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EASTERN EYE May 9, 2008

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SOCIAL networking sites are a huge success and almost everyone I know is signed up with one. They reunite people with friends they may not have seen for many years. But everybody has rejected the odd request or two from people they have never heard of – I know I have. The number of requests from these random people seems to be soaring. I wonder if this is a phase, an opportunity for friendless people to feel wanted or an unexplained phenomenon. Whatever it is, Lover4u and Desi King are not going to be accepted any time soon.

T THEIR INDUSTRY dresses and his cuts are always flattering. My signature style comprises nice fitted dresses and killer heels. I love old school glamour and will always pick a pretty dress over jeans. What is your favourite fashion accessory? Gulzaeb: One word, shoes. I will always have a good pair of shoes on. I own more than 400 pairs and I’m still feeding my uncontrollable addiction. At home I have a shoe room. Shoes can completely transform an outfit. Tasleem: I have a crystal-encrusted pineapple pendant that was given to me by a close friend and I wear it with everything, day or night. It’s quite an unusual piece and always gets a lot of compliments. Saira: My son is the best fashion accessory I have ever enjoyed. I get more compliments about him than I have ever got for any pair of shoes, by a long shot.


POPULAR TV series Gladiato back, with a new generation of warriors keen to beat the living daylights out of contestants. With channels in India copying everything from reality TV shows to doing desi versions of every quiz show in the west, I wonder why they rs?? haven’t tried Gladiators They could call them Gabbar, Mogambo and, erm, Kareena. And the games could include getting through a Mumbai traffic jam, looking at Anil Kapoor’s hairy back and being forced Tashan.. to watch Tashan

LSKMCKSMCKSMWhat kind of make-up do you like? Gulzaeb: I love the natural bronzed look for when I’m not working – tinted moisturiser and lip balm. For going out, I like Bridgette Bardot’s kittenish eye-liner and glossy lips. Saira: My favourite beauty product would be a moisturiser with SPF. Second, it would be a concealer to cover whatever spots may be lurking. And third, lip conditioner works to keep the lips soft and supple (which comes in handy when you are about to kiss someone)! Tasleem: You can’t beat MAC. I have tried many different brands but always come back to this one. Whether you wear it daily or just on an evening out, with varying skin types, they have a type to suit you. The only exception to that is a Benefit tinted moisturiser, which I wear every day.


DESPITE there being a lot of important things going on in my life, my thoughts have been dominated by my impending dentist appointment. I can’t stand going to the dentist and have never been able to put my finger on the exact reason why. Is it the combination of huge needles, the suction thing that sounds like a drill and the general prodding about inside the mouth or is it that I have a lower pain threshold than a worm’s bellybutton? I’m sure every one of you has your own horror stories and I am hoping my experience has a happy ending.

Give us your secret beauty tip? Saira: Great sex. It’s the ultimate conditioner. Tasleem: I used to have the worse case of acne as a teenager and still get it, but I use Germalene and pure Tea Tree oil to get rid of it without scarring. It has worked for me for years now, but that’s just between us. Gulzaeb: I always remove all my make-up before going to sleep. I cleanse, tone and moisturise every night without fail. I exfoliate once a week and drink lots of water. I also look after my hair with regular cuts and conditioning treatment. I get regular pedicures and look after my feet.

ATTITUDE: Gulzaeb Beg Ali; and (left, from top to bottom) Tasleem Malik, Saira Mohan and Gulzaeb


LONDON, Glasgow, Derby... Photograph courtesy of Sufiana Ahmed

Finally, what makes a good model? Tasleem: I think it is being able to be a unique canvass that can pull off different looks, have a broad appeal and is relatable both on the page and in person. It’s important to remember that beauty is individual and a good model has the self-confidence to handle the bad with the good. I believe it’s important to always remember who you are because at the end of the day, there’s no one like you and if modelling is what you want then give it everything you have. Saira: A good model is one who knows how to sell the product she was hired to sell in half the production time. Gulzaeb: A good model has to have the right attitude and be a nice person. No matter how beautiful you are, if you are not pleasant to have around, clients won’t re-book you. A good model is versatile and has a look that can be both commercial and edgy. She has to be photogenic and confident, both in front of a camera or on a catwalk with hundreds of people looking at her.


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