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24/6/20 3:37 pm

GET YOUR SELK' ON Warmth, Comfort, Mobility and Fun. Everywhere.

Available now at Zen ZEN Q3 2020 Part 1.indd 4

24/6/20 3:37 pm

Hello FROM ZEN BETWEEN THIS ISSUE AND LAST ISSUE HAS BEEN THE HARDEST 3 MONTHS IN BUSINESS MEMORY FOR ALMOST ALL OF US. WHAT HAPPENED DURING THESE MONTHS HAS PUT ENORMOUS STRAIN ON ALL BUSINESS. Some have seen unexpected growth like bike and gym equipment stores, but for the most part it’s been horrendous. Almost overnight our economy disintegrated and tested all of us both professionally and personally. Most of our team where moved to working remotely from home, while our logistics team distanced themselves in our distribution centre. As the business leader I realised I didn’t have any of the answers to get through this and found great guidance from within the company. I spent countless hours discussing all facets of the company with the team. For me, and most of us, there where plenty of sleepless nights, heightened levels of stress and I found myself taking a lot more late night runs just to clear my head and refocus. Frederick Douglas once said “Without struggle there is no progress” and this is certainly true. Through all the tough times a certain clarity was put in place, as well as discovery and adjustments. We developed several new projects and communication tools, one of them being ZenStream. ZenStream is our new weekly webinar service where registered viewers can get news on the latest products, merchandising guides, special offer promotions and more. We’ve restructured our entire sales team and ZenStream will become a primary source of information that is consistent, short, precise, valuable and downloadable so you can watch it at any time for training purposes. Read more about it in the coming pages. It would be very un-Zenlike if we didn’t have anything new to talk about. In this issue we have ZenStream, an update from Social Foundry, the new Selk’Bag brand, new products from Ledlenser, and I asked our PR company, Agent 99, to write a piece that might be helpful for you from their perspective about How Retail Communication has Changed. While it seems, right now as I write this, Australia is heading out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have armed ourselves with a few extra levels of resilience and perseverance. I have seen so many more families enjoying time together and enjoying activities like a simple bike ride or neighbourhood walks. There has been good that's come from all of this and for me, its more time with my wife and two daughters and spending time on human topics like Social Foundry. I do hope you have also found light in the darkest corners.

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24/6/20 3:37 pm


Powerful, flexible and rechargeable. Ledlenser’s new Area Light Collection is perfect for brightening up areas from construction sites and garages to showrooms and campgrounds. Ledlenser’s state of the art Chip-on-Board technology delivers even light distribution, while unique features such as power banks, Bluetooth connectivity, tiltable frames and multiple mounting options provide flexible usability for multiple applications. ZEN Q3 2020 Part 1.indd 2

See the full range at zenimports.com.au

24/6/20 3:37 pm


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Simon Burnett from Social Foundry shares 06 his thoughts on what we can learn from the COVID-19 situation. 18 Zen's new Selk'bag brand adds mobility and fun to the traditional sleeping bag. 20 Ledlenser's latest Area Light models bring power, music and light to the worksite. 23 Ledlenser continues to revolutionise 26 portable lighting with the new Lite Wallet. Keep your headlamp safe and charged while 42 on the go with the Ledlenser Powercase. 43 The PR experts at Agent99 provide tips for effective retail communication. 44 Get some facts and figures on why Omnichannel is the future of retailing. Gordon Dedman gives his advice on the best clothing and shelter for wilderness survival.

ZEN Q3 2020 Part 1.indd 3

What's Happening at Zen - we introduce ZenStream, our new weekly webinar service. Gordon Dedman reviews Ledlenser's recently updated MH4 Outdoor headlamp. From the Source's Mouth - an interview with Cristobal Murillo from Selk'bag. Zen's Essential picks for Winter. Recent Releases at Zen - everything that's arrived in the last quarter. See our favourite posts in Social Snaps. We talk to team members Marc and Erwin in our Staff Profiles section. Coming Soon - a sneak peek at what's arriving next quarter. [ ZEN QUARTERLY ] 03

24/6/20 3:37 pm

NEWS FROM SOCIAL FOUNDRY LIKE MOST OF US, NOT FOR PROFIT ENTERPRISE SOCIAL FOUNDRY WAS HIT HARD BY THE COVID-19 SHUTDOWN. CO-FOUNDER SIMON BURNETT, HOWEVER, BELIEVES THIS DRAMATIC SHIFT IN OUR DAILY LIVES ALSO PRESENTS THE OPPORTUNITY TO CHANGE OURSELVES AND SOCIETY FOR THE BETTER... Welcome to a wacky old year! From horrendous bushfires, to crippling fear and restrictions caused by a global pandemic, it would be fair to say this year has been like nothing in the living memory of most people. From increased domestic violence abuse, unprecedented economic impact, to astronomical rises in depression and anxiety to say the least; it’s clear we won’t forget the year of 2020 for some time. But it's also clear there’s never been more need to respond to these challenges.

As we watch isolation restrictions slowly ease around the world there is this impulse inside of us all to just return to what we know - to run to our comfortable places and spaces of existence. But if our bodies and the way we build muscle strength teach us anything, it's that one must stretch and tear a muscle before it builds strength. To grow stronger out of this challenging year, we have to use all this stretch to its full potential - this is how we build strength in ourselves and our organisations. Where there is no stretch, there is no strength. It doesn't matter if like us you’re a not-for-profit, a small business, or a massive organisation - we can all learn so much! So how are we at Social Foundry trying to turn our stretch into strength? Well, as a social enterprise centralised around the mentoring of at-risk young people through hospitality and community development amidst the COVID-19 situation, this hasn’t been easy. But, for every challenge, a whole new set of opportunities presents itself . Among a long list is the opportunity to step back and ask some deeper, more generative questions not only of our business model (and the many pivots that have taken place) but also of our social systems and the roles we can each play in impacting social change. If there is one agreed learning I think we can all take as a result of this season it's that we need each other. Social connection and community are hugely important for us all - we are all better together!


ZEN Q3 2020 Part 1.indd 4

24/6/20 3:37 pm

So what if we began to actually live out this ‘better together’ lifestyle? It would mean us all taking a little less so that we can share a little more. I believe the next five to ten years holds a colossal set of latent opportunities to significantly impact our social systems to begin a wide scale transformation of our nation and wider world. "How?" might you ask? It starts by coming to the revelation that you can be part of the solution. That’s the individual response that we’re encouraging people into through Social Foundry, but broader than that, when we consider the truth that we are better together. Let’s just consider the wider impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for a moment. Imagine if not only individuals, but entire industries made commitments to social change and, more than that, developed models of equality for those in need of assistance. It’s this type of thinking that could truly change the world. We cannot abdicate this shared responsibility to governments alone - it has to start at a community level. Therein lies the very person that can begin that change - YOU! Over the past years, coordinated corporate social responsibility initiatives have helped lessen the impact of crises on both a local and global scale. Corporations have responded on momentous levels and had immeasurable impact with little, if any, bottom line impact to the responsible business. Imagine if our business models could deliver a double bottom line - one that delivers on profit and sustainability, but a second that delivers on social impact. We are thankful for the gold partnership that Social Foundry and Zen celebrate. It’s corporate social responsibility like this that empowers each to do what we do best - and that all drives social impact targets whilst also building better brands!

We’re excited for the coming months as we continue to build exciting partnerships with new trainees, new youth detention centres who are interested in our model and lots more. Most excitedly, 2020 will see more of our trainees move into impressive employment roles in our societies! 2020 has been a hard year, but it will also be a year when a whole slew of impressive, skilled, reputable and amazing trainees will go out into the world to make it a better place. Here at Social Foundry, we won’t be forgetting 2020 for many years to come, and this will be true for many other business as well. But let's not forget that stretch creates strength, and change is often the beginning of the next thing that will carry you through. Because for every challenge your business faces, there is an exciting set of opportunities - I would implore you to have the courage to discover them. So at Social Foundry we’ve learnt to celebrate both challenges and opportunities, and it’s from this place we continue to see the lives of young Australian’s transformed through mentoring in workskills and life-skills. 2020 will continue to see new stories of lives changed! Simon Burnett Co-Founder, Social Foundry

To learn more about all the great work done by Social Foundry, visit their website at www.socialfoundry.org.au

Social Foundry consists of two primary channels - Hospitality and Constructive Trades - both of which we teach and mentor disadvantaged young people in work-skills and life-skills. Our corporate partnerships and our constructive trades channel has been our saving grace through the COVID-19 shutdown. Our hospitality channel has been severely impacted. We've remained open and things are picking up, but we have had to transition to completely new systems with managing people across our venues and all sorts. It has been hard - we’ve had to re-dream so many things! But all this presents us such wonderful opportunities to do things differently and better moving forward.


