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Twitter Debate conducted by ZAP’s Rosalind Davis and Annabel Tilley Live at the ICA, London for ArtLicks Second Birthday Celebration: Saturday 20th October 2012 6.30-9pm Q: How do you survive as an artist or how do we survive as a community of artists? The following is a selection from the many responses we received from across the World. Rebecca Foster @beccafosterart ‘I am curious as to what other jobs my fellow artists hold down to make ends meet’ Elizabeth Orcutt @PixEditor ‘Doing PhD to enforce practice!’ axel bottenberg @xelb0ttenberG ‘I rely on a plethora of part-time zero-hours, self-employed, this-that-and-another jobs…work on the web, building, decorating. Building & decorating, unfortunately, are really bad for the creativity!’ ‘When I meet another artist, it's like Robinson Crusoe meeting his rescuers.’ @Martin1art 'survival not down to being an artist. If I had to paint to eat I' starve. But the hunger doesn't go away.'

1 Twitter @ZeitgeistAP @Rosalinddavis @AnnabelTilley Claire Weetman @claireweetman ‘freelance mixture: adult arts ed, arts in health teaching, arts ed in schools, project management, visiting lec’ ‘time in new spaces =new countries like Shanghai, but also shop window with @Sara_chica or a lift @mcrartgallery’ ‘recently been able to choose and make paid community projects that allow me to reflect on my practice’ Lee Johnson @leeanthonyjohns ‘by working bloody hard: in my paid job and in my studio practice’

Lee Johnson

Michael Cubey @michaelcubey 1. ‘How do you survive as an artist/arts community: by providing an infrastructire that creates opportunities income ...’ 2. By never having a 'proper weekend' and making use of every moment …’ 3. By creating opportunities’ 4. @BowArts providing afffordable space, investing artists rent back into projects’ 5. And finally: Family, Friends, Music, Coffee, Alcohol, Cats. Pretty much in that order’

tash kahn @thisladypaints ‘I am a freelance editor but publishing ain't that great at the moment either :-/’ ‘And because you throw your hard-earned pennies straight down the loo! Pah! Onwards and upwards…’ ‘And with lots of help and encouragement from others, who spur me on in my hours of need’ ‘Being an artist: It is the hardest thing I've ever done’ ‘With difficulty and lots of guilt… I try to ignore rejection. But that is very hard to do’ Natasha Kahn

Rebecca Foster @beccafosterart ‘Great + helpful hearing what other people do! I art direct TV which is good but eats up time, energy and creative energy!’ Rebecca Foster @beccafosterart ‘yes - the rejection is the hardest part I think! Because you want work to have an audience!’ Jean McEwan @Jeanmcewan ‘part time catering job’

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Gemma Cossey @GemmaCossey

Claire Weetman @claireweetman ‘recently been able to choose and make paid community projects that allow me to reflect on my practice’ Jean McEwan @Jeanmcewan ‘dogged commitment. In the words of Werner Herzog 'you do not move mountains with money, you move mountains with faith'

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Justin Hibbs

Justin Hibbs @jahibbs Making work for me is about creating a space, a special space where I am free to imagine and create an alternative world, free from everyday constraints. I have the keys to that space and can enter it anywhere, it might be in the studio or a space where I am installing work, the train or a place where I am passing through. I am free there to imagine, take risks, reimagine, to think, make, invent, to construct, to destroy, play to converse and collaborate with those present and non present...That is how I survive.

rosalind davis @rosalinddavis 1. I survive by totally investing in my practice.make the cate.curate 2. by being constantly inspired by other artists. GL Brierley at Carslaw St Luke's for example 3. Selling Work & doing a combination of many art related jobs. Teaching,consultancy ( buildings,education,PR,comms) as well as our numerous activities at Rosalind Davis 4. physically on very little sleep, caffeine, Zumba, lavender oil, lucozade (not all at same time!) 5. ‘my other “paid" work is also about engaging & communicating & that’s also important as part of practice’ 6. Knowing my value and worth and the worth of an ‘opportunity’ 7.By building relationships and being professional = repeat work…. 8. Without painting I could not have survived….

