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reathtaking photos, entertaining interviews, informative reports and always a large helping of insider knowledge about the hunting life. That is what PASSION – the free magazine for Blaser, Mauser, SAUER, ZEISS and RWS customers – has always stood for. Every spring and autumn for the past four years, the original German-language edition has been the definitive source of up-to-date information on premium hunting products “made in Germany“. Since its inception, PASSION has enjoyed an ever-increasing readership and, above all, rising international interest. With us at their sides, progressive hunters throughout the world strive together toward a future of informed, fair-chase hunting practices in the best traditions of outdoor sportsmanship. So what could be better than to finally offer our customers, friends and admirers outside of Germany their own issue of PASSION in English?




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Rifles can only be sold to permit holders. 2012

So nurture your passion with our PASSION – the number one source for first-hand information on hunting news, trends and products – brought to you by Blaser, Mauser, SAUER, ZEISS and RWS!

Julia Numssen, Editor-in-Chief PASSION








Photo credits: Jürgen Hollweg (2), Henry M. Linder


Get ready for the coming hunting season! See why the SAUER 202 is trusted by so many hunters, why

the RWS SILVER SELECTION is the best ammunition choice for frosty weather, which rifle belongs on your short list for drive and woods hunting for big game and how the ZEISS ASV+ gets you sure hits up to 600 meters

Success has many fathers and that also goes for the HT Line from ZEISS


SHOWROOM Blaser F3 Mirror, Mirror ...................................6

Blaser Academy

Break Fast Club............................. 46

Mauser M 03 Stalker The Hills are Alive........................ 58


Blaser R8


Mauser M 03

Three Finns, One Rifle..................18


Into the Endless Ice with RWS....24

Mission Impossible.......................68 Virus Africanensis.........................78

AMMUNITION UNI Professional The Whole is Greater....................56



CONQUEST HD 10x32 The Little Giant..............................76

TRAVEL Blaser Safaris I Dreamed of Africa .....................88

Lens Heads.....................................60

Head Game....................................82

The Blaser R8 Professional Success is now available as a deluxe model with leather stock

Drive Hunt Expert .........................30


Twist and Shoot.............................32

GUNS Blaser R8 Professional Success License to Hunt.............................38


Publisher: Klambt-Verlag GmbH & Cie Pressehaus, Im Neudeck 1, D-67346 Speyer Executive Management: Lars Joachim Rose, Kai Rose, Kay Labinsky Executive Publisher: Kai Rose Editor-in-Chief: Julia Numssen Translator and Editor: David J. Moses Copy Editor: Kristen M. Petry Technical Director: Matthias Albrecht Art Director: Roger Colombani Associate Editors: Gunther Stoschek (Blaser), Florian Maack, Agnes Köhler (KODIAK); Ina Fester, Thorsten Mann (Mauser); Matthias Klotz, (SAUER); Dr. Armin Dobat, Franziska Geithe, Dr. Ralph Nebe (Carl Zeiss Sports Optics); Nicole Heidemann, Matthias Vogel (RWS) Photographers: Jannik Buhmann, Michael Eger, Joachim Hartmann, Jürgen Hollweg, Franz Knittel, Andreas Kurth, Henry M. Linder, Erich Marek Website: The publisher takes no responsibility for unsolicited manuscripts, images or data files. © All rights reserved: Klambt-Verlag GmbH & Cie. International deliveries allowed only by express permission of the Publishers. PASSION INTERNATIONAL appears annually and costs € 9,- / US$ 12.00 plus postage.

S 202 & 303 synchro XT

New SAUER 202


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Published by Blaser Jagdwaffen GmbH, Mauser Jagdwaffen GmbH, J. P. Sauer & Sohn GmbH, Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, RWS



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Cuddly Comfort for the Cold....................................48

Graphic Reproduction: Klambt-Verlag, Speyer Printed by Sachsendruck Plauen GmbH

Cover stories denoted by Cover: Erich Marek

Printed in Germany

PASSION International 01

PASSION International 01


Mirror, Mirror‌

Photos: Henry M. Linder (2), Michael Eger, Joachim Hartmann

As the saying goes, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. And, as varied as their tastes may be, in the engraving motifs of high-grade shotguns.

Mysterious: Richly ornamental mythological creatures rendered in Renaissance style give this F3 Custom Grade V a sense of fabled mystery


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



Humorous: This F3 Custom Grade V captures hunting anecdotes in a Biedermeier style. The ornamentation has the effect of a valuable picture frame


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



Artistic: The elegant execution of these floral arabesques emphasizes the noble character of this F3 Custom Grade V


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



Dynamic: Relief engraving and high-grade stock wood exemplify the styling of the F3 Grand Luxe. It offers a combination of aesthetic and technical perfection at an attractive price


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



“Be clever, be the first!” The last S 90’s ever are available in the classic (top) or in the legendary “Safari” model with Bubinga stock

Limited Legend SAUER 90 “Final Edition”

With this slogan, RWS went looking for 100 product testers for their new lead-free EVOLUTION GREEN ammunition. “After our own comprehensive field tests, we want to know what hunters think about it. We are very satisfied with EVO GREEN and now want to ask end-users for their opinions,” says RWS Marketing Chief Matthias Vogel. Aspiring product testers needed to fulfill three criteria: • Have at least three years hunting experience. • Demonstrate the probability of bagging at least five hoofed game animals between the middle of August and the end of October 2012.