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24/6/20 3:37 pm


Even with the lifting of these restrictions however, new safety regulations and lingering community fears around entering public spaces will mean the retail industry will feel the effects of this phase in our life for some time to come.

IN THE WAKE OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC, ZEN HAS LAUNCHED A NEW WEBINAR SERIES - ZENSTREAM - TO HELP CONNECT WITH OUR CUSTOMERS AND PROVIDE PRODUCT INFORMATION AND TRAINING WHILE ALSO MAINTAINING SAFE SOCIAL DISTANCING. To say that the recent pandemic and subsequent social distancing measures have been "challenging" for all retailers across Australia is a gross understatement. On a positive note, Australia appears to have successfully prevented widespread infection in the community, allowing the majority of restrictions to be lifted after only a few months and letting retailers open up their stores once more.

The effects of the COVID-19 situation were also felt quite heavily here at Zen. As a retail distributor we saw a considerable drop in sales, were forced to make the majority of team members work remotely from home and implement appropriate safe distancing measures in our distribution centre. Adding to this, travel and meeting restrictions meant that our Zen Imports sales team members were unable to visit our retail partners to provide product information and training like they've done so in the past. At Zen, we've always prided ourselves on providing our customers with the highest level of support and care possible, so in order to do this while the country is still recovering we've decided to launch ZenStream - a virtual webinar service to help support our retailer in lieu of face-to-face store visits. These virtual webinars will allow our customers to receive the same information and training they would normally get from our Zen Imports sales representatives, and much more.


ZEN Q3 2020 Part 1.indd 6

24/6/20 3:37 pm

The ZenStream service comes with many advantages compared to the in-house store visits: • ZenStream sessions will take place on a weekly basis, ensuring our retailers are kept up to date with the latest news. • The sessions will allow you to hear from and connect with our leading industry experts from all around the world (e.g. Tim Leatherman) to discuss the latest developments from the brand firsthand. • ZenStream sessions will be recorded and shared post sessions, meaning retailers can stream or download them whenever they like and as often as they'd like, making it easy to watch the sessions at home or share them with staff. Signing up for ZenStream is simple: Each month an email from Zen Imports will be sent outlining the focus of each ZenStream for the month and asking retailers to register their interest. ZenStream reminders will also be sent on a regular basis during the month in case you happen to miss an e-mail, as well as links and access passwords to previously recorded sessions.

If you haven't experienced ZenStream yet, get involved! Contact the Zen Customer Service Team on 1800 064 200 or e-mail: zen@zenimports.com.au to register your e-mail address and receive ZenStream notifications.

SPECIAL GUESTS ON ZENSTREAM Here are some of the international experts from our leading brands that we've got lined up for future episodes of ZenStream. See our weekly e-mails for upcoming dates and how to register.

Greg Windom (Ledlenser USA)

Rick Case (Nite Ize)

Joel Meadows (OverBoard)

Tim Leatherman


ZEN Q3 2020 Part 1.indd 7

24/6/20 3:37 pm

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ZEN Q3 2020 Part 1.indd 8

24/6/20 3:37 pm

AVAILABLE NOW For best warmth and comfort in the outdoors, the sleeping bag rules. But all traditional forms of sleeping bags lack mobility. The original Selk'bag's human form, the "wearable sleeping bag," delivers the advantage of mobility while also offering the warmth and cosy comfort of a sleeping bag. Named after the long lost Selk’nam tribe of Tierra del Fuego, Chile that inspired their product, Selk’Bag is a global brand that's all about providing warmth, comfort, mobility and fun. Zen is introducing two of Selk'bag's range this quarter - the "Original" Selk'bag with duallayered insulation for avid outdoor enthusiasts who place a premium on warmth and versatility, plus the "Lite" Selk'bag with single layer insulation and durable, lightweight construction that delivers cosy comfort with full mobility that's ideal as a spring and summer camping companion.

Selk'bag 6G Original - Key Features

Adjustable Insulated Hood

Elastic Hand Enclosures

Side Entry Zipper

Secure Cargo Pocket

Leg Vents

Removable Booties


ZEN Q3 2020 Part 1.indd 9

24/6/20 3:37 pm


AREA LIGHTS iW3R and iF4R Music

Ledlenser - world leaders in portable lighting - have further expanded their range of Area Lights this quarter with two new models; the iW3R power bank with built-in spotlight and the iF4R music floodlight with smartphone-controllable Bluetooth speaker. Like the rest of Ledlenser's Area Light range, the iW3R and iF4R music boast high-powered LED technology to provide vibrant illumination, robust housing to withstand rigorous use, high capacity rechargeable batteries and simple, user-friendly operation.

iF4R music - floodlight with speaker Add a little music to your workday with the iF4R music! Ledlenser have taken their popular iF4R spotlight and given it an upgrade with the addition of a built-in high-quality speaker that you can connect to via your smartphone and use as a worksite or campsite radio. Just like the iF4R, the iF4R music has five brightness settings with a light output up to 2500 lumens, while the Magnetic Charge System provides easy recharging. The large, tough handle makes for easy transport and features a strong built-in magnet for secure mounting to metal surfaces such as a steel beam or the side of a campervan.


ZEN Q3 2020 Part 1.indd 10

24/6/20 3:37 pm

See page 27 for full specs and features iW3R - power bank with spotlight In the trades industry, long days on a worksite are nothing new, so to ensure your smartphone lasts as long as your work day a power bank is a necessity. The new iW3R is a tough, reliable power bank with the added bonus of a 320 lumen spotlight to light up dark areas whenever you need it. The power bank has a 4000 mAh battery capacity which will fully charge almost any smartphone, with a handy LED indicator to tell you much charge is left. The spotlight has two brightness settings and can operate for up to 40 hours on low brightness mode, and the iW3R has an IP54 dust and water resistance to protect against the elements.


ZEN Q3 2020 Part 1.indd 11

24/6/20 3:37 pm


LITE WALLET Ledlenser's new Lite Wallet is a first-of-its-kind - a practical combination of a sleek rich leather wallet with powerful LED lighting. The Lite Wallet combines cash and card carry with a 150 lumen LED light that's four times brighter than a smartphone light. Sensitive data is safe and secure thanks to the Lite Wallet’s RFID blocker and it can be easily charged either with the supplied USB-C cable or a wireless charging station. The wallet has space for several cards with an elastic strap for holding cash or an additional card, and at only 115g the Lite Wallet will not weigh your pocket down.

LED with 2 light levels and precise optics

Space for several cards with an elastic strap cash holder

Wired or Wireless Charging




ZEN Q3 2020 Part 1.indd 12

24/6/20 3:37 pm

For full Lite Wallet specs and colour range, visit page 28 [ ZEN QUARTERLY ] 013

ZEN Q3 2020 Part 1.indd 13

24/6/20 3:37 pm

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For backpackers, travellers, tradespeople and anyone else looking for a simple way to keep their headlamp charged while on the move, the Ledlenser Powercase is a great portable charging solution. The Ledlenser Powercase is a transport box and power bank in one. This elegant textile pouch enables the headlamp to be securely transported and conveniently charged at the same time using the integrated Magnetic Charge System. The battery has a 5,000 mAh capacity, and in addition to the integrated charging of the compatible MH and iH Series headlamps, the Powercase also offers the practical option of charging other electronic devices via an external USB port.

Learn more about the Powercase on page 28. 014 [ ZEN QUARTERLY ]

ZEN Q3 2020 Part 1.indd 14

24/6/20 3:38 pm

Powercase Key Features 1 Safe transport of the headlamp


2 Internal charging of

compatible headlamps with Magnetic Charge System

3 Power bank function (5000 mAh) with


additional external USB-A connection

4 Battery Charging Indicator 5 Compatible with MH4(new), MH5(new), MH7, MH8 and iH9R headlamps

2 4 3


ZEN Q3 2020 Part 1.indd 15

24/6/20 3:38 pm

HOW COMMUNICATION IN RETAIL HAS CHANGED SHARON ZEEV POOLE, Founder and Director of PR agency Agent99, shares her expert tips on how to effectively communicate with customers in the current retail landscape.


he last few months have seen the entire world – and every industry – impacted by COVID-19. Retail was one of the hardest hit sectors and many brands have undergone rapid and significant changes just to survive.

