Page 1 Have you encountered an accident or personal injury? You must have the need of financial support to help you get past the difficulties sustained as a result of your injury or injuries. The attraction of claims management companies that offer you instant cash for your claim can be very persuasive, especially if you are in urgent need of financial assistance. The claims management companies act as a ‘middle man’ between you, the client, and the legal advisor, your solicitor. The inevitable result of this is that the claims management company will also want some sort of financial remuneration for what is effectively a very basic service. The only service being offered by the claims management company is essentially someone that can chase up the solicitor on the progress of a particular claim on the client’s behalf. However, what is to stop the client from seeking that from the solicitor directly? Certainly, it is always more advisable to go straight to the legal advisor so that you can be rest assured that the information being provided has not been lost in translation or become diluted in any way. Moreover, you can also ask any questions which solicitors are far more equipped to answer in response to any update you are provided, rather than being given a vague answer by a claims management company. You will see adverts from claims management companies offering an instant cash sum up front by way of an interim payment to help you in times of financial difficulty. The claim will then be passed onto a solicitor who will work on your case up until conclusion in which case the interim payment made at the beginning will be deducted from your damages PLUS an additional success fee also deducted from your compensation award. This means that you end up with less damages than you would ordinarily be entitled to, as the ‘middle man’ wants to be paid for the services they have provided. However, there is no need to go to a claims management company because they do not offer a service that a solicitor cannot offer for free. Recent reforms mean that a solicitor’s costs have been vastly reduced and most if not all high street law firms take a 25% success fee from your damages in addition to the fixed costs they receive from the negligent Defendant, in order to make more money from each case. The matter only becomes complicated with the ‘middle man’ claims management company looking to take their share of your damages. However, if you go to a solicitor such as Zen Law Solicitors directly, you will keep 100% compensation and no deductions will be made. This is because Zen Law Solicitors deal with personal injury cases very efficiently and there is no need for them to deduct any amount from your damages. Everything is done transparently and very openly, and you are free to ask any questions you wish in relation to your claim.

Take Advantage of Injury Lawyers in Manchester for Peronal Injury Claims  

The attraction of claims management companies that offer you instant cash for your claim can be very persuasive, especially if you are in ur...

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