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Raoul Concord @typograph ‘I survive by seeing the world differently, finding a truth and making it beautiful. Oh and being awesome at cutting out’ Mark Scott-Wood @markscottwood ‘I survive by using the stuff that surrounds me - rubbish. Newspaper, cardboard and imagination. Cheap beer also helps.’ Exhibition openings great for combining viewing, socialising and meeting people especially if you work during the day’ Robyn Woolston @robynwoolston ‘resilience | network construction | 'working' across multiple streams: lecturing, commissions, locations, materials’ ‘multiplicity can create traction & positive feedback loops

Shelley Rae @ShelleyRaeArt ‘We survive as artists by deciding to ignore rejection, self-doubt, and to keep pursuing our passion’

Shelley Rae

Eastside Projects @eprjcts ‘Common decency. Support those you respect. Make sure we learn from good & bad examples, all kinds of situations. Sow. Reap.’ ZAP @ZeitgeistAP You can't suss out 'other people's agenda's! Just have to make the work you make, and make it well. Tommy Ting @tommy_ting 1. ‘It is also important to meet people professionally and personally outside of the art world. Inspiration come from everywhere.’ 2. ‘establish a group of artists/friends. Trust to share knowledge and resources. Have constructive crits w/ each other.’ 3. ‘also, for me, working at an art university. Able to make professional and artistic

5 Twitter @ZeitgeistAP @Rosalinddavis @AnnabelTilley relations with people in the industry.’ Corinna Spencer @Corr_ ‘the support and encouragement of people around me: family, artists, galleries, projects, friends. Cat. :)’ Joseph Young @artnoises Pragmatism and idealism in equal measures. Networks of support. Optimism Lee Gascoyne @LeeGascoyne It involves learning where yr energy is best placed.

Annabel Tilley

Annabel Tilley @annabeltilley 1. I survive as an artist by snatching time, inventing time, creating time & losing time. NeverEnoughTime! 2. ‘Just make the work! Make the time to make the work. Not enough time ever! 3.NoQuickFix. Slow&Steady. About building relationships, building profile & being visible. Hanging on in there 4.‘by being resourceful & generous. These are key words’

Paul Kindersley @PaulKindersley quote: "I don't make money from my art I make art from my money" Heloise Godfrey @HeloiseGodfrey ‘support work, community art, the odd bit of funding and supportive family.’ Annabel Tilley @annabeltilley ‘Rejection is hard. Sometimes we can be hard & just shrug it off but other times it hurts like hell! Any tips?’ ZAP @ZeitgeistAP ‘move on! But yes rejection hard. That's why it's good to do your own projects, self fulfilling & about your own objectives. change the hurt to learning.transform it. & make the work, get feedback’

6 Twitter @ZeitgeistAP @Rosalinddavis @AnnabelTilley sarah filmer @sezifilms ‘really? in 140 characters? bottom line: by loving what i do and by earning money from being a vet’ or v stressful as i do it less and less. hmm. the balance it brings is necessary for £ and sanity’

Sarah Filmer.

Rachel Wilberforce @rachelwilberforce Be open, willing to share, trusting & enjoy the adventure!

Helen Dearnley @Blackbird1976 ‘international travel funded by film companies / jammy good luck / social media collaborations…by being in unrelated employment, supportive family and friends with outlook consisting of a mix of delusion and realism’ David Kefford @davidkefford Be prepared for the long haul, not just a quick (fame) fix. Being an artist is for life not just for Christmas Annabel Tilley @annabeltilley There are many ladders! Small & long ones, new &old ones; with integrity& without merit! ZAP @ZeitgeistAP Definitely good 2 have something to work towards, even if just a studio visit with friends David Kefford

Barnswell @EvryDyisDifrnt New driveness follwing near death. Friends, family.Back to studio nt home. Slowly B part of crit group; like art college Mark Scott-Wood @markscottwood Agree and exhibitions can also add stress with deadlines & expectations but this also helps to focus practice David Kefford @davidkefford Having awareness of opps and what they can/can't offer“ Context is everything!