We’ve seen many physical stores switching to e-commerce channels at lightning speed, and leading online retailers upgrading their digital operations to keep up with higher levels of demand, just to name a few. One element of transformation that has taken place across the board, however, is how brands communicate with their customers. At Agent99 we work with numerous clients within the retail space, including the entire Zen Imports portfolio. We help to shape our client’s PR and Communications plans to ensure they achieve strong media cut through and visibility which results in brand awareness and ultimately sales. As our business journey through the pandemic developed alongside our client’s day to day operations, we were on the front foot leading a progressive shift in how they spoke to their customers, and there is no doubt that the new world we have been operating in for the past few months has sped up the innovations tenfold. Sending a yearly catalogue, or blasting purely sales-based emails are no longer effective ways to connect with the modern consumer – so what are? On the following page are a few of our key learnings and expert tips on how to communicate with customers in a way that builds trust, whilst also benefiting the bottom line: 016 [ ZEN QUARTERLY ]

ZEN Q3 2020 Part 2.indd 16

23/6/20 11:05 am

Social media influencers are more important than ever.

It’s reported that since lockdowns were implemented, social media usage has increased by 61%, so there’s never been a better time to promote your brand across social channels. There are many misconceptions that having influencers promote your products requires a large budget, but this isn’t always the case. Many will work on a contra basis – which means no money exchanges hands, and the ‘payment’ is your free product that they can get to trial, love and keep. For example we recently ran a Fjällräven campaign where we sent ten handselected key Australian embroidery artists a Kånken backpack. We then asked them to customise it using their creative skills and share their final result with their audience. Sending out these products resulted in dozens of social media posts that organically promoted and tagged Fjällräven and led to an increase in followers and sales for the brand.

Be creative and respect your audience’s time.

With restrictions easing, people have gone from having extra time to now wanting to enjoy seeing family and friends as much as possible again. Brands need to be conscious of this and as such, accommodating. A good example is the ZenStream, which allows for key sales representative meetings to take place virtually. This means stockists are able to spend more time with their customers and meetings can take place at more convenient times of the day with little to no disruption to workflow, there is access to leading industry experts from all around the world – such as Tim Leatherman, and if people cannot attend that specific session they can watch it later in their own time. Brands should now be focusing on how to provide information in a way that can be accessed by their audience when and how they want it.

Create content that focuses on engagement, not sales.

If brands only make one change to how they communicate with their customers, it’s that content that provides genuine value (or entertainment) to audiences needs to be the priority. Create emails, webinars, or any correspondence less about selling, and more about offering advice on topics that are relevant to buyers. Fjällräven regularly share informative and entertaining video blogs across their social channels. Take a moment to think about how your brand is using content to genuinely assist people with their needs, and how you could do better. Also, don’t forget that content does need to include product mentions, but these products need to be authentically helpful - so the audience is more likely to buy them due to being engaged in content that helps solve their problems.

Founded in 2007, Agent99 have positioned themselves as a leading creative communications agency. Trusted by some of Australia’s most loved brands, they pride themselves on working through client missions with integrated PR, social and digital solutions. Agent99 finds its success from the combined skills and experience of a highly seasoned team headed by its Founder and Agency Director, Sharon Zeev Poole. Having worked internationally on high profile brands such as Warner Bros. Pictures and Starbucks Coffee, Sharon leads her team by drawing on over two decades of experience in the industry underpinned by creative strategy, bold ideas and cut-through campaigns. To learn more about how you could be communicating with your customers more effectively, contact Agent99 at www.agent99pr.com or call 02 9779 0999. [ ZEN QUARTERLY ] 017

ZEN Q3 2020 Part 2.indd 17

23/6/20 11:05 am


In a previous issue we looked at 12 essential items you should have with you as part of any outdoor adventure. One of those items was a reliable head torch. The most common group of people who get themselves into trouble in the Australian bush and indeed all over the world are the day hiker and people going on a short trip just for the day or a few hours. Usually, through arrogance and complacency, this group commonly makes the mistake of a) not telling someone where they are going or when they will be back, b) not taking adequate warm and protective clothing with them in case the weather changes, c) don't have a lightweight emergency shelter or space blanket d) don't take enough water or a robust container to carry it in and e) don't have the means to light a fire or the knowledge of how to do so in order to keep themselves warm or boil water for safe drinking.

Ledlenser MH4 Outdoor Headlamp

Most people don’t realise they are lost (or want to admit it) until late in the day, usually when it's starting to get dark. This lack of foresight and preparation reveals itself and they start to panic! It’s at this time that another vital piece of essential equipment needs to make an appearance some form of candling device or light source. This is not only to help see in the dark, but more importantly give a sense of morale and comfort, which in turn will lead you to make better decisions. There are numerous light sources and head torches on the market to choose from, so how do you make your choice if you don’t already have one? A head torch as opposed to a hand held torch/flashlight allows you to have both hands free so that you can use them for other things. Head torches also allow you to see at head height so that you don’t walk into a branch at eye-level and damage your eyes, further adding to an already stressful situation…not that you should be walking around the bush at night anyway! A good head torch needs to be: • Reliable and robust: you don’t want it to break if you drop it accidentally or get damaged easily because it is too delicate. • Water resistant/rain resistant: it doesn’t need to be submersible but you don’t want it to stop working if it rains.


ZEN Q3 2020 Part 2.indd 18

23/6/20 11:05 am

• Runtime: you don’t want a head torch to lose its power and the light become gradually weaker after only a few uses. You want it to last without gradually fading for as long as possible. • Light functions: you want at least two different strength light beams (low and high) for situations where you need greater power or want to conserve battery power. A strobe light mode is also a good idea for emergency use and signalling help. • Red LED: a red filter is ideal for military use and night map reading (not giving away your position). It also allows you to preserve your night vision and use your other senses so not to depend as much on white light. • Focus: it's preferable that your head torch has a beam that you can focus. This allows you to see further and channel light where it's needed. • Small, lightweight, comfortable: for outdoor use something compact, low in weight and comfortable to wear is ideal. • Batteries/Charging: any device that has different charging options is a bonus, especially one that can use both regular batteries and rechargeable ones. I have been using the Ledlenser range of head torches for the last couple of years now after being continually frustrated with other LEDLENSER'S ADVANCED FOCUS SYSTEM PROVIDES brands out there. Having to always continually change batteries QUICK AND EASY LIGHT ADJUSTMENT FOR NEAR AND FAR ILLUMINATION. (3-4 AAA) after the light and focus seem to diminish after only a few hours or simply not having enough spare batteries is frustrating. Some brands are also quite confusing to use with the number of clicks and combinations needed to turn on different beams. The main annoyance for me was the red light filter on other models I've used were way too bright, especially for military use, so I've had to put black tape around the filter to diffuse it. I've found Ledlenser products to be very durable, brighter with more definition and a runtime longer than any other head torch I have ever used. Ledlenser products also have a great focusing system, so whether I need to see far off in the distance or light up more of my immediate surroundings it's quick and easy to do. LEDLENSER MH4 I have been using the new, updated LEDLENSER MH4 headlamp for the last three months now and have really put it through its paces (hiking, camping, running survival courses and for military use). It is an improvement on the previous MH4 in a couple of significant ways that really attracted me. • It has a higher maximum brightness of 400 lumens, which is 200 lumens brighter than the old MH4. • Similar to the larger MH8, the new MH4 has a dual power source so you can either recharge the single lithiumion battery via a USB magnetic charging system, making it easy to recharge in the field if you have a small power bank or solar panel, or it can take regular AA batteries. • It has a front Red LED light so it is perfect for military use while on exercise or patrolling with NORFORCE. • It now comes in all black or desert camo, so it further satisfies military use and the “camo police”. The new MH4 headlamp is a great, versatile and robust head torch that is perfect for both outdoor civilian and military use. I have used it in a variety of situations and environments and found it to be practical, reliable and easy to use. It's the head torch that I now include as part of my essential 12 piece kit.

