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Dear hiking fan,

in this ‚hiking guide‘, you’ll find hiking information, hiking tips, guided tours in Zell am See-Kaprun, a list of all huts and also a hiking pass. Have lots of fun climbing the summits and visiting the Alpine huts of Zell am See-Kaprun. Depending on how many routes you discover, you’ll receive the bronze, silver or gold hiking needle at the end of your stay.   Good luck to all the walkers! Your hiking team of Zell am See-Kaprun

content Important information for hikers Hiking tips: Glacier - Mountain - Lake Guided hiking tours Kitzsteinhorn Schmittenhöhe Maiskogel High altitude reservoirs Kaprun All huts in Kaprun All huts in Zell am See All huts in Thumersbach Stamps for hiking needle Hiking map 2

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i important information for hikers

Blue mountain trails: Easy trails, which require neither mountain experience, nor any special equipment. Red mountain trails require sufficient fitness and a minimum of equipment for hiking. At least one person in the group ought to have some experience of hiking tours in the mountains.

mountain sport

Black mountain trails i.e. on Alpine tours, every participant has to be sure of step and needs a good head for heights. Adequate mountain expertise is necessary here!

Equipment • Water is of major importance – take your water bottle with you • Protection against rain and sun • Trekking poles for the ride up and ride down • Sturdy walking shoes with deep-tread soles and the clothing has to be suitable for the Alpine region.


1. Destination

2. Destination


Trail (destination)



First come to us and then into the great outdoors:

Trails suitable for children’s prams

Important phone numbers Emergency call: Mountain rescue service: Rescue service:

s g n i l e e f r o o d out our nature.

112 140 144

We‘re here to answer all your questions at the Areit and Schmitten base stations. So if your shoes are uncomfortable or you need new equipment, sports underwear, jackets, trousers or any accessories, you know where to come!

Walking time Trail no.

Intersport Schmitten / Areitbahn Talstation / Schüttdorf T +43.6542.53099 / open daily from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m. Intersport Schmitten / Schmittenhöhe Talstation / Zell am See T +43.6542.47552 / open daily from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m.

Visit us on Facebook: IntersportBruendl

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hiking tips - Glacier Nr. 5 – detailed information in the walking map

Nr. 726 – detailed information in the walking map

Alexander Enzinger Weg


difficulty: duration:

difficulty: duration:

a variety of alpine flora

approx. 3,5 h

From the Kitzsteinhorn to the Maiskogel Ride up to the Alpincenter with the cable cars. Then take a hike along the Alexander Enzinger path to the Maiskogel mountain station. Prices and Info: ride up Alpincenter: adults: € 17,50 with g.c.: € 15,80, children: € 8,70 ride down Maiskogel: adults: € 6,–, children: € 4,– First ride up Gletscherbahnen cable car: 8.15am last ride down Maiskogel cable car: 4.45pm half hourly shuttle service between Maiskogel valley station and the Kitzsteinhorn valley station Last Bus to the Kitzsteinhorn valley Station: 4.48pm 6

splendid views to the high altitude reservoirs High alpine tour! approx. 4,0 h

From the Kitzsteinhorn to the high altitude reservoirs Walk from the Alpincenter in a southerly direction to the glacier lake. From here you go along the Kammerscharte down to the Fürthermoar Alm. Then you walk up to the Mooserboden or ride back to the valley by bus. Prices and info: ride up Alpincenter: adults: € 17,50 with g.c.: € 15,80, children: € 8,70 ride down by bus from Mooserboden: adult: € 10,50, children: € 5,50 Refreshment tip: Ebmatten-Fürthermoaralm First ride up Gletscherbahnen cable car: 8.15am last bus down from the Fürthermoaralm: May, June, Sept., Oct.: 4.55pm July and August: 5.10pm 7

hiking tips - mountain Nr. 719 – detailed information in the walking map

Pinzgauer Spaziergang

one of the most beautiful high trails in the eastern Alps difficulty: duration:

Good physical condition necessary! All-day hike, 6 hours of pure walking time

Nr. 82 & 83 – detailed info. in the walking map

Schwalbenwand difficulty: duration:

approx. 4,0 h

2250 2100 1950 1800 1650

17,1 km Länge km









From the Schmitten to Saalbach Ride up on the Schmittenhöhe lift. Afterwards hike along the “Pinzgau Walk” to Saalbach. Ride down on the Schattberg X-Press. Back by bus to the original starting point. Prices and Info: adults: € 23,– youths: € 17,20, child.: € 11,50 (ride up Schmittenhöhebahn, ride down Schattberg X-Press)

From Mitterberg to the Schwalbenwand Starting point: mountain restaurant Mitterberg. Walking tour along the Schwalbenwand path no. 82 to the Schwalbenwand. (Cross on the summit: 2,011 m). Back along the Schwalbenwand path no. 83 to the mountain restaurant Mitterberg.

