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8 tips to excel in ACCA exam if you are planning to give the ACCA exam or whether you have given this exam before still it matters when it comes down preparation tips. You will be going to Best ACCA institute for coaching to compete with the best so that you can make a career in the field of finance and accounting. To keep yourself motivating each and every day you need have the right tips which will excel you in this exam. Having the right tips will give you an edge over the others in the long run. Following are some of the ACCA exam tips which every student should keep in mind:1. Keep up with yourself everyday You wouldn’t like to create a chaotic situation by keeping your study material for the last. It is important that every day you chart your progress and achieve the desired benchmarks so that by the end you are well prepared. 2. Practice everyday Whenever done with a specific topic it is essential that you test yourself. Refer to as many books possible for questions and solve them so that you are making your concept clear on that topic. At your ​best ACCA classes also there are tests which will give you the exact position where you stand at what improvements are needed. 3. Time management “Time is money” is the most common phrase which we hear and when it comes down to money we need to spend it wisely likewise even time needs to be managed. Set your goals clear for the day and achieve them. 4. Be up to date Refer articles related to that topic to understand what is going in the current market. Being aware about those topics with respect to the current affairs will give you an edge when you are engaging in any discussion as well. 5. Take feedback This is where you will be knowing weak areas and where do you need get improvements. What topic is not clear or whether time can’t be managed while answering the paper. All this will be coming from your teachers. 6. Make notes Make as many notes as possible. This is because when you are in your final stages of preparation these notes will be of great help a s they will easily make you remember what that topic is all about in one go.

7. Exercise As much you exercise your body will be more in shape. You will not feel lethargic early morning and this will make your whole day go in a smooth manner. Preparing for ACCA exams requires your best of your mind working. 8. Sleep Yes we are the generation who will never sleep early and the main cause would be our smart phones. Put them aside at the right time and take at least 7 hours of good sleep to keep your brain intact.

Zell Education provides ACCA (Global CA) classes in Mumbai, set up by ACCA members. Our standard of teaching has been carefully designed by ACCA members based on their experience of completing the qualification.

8 tips to excel in ACCA exam  

If these points are kept in mind then you can easily crack the ACCA exams without any worries.

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