About the Author

Gordon Dedman is the founder of Bushcraft Survival Australia (BSA), an outdoor bushcraft survival school dedicated to teaching genuine and authentic modern and traditional outdoor living skills through carefully designed educational courses. Gordon is a former member of the Australian Army 1st Commando Regiment and is presently a survival instructor in NORFORCE, an Australian Army Reserve Regional Force Surveillance Unit (RFSU). NORFORCE conducts patrols in the remote areas of Northern Australia, working closely with Aboriginal communities. Gordon has trained at and completed numerous Survival and Bushcraft courses and certifications worldwide at schools run by Paul Kirtley, Ray Mears, Dave Canterbury, Lofty Wiseman and Bob Cooper. Gordon also works seasonally as an outdoor guide in the NT, taking clients on camping expeditions into Kakadu and Arnhemland. [ ZEN QUARTERLY ] 019

ZEN Q3 2020 Part 2.indd 19

23/6/20 11:05 am

From the Source's Mouth TAKE A STEP INSIDE THE BRAND

Cristobal Murillo had the idea for a sleeping bag with arms and legs that allowed more freedom around the campsite. He set about bringing this idea to life, employing a local seamstress to help him with the initial construction of his design. A prototype was made, and after almost two years of constant refinement and improvements to his initial design, a production-ready version was created. Being a native of Chile, Cristobal wanted the name of his creation to reflect the Chilean values of family, fun and respect for nature. The Selk’nams were a nomadic tribe from Patagonia in Chile, where they lived in one of the coldest and harshest places in the world, travelling from place to place in -10 or -20 C temperatures while carrying all their worldly belongings with them. The name "Selk’bag" comes from the words "Selk’nam" and "Sleeping Bag" - a tribute to his home country and part of its culture that celebrates freedom and nature. Cristobal took some time to speak with Zen about Selk'bag and what makes his brand so unique. What is your role at the company? What duties do you perform and what are the most challenging and favourite parts of your role?

What can you tell us about the initial inspiration? What challenges did you come across and how did you overcome them when designing the prototype?

I'm the founder and CEO of Selk’bag. We are a humble and small team so I have different duties. I oversee different parts of the process from designing the products to marketing initiatives and finalising sales with US and international retailers/distributors.

I was really into camping, but did not like the idea of being constrained to a rectangular bag like a mummy when sleeping. I thought, "Why don't they add arms and legs so you can be more free and move around naturally? That way I could walk around the campsite and do things while staying warm". This freedom of movement is where the idea came from.

The most challenging part of my role, which at the same time is my favourite part, is being in all these processes. Jumping from design to marketing to sales can be very time-consuming, but it's what enables me to understand what the consumers and partners need and get a better feel of the whole process so we can create an amazing product. Another favourite part of my role is the relationships you're able to build with different people from around the world. Being a Chilean, living and working in the US and being able to work with different people internationally gives me different perspectives which we can then apply to our brand to make it as open and inclusive as possible.

The initial prototype was a headache to say the least. Since it was a very unique design we didn’t have any starting reference, so we worked with a seamstress to create the prototype from scratch. There were innumerable backs and forths in the design process until finally we had a sample that was good enough to take overseas and get manufactured with the correct materials and how we had always envisioned it. After around a year and a half and 10 to 12 samples we were able to get to the final design, that in its core, has remained the same from then until now.


ZEN Q3 2020 Part 2.indd 20

23/6/20 11:05 am

How did you go about testing your product and what are some of the more extreme situations/environments you test them in? First of all, being a sleeping bag we have to do different safety standard testing to comply with each country we sell to, which vary from temperature to flammability tests. All of these are the most demanding closed and controlled environments in existence, so we can be proud to say that we've passed all of these with straight A’s. In regards to outside environments we have literally taken the Selk’bag around the world to test it in different situations and climates, from Greenland to the Atacama Desert and even Antarctica. We don't just test the Selk’bag in different climates but also in different situations that aren't your typical camping trip such as skiing, hunting, stargazing and even lounging around the house watching Netflix and playing video games.

What are the biggest benefits of the Selk’bag (besides mobility) when compared to a traditional sleeping bag? A sleeping bag is just that - a bag to sleep in and keep you warm when you camp out. While the Selk’bag does this as well, it can be used for so much more than just sleeping: hammocking, beach nights, ice fishing, game time inside the house, road trips - you name it! Versatility and freedom - that's the great thing about the Selk’bag. You can wear them and use them in whatever way you like it - there are no boundaries. The most interesting thing we've seen over the years is all the different ways customers use their Selk'bag - ideas that never even occurred to us.

For bricks and mortar retailers, how would you suggest effectively marketing/selling the Selk’bag in-store? What are your store merchandising recommendations?

In the beginning, retailers usually placed the Selk’bag in the sleeping bag rack with all the other bags were no differentiation was shown. Where we started seeing success is when we told them to take one off the rack and place it on a mannequin in the storefront or a high foot traffic area of the store. This brings it to the attention of the consumer and gets an immediate reaction and “buzz” in the store going. Even a sceptic will start talking about it. Also at the same time it allows the customer to touch and feel it and start visualising themselves using it. The best example we have seen lately is from our partner REI, where they have placed the Selk’bag on a mannequin together with two or three colours/ models so customers have the availability to try them on, with accompanying signage where features and lifestyle images are shown. This way the customer can fully realise what a Selk'bag is and what it can do for him.

Your headquarters are based in California. What do you love most about your local area and what activities do you enjoy doing in your downtime?

Our headquarters are located in a small town in San Diego called Encinitas which is a mellow and laid back town with a great sense of community and amazing surf. The best thing of course is the surfing - I love to catch a few breaks in the mornings before work starts. There are also really cool bike trails and beautiful beaches where you can enjoy a little time off with your family. Not to mention the unbelievable mexican food stands, where you can find possibly the best tacos and burritos in Southern California. If you ever come here, give us a shout out and we’ll go surfing, then grab a burrito at The Taco Stand. You’ll be in heaven, I give you my word.

Our suggestion to all our retailers is to get the Selk’bag out and show it. This has been very effective and we've seen huge success at store level with this approach.


ZEN Q3 2020 Part 2.indd 21

23/6/20 11:05 am

Made for quick hydration Get back in the game quick with the Klean Kanteen Chug Cap. Its wide silicone spout lets you take in fluids fast when you need them most, while the convenient quick-cover spout cap protects against spills mid-workout and screws down securely for a leakproof seal. Compatible with all TKWide Klean Kanteen bottles, the Chug Cap features our new TK Closure™ internal thread design to keep drinks icy cold for hours.

64oz 20oz 16oz 12oz







#BringYourOwn ZEN Q3 2020 Part 2.indd 22

zenimports.com.au 23/6/20 11:05 am

WINTER Essentials


ZEN Q3 2020 Part 2.indd 23

23/6/20 11:05 am


Selk'bag Original 6G

Whether you're camping out at the snow fields, or lounging around the house on a chilly winter morning, the Selk’bag Original will keep you nice and warm while also providing complete mobility, so you can do things like collect firewood or make breakfast. The dual-layered Original 6G offers plenty of features, including an adjustable insulated hood with drawstring, elastic hand enclosures, a side entry zipper, cargo and kangaroo-style pockets, removable booties for when you need to put shoes on and ventilation zippers on the legs. PRODUCT CODES: VARIOUS


Ledlenser MH11 Headlamp

Ledlenser's top-of-the-line MH11 headlamp is the perfect guide for any winter adventure and beyond, with powerful brightness and innovative technology to support any low-light activity.


OverBoard Large Phone Case

Browse, text and snap away while keeping your phone protected from snow and dirt damage with OverBoard's large waterproof phone cases. Big enough to accommodate larger smartphones, these cases feature a transparent front and LENZFLEX back to allow use while the phone is encased, and thanks to the 100% waterproof Slide Seal System™ the case is guaranteed submersible to 19ft / 6m. They also come with an adjustable lanyard for secure carry around the neck and are easy to wash clean. PRODUCT CODE: AOB1106A (Aqua) AOB1106BLK (Black) 024 [ ZEN QUARTERLY ]

ZEN Q3 2020 Part 2.indd 24

It features a Bluetooth connection that allows users to control the light remotely via their smartphone and also create personalised settings. It's equipped with a boost mode up to 1,000 lumens and has an aluminium heat sink allowing the LED to run brighter. The MH11 also features a R/G/B multi-colour front light option, magnetic charging system and a battery status indicator. PRODUCT CODES: ZL502166 (Black/Orange) ZL500996 (Black/Grey) 23/6/20 11:06 am


Fjällräven Singi Wool Padded Parka


Powertraveller Falcon 21

Made from weather resistant G-1000 Lite Eco material and padded with sustainable Swedish wool, this warm and durable parka is perfect for outdoor and everyday life in winter.

Keep your devices charged in remote mountain locations with the Falcon 21. This lightweight, foldable multi-voltage solar panel is perfect for charging smartphones, tablets, portable radios and other 5V & 20V devices. Highefficiency monocrystalline cells produce 25-35% more power compared to conventional cells, it charges up to 2 devices simultaneously and is weatherresistant thanks to a rugged, splash-proof design and high-wear fabric.