Nr. 1 – detailed information in the walking map

Sisi’s Circular path difficulty: duration:

approx. 0,5 h

First ride up Schmitten: 15.05. – 07.06. daily 9.00am 08.06. – 13.10. daily 8.30am Last ride down Schattberg X-Press: 22. + 23.06., 29.06. – 22.09. mountain stat. 4.15pm, middle station 4.30pm, bus stop „Schattberg“: half hourly until 7.23pm 8

Following Empress Sisi’s path From the Elisabeth Chapel you head toward the Panorama mountain restaurant. You can follow Empress Sisi’s downhill path from the top station of the Schmittenhöhe (information boards). Prices and Info: ride up & down Schmitten adults: € 23,–, youths: € 17,20, children: € 11,50 9

Nr. 30 – Guggenhöhenweg difficulty:


approx. 2,0 h

Hiking Tips - lake walking path h) – detailed info. see walking map

Seepromenade difficulty: duration: From Kaprun to Guggenbichl and back to the castle From the town hall to the Guggenbichl mountain restaurant. Info: car park near Baumbar / entrance of Kaprun (free of charge)


900 750

11,1 km Länge


approx. 40 min.

The short but steep climb starts at the Nikolaus Gassner Promenade and finishes only about 200 m higher at the Ebenbergalm. Info: Alternative path over the Köhlergrabenpromenade No. 58A and further on to Schüttdorf until the Dorfschenke.

Nr. 68 – Erlebnisweg Höhenpromenade difficulty: duration:



Nr. 57 – Ebenbergalmsteig difficulty:

approx. 3,0 h

approx. 40 min







Easy walking path around the lake It is possible to go completely around the lake on the lake promenade. Alternative: lake crossing from Thumersbach to Zell am See. Prices and info: Parking: Lido Seespitz Schüttdorf (free of charge); lake crossing from Thumersbach Kurpark half hourly: adults: € 3,20, youths: € 2,40, children: € 1,60

Nr. 17 – detailed information in the walking map

Klammsee difficulty: duration:

approx. 1,0 h

1200 1050 900 750

2,8 km Länge



From the Schmittenhöhe to the Sonnkogel Panorama platforms, informative charts and childrens playground at the Sonnkogel. Prices & Info: ride up & down adult: € 23,–, youths: € 17,20 child: € 11,50 detailed information in the walking map 10






Through the Sigmund-Thun Gorge into the Kaprun valley Begin: power house Hauptstufe Kaprun Prices and info: free parking at the entrance to the gorge Entry gorge: adults: € 3,90, children: € 2,80, family: € 9,50 Near the Klammseestüberl: information points about the surrounding nature and play ground. 11

guided walks


registration +43 (0)664 3588862

KITZSTEINHORN KAPRUN info +43 (0)6547 8621 Info +43

DAILY - FASCINATION PEAKWORLD 3000 18. May – Mid of September 2013 From Salzburg’s highest panorama platform “Top of Salzburg” the tour continues through the National Park Gallery with 5 information stations on the mystic world inside the mountain. A highlight of the guided tour is the visit to the panorama platform of the Nationalpark Gallery. Meeting point: 10.30am, 1.00pm at the Peakworld 3000 Duration: approx. 50 min. WEDNESDAY - MY FIRST 3000m PEAK 03. July – Mid of September 2013 Experience with a state qualified mountain guide the joy of conquering a 3000m peak and enjoy the unique 360° view after being fastened to a rope for a climb of 200 altitude metres (takes about one hour). Afterwards, explore the glacier on a hike. Meeting point: 9.00am valley station Kitzsteinhorn Duration: totally approx. 5,0 h, peak tour approx. 1,0 h Price: € 72,– incl. cable car ticket and hire fee for climbing equipment and helmet registration: +43 (0)6547 8621 THURSDAY - Alexander Enzinger Trail 04. July – Mid of September 2013 After ascending to the summit station at 3029 m above sea level, a walk through the glacier snow and slides in the ice arena, you set off with your guide from the Alpincenter at 2450 m above sea level on a high altitude hike to the Maiskogel. Meeting point: 9.00am valley station Kitzsteinhorn Duration: walking time approx. 4,0 h cableway back down to the valley registration: +43 (0)664 2010818 12

