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We start by learning about you and any vision you currently have for your attire. send us your pinterest boards and bring magazine clipouts to our meeting.

Lisa Gowing


Sophia Tolli

Send us photos of dress shopping or take us with you! This is the best way to see what sillhouette looks best on you and influences our design.

We will create 1-2 designs, you’ll help us pick colors, and then depending on budget we will search for the perfect fabric. We used lace, tulle and silk for this one.

Separate party skirt

Using muslin, the custom design is draped onto a form. We transfer those pieces onto paper to create a pattern true to your measurements.

The muslin mock-up lets us address issues regarding the shape of the garment and general fit. From there, we create the understructure and complete another fitting.

fun fact: Do you see all those stitched lines that create small squares? It’s called “quilting” and joins multiple layers of this nude fabric to create a stiff but lightweight understructure. It can take more than 30 hours to complete for a bodice. could you believe we covered it up?

Once the understructure is covered with fashion fabric, we cut and pin lace pieces during the last fitting to watch the design come to life. each is then carefully hand-stitched.

guess what’s left?

Wedding photos: Love Is A Big Deal

The skirt was created as a separate garment with layers of tulle and additional lace. A custom belt finished off the look as well as a garter made from vintage lace and buttons from the bride’s mother’s dress.

second skirt

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Zeita Process  

Your Story, Made Wearable.

Zeita Process  

Your Story, Made Wearable.