The parka is insulated with Lavalan, a sustainable padding made from carefully selected Swedish wool and PLA (a bioplastic made from corn starch). The parka features an adjustable hood and there are plenty of pockets for storing essentials.


PRODUCT CODES: CF81919-XXX (Mens) CF89859-XXX (Womens)


Klean Kanteen 25oz (750ml) Insulated TKPro

Enjoy a nice, hot coffee on your next day hike or winter camping adventure with Klean Kanteen's TKPro. This 0.75-litre, high-performance and 100% plastic-free thermal Kanteen represents the forefront of thermal insulation technology for both hot (up to 28 hours) and cold (up to 90 hours) beverages. It comes with its own double-wall stainless steel cup and the pour-through design cap mean less spillage. The electro-polished 18/8 food-grade stainless steel interior doesn’t retain or impart flavours and the streamlined design makes it easy to pack. PRODUCT CODES: XK1004910 (Stainless) XK1004913 (Black) ZEN Q3 2020 Part 2.indd 25


23/6/20 11:06 am





YL832713 (Blue Handles w/ MOLLE Holster - Box)

The Leatherman Raptor shears features the necessary tools for uniformed response professionals to safely and quickly go to work in an emergency situation. Developed with the input of special operations medics, EMTs and fire professionals familiar with standard shears, the Raptor shears were crafted with just the right balance of multipurpose features for emergency response without an overkill of tools to complicate sometimes life-threatening situations. Raptor Blue also available with a utility holster (P/C: YL832609) TOOLS

• 420HC Stainless Steel Folding Shears • Strap Cutter • Ring Cutter • Ruler (5 cm) • Oxygen Tank Wrench • Carbide Glass Breaker SPECS Shear Length: 4.8 cm Closed Length: 12.7 cm Weight: 164 g



This #1 Phillips Screwdriver & #2 Phillips Screwdriver replacement bit works with all Leatherman Bit Driver equipped tools.



This replacement bit features a Tungsten Carbide Glass Breaking tip on one end and a 1/4" Screwdriver on the other. Disclaimer: This bit has been designed for use in the Skeletool only, we cannot guarantee ideal performance when used in other tools.


ZEN Q3 2020 Part 3.indd 26

23/6/20 11:08 am

iF4R MUSIC AREA LIGHT MODEL: ZL502172 (Box) Add a little music to your workday with the iF4R music! Ledlenser took the popular iF4R floodlight and added a high-quality built-in speaker that you can connect your smartphone to via Bluetooth and use as a job site radio. Just like the iF4R, the iF4R music has 2500 lumen of light output with five brightness settings, a strong built-in magnet for attaching the light to metal surfaces and easy charging via Ledlenser's Magnetic Charge System. Features

• Built-in magnet for easy attachment to metal surfaces (e.g. steel beams) • Five brightness settings with up to 2500 lumen light output, controlled via multi-function switch • Built-in speaker with Bluetooth control • Easy to charge via Magnetic Charge System • Large, tough handle for easy transport SPECS (CHIP ON BOARD LED) Lumens: 2500 lm (Power)- 1000 lm (Mid Power) 200 lm (Low Power) Runtime: 1.5 h (Power) - 3 h (Mid Power) 15 h (Low Power) IP Class: IP54 Dimensions: 235 mm x 110 mm x 47 mm (W x H x D) Weight: 1139 g (incl. batteries)

iW3R AREA LIGHT MODEL: ZL502173 (Box) In the trades, long workdays are nothing new, so to ensure your smartphone lasts as long your workday a power bank is a necessity. The iW3R is a tough, reliable power bank with the added bonus of a 320 lumen spotlight to light up dark areas whenever you need it. The iW3R is ideal for handymen, construction workers, tradespeople or anyone looking for a reliable power bank with a built-in flashlight. Features

• Power bank with 4000 mAh battery capacity • Flashlight with spotlight and 320 lumen output • Battery indicator • Two dimmer settings • Covered ports, dust- and waterproof with IP54 rating SPECS Lumens: 320 lm (Power) - 30 lm (Low Power) Runtime: 3.5 h (Power) - 40 h (Low Power) Total Battery Capacity: 4000 mAh IP Class: IP54 Dimensions: 122 mm x 32 mm x 32 mm (W x H x D) Weight: 143 g (incl. batteries)


ZEN Q3 2020 Part 3.indd 27

23/6/20 11:08 am

POWERCASE MODEL: ZL502093 (Box) The Ledlenser Powercase is a headlamp transport carry box complete with an integrated Magnetic Charge System that allows you to charge your Ledlenser headlamp on the go while offering a convenient and safe means of storage. Via an integrated USB-A port, the Powercase can also be used as a power bank to charge other electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. Features

• Safe transport of the headlamp • Internal charging of compatible headlamps with Magnetic Charge System • Powerbank function (5000 mAh) with external USB-A connection • Battery charge level indicator SPECS Total Battery Capacity: 5000 mAh Dimensions: 124 mm x 102 mm x 63 mm (W x H x D) Weight: 219 g COMPATIBLE WITH MH4 (new), MH5 (new), MH7, MH8, iH9R Black



Midnight Blue

Dark Forest

Deep Wine

LITE WALLET (ARRIVING AUGUST 2020) MODEL: ZL502315 (Black - Window Box) ZL502326 (Chestnut - Window Box) ZL502396 (Caramel - Window Box) ZL502397 (Midnight Blue - Window Box) ZL502398 (Dark Forest - Window Box) ZL502399 (Deep Wine - Window Box) ZL502400 (Vintage Brown - Window Box) ZL502401 (Taupe Grey - Window Box) The Lite Wallet is a practical combination of a sleek rich leather wallet with powerful LED lighting. The Lite Wallet combines cash and card carry with 150 lumens, 4 times brighter than a smartphone flashlight. Sensitive data is safe and secure thanks to the Lite Wallet’s RFID blocker and it can be easily charged either with the supplied USB-C cable or a wireless charging station. Features

Vintage Brown

Taupe Grey

• High-quality, full-grain leather wallet case with snap closure • 150-lumen hand-held light with two power modes • Two card slots on inside sleeve that can hold up to three cards with elastic band for bank notes and additional six card credit card slot under metal cover of the light • Built-in RFID protection to secure personal data • Battery can be charged wirelessly or via micro USB SPECS Lumens: 150 lm (Power) - 10 lm (Low Power) Runtime: 1.5 h (Power) - 12 h (Low Power) Charging time: 2.5 hours Weight: 115 g Dimensions: 74 mm x 24 mm x 96.5 mm (W x H x D)


ZEN Q3 2020 Part 3.indd 28

23/6/20 11:08 am


YM95221 (Box)

Bowie Knife featuring a handle of black rubber and Zamak with a cowhide sheath. SPECS Handle Length: 125 mm Weight: 410 g Handle: Rubber & Zamak

Blade Length: 220 mm Blade Steel: 420H Sheath: Recycled Cowhide


YM85161 (Box)

Tactical Knife featuring a handle of black rubber and Zamak with a cowhide sheath. SPECS Handle Length: 110 mm Weight: 260 g Handle: Rubber & Zamak

Blade Length: 160 mm Blade Steel: 420H Sheath: Recycled Cowhide


YM85181 (Box)

Tactical Knife featuring a handle of black rubber and Zamak with a cowhide sheath. SPECS Handle Length: 110 mm Weight: 290 g Handle: Rubber & Zamak

Blade Length: 180 mm Blade Steel: 420H Sheath: Recycled Cowhide



A full tang knife with stag horn handle and leather sheath. SPECS Handle Length: 95 mm Weight: 130 g Handle: Stag Horn

Blade Length: 80 mm Blade Steel: Molybdenum Vanadium Sheath: Leather



Camp axe/quartering tool with hard aluminium handle and leather sheath SPECS Handle Length: 330 mm Weight: 680 g Handle: Hardened Aluminium

Blade Length: 135 mm Blade Steel: 420H Sheath: Leather


ZEN Q3 2020 Part 3.indd 29

23/6/20 11:08 am

CONDOR 100 AC POWER PACK 220V MODEL: VPPTLCDE100 Multi-voltage power pack with a pure sine wave AC port for plugging in your device’s mains charger. Can charge laptops, cameras, smartphones and many other 5 to 20V devices. Housing a massive 27000 mAh battery, users can charge a plethora of electronic devices from the bi-directional USB-C port, dual USB ports and the very useful AC outlet. Featuring a 4 LED battery level indicator and carry strap, the Condor 100's rugged design is waterproof & dustproof to IP65 Rating. Features