7 Twitter @ZeitgeistAP @Rosalinddavis @AnnabelTilley rosalind davis @rosalinddavis ‘Open studios are a fantastic way to develop relationships with collectors, be it your uncle or head of arts council’ ZAP @ZeitgeistAP Making work because you want to explore/create something is also important. Exhibitions shouldn't rule that curiosity Annabel Dover @Captainpye exhibitions are great for feeling there's a point to creating the work Annabel Dover,

Tash Khan @thisladypaints That is what I need to remember. So often I ask 'what is the bloody point?' Lisa Risbec @LisaRisbec really loved reading everyone's responses - am starting out, and wondering how to survive as an artist. Has given me hope!

ZAP @ZeitgeistAP we all have that. @rosalinddavis remembers Graham Crowley doing it for 40yrs."art galvanises me to live"

Graham Crowley

………………………………………………… ………………………………………………….. Thank you to all who contributed, on and off these pages, on twitter and in conversation. It was fantastic to have your insight. On the night we reached 53,793 people however we hope to reach many more through this publication. Please share.

Thank you to Holly Willats, Artlicks, ICA for inviting hosting and supporting this important debate. Warmest Rosalind Davis and Annabel Tilley Founders of Zeitgeist Arts Projects and DIY Educate.

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Background: In 2012 Artists Rosalind Davis & Annabel Tilley co-founded Zeitgeist Arts Projects to support new and ambitious artists with practical ways to sustain their practice. The DIY Educate artists professional practice programme Show & Tell and their innovative touring participatory talk: The A-Z of Surviving as an Artist are designed to encourage artists to learn from other artists, network, engage and raise their profiles. Tilley and Davis also curate exhibitions of outstanding new and established artists, like their launch exhibition, Collectible, an exhibition of 68 new, promising and established artists, the ZAP Open Exhibition 2012, and next year’s much anticipated: Discernible. Annabel Tilley makes drawings currently inspired by the history of English painting. Shortlisted for The 2005 Jerwood Drawing Prize, she has exhibited widely including at fruehsorge contemporary drawing in Berlin, Transition Gallery, Galerie8, WW Gallery and C4RD in London, Oriel Davis in Wales and Towner, Eastbourne. Tilley co-founded Talk About The Work, an artists talk & peer critique programme run at Claremont Studios, Hastings 2006-09, featuring talks by artists like: Rose Wylie, Delaine Le Bas & Susan Collis. Annabel Tilley had a career in the city before retraining in Fine Art Painting at The University of Brighton, graduating in 2003. She also has an MA in literature and works from a studio in New Cross, South London. Her work is held in several private collections in the UK and USA. She lectures on professional practice for artists and has

10 Twitter @ZeitgeistAP @Rosalinddavis @AnnabelTilley written for a-n Magazine, Garageland, Arty Magazine, and contributed to The Guardian on-line. Rosalind Davis is a graduate from the Royal College of Art and Chelsea College of Art. An artist, curator, award-winning blogger, writer and lecturer. Davis has exhibited nationally and internationally and has work in private and public collections. Her work is currently on display in the Courtauld Institute until 2013. From 2009-11 Davis cofounded and managed Core Gallery a dynamic artist-led gallery space working in collaboration with over 200 artists and curators where DIY Educate was founded. Davis lectures for a number of organisations including the Royal College of Art, University of the Arts, ArtQuest, a-n and AIR. As a writer she has contributed to The Guardian, a-n Magazine, Artlicks and Jotta. She has also led art tours for South London Art Map & The Whitechapel Art Gallery.

Contact details: Zeitgeist Arts Projects, ASC Studios, Bond House, London SE14 6BL Website: email:


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Surviving as an Artist. 20.10.12  

Twitter Debate conducted by ZAP’s Rosalind Davis and Annabel Tilley Live at the ICA, London for ArtLicks Second Birthday Celebration: Saturd...

Surviving as an Artist. 20.10.12  

Twitter Debate conducted by ZAP’s Rosalind Davis and Annabel Tilley Live at the ICA, London for ArtLicks Second Birthday Celebration: Saturd...