MONDAY - SAMPLER TOUR 20. May – Mid of September 2013 Intro to the Maiskogel! Easy hikes to alpine huts and hill farms, especially suitable for families with children, as well as for seniors. Meeting point: 9.30am, 1.30pm Maiskogel mountain station Duration: approx. 2,5 h, a moderate walk TUESDAY - ALPINE FITNESS 21. May – Mid of September 2013 Exciting, variety-packed hike to the Dreiwallnerhöhe. Meeting point: 9.30am Maiskogel mountain stat. (Maiskogel-Alm) Duration: approx. 4,0 h WEDNESDAY - BON VIVANT 22. May – Mid of September 2013 Idyllic hike to the town center of Kaprun. Meeting point: 9.30am Maiskogel mountain stat. (Maiskogel-Alm) Duration: approx. 4,0 h THURSDAY - BODY AND SOUL 23. May – Mid of September 2013 Hike from the mountain station of the Maiskogel cable car to the town center of Kaprun. Meeting point: 9.30am Maiskogel mountain stat. (Maiskogel-Alm) Duration: approx. 4,0 h FRiday - NATURE & TECHNOLOGY 24. May – Mid of September 2013 Hike with spectacular views. Meeting point: 9.30am Maiskogel mountain stat. (Maiskogel-Alm) Duration: approx. 4,0 h 13

Schmittenhöhe registration +43 (0)6542 789-211

REQUIRED for groups of 10 OR MORE

MONday - HerbaL HIke (only in German) 17. June – 09. September 2013 From Arnica to St. John’s wort, during this expert-led hike you will learn all about, and be astonished by the healing powers of these plants. Meeting point: 9.45am at the Schmittenhöhe valley station Duration: approx. 4,0 h TUESDAY - MOUNTAIN PASTURE HIKE 18. June – 01. October 2013 At a leisurely pace along the picturesque Pinzgauer Way, arrival at the Hochsonnbergalm is in around 1 ½ hours. Special hut and alm tour with an explanation of the running of the alm, care of the animals, cheese-making and life on the alm. Meeting point: 9.15am at the Schmittenhöhe valley station Duration: approx. 4,0 h WEDNESDAY - NATURE FAMILY HIKE 03. July – 04. September 2013 On our nature-instruction family hike, both young and old have their desires fulfilled. Children experience in playful, stimulating ways lots of new aspects of nature. Meeting point: 9.45am at the Schmittenhöhe valley station Duration: approx. 4,0 h THURSDAY - PINZGAU WALK 20. June – 03. October 2013 The Pinzgau Walk is one of the most beautiful high trails in the eastern Alps, serving up exhilarating views of the ice-covered peaks of the Hohe Tauern. Meeting point: 8.15am at the Schmittenhöhe valley station Duration: Walking time approx. 6,0 h 14

FRiday - 4 LAKE HIKE 14. June – 13. September 2013 A moderate walk at 2.000m altitude to the reservoir lakes with view to the Zeller lake. Meeting point: 9.45am at the Schmittenhöhe valley station Duration: approx. 4,0 – 5,0 h Sunday - MUSICAL HIKE 23. June – 25. August 2013 From Elisabethkapelle on the Schmittenhöhe, where you will be welcomed by our musicians we will make our way along the High Promenade, all the while accompanied by the sounds of music, to the Sonnkogel. Meeting point: 11.00am at the Elisabeth chapel/Schmittenhöhe Duration: approx. 3,0 – 4,0 h daily - SCHMITTEN GPS TREASURE HUNT 15. May – 13. October 2013 Find a hidden treasure with help of a GPS device at the Schmitten. Meeting point: 9.45am at the Schmittenhöhe valley station Duration: approx. 3,0 – 5,0 h Registration: required!


