables at an increased number of points, improved working conditions, medical and insurance provisions along with livelihood alternatives and recommendations to the Government were brainstormed upon by wastepickers themselves.

Different strategies that could be used to highlight issues of wastepickers on landfills were also outlined. Laws on landfills, policies and trends in landfill management across the country and abroad, the thrust on technically engineered landfills and its implications were also explained in through interactive sessions with graphic presentations, games and exercises.

The workshop highlighted the fact that the work conditions of landfill wastepickers were very similar and so were their

problems. The fact that privatisation is a looming threat wastepickers all over the world was also realised. Source: Neha Govindan 225 words

Recognizing that Wastepickers exist!

The Bengaluru Municipal Corporation has begun the enumeration of the citys x Lakh informal wastepickers and scrap dealers ‌ 250-300 word article

Source: Nalini Shekar

Dry Waste Collection begins in Mumbai PHOTO!!!

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has engaged AIW members Aakar Mumbai, Force and Stree Mukti Sanghatana to collect dry waste from x no of the city wards. The BMC has provided the organisations with vehicles and drivers and sorting spaces while two wastepicker members work on the vehicles, collecting and sorting waste, which is collectively sold and profits distributed equally. X tonnes of waste is being collected everyday through x no of tempos.

Source: Jyoti Mhapsekar and Milind Arondekar

Water Aid’s efforts in Bhopal

KKPKP’s Credit Society

Simplifying Carbon Talk: Article 2

This is the working of the CDM Text ‌

Alliance of Indian Wastepickers Newsletter: August 2011  

The August edition of the AIW Newsletter featuring the workshop on Landfills, enumeration of wastepickers in Bengaluru ...