Valentine's Day 2020

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Friday, February 14, 2020

spirit of time

Art by Ricardo Mercadé (12)

Valentine's Day mini edition! p.1

VOLUME 7 - 2019-2020 Academia del Perpetuo Socorro 704 José Marti Street Miramar, Puerto Rico


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Through this issue, Zeitgeist intends to achieve its purpose: to enable artists to transcend their works, and to collect the overall feelings of a moment. This is what Zeitgeist's definition is: the collection of ideas of a certain group or people, in a certain time.; the spirit of time. Using Zeitgeist as your medium, share your feelings, ideas and thoughts creatively! Contribite to our zeitgeist!

Claudia Figueroa

Most of the art in this issue is the work of Jimena Chea (11) p. 2

letter from the editor One of our most popular publications last year was our Valentine's Day mini-issue filled with love poetry. Love is a beautiful feeling that everyone experiences, so we decided to publish another edition that deals with this wonderful idea. From falling in love to falling out of love, you'll find the theme treated from all the perspectives you could think of within these pages. Our writers went above and beyond in their expression, so I hope you enjoy reading their powerful words.

Harold Peรณn Friday, February 14, 2020



Crush by Hilbert .............................................. 4 Falling by venus & neptune ................... 5 Waiting for love by Anonymous .......... 6 Out of Reach by Ricardo Mercadé......7 unconventional romance by

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Mariana Rosado.................................................8 simple night by tempest...............................9 Dark Love by Ana Laura Pérez .............12 delight by é ...........................................................14 A Valentine's Day Playlist by Claudia Figueroa...............................................16


executive board Prof. Mari Vega: Club Moderator Harold Peón (12): Editor-in-chief Claudia Figueroa (11): Assistant Editor Carlos Méndez (11): Secretary Ricardo Mercadé (12): Art Director Julia García (12): Graphic Designer Ariana Viera (11): Publicist p. 3

Amara Villarini (12) Ana Laura Pérez (12) Pablo Ramirez (11) Claudia López (11) Mariana Salinas (11) Tiare Sierra (11) Jimena Chea (11) Valentina Mercado (10) Yénesis Cintrón (10) José Méndez (9) Lucía Garrido (9) Carolina Aguayo (9) Catalina Echegoyen (9) Estefanía Berio (9)

Friday, February 14, 2020


crush b y

H i l b e r t

There she is, walking down the hallway, with her beautiful dark hair and small hands "I hope she notices me," I think. I'm nervous. Try to relax. I fix my hair and stand tall. Maybe this will get her attention? I've never talked to her, She is truly gorgeous, brilliant, lovely... And I'm too afraid to try. Has my life led up to this moment? These seconds, meaningless to her, but the longest of my life? She passes next to me, inches away. Should I smile, make eye contact or say "Hi"? These thoughts fill my head, and by the next second, she's already gone. I missed my shot at her. Maybe it will present itself again soon? I want to talk to her and to be with her. But as time escapes my hands, she will too.

p. 4

Friday, February 14, 2020


Falling Falling by venus & neptune I was a part of a game I didn’t want to play All because I couldn't keep my feelings at bay You set the butterflies free from their cage Letting them flutter around in a rage You lit a fire I didn’t know how to tame And my heart went up in merciless flames But all the pain you’ve caused me Isn’t enough to push me away Because my eyes are still starry And I want you to stay

Art by Ana Pérez (12) p. 5

Friday, February 14, 2020


Waiting for love by


I patiently wait for the perfect man Days, months, and weeks pass. Yet he is not here, I patiently wait. However, he does not appear in my life. I can only hope That one day he will appear... Meanwhile, I am Waiting for love.

p. 6

Friday, February 14, 2020

out of reach

by Ricardo MercadĂŠ

you get my texts in seconds, but can my heart reach you that fast? is it possible to be with you, even when i’m not with you? my soul seeks attraction, but that force is too far to grasp will we ever be close, closer than we are now? so my heart can finally find what my mind has been longing so long.