registration NP-administration nP-administration +43 (0)6562 40849-33 TVB Kaprun +43 (0)6547 8080 till the day before 4.00pm Kapruner Törl – from Kaprun into Stubach valley 06. July, 20. July, 24. August 2013 A high alpine transition for experienced hikers. Along the artificial lake Moserboden to the Kapruner Törl. The descent leads the participants to the Tauernmoosspeicher and to the Enzingerboden.. Meeting point: 7.30 am at the railway station Kaprun/Fürth Duration: until 6.00pm, very challenging day tour, for children from 12 y. on, 800 m diff. in altitude Price: € 45,– per person (including transfer costs) Registration: required, until one week before the excursion! Further activities from the Nationalpark you find in an extra brochure.


HOCHGEBIRGSSTAUSEEN KAPRUN info +43 (0)50313 23201

daily - ENTER THE DEPTHS OF THE INTERIOR OF THE MOOSERboden-SPERRE from 30. May 2013 A guided tour of the barrage wall offers interested parties the opportunity to experience the interior of the structure. meeting point: from 10.00am – 3.15pm every 45 minutes ticket sale directly at the kiosk by the Mooserboden reservoir Dauer: approx. 1,0 h Price: adults € 5,50 (ride up & ride down € 19,50) children (6-15 y.) € 3,– (ride up & down € 12,–) family € 39,– (adults + children up to 15 years) Reservation required for groups! every Tuesday: at 1.15pm guided tour barrage walls for children in July and August



Wednesday - High Altitude Reservoirs and Herbal Hike (only in german) 26. June – Mid of September 2013 After ascending to the high altitude reservoirs walk to the “Power & Ice Adventure World”. Herbal walk to the Fürthermoaralm. The hike will take place in the valley if the weather is bad. Meeting point: 8.30am in front of the Kaprun Information Duration: finish at the Fürthermoaralm at about 1.00pm Price: special price for the mountain rides adults € 18,–, children € 12,– family € 39,– (adults + children up to 15 years) registration: required until Tuesday 4.00pm at: +43 (0)6547 8080 Guided via ferrata tours are possible! Info: T. +43 (0)50313 23201

FASHION I SPORTS I TRENDS I STYLEZ I SERVICE I RENT Intersport Scholz I Bahnhofstraße 13 I 5700 Zell am See Montag - Freitag 09:00 - 18:00 I Samstag 09:00 - 17:00 Telefon: 06542/ 72606 I


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25.04.12 08:47

Kitzsteinhorn The Glacier

Summer on the Kitzsteinhorn is an experience in itself. Right next to the Hohe Tauern National Park and situated amidst the highest mountains in Austria, the high alpine nature is at its most spectacular.

Gipfelwelt 3000

Experience the fascination, energy and grandeur of high alpine nature on top of the Kitzsteinhorn: the Gipfelwelt 3000 opens up magnificent views of the Hohe Tauern National Park. Cinema 3000 Spectacular and close enough to touch – unforgettable impression of the relentless power and beauty of this high-mountain region is presented to you on an 8 metre-wide screen. Panorama-platform “Top of Salzburg” Salzburg’s highest panorama-platform offers tremendous views into the valley, onto the lake Zeller See and of the seemingly endless mountain chain of the Limestone Alps. Nationalpark Gallery Mystical info stations located inside the mountain and an impressive panorama platform. ICE ARENA (08. June - Mid/End of August) Slightly below the peak, there’s an adventure area awaiting you, one of a kind in Austria: The ICE ARENA with slides in the summer snow, snow beach, ICE BAR and so much more. The fascination of the Gipfelwelt 3000 Daily from 18.05.2013 free guided info tour with a National Park Ranger: From Salzburg’s highest panorama-platform “Top of Salzburg” the tour continues through the National Park Gallery. The highlight of the guided tour is the visit to the panoramaplatform of the Nationalpark Gallery. Gletscherbahnen Kaprun AG InfoService T. +43 (0) 6547 8621 18