• Use a hunting rifle in any of the calibers .308 Winchester, .30-06, 8x57 IS, 8x57 IRS, 9.3x62 or 9.3x74 R. Both the RWS website as well as the German hunting press carried the notice and received an overwhelming response from the shooting public: In only a few days over 440 hunters had applied. The 100 testers chosen have since received their 20-round boxes of RWS EVOLUTION GREEN test ammunition and access to the online questionnaire. As of press time, this ammo is being tested in every corner of Germany. RWS now eagerly awaits the responses, which will be analyzed after the end of October.

Hi-cap 8-round magazine for S 202 The ultimate driven-game rifle magazine is now available for the S 202 in the following medium calibers: 6.5x55, .270 Win., 7x64, .30-06 and 8x57 IS. This brand-new magazine features the unprecedented capacity of 8 rounds, a super-stable magazine floorplate and a non-slip rubber armor coating.

We make it visible Carl Zeiss Sports Optics’ new web site has been updated for its international customers. The passionate hunter can now fulfill all his heart’s desires on the upgraded internet portal, from an interactive product advisor to hunters’ testimonials to current events. Short videos bring ZEISS products to life, and the ballistic calculator helps the shooter choose the correct drop table for certain hits at long ranges. .

More user-friendly than ever with even more added value for the hunter, the new Zeiss portal is at

The brand-new SAUER hi-cap magazine scores a hit with 8 rounds and rubber armor


The carefully selected stocks range in quality from Grade 4 to Grade 7. The crowning touch is the heart of the action – the bolt body and locking flaps – coated in super-hard titanium nitride so that it not only shines in everlasting gold but is even smoother in action than all the many thousands of S 90’s that came before them. And for the true aficionados, here are a couple of words to show that, among these 140 beauties, a few extra-special S 90’s await their new owners: Caliber .458 Winchester Magnum with original African Rosewood (Bubinga) stock. That’s right, a very few of the rare SAUER 90 SAFARI models are among them! Contact your SAUER dealer soon to find out which versions and calibers are still available. 

Photos: Mauser, RWS, Franz Knittel, Carl Zeiss Sports Optics

The EVOLUTION GREEN, now undergoing country-wide field testing

Not many guns can claim to be legends, but the Sauer 90 is certainly one of them. Using an original and unique tilting-flap bolt action, it ushered in a new era in repeating rifle design. To this day, the S 90 and S 92 are synonyms for silky-smooth action as well as proof of masterful German engineering and watch-like mechanical precision. Only 140 hunters, collectors and gun fanciers worldwide will be able to claim the distinct pleasure of having a brand-new SAUER 90 of their own – and not just from old stock, but one newly built and proofed in 2012 from original parts assembled to perfection by SAUER’s expert gunsmiths in Isny, Germany. Named the “SAUER 90 Final Edition”, this gun stands out with special features worthy of a final series. The words “Final Edition” are inlaid in gold on the receiver and on the magazine.

PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



Form follows function Design is not only a question of good taste, it is also one of optimized functionality. Stan Maes Product Design can take considerable credit for the success of Blaser’s concept for the R8 and R8 Professional.

With the R8 Professional Success, the object was to find a balance between traditional styling and progressive technical innovation. Blaser had machined a pattern for the new thumbhole stock that fulfilled their demands for ergonomic fit. I was brought in as designer to give this stock an attractive form that would appear modern yet still appeal to the hunter. After I had prepared various drafts, we transformed them into three-dimensional prototypes. Using a 3-D scanner, we digitized the pattern so that I could then load it into a 3-D computer file to establish the ergonomic parameters. Using spackle and files, we further refined the pattern since, especially with a thumbhole stock, hands of varying sizes must be able to grip the stock in a


Stan Maes founded his design bureau three years ago and is active in the sport, tool and consumer goods industries

completely relaxed manner. The revisions were again put under the 3-D scanner and then artfully retouched. That is how the stock of the Professional Success achieves enormous brío despite the R8’s compact action. Don’t color and material also play an important role?

In order to offer variety, we developed a modular platform so that, besides the standard model with polymer inserts in a choice of two colors, a version with leather inserts is also available. This meets with the approval of Blaser customers and is proof again of successful collaboration between designer and manufacturer!

Gunther Stoschek (left) has been with Blaser for 35 years. The former head of Marketing was promoted in August to Creative Director. Florian Maack succeeds Stoschek as new Marketing chief

Fruitful encounter Shortly before Christmas 2008, Blaser’s Marketing chief Gunther Stoschek was a guest at a driven game hunt in Göhrde, Lower Saxony. He later met Florian Maack at the evening meal where they quickly struck up a conversation. Maack told of a professional career that had already taken the young, enthusiastic hunter through various positions in the advertising and marketing field. Maack’s relevant career experience, but especially his enthusiasm for hunting and hunting guns, got Stoschek’s attention. Maack did not

More information at PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01

know at the time that Blaser had plans to expand its international marketing efforts. Stoschek kept an eye on the young talent and remained in contact with him. Five years later, Florian Maack joined the elite Blaser Marketing team and in August 2012 assumed the position of Marketing chief. Gunther Stoschek, who began his career at Blaser in 1977 as an apprentice gunmaker, can now devote his energies to a new passion: As Creative Director he will concentrate on giving hunters an authentic image of Blaser and its products.