p. 7

Friday, February 14, 2020

unconeventional unconeventional romance romance by Mariana Rosado

the love he bears me is unimaginable unimaginable yet,this potent love is on the verge of consuming me i live for him i wake up and see his face every day my days are dedicated to him and only him him i am forced to love him and nothing. nothing else what will i do on a day such as valentines? valentine's? i will be in my bed surrounded by his cold and heartless body i will be in my bed with the sat sat handbook handbook which loves me eternally and consumes all my life

p. 8

Friday, February 14, 2020


simple simplenight night bb yy tt ee m m pp ee ss tt

"I'mstill stillin inlove lovewith withyou." you." "I'm She put on her socks, glancing out the window for a moment. It was March, but the snow profusely piled up outside, It was the coldest evening since December, and of course, she had plans. “Meet me at seven, at the train station,” he had said, and as excited as she was, the snow and the cold dismayed her. But knowing she would regret it if she didn’t go, she persisted. She bundled up with a scarf and a coat, hoping the outing would be worth it later on. The stairs echoed her footsteps as she went down the floors of her apartment building. Those damaged moccasins she’d kept for years would break apart soon enough. It was a deserted night out in Chicago, and as much as she hated that city, she had a soft spot for the nights where the wind blew on her face and shook her short hair, untidying the locks. But she didn’t mind having a raggedy appearance that night. After all, she was dealing with a nuisance. A nuisance she was not looking forward to. At all. The tall buildings towered over her as she began her walk towards the station, which was twelve blocks straight away in the cold twenty-five degree weather. She thought about how easy it would be to grow wings and take advantage of the wind; to fly high from where all the flurries were falling, to look at her reflection from those sixty story building windows. Imagining the cold, though, she thought it was better to stay close to the ground. p. 9

Friday, February 14, 2020


She pulled her turtleneck up to cover her nose and mouth, stretching the fabric more than it was intended for. A man walking his dog crossed her in the opposite direction, and remembering that boy's favorite breed, she smiled, wishing the cold was not as petrifying, so she could have stopped to pet the Australian Shepherd. “We’ll have 7 dogs,” he always told her. And she kept smiling, remembering the breeds: a Shih Tzu, a Pug, a Golden Retriever, a Samoyed, a German Shepherd, and the best one, the Australian Shepherd. Her Schnauzer could sleep with her. No problem. “He’s stupid,” she mumbled, not wanting to admit her smile under the stretched cotton fabric. It was 7:15PM when she neared the 11th block and saw him there, shivering near the entrance of the station from afar. Rushing towards him, he greeted her by taking her hand wordlessly and rushing her down the stairs and inside the newly renovated metro. "Hate it when you keep me waiting," he spat out, taking his gloves off his frozen, red hands. She grinned, taking his hands in hers, that had stayed warm in her coat's pockets. "I'll make up for it by warming you up." She gave him the teasingly cute smile he hated and loved at the same time. A chuckle escaped from his mouth. Her smile did more than warm him, it made his heart flutter, the butterflies inside him moving through his body and increasing his heartbeat. She held their hands together, playing with their fingers as the conversation she expected began. “I can’t believe you’re really here,” he said, looking deeply into her eyes, admiring the girl. “Why wouldn’t I be here?” “Because it’s been a while. Because I thought I wouldn’t see you anymore.” “Well you were wrong then.” p. 10

Friday, February 14, 2020


They took the train to the nearest deep dish pizza place, catching up about those good times they had in high school. The night was full of laughter, smiles, emotional conversations… reminiscing those years they could never turn back to. Those memories, so cherished by both of them. The desire to go back was immeasurable; the nostalgia, overpowering. “Everyone has made something amazing out of themselves. Impressive people who we’d never imagine they’d become: that’s what they all are now,” he said proudly, finishing up his last bite. “You’re one of them too,” she said affectionately. "And now you're making me say it back to you, aren't you?" There was silence. They smiled. After splitting the check, they walked out together. Said goodbye. Parted ways, but not before a last conversation, at 10:28PM, on the snowy, empty street. He looked at her. “Let’s go out on a date again.” “Why?” She teased him, giving him the cute grin. He was silent for a moment. “Because I miss it.” He admitted, looking down at their hands, and taking hers. He played with her hand like she had before. “I miss talking to you like this.” She waited a moment, not knowing whether to follow her instinct, that was begging her to kiss him. She closed the space between them. Their lips met, just like long ago. But maybe it hadn't been too long. The six words she didn’t want to say yet were spoken. And to her surprise, they were reciprocated.

