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3.3.2. Farm Kelmeni

Activity Description

Pilot seminar leader prepares PILOTING REPORT consisting of 2 parts: Part A: pilot seminar leaders’ report on farm visit; Part B: summarized information / data from participants’ questionnaires.

Part A. Report on farm visit Short Schedule



Name: : Farm “Kelmeni” Web site: E-mail:


Country: Latvia Region: Gulbene County City: Ranka Parish

Product Type

Bread, bakery, organic farm, organic grain

Farm visit date 30.03.2010. 1. Main areas of interest in marketing of the pilot seminar participants. Organic grain production. Agricultural machinery park. Grain dryer. Mill. Baking process of different kinds of bread as well as organic bread.

2. Successful elements in the farm from the point of marketing. The farm owner has an extensive (about 15 years) work experience. He is very communicable; highly motivated, has good organizational and leadership skills, and works hard on his farm. The farmer said: ”When it comes to private business, you can only trust yourself”. He is a very open person and was able to create a welcoming atmosphere during the visit of pupils from vocational schools and students.

1. Recognized problems in marketing. Controlling institution pointed out that product labels must be changed and re-printed in order to correspond with the changes in territorial names resulting from the regional reform and EU regulations. Farmer is willing to keep the high quality of products in order to maintain the customers’ trust. One of the consequences of the economic crisis in Latvia is the problem of finding motivated and competent workforce in rural areas.

2. Proposed recommendations for farm’s marketing development. Farmer has successfully developed trade channels and marketing strategy of his farm. Maintaining the developed strategy will serve to enhance international perspectives. It is advisable to create the website of the farm on the Internet, giving insight into the variety of products and emphasizing the fact that the farm produces ecological rye bread that is not very common in Latvia.

3. Other comments. Would like to express gratitude to the farm owner, who spent a half of the day joining “Proud Farmer” piloting workshop activities and initiated interesting and useful discussions with students from Priekuli Agricultural Vocational School and the group of farmers.

Part B. SUMMARY of farm visitors’ questionnaires Name of the visited farm: Farm “Kelmeni”, Gulbene County, Ranka Parish Number of participants: 31 Country: LATVIA Date: 30.03.2010. 1. Respondents’ occupation 1 - Farmer 30- Students Other (Other, namely...)

Respondents’ age: 31- 16-21 years; 22-35 years; more than 36 years;

2. What was the respondent’s goal in attending the pilot seminar? To find out how the “Kelmeni” bread is baked and to gain new experience (11 respondents). To visit and see a biological bread bakery (2 respondents) To see a biological farm (6 respondents) To get information about the farm and its development (2 respondents) To learn something new (3 respondents) To get knowledge about the grain production, grain growing technologies (4 respondents). To learn about the production and realization of biological bread (1 respondent) To visit and become acquainted with Kelmeni farm and it main fields of activity (2 respondents) To learn how the farmer has developed the farm in times of economic crisis (1 respondent). To learn about new farming methods (1 respondent). To question the farmer about the financial aspects of managing a farm and the influence of state during the economic crisis (1 respondent). To gain new knowledge about agriculture (2 respondents). To gain knowledge and see the specifics of farming (1 respondent). To gain knowledge about non-traditional farming (1 respondent). To learn something new about the enterprise (1 respondent). Had no particular goal (1 respondent).

3. Have the respondents achieved their aim/objectives during the pilot seminar? Yes - 31 respondents

I now know everything about the bread production (1 respondent). The farmer explained the whole production cycle and told about the history and development of the enterprise in details (1 respondent).

No - 0 respondents If so, please, describe why? -

4. Have the respondents gained new knowledge on marketing management? Please, provide comments… Yes 27

No 0

Yes- 27 Comments: I learned how the bread is made (2 respondents). It was interesting (1 respondent) Very good (2 respondents) A pleasant visit (1 respondent) Did not talk about the expenses (1 respondent). Very educational (1 respondent) No -0 Difficult to answer - 4

Difficult to say 4

Comments: The farmer did not comment on the product prices (1 respondent). 5. What new, useful revelations in marketing did you gain during the visit? I learned about the process of baking and packaging bread (6 respondents). I learned that everything can be acquired (1 respondent). I learned of the ways how to develop the farm (2 respondents). It was an experience to learn from(1 respondent). Innovative farming technologies (1 respondent). Learned of the most efficient forage production methods (1 respondent). This field is rather important as bread is eaten and will be eaten (1 respondent). I got to know that baking the biological bread is very complicated (1 respondent) The bread is tasty (1 respondent) the product distribution to supermarket chains is beneficial (1 respondent). Learned in details about the bread production processes (1 respondent). Understood how to establish such farm and production unit and how it functions (1 respondent). I gained knowledge about grain growing and bread baking and that it is a profitable business (1 respondent). The bread stove for baking the rye bread has to be built by the farmers themselves (3 respondents). I learned about the process of making the bread (1 respondent). Grasped many new marketing ideas (1 respondent). Started off as a small project but managed after years of hard work to develop into a really huge farm (1 respondent). Gain knowledge about the grain production (1 respondent). Understood that a biological farm can be a profitable enterprise (1 respondent). Was interesting to listen to the farmer’s experience (1 respondent).

6. Please, arrange by the significance the most and the least important activities you experienced in this pilot seminar (1-most significant ...4 –least significant)? Possibility to acquire new ideas/recognitions in marketing Possibility to acquire new practical skills Possibility to find new contacts with people working in this field Possibility to spend the time with colleagues in the pilot seminar

45 57 94 104

Significance of activities in "Kelmeni" No.of respondents

most significant significant less significant no significant

20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 0 Possibility to acquire new ideas/ recognitions in marketing

Possibility to acquire new practical skills

Possibility to acquire new contacts with persons of the sector

Possibility to spend the time with colleagues during the pilot seminar

7. Please, could you give evaluation of the pilot seminar quality?

Evaluation of the quality of pilot seminar in "Kelmeni" Very good Good Average Poor

No.of respondents

25 20 15 10 5 0 The selection of the farm

Performance of the teachers

Organization of the pilot seminar

WB 1

WB 2

WB 3

8. Other comments, suggestions, refrences This farm works great in many aspects. The project activities should involve visiting more farms like this one. Here’s my wish to the farmer: keep the good work and try not to decrease the production volume. The variety of bread could be wider. Enjoyed a lot! The farm was interesting and I would like to have spent more time there in order to get even a closer look. Everything was good (2 respondents). Such activities should be organized more often! Let the farm develop even more! Raise the production volume and if possible increase the acreage and producing capacity. Good luck! All the best wishes! (2 respondents) More visits to other similar farms. The most important thing is development (2 respondents). I would like to work in this farm. The farmer could offer short-term field training vacancies on his farm. This farm left a positive impression. So far I had no comments or suggestions as this programme and farm was very good. „Students’ wishes”: Did not like filling in the report (4 respondents). Did not like filling in the workbooks (2 respondents).

Final conclusions: Participants were satisfied with the visit to good practice farm “Kelmeni” and obtained new information about the farmers’ marketing activities and strategies.

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