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Purton House Newsletter Promoting health, wellness & integration SUMMER EDITION JULY 2008

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Message from Nicky Pool – founder 1

have just returned from a

will tailor make your retreat to meet

fantastic nine-day holiday in

your requirements and thus ensure

Portugal. Why was it so good? For

that you get the most out of your time

me it was having the first five days

with us. This is one of the best ways

to myself to do what I wanted

to manage the inevitable stresses in

when I wanted and having no

our lives in order to maintain good

Hopi Ear

demands made upon my time other

health, prevent a major crisis or to


than by myself. After that recovery

recover from any setbacks that life

time I was ready to delight in the

might have presented to us. August is

Message from Nicky 2

arrival of my grandchildren. Equally

a time of ease for many of us – even if


important – for me - was the fact

the children are off school – so to

Wholesome Food

that the sun and warmth were

celebrate those lazy, hazy days of

always there so that I could relax

summer we are offering a 25% dis-

into them and totally unwind. Bliss!

count off all retreats. How can you re-

In this country we cannot promise

sist such an opportunity? So hurry

the sun and warmth but a Retreat

across to the website without delay,

Recipe 4 Homeopathic

at Purton House will give you time

Degree Course

by yourself with no outer demands. We will take care of your basic needs and if you will allow us we will also pamper you by giving you permission to indulge yourself. Indeed, if you so choose you could

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sleep all day, or work on a project with no interruptions - go to our website and press the Retreat pebble to find out more about what we


have to offer.


For most of us a mini-or-maxi-is a


Purton House Complementary Centre Purton Lane, Farnham Royal, Buckinghamshire, SL3 3LY T- (01753) 644 541


total and unfamiliar luxury so we


When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied. --Herophilus and whilst you are there take a look at the

What are Hopi Ear Candles?

Courses and Workshops in store for you from September. Perhaps you would like to learn more about homœopathy but without the worry of assessment: or maybe you are drawn towards learning more about yourself and developing your full potential: or perhaps you would like to help others on such a journey of discovery. Whatever, find out the treats that we have in store for you by going to

Hopi Ear Candles (also known as Thermal Auricular Therapy)

is a relaxing, non-invasive treat-

Nicky Pool RSHom, SRN, UKCP

ment of the ears, used to treat

a variety of

Homeopath /


Transpersonal Psychotherapist

clinic in Bucks, and there are many reputable

I use Hopi Candles frequently in my

therapists throughout the country.

A Brief History of Hopi Ear Candles This is an ancient and natural therapy handed down by many civilisations. It is believed that the Ancient Greeks used ear candles, initially probably for cleansing, purifying and healing on a spiritual basis, but much later on a purely physical basis. However, the practice reached the modern world via the native American Hopi Indians of North Arizona (it's interesting to note that Hopi means peaceful people). Ear candles were used traditionally by Shaman healers, and ancient wall paintings show their importance in initiation ritu-

Therapies at

als and healing ceremonies of the tribe.

Purton House Complementary Centre

What are the ingredients and how do

Homeopathy, Psychotherapy, Massage, Hypnotherapy, Traditional Japanese Reiki, Reflexology, En’wave Craniosacral Therapy, Zen meditation Bio-energy therapy, Nutrition

they work?

And much more


The candles are made from the natural ingredients of beeswax, honey extracts, sage, Wort, chamomile, beta-carotene and organically grown flax. The candles work by vapourising their

When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied. --Herophilus ingredients once lit, causing convectional air flow

However, most clients find the treatment relaxing

towards the first chamber of the ear. The candle

and regularly describe a "slight relieved feeling"

creates a mild suction which lets the vapours

in the ears and head but also a relaxing and

gently massage the eardrum and auditory canal.

calming effect on the whole system. Where long-

Once the candle is placed in the ear it forms a

term conditions are being treated, the client can

seal which enables wax and other impurities to be


drawn out of the ear.

occasional popping shortly after the treatment.





What symptoms are Hopi Ear Candles

What is involved in a typical treatment

used for?








After a short consultation and examination relat-

person to person, some of my clients have re-

ing to your ear condition, you are asked to lie

ported Hopi Candles to be helpful with:

comfortably on your side while you listen to relaxing music.

The candle is then gently placed

Excessive or compacted wax in the ears

Ear irritation and sinus congestion

Pressure regulation in cases of sinusitis,

through the session, keeping the candle steady.

rhinitis, glue ear, colds, flu, headaches

You will experience a pleasant crackling sound as

Stimulation of local and reflex energy flow

the candle burns and a warm comfortable feeling,

Energetic revitalisation in cases of hearing

into the auditory canal, where it is lit. The thera-

impairment •

pist holds it in a vertical position all the way

and as the candle burns down, the residue ash (if it falls) will just turn to dust. The candle is then taken away while you lie there for a few mo-

Relaxing and calming effect in cases of

ments before turning over to treat the other ear

stress and depression

in the same way.

Noises in the ears, tinnitus

How much does it cost?

It is important to remember to obtain your GP’s opinion first if you are in doubt as to the use of

The Hopi candle treatment lasts 30 mins, then the sinus draining will last a further 30 mins. This

these candles.

treatment is offered at Purton House with the fa-

Are there any side effects?

cial massage, so please contact the enquiries

No contraindications are known, but as a precau-

number for treatment prices and available dates.

tion, it is advisable not to use Hopi candles: •

If grommets are in place

If there is inflammation or infection

In the event of an allergic reaction to the

Article by Gilly Cardelll, ITEC, MIPTI, PHSH Homepath/Aromatherapist/Reflexologist at Purton House



When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied. --Herophilus

Munch munch Time Rustic Italian salad with golden chunks of oven-baked ciabatta A quick and easy salad that can be served as a light lunch, as an accompaniment to barbecued food or as part of a picnic. Serves 4: Preparation time 25 minutes: Cooking time 25 minutes 1/2 Ciabatta , 6 tbsp Olive Oil , 2 tbsp Balsamic Vinegar, Tomatoes on the Vine (7-9 fruits), 1/2 cucumber, 1 large red onion, finely sliced, 200g Olives, Basil Preheat the oven to 180°C, gas mark 4. Cut the bread into 2cm slices. Tear into bite-sized chunks and place in a large bowl with 2 tablespoons of the olive oil. Toss to combine and season with salt and

pepper. Tip the chunks of bread over a baking sheet and

toast in the oven for 10 minutes until crisp

and golden.

Meanwhile, place the remaining olive oil in a small bowl or jug with the balsamic vinegar and whisk together well with a fork to emulsify. Season to taste. Cut the tomatoes into quarters, then peel the cucumber and cut into 5cm-long wedges. Place in a large bowl and toss together with the red onion and olives. Add the toasted bread. Pour the dressing over and toss to combine. Tear the basil into pieces, scatter over the salad and serve.

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Homeopathic Education at Thames Valley University

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