• Power pack with 27000 mAh/98.01 Wh • 1x AC output: 110V/AC/60Hz or 220V/AC/50Hz • 1x USB-C input/output: PD 5 - 20V 60W Max • 1x USB output: 5V/2.4A • 1x USB output: 5V/3A Quick Charge • 4 LED battery charge indicator • Rugged design • Waterproof and dustproof to IP65 rating • Weight: 800 g • Size: 172 mm x 85.5 mm x 85.5 mm Kit Includes

• 1 x Condor 100 power pack • 1 x USB-C to USB cable • 1 x USB-C mains charger, with 1 USB-C PD 45W port and 1 USB 5V/2.4A smart charger port • 1 x protective case

MERLIN 75PD POWER PACK MODEL: VPPTLMLP075 Portable, rugged power pack for charging laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other 5V to 20V devices. Smart charging technology detects when devices are connected, disconnected, or fully charged. Waterproof and Dustproof to IP65 Rating. Features

• Power pack with 20000 mAh/74 Wh • Rugged design • Waterproof & dustproof to IP65 Rating • 1x USB-C input/output: 5V/3A, 9V/3A, 12V/2.5A, 15V/3A 20V/2.25A PD 45W • 1x USB output: 5-6V/3A, 6-9V/2A, 9-12V/1.5A QC3.0 45W • 4 LED battery charge indicator • Weight: 560 g • Size: 180 mm x 46 mm x 60 mm Kit Includes

• 1 x Merlin 75PD power pack • 1 x USB-C to USB cable


ZEN Q3 2020 Part 3 fixed.indd 30

29/6/20 3:36 pm

SELK'BAG ORIGINAL 6G MODEL: XSBSBOR6BCS (Black Shark - Small) XSBSBOR6BCM (Black Shark - Medium) XSBSBOR6BCL (Black Shark - Large) XSBSBOR6BCXL (Black Shark - Extra Large) XSBSBOR6BPS (Blue Puffin - Small) XSBSBOR6BPM (Blue Puffin - Medium) XSBSBOR6BPL (Blue Puffin - Large) XSBSBOR6BPXL (Blue Puffin - Extra Large) XSBSBOR6GPS (Green Pasture - Small) XSBSBOR6GPM (Green Pasture - Medium) XSBSBOR6GPL (Green Pasture - Large XSBSBOR6GPXL (Green Pasture - Extra Large) XSBSBOR6PES (Purple Evening - Small) XSBSBOR6PEM (Purple Evening - Medium) XSBSBOR6PEL (Purple Evening - Large) XSBSBOR6PEXL (Purple Evening - Extra Large) The Selk’bag Original is designed for maximum mobility, comfort and warmth so you can journey, play or sleep just about anywhere. The Original offers increased features for family campers and outdoor enthusiasts for year-round use. Features

• Elastic Hand Enclosures • Secure Cargo Pocket • Side Entry • Kangaroo Style-Pocket • Removable Booties • Leg Ventilation • Adjustable Hood SPECS Shell: Nylon Rip Stop & DWR Shield Lining: Polyester Insulation: Synthetic Temp Rating (ISO 23537): 6 C (Comfort) / 2 C (Limit) /


-13 C (Extreme) 1.54 kg (S) - 1.72 kg (M) 1.89 kg (L) - 2.08 kg (XL)



ZEN Q3 2020 Part 3.indd 31

23/6/20 11:08 am


XSBSBLT6BES (Blue Evening - Small) XSBSBLT6BEM (Blue Evening - Medium) XSBSBLT6BEL (Blue Evening - Large) XSBSBLT6BEXL (Blue Evening - Extra Large)

XSBSBLT6GFS (Grey Fiery - Small) XSBSBLT6GFM (Grey Fiery - Medium) XSBSBLT6GFL (Grey Fiery - Large) XSBSBLT6GFXL (Grey Fiery - Extra Large) XSBSBLT6VCS (Violet Cockatoo - Small) XSBSBLT6VCM (Violet Cockatoo - Medium) XSBSBLT6VCL (Violet Cockatoo - Large) XSBSBLT6VCXL (Violet Cockatoo - Extra Large) The Selk’bag Lite 6G is designed to give maximum comfort and warmth while providing the greatest freedom of movement. Featuring lightweight construction, the Lite is perfect for outdoor activities in warmer seasons and just about anything you can think of indoors, from playing to sleeping. Features

• Elastic Hand Enclosures • Kangaroo Style-Pocket • Removable Booties • Adjustable Hood SPECS Shell: Polyester & DWR Shield Lining: Polyester Insulation: Synthetic Temp Rating (ISO 23537): 13 C (Comfort) / 9 C (Limit) /


-3 C (Extreme) 0.96 kg (S) - 1.17 kg (M) 1.31kg (L) - 1.51kg (XL)


Fits up to 4’11’’ / 150 cm Tall It can fit up to 5'4'' if you intend to use it without booties Medium

Fits up to 5’5’’ / 165 cm Tall If you are between 4'11'' and 5'5'' this is your size. It can fit up to 5'9'' if you intend to use it without booties Large

Fits up to 5’11’’ / 180 cm Tall If you are between 5'5'' and 5'11'' this is your size. It can fit up to 6'1'' if you intend to use it without booties X-Large

Fits up to 6’4’’ / 193 cm Tall If you are between 5'11'' and 6'4'' this is your size. It can fit up to 6'5'' if you intend to use it without booties


ZEN Q3 2020 Part 3.indd 32

23/6/20 11:08 am

HARRIER™ 2 LIGHTWEIGHT MODEL: YSBY01PBK2 (Plain Blade - Box) YSBY01PSBK2 (Combo Blade - Box) Tracing its history back to the very first Byrd model, the Harrier 2 is a practical everyday-carry cutting tool in the perfect “inbetween” size. Now this utilitarian design is available in a lightweight version featuring injection-moulded fibreglassreinforced-nylon (FRN) handles with a non-slip texture. Its 8Cr13MoV stainless steel blade is full-flat ground for optimal edge geometry and has a textured index-finger choil and thumb ramp. The handle’s nested, skeletonised stainless steel liners provide structural strength for the knife’s sturdy back lock mechanism and anchor a four-position clip that offers all possible carry options. Best of all, it is over 20-percent lighter than its G-10-handled counterpart. SPECS Handle Length: 110 mm Weight: 77 g Handle Material: FRN

Blade Length: 85 mm Blade Steel: 8Cr13MoV Includes: Ambi 4-position Clip


YSC81GPFGR2 (Plain Blade - Box)

CPM® S45VN is a martensitic stainless steel specifically created to transcend its predecessors. Its carefully tuned chemistry promotes the formation of more chromium carbides, while leaving larger amounts of free chromium available for corrosion resistance. Together with a finely tuned formula of niobium, nitrogen, vanadium and carbon, its composition offers a superior balance of edge retention, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and toughness. All of these qualities are further enhanced by the Crucible Particle Metallurgy process, which ensures an exceptionally homogenous grain structure. To showcase this high-performance steel, Spyderco has produced limited-edition Sprint Runs of a select number of US-made models. This Para Military 2 also features forest-green G-10 scales and an exclusive CNC-machined Diamond Arc™ pattern that gives it a visually stunning non-slip texture. SPECS Handle Length: 122 mm Weight: 108 g Handle Material: G-10

Blade Length: 88 mm Blade Steel: CPM S45VN Includes: Ambi 4-position Clip


ZEN Q3 2020 Part 3.indd 33

23/6/20 11:09 am

The benefits of Omnichannel retail In a recent survey of Australian consumers by Manhattan Associates, over 70% of respondents said that they have shopped online since COVID-19 restrictions came into place, and more than half said they are shopping online more than they did prior to the restrictions. Interestingly though, 41% of respondents said they had a better experience shopping online with omnichannel retailers, compared to 31% for purely online retailers. Omnichannel is centered around the customer and ensuring that customers can easily and seamlessly navigate between each company touchpoint to make a single purchase. For example: a customer may see something online and then head into the store to make the purchase, or alternatively be in a bricks-and-mortar store, see an item they like but not in the correct size or colour, then pull out a phone to check inventory and make the purchase. Any number of scenarios like this exist, but the most important aspect of omnichannel is that each of these channels are interconnected to provide a seamless experience and connected purchase journey. Here are some stats, facts and figures on the benefits of being an omnichannel retailer:

Consumers Are Changing How They Shop • 1.2 billion people worldwide access the Internet from their smartphones. • The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a large rise in both online shopping and social media use due to consumers staying at home. • It’s estimated that over 50% of eCommerce purchases will be made on a mobile phone by 2021. • 55% of consumers have bought something online after discovering it on social media. • Personalisation – 61% of mobile consumers say they’re more likely to buy from mobile sites and apps that customise information to their location and preferences. 034 [ ZEN QUARTERLY ]

ZEN Q3 2020 Part 4.indd 34

24/6/20 3:53 pm


Reasons Consumers Come in Store Wants to see/touch item first


Wants to try the item on


Concerned product looks different


Delivery takes too long


Shipping costs are too high


Product too valuable to buy online


24% Consumers In

Enjoys the shopping experience

Already going to the shops Wants to verify the authenticity Returns process too complicated Doesn't trust online security Wants to talk to a sales person


Touch/try product



What Consumers Want in Retail • In store personalised customer service; Knowledgeable employees that provide personalised services. • Seamless integration between online and offline; Shared cart across channels, buy online pick up in store, or buy online and return in store. • Mobile Technology; promotions, coupons, check inventory and more. • Loyalty Rewards.

Shipping Enjoy Experience Other

15% 14% 13% 11% Source: Global Online Consumer Report, KPMG International, 2017

Omnichannel Retailers An Omnichannel approach to sales seeks to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience, whether they’re shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone, or in a bricks and mortar store.

How Retailers Can Adapt • Infuse physical store locations with the digital world to create unique, on-demand experiences. • Create brand loyalty through personalised mobile app experiences. This means moving beyond an app as a means for just revenue - it means a deeper connection with the consumer. • Understand the power of the mobile influence and make the app an integral part of the overall strategy. • More selection with top brands to strategically compete with on-line breadth of product.


ZEN Q3 2020 Part 4.indd 35

24/6/20 3:53 pm

FINDING & MAKING SHELTER IN THE OUTDOORS Gordon Dedman - founder of Bushcraft Survival Australia - outlines the importance of proper clothing and shelter when venturing out into the wilderness.

The Rule of 3's Gordon Dedman Founder of Bushcraft Survival Australia


he purpose of shelter is to create a microclimate where you can control your core body temperature. Both the clothing on your back and the material you surround yourself in offer cover to protect you from the elements, both in a wilderness environment and in an urban one (your home). This issue we'll be looking at heat loss/gain mechanisms, the importance of choosing the right clothing for your outdoor adventures and the different types of man-made or natural shelters that can be constructed while in the wilderness...

The military and many other organisations use the rule of 3's (which could be a rule of 2's) to highlight the order of what to prioritise in a survival situation (both wilderness and urban), what is important and what is not. The order is not set in stone and depends on the situation, the environment you are in, your condition and your resources. • 3 minutes without air (basic life support/first aid) if you are not breathing or are bleeding out you're dead! • 3 hours without shelter (clothing, shelter from the elements, core body temperature). • 3 days without water (the human body on average can only go without water for 3 days). • 3 weeks without food (the human body can go without food for up to 3 weeks depending on the individual and is therefore of the least importance in a short term survival situation).


ZEN Q3 2020 Part 4.indd 36

24/6/20 3:53 pm

Heat Loss/Gain Mechanisms There are five ways that the body loses heat to the environment. This also works in reverse with heat gain. Conduction: the direct transfer of heat from one object to a colder object. Without an insulating layer, such as a foam mat, a person will quickly lose heat to the cold ground or a large rock. Water conducts heat away from the body 25 times faster than air. Wet clothing will also conduct heat away from the body at a fast rate. Convection: the continuous movement of air or water over the body stops it from being able to equalise to the same temperature of the body so the body keeps losing heat, e.g. wind chill. Radiation: direct heat loss from the body to its surroundings. If the surroundings are colder than the body, the net result is heat loss. We lose 60-70% of our body heat through our head and neck. The naked human body starts losing heat to the environment at 28 degrees celsius. In hot climates we gain heat in the same way from the sun. Evaporation: occurs when water (sweat) on the surface of the skin is turned into water vapour. This process requires energy in the form of heat from the body. This is how our body cools itself. One quart of sweat will take approximately 600 calories of heat away from the body. In hot climates, conserve your sweat, not your water. Respiration: when you breath in (inhalation), air is warmed by your body and saturated with water vapour. When you breath out (exhalation) this heat is lost, e.g. in cold air your breath can be seen.

Clothing Clothing is your first line of defence against the elements. Your choice of clothing is dependent upon what the activity is that you are undertaking, what environment you are going into and being prepared for unexpected changes in the weather. Cold and Wet Climates What your clothing is made from is very important. Wools and synthetics should be your first choice in a cold, wet environment. Wool retains approx 70% of its insulative value when wet, is moderately fire retardant and smells less making it your first choice, particularly for a base layer. Synthetic/polyester moisture wicking materials are light and dry very quickly so if conditions are wet this is important. Your clothing can also become wet through sweating which is something you need to avoid in cooler environments or if the temperature suddenly drops in a warm one Eg. the desert. Generally speaking you want to avoid wearing cotton near your skin in cold, wet environments as cotton stays wet and is hard to dry, causing you to loose heat through conduction to the damp clothing. [ ZEN QUARTERLY ] 037

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A useful acronym is C.O.L.D Clean – keep you clothing clean. If it becomes dirty it stops breathing and doing its job. Overheating – avoid overheating. If you sweat in a cold environment you can die if you can’t get your clothing dry. Avoid cottons. Loose and in Layers – it’s the air trapped between the different layers that keep you warm, if your clothing is too tight those air pockets will be compressed and you will be colder. Dry – keep your clothing dry. Layering for colder climates • Base layer of wool. • Warm intermediate layer (wool or synthetic). • Optional thicker warm middle layer (wool or synthetic). • Waterproof and wind proof outer layer that is breathable. Don’t forget to include a warm head covering and wool socks. Hot Climates In warm to hot climates the focus is keeping yourself cool. Loose fitting cotton material is ideal for this. Take a look at what people in Arab nations wear to keep themselves cool. During the day in very hot climates you want your clothing to retain moisture (sweat) to keep you cool through evaporation so in this case cotton is good. Synthetic moisture wicking garments are not good in hot climates as they wick the moisture away from you when you need it to keep you cool, making you feel hotter. When the temperature drops at night, as it does in the desert, you don’t want to be wet from sweat so you need to make sure you are dry before that happens and have a warm layer at hand. Activity You need to also select your clothing based on the activity you are undertaking. For example, if you are doing strenuous trekking in an alpine environment above the tree line, your choice might be to wear clothing that is synthetic, lightweight, waterproof, wind proof and breathable. However, this same clothing in a woodland or close bushland environment will get ripped and torn so something more durable and tough is needed. The Swedish company Fjällräven make a line of clothing that is specifically designed for outdoor use. It is made using Fjällräven’s durable wind and water resistant G-1000 fabric. Their clothing is functional, very durable and comfortable and is designed and manufactured with a number of different outdoor activities in mind. Some of the Fjällräven gear I use include the Singi Trekking Shirt, Vidda Pro Trousers and Jacket and Keb Wool shirt.

Man-made Shelters There are many different kinds of man-made shelters on the market including various kinds of tents, lightweight tarps, hammock systems, emergency blankets and swags. Some are designed to be used with vehicle camping such as swags (which are too bulky to carry) and some are designed for lightweight hiking. The following are a selection of systems that in my opinion are the best for emergencies, bushcraft and lightweight hiking. "No matter what kind of man-made shelter you choose, with the exception of a swag, you will need some form of insulation mat (either blow up or closed cell foam) to sleep on to prevent heat loss through conduction to the cold ground. A 3/4 size mat is all that's necessary" 038 [ ZEN QUARTERLY ]

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Garbage Bag/Drum Liner Large, un-pleated heavy duty garbage bags (hard to find in Australia) are one of the most versatile pieces of kit you can have with you. Uses include a raincoat (a hole cut in it for your head), a moisture barrier or ground sheet, water carrier, filled with leaves for insulation to stop conduction to the ground, water proofing, a flotation device or cut open and made into a leanto shelter using a few simple knots and hitches. This can also be combined with a disposable space blanket to make a heat reflective lean-to to keep you warm and dry. Reuseable Space Blanket/All-weather Blanket These are much more durable than the flimsy disposable space blankets and can be used as a heat reflective blanket, a ground sheet or configured into a couple of different types of shelters as they have built in grommets and eyelets in the corners. The shiny aluminised Mylar side can be turned out to reflect the sun in hot weather or turned in to reflect your body heat or the radiated heat from a fire. They also come in a range of colours so you can also use them as a signalling device to attract attention.

