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EASTERN EYE January 18, 2008


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Tell us about the Live and Unsigned competition? I saw an advert online for the competition and went along to the audition. I sang one of my own songs, played the guitar and got through to the regional semi-final. The national competition will be shown on TV, a bit like X-Factor. I think it’s pretty awesome that a British Asian woman has got through and I’m proud of that.

How and when did you first get involved in music? I have always loved music. I have been singing since the age of three, but I really got into music when I started playing the violin when I was seven. I played my first concert at the Beck Theatre in Hayes at the age of nine and in an orchestra at the Royal Albert Hall when I was 11.

How would you describe your musical style? It’s a mixture of all my influences that include rock, indie, pop, soul, Asian and mostly indie. Why do you think a record label should sign you? Because I can’t live without music. I’m a British-Asian woman who writes and performs her own material in a style no other Asian woman has, so in that sense, I’m different and I think, hugely marketable. What would you do if a record label signed you? I wouldn’t believe it at first. Then as the adrenalin takes over, I would jump up and down screaming and call all my friends and my gran in India.

the past six years. Without this support on my previous releases, I would not be dropping this solo album, so thank you so much. Please support the album and buy it from any local Asian music store and don’t download it illegally.

Check out Nisha Chand at For more information on the Live and Unsigned competition, visit Eastern Eye ad fin outline.pdf

Something Special by MC Special is out now.











MULTI-TALENTED artist Nisha Chand does more than just sing. The 26-year-old West Londoner, who plays the violin, piano, guitar and the drums, wrote her first song when she was 10. She has made it to the regional semifinals of the Live and Unsigned competition, which takes place in Fareham on February 23, and has been nominated in the best female solo category.

2. Habibi from the album The Bollywood Project (up one place) 3. Deewana by Alyssia and Dee (down one place) 4. Ride It by Jay Sean (new entry) 5. Ghum Hai remix by Triple H (down one place) Stop, look and listen: I don’t normally make resolutions but I have finally caught the New Year bug. Check out my blog on Unreleased single of the week: Abi

Jaa Mix by Sultana feat. Hami: A chilled-out tablatronics track credible enough to hear in a lounge set as well as blasted in the jeep. (Send your unreleased songs to www. And finally Hit me up on Facebook. Listen to DJ San-j Sanj weekdays 10am-2pm on Club Asia 963/ 972AM, Sky channel 0145 and





Unreleased single of the week: Unreleased single of the week: Abi Jaa Mix by Sultana feat. Hami: A chilled-out tablatronics track credible e...