Schmittenhöhe Zell am See

More than great views You can be whisked up to the 2,000-meter summit in the world’s first designer cablecar cabin by Porsche Design. From there, all you have to do is enjoy the fabulous views along the High Altitude Promenade. From numerous panorama platforms, you can gaze at the Eastern Alps, the Hohe Tauern (including Salzburg’s only glacier), the Kitzsteinhorn, as well as the Großglockner and the Wilder Kaiser. Lots of information boards tell interesting tales about Zell’s ‘home mountain’ and for the little ones, lots of surprises are waiting along this easily strolled hiking path. Family Adventure Path “Schmidolin’s Baptism of Fire” Families venture onto a voyage of discovery along the adventure trail known as ‘Schmidolin’s Baptism of Fire’. At the brand new wayside station “Schmidolin’s Rocket Bike”, the cool kids step on the gas this summer - on their electric bikes - tracking down the Schmitten dragon dubbed Schmidolin. To access the adventure trail, including mini-rope garden, adventure stations and electric bikes, the simplest way is to take the Areit I or the cityXpress. Worldwide highest Discgolf course Frisbee-plus-golf equals discgolf. The worldwide highest 18-hole course for beginners and pros is becoming more and more popular with hikers. Discgolf discs can be borrowed at the Schmitten Info Centre at the valley terminal and at the Sonnkogel mountain terminal station. Included in the price of the cablecar ticket Schmittenhöhe are not only the cablecar rides, but also admission to thematic hiking trails, such as the High Altitude Promenade, Schmidolin’s Baptism of Fire, the adventure playgrounds at the Sonnkogel mountain terminal and the Plettsaukopf reservoir. In addition, hikers can take part in numerous guided hikes and mountain yoga free-of-charge. Included in the weekly programme are also: Herbal, High Alpine Pasture, Music, the Nature Family Hike and the 4 Lake Hike. Schmittenhöhebahnen AG Info-Tel. +43 (0) 6542/789-0




in the heart of KAPRUN The Maiskogel is the mountain of enjoyment for the whole family in the center of Kaprun. In summer, the Maiskogel excites visitors with fantastic hikes, enjoyable refreshment opportunities and above all with its family friendliness. Mountain treats Fortify yourself with Pinzgau specialties in the mountain huts. An insider tip for cyclists and hikers is the Unterbergalm, where milk is still produced the traditional way, and home-made alpine products are sold. Kids enjoy hiking as well! The main thing is there has to be plenty to explore and discover. The petting zoo right next to the sunny terrace of the Maiskogelalm inn promises to become your children’s favorite place to go. Speaking of four-legged friends: dogs are warmly welcome here and can be brought aboard Maiskogel cable car (€ 2.–).

whether rain or shine

the maisiflitzer invites you to come sledding!

TIPP FOR HIKERS: Experience the fascination of Kaprun’s mountain world with our hiking guide. Enjoy an array of natural, cultural and traditional highlights. Of course, you will also receive important tips for your own personal hikes, including the correct equipment and how to behave when you are up in the mountains. Meeting point: Mon. – Fri. 9.30am Maiskogel cable car mountain station (Maiskogelalm). TIPP FOR BIKERS: You are looking for a special challenge? Ride downhill on the slopes of Jetzbachsteig! Starting point is at the Maiskogelalm at 1.550 meters. You are rewarded with a sensational view of the Hohe Tauern mountain range and Kaprun valley. You can take your bike up the Maiskogel in the cable car (€ 2.–). STILL LOOKING FOR MORE? TRY THE ALPINE COASTER MAISIFLITZER! The children’s hearts are sure to skip a beat on the new built playing and leisure park directly next to the Alpine Coaster Maisiflitzer. Wherever kids feel at home, that’s where mom and dad get to truly relax. Maiskogel Betriebs AG Info-Tel. +43 (0)6547 20 113,



