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EASTERN EYE February 1, 2008


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A different ball game ON THE RISE: (From left) Golfer Kiran Matharu, British Asian Sports Awards ambassador Mark Ramprakash, cricketer Nikki Patel and footballer Vanisha Patel

Where do you see yourself in a few years? Vanisha: Hopefully, playing for England. Next year we are having trials for that but it’s hard. My manager would like to see me in our first team and reserve team by the time I’m 16. Nikki: I hope to play for the England women’s team outdoor, but I need to build myself up. Kiran: If everything goes to plan then I will be World No 1. I have just started with a new coach, so I’m on the right track for that. Why aren’t there more Asian girls in sport? Vanisha: A lot of people say that it is against what we normally do, but if you enjoy it, then why not go for it? I believe there should be more support from the community.

Nikki: Some families don’t like watching their daughters play. The players need more support from their families. Kiran: Well, a lot more young women in general are playing golf now. It’s becoming more fashionable, girls can wear skirts, shorts, anything. What do you think of the British Asian Sports Awards? Vanisha: They are very good considering there aren’t that many Asians playing sport. They don’t even get recognised half the time. I think these awards boost their confidence.

Nikki: It helps people notice what we are doing, otherwise no one would really know. Kiran: I think they are great. I have been lucky enough to win this award twice in the last two years. The British Asian Sports Awards will be held at the London Hilton Hotel in Park Lane on Saturday February 16. It will be screened on Sony Entertainment Television next month.

Planet DiStar with Divya



LOVED-UP Britain will spend £30 million on flowers this Valentine’s Day, whether they are given with genuine feeling or after being guilttripped into the effort by a significant other. But what do you do when you know you will not be on the receiving end of a bunch of roses, a cuddly teddy bear or a romantic meal? Arranging a get-together that night with your fellow singletons is so last century. Instead, be naughty and find yourself a boyfriend specifically for Valentine’s Day. With under two weeks to go, there’s no need to be fussy – he won’t be meeting your Mum – but make sure he has the financial means to treat you to a traditional Valentine experience. If that fails, turn to the office geek to guarantee a massive bunch of flowers on your desk. But remember that the consequences of this behaviour will last much longer than the fresh flowers will!


DAVID BECKHAM doesn’t need to be modelling tight Armani underwear to be sexy. He doesn’t even have to be on the football pitch or in a designer suit to sizzle. He has even spiced up the boring world of politics interesting, because I certainly sat up and paid attention to the prime minister when Becks visited No 10. The footballer recently visited Sierra Leone in his role as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador and brought the issue of thirdworld child mortality rates into the spotlight. People may point to the PR images of him playing footie with kids in the dust or cuddling a baby, but it’s not like Becks will make money off it for the release of a new album or film. Many of the rich and famous may give part of their earnings to charities behind the scenes, but charities need volunteers as well. And if the volunteer is a super-sexy, super-nice family man with lots of adoring fans, it should be milked for all it is worth.


SPRING is just around the corner, according to last week’s Paris Spring/Summer Fashion Week, and it now takes only days for the high street to copy the couture from the catwalks. Unfortunately, I favour staying warm over style, and my fashion sense disappears during the winter. But with sunshine on the way, it will soon be time to get trendy. All-in-one playsuits, floral tea dresses and them weird gladiator-style sandals are all the rage for 2008, and they are in shops or online already. The gowns shown by Armani, Christian Lacroix and Valentino ooze perfection, but don’t get worn in my world. Accessories, however, go a lot further, such as the timeless Chanel handbags. I could put myself on the waiting list for the season’s essential designer gear but my credit card wouldn’t withstand the shock, so I’ll stick to the high street for now.