Photos: Stan Maes, Jannik Buhmann (KODIAK)

Stan Maes, few people have a concrete idea how exactly a product winds up looking the way it does. As a matter of fact, it’s a complicated process. Imagine a funnel: At first, a bunch of information is poured in. This includes the requirement profile, target market, technical features and price point of the product. For the next step, the designer develops a broad palette of concept prototypes. The prototypes are then filtered and crunched until three mature concepts are presented at a big meeting where they are then discussed. Finally, the most promising one is selected and winds up being the concentrated distillate at the imaginary funnel’s tip.


SAUER 202 – Three Finns, One Rifle Several times a year, three Finnish hunters come down to visit their friend Hubert Will (left.) in Lower Lusatia (Niederlausitz), Brandenburg, Germany. They are connected not only by their hunting passion but also by the rifle they use. PASSION discovered how the native Bavarian came to Prussia, when his friendship with the three Norsemen came to pass, and why they all trust in the SAUER 202. Text and photos: Julia Numssen


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01




Lower Lusatia, and it was there that he shot his first wild boar. “I was transferred there some time after that.” Lutz and Hubert agreed to lease the hunting rights together in 1992 and Hubert has been sole leaseholder since 2010. The lease was recently renewed to 2024. Every four years either Hubert or one of his guests takes a Class I red stag within the territory of his 950 hectare (3.7 square mile) Revier. Trophy roebucks with an antler weight of a heavy 300 grams (10½ ounces) or more are no rarity, neither is the occasional really big boar. Still, “Nothing in life is free. I’m in the field every day and take care of the feed lots, drive game away from the crops, replenish boar bait, read sign, etc.” Hubert hunts in moderation. Bucks are allowed to get old here and does aren’t culled as intensely as elsewhere. It’s no wonder that on winter patrols he can count roe

here is no wind on this first day of August. It is hot, 83° in the shade even though it is almost six-thirty in the evening. Hubert Witt and I stalk along a cornrow, gnats dancing around us. Our goal is the elevated blind which stands between cornfield, meadow, thicket and forest. “We’ll see something for sure,” says Hubert, “this is a good corner for raccoon, fox, raccoon-dog, roe deer, red deer and wild boar.” I’m now stalking close to him and try to avoid dry branches and crackling leaves as best I can. Normally, Hubert would be at his lodge, the “Hanna-Hütt’n”, making supper – his guests should have no cares save for the hunt. He would drop them off at the hunting area, pick them up after the hunt and stay in constant contact via SMS text messaging. If game comes to bag, Hubert is Johnny-on-the-spot. If time still allows, he brings his guest to

another stand and takes the venison to his game cellar where he professionally dresses it.

Bavarian in Brandenburg: The “Hanna-Hütt’n” with stag décor

It’s a man’s world: Before going out for the hunt, the four friends enjoy a hearty breakfast of coffee, hard rolls, Finnish salmon and scrambled eggs


But today he lets the cabin take care of itself. The gnats are like a cloud, driving us both crazy. Standing on the edge of the corn patch, we desperately spray ourselves down with insect repellent. A Bavarian in Brandenburg – I wonder how that happened? Hubert smiles and explains, “In my first vocation I was a journeyman butcher, then switched to office administration and after that joined the Bundeswehr as instructor for non-commissioned army officers. After the Berlin Wall came down, the first recruits from the East were sent to us in the Upper Palatinate. One of them was Lutz Ziegenhals. He hailed from Doberlug-Kirchhain in Brandenburg and was a hunter.” The two became friends, Hubert was soon invited to hunt in

PASSION international 01

S 202 Take Down Elegance, 9.3x62/6.5x55 Hubert Witt, age 48, is a Staff Master Sergeant in the German Army. He is Commander of the DoberlugKirchhain army post and is responsible for reservist training. He is a registered hunting master for two Bavarian hunting preserves and is Chairman of the Bavarian Hunting-Masters’ Association

Precise and variable “I’m on the road a lot and love to hunt chamois in Austria and white-tailed deer in Finland. That was the main reason I switched from my beloved standard S 202 in 9.3x62 to its “big sister”, the S 202 Take Down. I can disassemble it without tools and transport it inconspicuously in a small hard case. It’s also very practical for my many trips out of Brandenburg south to my homeland in Bavaria. When I want to get hunting, I just put the Take Down back together and I’m off! I never fail to be enchanted with its precision and it holds point-of-impact precisely regardless of which barrel I’m using. The 6.5x55 is predestined for predators, roe deer and mountain hunting. I prefer the slower 9.3x62 when going after heavy game such as boar, fallow deer and red stag. I am also keen on the Synchro thumbhole stock – it allows for more relaxed and precise shooting, perfect for the blind as well as still-hunting. Every year I personally shoot around 60 foxes, 50 boar, 40 roe and ten red deer. If I go on a driven-game hunt, I switch to the normal buttstock. This way, I can work the action much faster since access to the bolt knob is more direct.”