High Altitude Reservoirs Kaprun Fascinating world of ice and water Special bus shuttles will comfortably take you to the Mooserboden reservoir, situated at an altitude of 2,000 metres. Depending on the annual season and the time of day, there is a vast variety of flora and fauna to be encountered in the High Tauern mountains that are no longer in existence in the European flatlands. Herbal path: From the Mooserboden reservoir to the Fürthermoaralm. Along the path, you can explore the unique vegetation of the Hohe Tauern mountains. Every now and then, you will be overwhelmed by the breathtaking view of the high Alpine landscape featuring the Glockner group, the reservoirs and the Steinernes Meer (sea of stones). From the Fürthermoaralm you have the option of taking the bus down to the station or back to Mooserboden. Walking and Learning with Children: Tour of the Mooserboden reservoir for children: Six adventure stations will allow young and old visitors to find out more about nature and technology in a playful manner. At the cash desk, children are handed a leaflet with a plan and directions on how to experience the kids trail. With the answer cards the children will receive a small surprise at the kiosk in the Power & Ice Adventure World. Enter the Depths of the Interior of the Mooser-Sperre A guided tour of the barrage wall offers interested parties the opportunity to experience the interior of the structure. Meeting point/ ticket sales is directly at the kiosk by the Mooserboden reservoir. every tuesday 1.15 pm (July + August) special children’s guided dam tour for free. Dive into the Power & Ice Adventure World Great and small can immerse themselves in the fascinating world of the eternal ice and gather a close-up experience of the interplay of glaciers, power plant construction and electricity generation. Höhenburg Rock Climbing Arena – Mooser-Mandl, Drossen-Hex and Limberg-Zwerg Climbing in the Höhenburg rock climbing arena is undoubtedly one of the holiday highlights of the region. An officially certified mountain guide makes sure that you can experience this highlight! Verbund Tourismus GmbH, Info-Tel. +43 (0)50313-23201, 24


all huts in

kaprun EbmattenFürthermoaralm

The alp is located between the reservoirs of Mooserboden and Wasserfallboden surrounded by ten 3,000-metre summits. Having strolled across the lush green meadows where 140 cattle and 700 sheep are grazing, you’ll know to appreciate the biological products of Fürthermoaralm: butter, cheese, yoghurt, milk, buttermilk, bacon, sausages, bread, and schnapps. The pasture museum (the old Alpine hut dates from the 18th century) is well worth a visit, too. There, you can take a step back in time and see how the Alpine herdsmen used to live. You are very welcome at our chapel. For our small guests, we have a petting zoo and a playground. You can stay overnight in one of the idyllic rooms or the dormitory.

Gleiwitzerhütte 2,176 m Opening times: 01. June – 05. October 2013 Tel. +43 (0)664 92 94 989 over-night stay possible Heinrich Schwaiger Haus 2,802 m Opening times: Mid of June – End of September 2013 Tel. +43 (0)664 6565 555 over-night stay possible Bergrestaurant Mooserboden 2,040 m Opening times: 30. May – 23. October 2013, daily Tel. +43 (0)6547 8458

Opening times: End of May – End of September Ebmatten-Fürthermoaralm 1,803 m Family Aberger Dick • 5710 Kaprun • Mooserbodenstr. 10 Tel. hut: +43 (0)6547 7158 23435 • mobile: +43 (0)650 4246861 •

alpengasthof glocknerblick The unique location of the Glocknerblick has often been described as the most beautiful in the Alps. The impressive panorama extends from the Großglockner, the highest mountain in Austria at 3,798 m, to the Dachstein range, the Hochkönig and further on to the Steinernen Meer with the Watzmann. This ideal family excursion point can be easily reached by various hiking paths and is only 20 minutes from the top station of the Maiskogel. The team of the Glocknerblick is very happy to give you information about the possibility of different tours or simply allow yourself to be spoilt by our homemade specialities. Opening times: Mid of June – End of September alpengasthof glocknerblick 1,670 m Christina + David Hutchins • 5710 Kaprun • Tel.: +43 (0)664 8206000 26

Kesselfall Alpenhaus 1,034 m Opening times: Beginning of June – Beginning of Oct. daily, Tel. +43 (0)664 925 28 28 over-night stay possible Jausenstation & Pension Guggenbichl 865 m Opening times: Beginning of July – End of September, closed on Mondays Tel. +43 (0)6547 8578 over-night stay possible Klammseestüberl 850 m Opening times: 11. May – 22. September 2013 daily Tel. +43 (0)5 0313 23201 Gipfel Restaurant 3,029 m Opening times: opened all year round (except 15.04. – 26.04.2013) daily from 9.00am – 4.15pm Tel. +43 (0)6547 8621 27

Bergrestaurant Gletschermühle 2,452 m Opening times: Approx. beginning of June Daily 9.00am – 4.15pm Tel. +43 (0)6547 8621

