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3. Our Value

Our Value


Bookmarks - Each bookmark jumps to a page, text, or graphic in the exported PDF file.

Movies - Add movies, link to streaming video on the Internet or the Suremploy website for instructional videos.

Hyperlinks - Clicking a hyperlink jumps to another location in the same document, to a different document.

Cross-referencing - Refers readers from one part of your document to another in the exported PDF file. The cross-ref

erences act as interactive hyperlinks.

Page transitions - Apply a decorative effect, such as a dissolve or wipe, when you turn the page in the exported PDF

while in Full Screen Mode.

QR codes - directing to different resources e.i. a free GFI psychometric assessment

*Client will indicate the preferred features, where they should be placed, and the link source.

Images & Graphs

As Suremploy expands globally, it is important to reflect the diversity of ethnicity, gender, age, and geography.

Images The editorial design quote includes 25 stock images. After reaching this quantity, we will charge per unit. You don’t pay for what you don’t use.

The prices per image vary, depending on the license (standard or extended) and type of photos. Taking into consideration that the book is not for sale, the price range is between $35-$85 per image. The higher bracket is for specialty images such as: MRI images, X-rays, or more specific images that are not only expensive but harder to find.

When selecting the images we follow one concept and stick to it as much as possible. For example, closeups, faces/no faces, conceptual, etc. Then colorized the photos for a similar look and feel.

We will provide you with a list of images for approval before we make the purchase. The client is encouraged to give a list of general ideas for the images, as this will expedite the research time. Graphs & infographics The quote includes 4 custom graphs/ infographics. After reaching this quantity, the cost per unit is as follows:

Basic graphs & infographics $30 dollars ea (up to 25 items)

Extended graphs & infographics - $50 ea (unlimited elements)

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