A rutting stag can appear as early as August: Hubert (left) gives Teemu a few tips

PASSION international 01

Listen up! Markku (left) hears with interest how Hubert imitates the call of a doe



S 202 Elegance, 9.3x62 Teemu Malmi, age 47, is Professor of Accounting at Aalto University in Helsinki. He uses a Sauer 202 Elegance

Elegant and reliable “It was not just the elegance of this gun that first appealed to me. It was the silent and ideally positioned safety that did it for me. Take it off safe in front of the trigger, put it on safe at the tang – really it’s just a push of the button. Also, I prefer to shoot with a set trigger. But the real clincher was that Hubert has a SAUER 202 and is very satisfied with it. I’ve carried my SAUER 202 in 9.3x62 for the last five years and it has never let me down.”

Insider: The Finns know their way around the place well. Teemu heads for the blind


herds of twenty or more head! “Moo!” Hubert and I look down the edge of the cornfield toward the meadow. “Cows!” he mutters. The brown-and-white spotted cattle meander placidly towards water. “I don’t believe it! They weren’t here yesterday.” Hubert’s cell phone beeps. Text from Mikko: “Buck down!” Hubert relaxes. “Alright! Let’s drive to him. Maybe Teemu will get a shot as well. He’s supposed to shoot a non-typical stag down in the hollow. Teemu’s always wanted to shoot a stag and I’d be happy if it works out.” Hubert is devoid of any envy and abhors it. “Many could learn a lesson from the locals here. Even under the old communist régime, everyone was happy when the other brought game to bag.” We turn around and quickly return to Hubert’s car.

Mobile command center: Hubert doesn’t hunt during “Finland Week” but is always reachable. Text from Mikko: “Buck down!”

PASSION international 01

How did Hubert’s friendship with the Finns begin? “Many years ago while on a hare hunt in Upper Bavaria I met Heinz Diestelmeier, a leaseholder out of Wolfratshausen. We were next to each other in the shooters’ line. I had gotten my hare and, as another one crossed in front, I pardoned it so that Heinz could shoot. He rolled “Master Lampe” and we got to talking.” Heinz invited Hubert to Austria for a chamois and marmot shoot and Hubert asked Heinz to come up to Lausitz for a boar hunt. “I ran into the Finns while in Austria. We got along splendidly and soon became good friends.” Teemu didn’t get his stag that evening but the next morning he bagged a yearling pig. Better luck next time when it’s “Off to Brandenburg, off to Hubert, off, off to the happy chase!”

S 202 Elegance, .300 Win. Mag. Markku Laulumaa, age 32, is a hunting outfitter in Finland. This young entrepreneur has shouldered his SAUER 202 Elegance for the last four years

Functional and powerful “My SAUER 202 in .300 Win. Mag. is a real workhorse. I always have it with me and am constantly thrilled by its perfect function and remarkable precision – even in the toughest weather during our hard Finnish winters. I am often out moose hunting with my dogs. Here, quiet stalking means the difference between a good hunt and an empty game bag. I want to get my game and have no doubts that the SAUER’s smooth and silent action guarantees it. I am currently considering a synthetic stock since my walnut one is almost too nice for my hunting trips.”

His last jump: This downed roebuck was nicknamed “Öhrli” (“Ear-Boy”) for the two notches in his ear and was last sighted over two years ago. He lived to be at least seven years old

PASSION international 01

(left to right): Hubert Witt, Markku Laulumaa, Julia Numssen, Mikko Koskimies and Teemu Malmi



Into the Endless Ice with RWS Harness the sled dogs and “Mush!� What is for us the adventure of a lifetime is for Kaspar Johansen just a normal workday. His expeditions take him throughout Greenland where cold, snow, and polar bears are part of everyday life. The explorer shares with PASSION what he does in the icy wilderness, how he protects himself against polar bear attacks and why he relies on RWS SILVER SELECTION ammunition. Photos: RWS


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01


season Extreme science: Dane Kasper Johansen travels Greenland on a regular basis for research projects. He is a passionate hunter and lives in Copenhagen

Is that also the reason that your organization is so interested in its choice of ammunition? Yes. We work mostly in the north and east of Greenland where there is constant danger of polar bear attacks. This is why we are all armed and are very fussy about having the right equipment for what are without a doubt the harshest conditions imaginable. That sounds dangerous. It is and it gets worse every year. Years ago, we had little contact with polar bears, but that has since changed dramatically. Last summer was the worst yet.