Unterbergalm 1,570 m Opening times: Ca. Mid of June – End of September Tel. +43 (0)6549 7376 or +43 (0)664 442 76 66 Saulochalm 1,558 m Opening times: Mid of May – Mid of October May, June, October: closed on Mondays! Tel. +43 (0)664 226 13 12

Krefelderhütte 2,295 m Opening times: Beginning of July – End of August Tel. +43 (0)6547 7780 over-night stay possible

Jausenstat. Stangerbauer 1,100 m Opening times: 01. July – Mid of Sept., otherwise on request! Tel. +43 (0)6547 8804 over-night stay possible

Häuslalm 1,976 m Opening times: Beginning of July – Mid of September Tel. +43 (0)6547 7024 with children playground Salzburger Hütte 1,860 m Opening times: Mid of June – End of September Tel. +43 (0)664 373 45 87 or 06549 7349 over-night stay possible Ederalm 1,420 m Opening times: Mid of June – Beginning of September Tel. +43 (0)664 391 85 77 or +43 (0)664 391 87 27 Almwirtsch. Schneckenreith 920 m Opening times: End of May – End of September daily, Tel. +43 (0)664 252 44 69 or +43 (0)664 512 69 99 over-night stay possible Maiskogelalm „Heli’s Hütte“ 1,540 m Opening times: Beginning of May – End of October Tel. +43 (0)676 527 57 40


Jausenstat. Unteraigen ca. 860 m Opening times: Daily till Mid of September Tel. +43 (0)6547 7277 over-night stay possible

all huts in

Zell am SEe Areitalm

„Enjoy excellent food and relax.” This is the slogan of the Areitalm. On the one hand the sunny location and the unique panoramic view over the lake in Zell am See, on the other hand the delicacy and culinary delights from Austrian and international cuisine make the Areitalm special. All dishes are made from fresh products, principally from Salzburg’s farmers. Moreover the Areitalm is known for its vinotheque on the mountain and the best wine on 1,400 meters. Opening times: 08. June – 15. September 2013 Areitalm 1,200 m Edith and Peter Pfeffer, Tel. +43 (0)6542 57177, 29

BergRestaurant Jaga-Alm

Schmitten Café It’s time to unwind and lean back a little. Relaxing on your lounger out on the Schmitten Terrace, it would be an understatement to say that panoramas punctuated by over thirty 3,000-metre peaks were unique.

Enjoy our local specialties from our own farm and hunt, on our sunny terrace or in the restaurant. For kids we offer a petting zoo, outdoor children’s playground and indoor children’s playroom. Opening times: 18.05. – 15.10.2013, daily 8.00am – 12.00 midnight Bergrestaurant Jaga-alm 1,200 m Rooms and hotel appartements with all-inclusive board and Zell am See-Kaprun Summer Card. Family Pfeffer • 5700 Zell am See • Sonnalmweg 57 Tel. +43 (0)6542 72969 • Fax +43 (0)654272969-4 •

Highlights for fans of the finer things include the very best coffee on the mountain, along with dishes and cakes reflecting the best in regional cuisine. The Schmitten Café also has practical matters well in hand as well, with sun creams, caps, ski glasses and original souvenirs. Opening times: 15. May – 13. October 2013 schmitten café 1,965 m Tel. +43 (0)6542 789-120,

schmiedhofalm Get out of the excitement in the valley and walk on 1,730 m seaheight of the mountains in Zell am See. With each meter you let behind, you can feel how the everyday stress fly away. Up to the Schmiedhofalm, where you can find the quiet and special family atmosphere. We offer you specialities of the region and a picturesque view to the highest mountains of Austria. Now nothing deflects you of the pure nature – apart of the house made ‘Kaiserschmarren’ or the ‘Bretteljause’ and a lot of other regional dishes. Opening times: Mid of June – Mid of October 10.00am – 4.30pm, closed on Tue., Tel. +43 (0)664 182 62 90 schmiedhofalm 1,730 m Jutta Mayr • 5700 Zell am See • Schmitten 117 Tel. +43 (0)664 1826290 • 30