It was a simple night.

p. 11

Friday, February 14, 2020


Dark Love





She walked, afraid. In the dark, nothing is ever what you expect it to be. It’s the unpredictability of the indiscernible, the abstract, which causes fear. Her mind was full of questions, self-reflections, which only she knew about. She was famous for her overthinking, but now it had reached its peak. “What will he say? Will he ignore me? Will I repulse him? Will it be because of what I say or how I say it?” The day before, she had resolved to say that she was in love with him. As she walked through the dark alleys on the way to his house, she observed her surroundings for signs, anything, indicating whether her actions were right or wrong. Her hand hit a pole which sent a sharp pain through her arm. She was sure it was all good, but she could also swear that the mark of the hit on her hand took the shape of a knife. Ignoring this, she kept walking. She noticed an old couple walking a couple of steps away from her, lost in each other’s eyes. The old woman wore a beautiful cherry blossom hair comb which shined in the middle of its dark surrounding. Distracted by it, she crossed the street while a car was passing through. Lucky for her, the car stopped just in time, having noticed her abstraction. The shock brought her back to her senses. As she walked, she began thinking about what she was going to say. She wanted to ask her friends, but their love advice had never before been helpful for her. No. This was something she had to do on her own.

p. 12

Friday, February 14, 2020


“Hey.” No that’s too casual. “Hello there.” Sure, whatever. That’s not what mattered. What was she thinking? Telling him she loves him? Nobody had ever taught her how to do that. “He’ll probably refuse me. He’s never before shown signs of it. He’s going to say no. And after that, what?” She hadn’t thought that far ahead. “What if he says no?” Would that make them closer, or will they become strangers? “I’d rather be with him as his closest friend than become a stranger to him,” she thought. As she was lost in her voice, a random scream was heard at a distance, which made her quicken her pace. Clutching her pepper spray in one hand and her keys in the other, she walked through the dark alleys which led to his house. Since her vision was inhibited by the darkness, her other senses were heightened, she could hear everything, a rat’s squeak, dogs barking a mile away, a cockroach climbing up a nearby wall, everything. To distract herself from her eerie surroundings, she began wondering what would happen if he said yes. She was reminded by a moment in her childhood when she dreamt of what her ideal date would be. They’d go to the park, sit on a bench, talk about each other; well, he’d talk, she’d listen. She loved listening. It was one of her best attributes. She was delighted by the idea that he could say yes. All of a sudden she heard his voice, followed by a sharp pain in her hand, a twist. She held the pepper spray tight and tried to spray him in the eyes, but he pushed her against a wall, loosening her grip on the keys and the spray. She felt herself bleeding, but she didn’t know where. Now, she could no longer hear the rats, the dogs, the cockroaches. She saw the car’s light, and then it all went dark.

p. 13

Friday, February 14, 2020


delight under the sky, laid colossal pine trees, rising into the plush clouds of Elysium, in the search for new light.

on a brisk winter day, a soft glow imbued the scenery. dim light peeked through the leaves, casting peculiar shadows over the dewy Earth. from the Heavens, flurries dwindled onto the ground, its refreshing scent enhancing the sharp, clean aroma of the pines. a day like this goes unforgotten, unignored, but there was this girl, who stood as tall as the pines, not seeking new light, as the trees did, rather admiring the perfection that was being gifted to her eyes. p. 14

Friday, February 14, 2020


this fondness was not directed toward the sublimity of her surroundings. instead, it was focused on the impeccability of the boy who stood in front of her. he had the deepness of the woods hidden in his eyes, the delicate shimmer of the sun, glistening in his hair, the purity of the snow present in the lightness of his skin. in one sweet little earthling, the girl had an untainted phenomenon. she had all that one winter day could offer, in the lifetime of a person.

-ĂŠ Art by Elizabeth VelĂĄzquez (12) p. 15

Friday, February 14, 2020

a playlist for Valentine's Day Whether you're thinking about your crush, having fun with some friends, or deciding to enjoy your own self-love, there's a song on this playlist to relate to your mood this Valentine'sDday!


All Your Love Jakob Ogawa affection BETWEEN FRIENDS


Not my Baby Alvvays Solita Kali Uchis

05 p. 16



Cariño The Marías

-Claudia Figueroa

Friday, February 14, 2020

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