More Information at

Displaced: Polar bears suffer as global warming accelerates melting of the arctic ice cap

You belong to the research team of the Danish National Environmental Research Institute and travel extensively. Who is your client and where do your expeditions lead you? We travel on behalf of the Queen of Denmark and go to Greenland every summer. The main mission of our Institute is to serve as advisor on environmental issues to the Bureau of Petrol and Minerals of Greenland (BMP). The search for oil in Greenland has accelerated in recent years. Since we do not want to endanger or restrict the territories of the native wildlife, it is we who advise the Crown where oil drilling may be allowed. That sounds like a lot of responsibility. Correct. That is why we go to a lot of

trouble to do it right. In order to protect animals from external threats, we map their habitats and wanderings via satellite. Then we organize extensive annual expeditions in order to get a more complete picture. This is the only way we will allow oil drilling in Greenland. And are those expeditions the same as, say, fifty years ago? (Laughing) Yes and no! We are flown in to any area we wish to research more thoroughly. That was not the case in the golden age of polar exploration! Still, from there on out we must rely on the more traditional boats and tents. Sounds like real adventure! You can say that again! It gets pretty rustic out there: No toilets, just melt water and polar bears.

RWS leaves nothing to chance. That is why the SILVER SELECTION is subjected to stringent NATO function tests, including under arctic conditions. As the photo series shows, the cartridges are frozen at -54° C (-65° F) [1], cleared of ice [2] and then immediately fired [3]. The test shows that the Super Clean primer fires with absolute reliability. Shooting at a gelatin block [4] with the EVO bullet puts its penetrating ability to the test – extremely important when hunting heavy game! The cartridge cases of the SILVER SELECTION are also subjected to extremes and are soaked in brine for 48 hours. Afterwards, the SILVER SELECTION looked like new [5] and remained fully functional thanks to its gold-plated primer and nickeled case, both features not found on ordinary cases. Conclusion: The SILVER SELECTION is ideal for arctic operations.



What has changed, exactly? The polar bears are becoming less timid. We can normally scare them off by firing into the air, but you can’t rely on this every time and sometimes they’ll attack. Has there been loss of human life? Luckily not this summer, but we did have a recent casualty. One of our men out on behalf of the National Museum was attacked without warning by a bear, and a co-worker had to kill it. We are all very happy that the man survived but that was a really close call. Since then, the Institute has intensified security protocols and one important step was mandating the use of highquality ammunition. We prefer the SILVER SELECTION from RWS.




Why? Primarily because of the EVOLUTION bullet, but also because of its case and primer. We must work under the most difficult conditions and deal with extreme temperatures of -20° C (-4° F) and colder. We are also concerned about corrosion and misfires in the crackling subzero temperatures, on boat trips, etc. We can’t always keep everything dry in this environment. For us, the SILVER SELECTION is our best life insurance during extreme-weather operations. You just mentioned the EVOLUTION bullet. We need maximum stopping power even when shooting through heavy bones – and a 600-kilo (1300-lb.) polar bear has them in


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



Innovation makes the difference

You have chosen the SILVER SELECTION line of ammunition. What rifles do you and the other expedition members carry? We use stainless bolt-action Mausers with synthetic stocks chambered in .30-06. These rifles must endure extreme conditions in salt water, etc. yet still remain fully functional. What exactly do you do when you come into contact with an aggressive polar bear? That depends upon his behavior. If we


First in class: The Silver Selection with the EVOLUTION bullet is available in .308 Win., .30-06, .300 Win. Mag., 9.3x62 and 9.3x74R

What sort of behavior? The polar bear will move very quickly and with great determination toward you. When he gets closer than 25 meters and is ready to spring, then it’s high time to react. Then what? Then we shoot. But that is always the last resort since shooting at a charging polar bear is very risky. He is even more dangerous when only wounded. Do you train for such an eventuality? Of course. Bear in mind that not all of us are hunters. In addition, the stress of a dangerous situation is tremendous, and that is why we train with a shooting instructor under simulated conditions.


Last question: What do you shoot when you are at home in Denmark? The RWS DK dual-core in .308 for hunting and the GECO Target for range practice. Interview conducted by Peter Hansen.

pending on how uniformly the primer fires the hardto-ignite propellant when it is very cold – just how small the negative effects can be (see top graph). Poor ignition causes variations in the combustion time and gas pressure. This can be seen in the lower graph with its clearly divergent pressure curves showing the reduced combustibility of the propellant made more “sluggish” by the cold. That is why a primer flame that develops a consistent ignition of the propellant under all conditions, regardless of the outside temperature, is required. These variations appear truly miniscule but, when accuracy is required, they can mean the difference between success and failure. It is worth mentioning that, although cold-weather conditions do have some influence on rifle ballistics, high-quality cartridge components will give the hunter no cause for concern.

Super Clean: At -54° C (-65° F) the Super Clean priming compound flexes its muscle. The consistent pressure curves show extremely uniform rates of combustion

Gas pressure in bar

Why are contacts with polar bears on the rise? Global warming is making its mark on the Arctic, and polar bears are simply losing habitat. Normally one doesn’t encounter polar bears in Greenland since they live on the ice and not on land. As the coastal bears run out of natural prey, they gradually get the idea that humans are also good to eat. We found almost nothing but sea grass in the stomach of the bear that attacked our colleague. This is powerful evidence of how badly their habitat is deteriorating.

see him first, we give him a very wide berth. If he turns up unexpectedly, we try and scare him off with warning shots. If that doesn’t work, then we know that the situation can quickly become dangerous for us – you can see that immediately in his behavior.