Sonnkogel Bergrestaurant Enjoy your holiday to the max in the Sonnkogel Restaurant. Enjoy excellent Austrian cooking accompanied by a good glass of wine. Or enjoy snow & sun, reclining on a complimentary lounger out on our large terrace. In summer, the Sonnkogel serves as a base for numerous hikes out along the High Promenade. Try to reach the top of the climbing wall, have fun at the playground Sonnkogel and play with the water from Schmidolin’s magic potion which comes straight out of the earth of the Schmitten. Opening times: 15. June – 15. September 2013 Sonnkogel Bergrestaurant 1,850 m Tel. +43 (0)6542 789-120,


Schober Alm 1,100 m Opening times: daily opened from 10.00am all year round Tel. +43 (0)6542 55777

köhlergraben 980 m Opening times: Mid of June – Mid of September Tel. +43 (0)664 634 82 56 or Tel. +43 (0)6542 20930 over-night stay possible Jausenstation Pfefferbauer 900 m Opening times: April – June and Mid of Oct. – Dec. weekend only July – Mid of October closed on Mondays Tel. +43 (0)664 512 69 90 over-night stay possible

Gasthof Mittelstation 1,411 m Opening times: End of June – Mid of September on request Tel. +43 (0)664 350 40 69 Ebenbergalm 996 m Opening times: opened all year round Tel. +43 (0)664 511 304 5

Hochsonnbergalm 1,841 m Opening times: Beginning of June – End of Sept. Tel. +43 (0)664 545 55 68 or 0664 281 90 53 Hochzeller Alm 1,960 m Opening times: Mid of May – Mid of October 9.00am – 5.00pm Tel. +43 (0)664 281 08 74 or +43 (0)664 3410 450 Pinzgauer Hütte 1,704 m Opening times: Beginning of June – End of Sept. Tel. +43 (0)6549 7861 over-night stay possible Berghotel Blaickner’s Sonnalm 1,400 m Opening times: Mid of June – Mid of Sept. daily 9.00am – 5.00pm Tel. +43 (0)6542 73262 over-night stay possible 32

all huts in

thumersbach Berggasthaus Hasling 870 m Opening times: Easter – October closed on Wednesdays Tel. +43 (0)6542 56617 Enzianhütte 1,300 m Opening times: 01. May – End of October daily Tel. +43 (0)664 73 555 853 Statzerhaus 2,117 m Opening times: End of May – End of October Tel. +43 (0)6542 74438 or +43 (0)664 144 59 52 over-night stay possible Berggasthof Mitterberg 1,200 m Opening times: Till Mid of November daily, Tel. +43 (0)6542 72493 over-night stay possible Weberalm 1,480 m Opening times: End of May – End of October (only at fair weather!) Tel. +43 (0)6542 566 57 or 0676 359 47 13 33

Stamps for the hiking needle

hiking map

You can get the hiking needle in the Zell am See or Kaprun Information!

Kaprun EbmattenFürthermoaralm

Kaprun Guggenbichl

Kaprun Almwirtschaft Schneckenreith

Kaprun Maiskogelalm Heli’s Hütte

Kaprun Jausenstation Unteraigen

Zell am See Berghotel Blaickner’s Sonnalm

Zell am See Areit Alm

Kaprun Bergrestaurant Mooserboden

Kaprun Gasthaus Glocknerblick

Zell am See Ebenbergalm

Zell am See Pinzgauer Hütte

Zell am See Schmiedhofalm

Zell am See Jausenstation Pfefferbauer

Zell am See Bergrestaurant jaga-Alm

Zell am See Thumersbach Berggasthof Mitterberg

hut at your own option

Kaprun Krefelder Hütte

Kaprun Salzburger Hütte

Zell am See Hochsonnbergalm

Zell am See Thumersbach Statzerhaus

Key: The level of difficulty of the trail determines the number of points:


Blue stamp Red stamp 1 point 3 points

Black stamp 5 points

Hiking needle gold 40 points

Hiking needle bronze 20 points

Hiking needle silver 30 points

Imprint: Editor: Zell am See-Kaprun Tourismus GmbH, | Status January 2013, subject to change; graphics:; photos: Gletscherbahnen Kaprun AG, Schmittenhöhebahnen AG, Zell am See-Kaprun Archiv, all mountain restaurants and huts. Zell am See-Kaprun Tourismus, 5700 Zell am See, Austria, Tel. +43 (0)6542-770,



lings outdooprortfisee our nature. mountain s

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