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Automated Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems

Combining the perfect ultrasonic cleaning system with the right cleaner for the application is essential for removing the residue from parts that is bonded to the surface. Those parts with depressions, grooves and holes offer a greater challenge to cleaning due to the necessity of reaching, loosening and rinsing away all traces of the contaminants. An automated cleaner like the Ultramatic HV from Zenith Ultrasonics Mfg & Chemical Corp, one of its many automated system designs, offers a number of advantages including: â—? Automatically cleans, rinses and dries parts at a high rate of speed â—? Produces zero-residue cleaning when attached to or equipped with deionized water. â—? Uses a unique transfer system for accuracy and consistency of transferring basket The biggest reason that businesses prefer automated systems over manual ones is the time saved over using manual cleaning and drying techniques. Multi-tank systems use a series of stainless steel tanks, each which plays a specific role in the cleaning, rinsing or drying process. A single ultrasonic tank is typically included for the removal of contaminants. Two rinse tanks are used to rinse the detergent residues from the parts while a drying tank completely dries them. The automation component of the system is what moves the part from one tank to the next by lifting each basket in progression to the next tank one basket at a time. The speed at which parts are washed is determined in large by the time it takes to dry parts completely. This part of the process typically takes more time than the cleaning and rinsing combined. An added advantage of the Ultramatic HV automated cleaner is that it performs the cleaning and rinsing in a single tank at the same time another basket is drying, reducing the time, cost, and space required by other ultrasonic cleaners. The Ultramatic HV is the most advanced cleaning system of the times and it is also made for long-term reliability. Batches of parts are placed into the baskets so that multiple parts can be cleaned at the same time. Each basket can be processed using a different recipe of operation so that each batch of parts is processed according to your specific needs. All you have to do is press the Start button and the basket will be transferred from the load conveyor to the ultrasound cleaning and rinsing tank. The automated system uses patented Crossfire Multiple Frequency technology to flush loosened contaminants from threaded areas and blind holes. A pressure spray rinse will result in part cleanliness exceeding that of most multi-tank cleaning systems. The typical processing speed for the Ultramatic HV is 10 to 15 minutes for each basket, depending on the way the parts are designed and the size of the automated ultrasonic washer you buy. Additionally, it can prevent ultrasonic cavitation damage, the destructive removal of small amounts of material from the parts, when washing sensitive components like un-polished aluminum, electronic components, coated parts and a number of others. Additional features include automated rinse water quality monitoring and maintenance so that the system will automatically add fresh water to the holding tank whenever holding water falls below acceptable levels. Zenith Ultrasonics recommends the Ultramatic HV to any firm that requires an automated multi-stage cleaning process.

Company Bio Zenith Mfg & Chemical Corp, also known as Zenith Ultrasonics, has been providing precision cleaning products to the manufacturing industry since 1935. From the time that ultrasonic cleaning technology was introduced, they have been designing ultrasonic cleaners, first on a small scale and then on a larger one, to help their customers reduce labor cost. Today, they offer a complete line of ultrasonic and non-ultrasonic cleaning systems which will satisfy the needs of industrial, pharmaceutical, and high technology customers including the ultimate automated system, the Ultramatic HV.

Automated Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems  
Automated Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems | Automated ultrasonic cleaning systems offer a number of advantages that make cleaning...