Time in milliseconds

Brand X: Here is a different picture under cold conditions: The curves feather out, indicating irregular combustion

Gas pressure in bar

spades! In case we need to take a frontal shot, the penetrating power of the EVOLUTION can mean the difference between life and death. After all, that huge, heavy skull could be in the way of the bullet reaching the vitals.

The trajectories of rifle cartridges react to both low and high ambient temperatures. African hunters know that both gas pressure and velocity increase slightly in the tropical heat, thereby raising the point of impact. This is the product of the propellant’s more aggressive rate of combustion due to its higher temperature. That is, the transformation of the solid powder to a gaseous state occurs faster due to a loss of moisture from evaporation. Exactly the opposite occurs at cold temperatures. Gas pressure and velocity drop enough so that the point of aim at distances beyond 200 meters (218 yd.) must be corrected upwards by about two fingers’ width. This increased bullet drop, however, is hardly noticeable under actual field conditions. Unlike with high ambient temperatures, the primer has a greater influence on combustion at extremely low temperatures. Yet tests conducted by RWS show – de-

Time in milliseconds

PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



Drive Hunt Expert Just in time for the upcoming season, J. P. Sauer & Sohn introduces a new model of the S 202 that is fully focused on driven wild boar and scores with impressive facts.


Faster than ever: SAUER Speed Bolt with oversized bolt knob

More information at


Tougher than ever: 8-shot, rubber armored hi-cap magazine with metal floorplate

PASSION international 01

t its heart it is the proven action of the S 202 boltaction rifle, but the combination of balance, speed and firepower in the “Wild Boar” sets new standards of performance. The special “Speed-Bolt” bolt handle stands away from the stock at the perfect angle and has a large knob that makes lightning-fast operation a breeze. The Forest forearm and Hatari buttstock allow an instinctive presentation much like a good shotgun, enabling the shooter to acquire his target a decisive tenth of a second more swiftly. The 56 cm (22”) Medium-Heavy Barrel gives the right amount of swing for steady tracking and added weight for improved recoil absorption. All of these features are of huge benefit to any good hunter’s bag, but SAUER’s “Wild Boar”

PASSION international 01

edition has one more surprise waiting. The recently released high capacity magazine is the new standard for efficient shooting, bringing the available firepower of the S 202 to 8+1. For what good is it, after waiting two hours and seeing nothing, to miss the chance of a lifetime? This new 8-round magazine with its metallic floorplate and rubber-armored body provides sufficient reserves for a big bag as well as for more critical situations when finishing shots may be required. The S 202 “Wild Boar” comes standard with Grade 3 walnut; the Exclusive version has a jeweled bolt and Grade 5 walnut. The 8-shot magazine is available separately in 6.5x55, .270 Win., 7x64, .30-06 and 8x57 IS and fits all S 202 rifles in those calibers.


Photos: Erich Marek, SAUER

Steadier than ever: 22” (56 cm) Medium-Heavy Barrel without sights


Twist and Shoot The sign says that the targets are 600 meters distant. “And we are supposed to hit those? No way!” True enough if your ZEISS scope doesn’t have the new ASV+ bullet drop compensator. This little piece of technology from Carl Zeiss makes the impossible possible and you don’t even need to be a long-range pro to use it. Our torture test in the dunes of Denmark proves it.

Text: Dr. Armin Dobat, Photos: Jürgen Hollweg


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01




130 Unbelievable distance – shots up to 600 meters are possible at the Danish Skytteccenter shooting range


e – that’s Maruan Al-Hammoud from the ZEISS Academy, Jan Hüffmeier, Chief of International Marketing, Thomas Danielsen from Sales and myself, Public Relations Manager of Carl Zeiss – can hardly wait to try out the new ASV+. Even the “old” ASV made it easy for the hunter to always use the same point of aim. Measure distance, set the range, hold and hit. The new ASV+ has significantly expanded the tactical utility of flat-shooting calibers. With the new ASV+, the range calibration has been extended from 400 to a maximum of 600 meters (437-656 yards). First, the brand-new VICTORY HT with ASV+ was mounted to the SAUER rifle, the RWS ammunition was packed up and off we went to the west coast of Denmark to what is probably the most exciting shooting range in Europe, the Skyttecenter. It is difficult to get range time here, and for us getting some was like winning the Lotto! We will be sponsoring a few ZEISS long-range seminars at the Skyttecenter so watch future issues of PASSION for dates and details. 900 kilometers (560 miles) separates the ZEISS HQ in Wetzlar from our shooting Mecca Skyttecenter where countless lanes stretch across a vast landscape of dunes and forest. Here one


can shoot from 60 to 600 meters (65-656 yd.), perfect for our two-day torture test. For us, an idyllic landscape: Sunshine and shooting lanes as far as the eye can see – literally. The steel targets measuring 40x40 cm (16x16”), about the size of this magazine, cannot actually be seen with the naked eye at 600 meters’ range. We are keen to begin shooting, but first we must prepare two firing lanes. First up is the 600 meter lane for the first day’s shooting: We will start at 200, then progress through 300, 400, 500 and end with 600 meters distance. This will allow us to determine whether the points of impact correspond with the range markings imprinted on the nine metal range rings that come with the ASV+. The other lane has targets set between 60 and 580 meters (65-634 yd) destined to test the manipulation of the ASV+ under hunting conditions. On the second day we will scope the targets, measure them with the rangefinder and immediately engage them. Then we will jump to the next target, sight and shoot. We will thus learn to use the ASV+ quickly and with confidence.

