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Braamfontein Staff Newsletter

Volume 9 Issue 19 23 October 2009


headlines Our carbon reduction efforts don’t go unnoticed Sappi’s efforts to measure, monitor, manage and mitigate its carbon emissions were recognised with a fifth place at the Carbon Disclosure Project awards ceremony on Wednesday.


he Carbon Disclosure Project 2009 Leadership Index is an important element of carbon reporting, as well as the Copenhagen Climate Change talks planned for December this year.

“As far back as 2000, Sappi started a system for measuring greenhouse gases (GHGs),â€? says Sappi Chief Executive Officer Ralph BoĂŤttger. “Since then, one of our key strategic goals has been to reduce our carbon footprint by improving energy-use efficiency and decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels. Some of these efforts include reducing purchased energy (electricity and fossil fuel) and increasing the use of renewable energy .â€? In Sappi North America, more than 75% of all energy used is derived from renewable resources (black liquor, bark, sludges and purchased biomass). For South Africa it is 38.1% and for Europe 31.8%. Our global figure stands at 48.6%. The figure for South Africa is expected to increase to over 50% once the Amakhulu expansion project at Sappi Saiccor Mill is fully on stream.

If you � Earth....prepare a low carbon meal on Saturday Do your bit to prevent runaway climate change and join the ‘ International Climate Action Day’ this Saturday, 24 October 2009. ith the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen barely two months away, time is running out to convince world leaders to agree on a new climate deal that will keep global warming as far below two degrees as possible.



How you can participate

How to prepare a low-carbon meal

WWF and GreenChoice invite you to make a statement by hosting a low carbon meal for friends and family. They encourage people to take pictures (think of creative ways to use the number 350) on the day and send it to – and to for inclusion in future Sappi newsletters. For more information visit

Why the number 350?

parts per million is what many scientists are now saying is the safe upper limit for CO 2 in our atmosphere. We are already above the ‘safe zone’ at our current 387ppm.

✓ Buy local, seasonal foods ✓ Eat less meat and eat free range ✓ Eat less processed foods ✓ Drink ‘green’ wine – winemakers who participate in the Biodiversity and :Lne initiative have committed to better production practices. Look on the bottle label or visit ✓ Eat ‘green’ fish chosen from sustainable stocks (visit sassi for info on the conservation status the fish you wish to bu\e-Mail sassi@wwf. or call 079 499 8795 ✓ Avoid bottled water and drinks – plastic bottles add to landfill. The same applies to plastic utensils and paper plates ✓ Have a raw food picnic in natural or candle light.

Braamfontein Staff Newsletter

Volume 9 Issue 19 23 October 2009

sappi Log your leave online with e-Leave of employees who do not have access to the Sappi intranet ■ Reduces the amount of paper circulated in the of fice to approve and record leave ■ Reduces the risk that leave forms are not recorded in SAP . Time administrators will be nominated for each department (names to be communicated in due course). The relevant link will also be forwarded to all staff, together with a short user guide, in November . The online leave system was developed and successfully implemented at Sappi Forests in 2007.

Project Waste reports successful user test A bright idea...Dieter Ahrens (Accounting Manager) using the new e-Leave system.

Good news for all Sappi staff at the Braamfontein office, sales offices and our distribution centres:


s of mid-November 2009, you will be able to log your leave online via the Sappi Intranet; and there will be no more guesswork as to how much leave you actually have left.


The e-Leave system will automate the application for all leave types, as well as the approval thereof by the relevant manager – thereby eliminating the need to complete the form manually. Currently, leave is applied for on a leave application form. This form is signed by the relevant line manager and submitted to the payroll department for manual capturing. The risk exists however, that manual leave forms are delayed in internal mail – impacting the approval and processing of leave requests.


The online system has many benefits. It: ■ Allows you to apply for leave online via the Sappi Intranet ■ Shows how much annual and sick leave you have left ■ Gives you a record of all submitted and approved leave applications ■ Enhances manager awareness of ‘leave for approval’ requests via outlook e-Mail notification, as well as online processing of these requests ■ Allows the time administrator within your department to log leave on behalf

From left (front): Lenet van Graan (seated). Back: Koosh Panday, Nadia Peters, Terri van Rensburg, Marco Bertamini, Nicole Rorich, Paul Behrens and Rennie Dean.


roject Waste is deep into the realisation phase and the project team is all smiles after the successful User Acceptance Test (UAT) which ran from 07-09 October 2009.

Why the UAT?

■ To demonstrate that the application performs to an acceptable level

based on the requirements that were outlined ■ To gain acceptance that the solution is workable. ■ To agree that whatever issues/incidents are recorded will be tabled

and resolved within a reasonable timeline. The project team now focuses on training and readiness in preparation for the go-live on 22 November 2009.

SAFETY FIRST: Beware of slipping, trippping and falling


ollowing several recent incidents, it appears that slips, trips and falls are still the major causes of injury in the Braamfontein of fice building.

Help to prevent accidents by:

■ Choosing your footwear wisely. Remember, not all shoes are slip resistant. The surface resistance and roughness of the sole has a definite

impact. High heels also translate to ‘high risk’ ■ Never running in the building. Walk briskly if you’re in a hurry ■ Keeping walkways clear of obstacles ■ Taking care with steps and changes in level ■ Reporting uneven/damaged/dirty/wet floors.

COST-SAVING TIP: It’s a good idea to switch off the geyser when going away for the weekend or holiday .

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