Shelter made using a garbage bag combined with a space blanket.

A survival class student setting up an all-weather blanket shelter.

Hootchie/Light Weight Tarp A lightweight tarp, or hootchie as we call them in the Australian Army, is arguably the most versatile light weight shelter there is. Suitable for most climates (not windy), they can be configured into a range of shelter types (A frame, lean-to, pup tent etc) or connected with others (of the same type) to make a larger shelter. Only a few simple knots and hitches are needed to use them effectively. In wet weather you just set them lower and in clear weather you can raise them. If you've never tried sleeping under a lightweight tarp than you're really missing out, as they allow you to connect with nature in a way that an enclosed tent does not. To sleep under a lightweight tarp you will also need: a ground sheet, 3/4 size insulation mat, sleeping bag and a bivvi bag (waterproof sleeping bag cover). Hammock and Tarp Hammocks are designed to get you off the ground, which is preferable in hot, wet tropical areas where there are lots of creepy crawlies. A built-in bug net is also advisable in these areas. Hammocks are also preferable in areas of uneven ground like the side of a hill. You will still need some form of insulation under you such as a half inflated sleeping mat to prevent cold spots and heat loss through convection. In recent years there has been a surge in interest in cold weather hammock camping with a number of elaborate cold weather cocoons and sleeping systems available. Personally I find many of these over-complicated and impractical to carry because they are too bulky.

Australian Army hootchie/tarp shelter.

Hammock and tarp shelter. [ ZEN QUARTERLY ] 039

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Natural Shelters

If you don't have a manufactured man-made shelter you'll have to build one using the resources found around you in nature. There are many different natural shelter types which can all be thatched with an array of different natural materials. Some of these include: lean-to, wickiup, dome huts, various group shelters, debris huts, A-frame shelters etc. Unlike what the reality TV shows portray, building a natural shelter is time consuming and can take anywhere from three hours to three days to build depending on the thatching material and resources you have at your disposal and the type of shelter you are building. You can learn how to correctly build a natural shelter on a BSA intermediate bushcraft survival course.

A natural lean-to shelter constructed with cabbage tree palm fronds.

Siting your Shelter

No matter what kind of shelter you have or need to make, whether it be man-made or natural, it must be safely and correctly sited. Here are some guidelines: • Look up, look down, look all around. • DO NOT site your shelter under dead fall, a branch that could come crashing down or a sick looking tree. These are known as widow makers for obvious reasons! • Don't site your shelter at the very bottom of a hill, valley or a localised low spot if possible. Cold air sinks and those areas will be significantly colder. • Don't site your shelter on a game trail or ants nest. You may get a surprise in the middle of the night. • Site your shelter on flat, even ground so that you get a comfortable nights sleep. • Allow for water run-off in case of heavy rain. Where will the water go or pool? • Do not site your shelter in dried up creeks or river beds. Rain a long distance away can cause flash flooding and is very dangerous. • In hot climates, try to site your shelter in the shade to allow for extra cooling. • Do not site your shelter too close to water as many insects breed in water. Running water will also prevent you from hearing predators or someone looking for you. • Site your shelter with any breeze blowing across the front (90 degrees) to blow smoke from a campfire away.


Our well structured courses and workshops are designed to span a range of specialist knowledge and skill sets, from the priorities of basic survival, foraging for water and food, fire and shelter construction right through to natural navigation and aboriginal cooking methods.

2 Day Junior Bushcraft Survival COURSE

4 Day Intermediate Bushcraft Survival Courses

11-12 July (Sydney)

16-20 Sept (Darwin) 28 Oct - 1 Nov (NSW)

3 Day Basic Bushcraft Survival Courses

Combined Basic /Intermediate Bushcraft Survival Course

16-19 July (Sydney) 10-13 Sept (Darwin) 8-11 Oct (Melbourne) 15-18 Oct (Sydney) 25-28 Oct (Coffs Coast)

25 Oct - 1 Nov (NSW)

For more information, prices and how to book, visit our website. ZEN Q3 2020 Part 4.indd 40

www.bushcraftsurvivalaustralia.com.au 24/6/20 3:53 pm


WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE? Last quarter, Leatherman added two new colours of the Raptor medical shears - Green and Blue to their line-up. Both models are available with either a Utility holster or a MOLLE holster. So what's the difference? The answer is pretty straightforward. MOLLE holsters are designed for carry by military and tactical force personnel, while Utility holsters are best suited for use by civilians or non-military workers such as EMTS/first responders. The images and descriptions below are a helpful guide to see the physical differences between the holsters and also what roles/tasks they are best suited for.

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MOLLE Holster

Utility Holster

The MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) compatible holster enables secure attachment to loadbearing equipment (backpacks and vests) commonly utilised by military forces and tactical response teams.

The Utility holster enables secure attachment to most belts. Recommended for everyday carry and EMTs or first-responders.

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Staff profiles






WHAT DO YOU DO AT ZEN? I'm a Business Development Manager. My main focus is acquiring new business for Zen.

WHICH ZEN PRODUCT IS YOUR FAVOURITE AT THE MOMENT? I would have to say the new LedLenser iF4R Music. I've been testing it with a friend of mine on our evening outdoor workouts using the light and music features. It has more than enough run time, provided plenty of light and was able to liven up our outdoor workouts via the Bluetooth speaker.


Going to Havana, Cuba and trying a cigar Visit the pyramids in Egypt Attend an NBA All-Star game


WHAT DO YOU DO AT ZEN? I'm the warehouse manager here at Zen. I'm in charge of coordinating the warehouse workers and making sure that all warehouse operations like deliveries and order shipments occur smoothly and efficiently.

WHICH ZEN PRODUCT IS YOUR FAVOURITE AT THE MOMENT? My Ledlenser MH4 headlamp. I enjoy night fishing so this headlamp is great for that. It's really bright and comfortable to wear, plus it keeps both my hands free for baiting my hook or reeling in a catch.

WHAT'S THE WEIRDEST THING YOU'VE USED A LEATHERMAN TOOL FOR? Like my MH4 headlamp, the Leatherman Wingman is also an essential part of my fishing kit. It's not really weird but I use it to cut bait and get stubborn hooks out of fish.


I was recently put in charge of setting up the lighting and audio system for our new ZenStream webinar sessions, which I think is a great new service we're able to provide to customers.

Besides fishing, I'm really into drone flying! I love taking it down to my local park on the weekend and zipping it around - it helps me to unwind after a busy week. I actually took my profile picture above using my drone.



Prince in 2003. I didn’t actually see him at his concert, but a friend of mine had a gig at the Basement club in Circular Quay. He told me to stick around and Prince and his band showed up for their after-party! He played virtually every instrument and it was absolutely amazing.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVOURITE SEASON (SPRING, SUMMER, ETC.) AND WHY? Summer. My DNA requires warmer weather - I don’t cope too well with the winter cold!

DESCRIBE YOUR IDEAL WEEKEND? 35 degree Celsius days, staying at a beach house with access to a fishing boat. I'd just chill out with my kids, go fishing and cook our catch of the day for dinner.

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I really want to travel to Israel. I like history, so to go and see all the locations I've read about or watched documentaries on would be really interesting.

WHAT YOUR FAVOURITE AUSSIE HOLIDAY DESTINATION AND WHY? The Gold Coast. There's heaps of great fishing up there and my kids love visiting all the theme parks. I'm not really into roller coasters and such but my kids are, so seeing them enjoying all the rides makes me happy.


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Powerbank Flex

Keep your torch and headlamp powered OR recharge your ML4 Lantern, smartphone and other 5V devices with the new range of Ledlenser Powerbank Flex battery chargers. 044 [ ZEN QUARTERLY ]

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Food Solutions Pack a snack, bring your lunch, or store your leftovers. Arriving soon, Klean Kanteen's Food Solutions range will come in a variety of sizes and styles, with stainless steel construction and revolutionary lid designs. Leakproof, durable and dishwasher safe, the Food Solutions range will provide a plastic-free alternative for meal storage. [ ZEN QUARTERLY ] 045

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FOR REAL LIFE NEW RaptorTM Green & Blue (more colours arriving soon)

Available now at Zen Imports

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