PASSION international 01




“Here we go”, says Maruan, “Mount scopes and sight-in!” We sight-in every gun to point of aim at 100 meters and zero-out its respective ASV+ ring. Next we confirm the ballistic data. A .300 Win. Mag. we brought along promises to be the flattestshooting. The brand-new RWS Evolution Green lead-free load with 136 grain bullet drops only 28 cm (11 in.) at 300 meters. Maruan opens up his laptop and clicks a few times on the ZEISS website’s ballistic calculator, finding the information we need: “Ring 3 is the one we should use.” 37 clicks are required to bring point of impact on the VICTORY HT up to point of aim at 600 meters. The 9.3x62 is just as accurate even though it has a different trajectory for its 293 grain UNI Classic bullet and drops twice as far compared to the .300 Win. Mag. Using ring 8 corrects for this. We should have no problems hitting at 400 meters with the .36-caliber thumper. Taking these very different calibers as well as a few others with us, we head to the lane. We assume prone positions at the 200 meter mark. There is no question that the SAUE rifles are accurate – they deliver thumbnail-sized groups at 100 m with the VICTORY HT scope. Now it is time for the ASV+ bullet drop compensator to show its stuff. With a lift of the

PASSION international 01

elevation turret and a twist to the “2” mark it snaps into its detent. The fine illuminated dot settles on the sight-in target and the shot breaks. We shoot several groups to see how well the ASV+ compensates for bullet drop. After a few shots, we move on beyond 200 meters. The groups lie where they are supposed to. The 300-meter groups are also exactly where they should be. “All bull’s-eyes!” calls out Thomas in his Danish brogue. None of the calibers tested showed any deviation in elevation. Our targets at 400 meters are round steel plates with a diameter of 10 cm (4 in.). “We’ll need to go up a few clicks,” says Jan, our marketing expert, and quickly puts a 9.3x62 into the black – the loud “Gonnng” after the report confirms it. “Sweet! And that with a nine-point-three!” Less than sweet what that 293-grain slug did to the steel plate! After this ‘embarrassment‘, we decide to quit testing with the medium bore – we have enough proof that flat-shooting rounds are not the only ones that benefit from the ASV+. On the contrary, the ASV+ makes it possible to make certain hits at ranges previously reserved for only the


season highest-velocity cartridges. Putting heavy lead on the target is a good use for this scope/caliber combination. The 500-meter distance was perfect for the high-velocity numbers. Reduced-scale steel silhouettes of rams and grouse stand and mock our ambition. “Another hit!” calls Thomas, his eye glued to the spotting scope as the gong sounds and the silhouettes fall. “Super!” He shakes his head in disbelief. Here is clear proof that the rings work as promised. My shot falls a few inches short of the ridiculously small silhouette. A glance through the spotting scope confirms it. “Probably due to the shorter barrel length,” I surmise as I raise the zero adjustment by one click. This puts the point of impact at 100 meters just a little higher, but dead-on at 500. “Gong!” We laugh and will not miss the velocity lost due to the shorter barrel – a change in POI of 5 cm (2”) at 500 tumbles the steel chicken with authority. We now carry the small 40x40 steel plates through the sandy dunes downrange. We are all a little queasy at the thought of actually hitting them at a full 600 meters. Our jovial mood is now replaced by ernest concentration. First we get the best solid support we can, lift the turret, turn it to “6” and let it snap back down. We then assume the prone position and begin firing. Half an hour later we hear the call “Cease fire!” We empty our chambers and enjoy the sudden silence. Then Maruan says what the rest of us are thinking: “I would have never, ever thought that I could hit so well, so far away!” All of us had drilled our rounds into our respective targets and each metallic echo was accompanied by a smile of satisfaction. Would we shoot at game at this distance? “One is much more excited on the hunt! Besides, the weather plays an important role – side-wind, for example, has a natural influence on the point of impact,” I say. “That’s right,” agrees Jan, “and just imagine if you only wounded the animal at that range. Finding the spoor would be extremely difficult!” “It’s also unsportsmanlike,” finds Thomas the bow-hunter. We all nod in agreement. But now we know that, theoretically at least, such long-range hits are easily made. Who knows, should such a shot

be one day unavoidable, at least we now know how it’s done. On Day 2, we are off to the other lane. We distribute our sighting-in and steel targets evenly between 60 and 580 meters. Now it’s time to test the use of the ASV+ under hunting conditions. More hunting flair is provided by the convincingly realistic game targets used in Scandinavia for training and target practice. We climb a small rise. The rules are simple: One picks out a target, the second measures the range to the target and calls it out. The others adjust their ASV+ and start firing.

Tips and Tricks for the ASV+ • Regular training gives you the confidence you need in the field. Use every opportunity to become more familiar with your equipment. You will see how hitting at longer ranges soon becomes second nature. Use quality equipment! Just a good glass is not enough. An accurate rifle, top-grade ammunition and a solid scope mount are prerequisites to accuracy.

“Stag, 400 meters!” Spin the ASV+ to 4 and “Whump!” the shot is out. “Buck, 100 meters!” “Moose, 450 meters!” The

• When sighting-in at 100 meters, pay attention beforehand that a forward-sloping mount doesn’t eat up too much elevation. Otherwise, you could run out of steam – that is, clicks – at 600 meters. • Did you make that shot at 300? Great! Just don’t forget to turn the ASV+ back to zero range. • Not everyone hunts in the mountains or in the savannahs of Africa. That is still no reason to completely ignore the precision of the ASV+. Sight-in as described above and then go up 4 clicks. This allows you to use the natural point blank range of your setup for all your ordinary hunting ranges. And you can still use the ASV+ if you need it.

(l. to r.) Jan Hüffmeier, Dr. Armin Dobat and Maruan Al-Hammoud of ZEISS tested the ASV+ for two days

• There are always exotics, loads and trajectories that are not quite covered by the nine trajectory rings. Use the ring that comes closest and compensate by sighting-in at 100 a couple of clicks too high. Then reset the ring back to “1” and a possible short round at 300 meters is avoided.

first day with the ASV+ at long range has made its use now second nature to us. We hardly need to raise our heads as we dial in the range number and the shot is out in an instant – time and time again. Best of all, the bullets find their targets regardless of whether they are 150 or 450 meters away. The plate at 580 meters also gonged on a regular basis. The time elapsed between the call for the target, its range and the shot got shorter and shorter so that this day, too, was over far too soon. On the drive home there was only one topic: How close 600 meters now seems and how gigantic the roebuck target at 100 meters appears after you’ve spent two days behind a ZEISS ASV+!

• When in doubt, keep your finger straight! That applies especially in strong wind. When you cannot call the shot, then you cannot risk it. A strong side-wind can blow a bullet 10 cm (4 inches) or more off target.

After sighting in, just replace the ASV ring, lock it in place and you’re done. Now find your range to the target, enter it on the ring, hold to point of aim and hit!

More information at

Thomas Danielsen of ZEISS is satisfied. Thanks to the ASV+, even the 9.3x62 hits reliably at 400 meters

PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



License to Hunt

Photos: Michael Eger/KODIAK

It is an enormous challenge to improve the performance potential of a modern rifle so that it benefits every hunter. Blaser shows that this is possible with the new R8 Professional Success. Dimensioned for the perfect relaxed hold in all field positions, it improves hit probability with every shot.


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01




as the conventional rifle stock become obsolete? According to experts like Hunting Master Anton Rosmer and Forestry Constable Horst Rechtenbach, its days may be numbered. Both have accompanied countless big-game hunting guests during their careers. Both share the experience that, when it comes to field marksmanship, there is a world of difference between dream and reality. Almost everyone knows the reason why – that subconscious jerking of the trigger known as “flinching”. Even the most seasoned hunter is not immune to it, especially with difficult shots or in extraordinary situations. Most hunters will, unfortunately, never find a cure. This begs the question of whether a rifle could be designed to minimize the effects of flinching to the point where shots would stay reasonably close to the point of aim. Jerking the trigger is not the only reason for a miss. It becomes a problem when there is no decent place to rest the rifle, especially when the shooting hand and arm are restricted. The latter practically forces the shooting hand to twist on the trigger, moving the entire rifle out of line with the target.

Strength and beauty: The indestructible synthetic stock wedded to leather and steel. Product designer Stan Maes was able to combine uncompromising technical requirements with a highly attractive design


Now we see clearly where the greatest potential for improvement lies: In the conception and form of the gunstock! It may well be that an oblique grip angle serves to get us on target quickly when using a shotgun or with a rifle used solely for snap-shooting, but it is anything but advantageous for a precise shot. In light of these facts, it is hardly understandable that we hunters carry rifles with shotgun stocks. Every target shooter knows that specialized rifle stocks improve performance. Even so, a hunter’s desire to maintain a certain style of rifle is no reason why hunting stocks should not No stress: Note how the shooting hand is completely relaxed. This is the most important prerequisite for sure hits

PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



A silhouette of elegance and performance. Choice of dark green or brown with anthracite-colored polymer inserts. For more luxury, natural leather inserts are an available option


be optimized for their intended purpose. A vertical grip with an ergonomic cast-off combined with a thumbhole stock has been proven to provide a fully relaxed shooting hand in every firing position. In most cases, a flinch cannot affect the point of impact nearly as much as a conventional stock does. The R8 Professional Success has set a new milestone in this regard. It thrills the user with a synthetic stock that sets ergonomic standards while at the same time being practically indestructible. Its brilliant design unites form with function in an almost unheard-of way, yet its hunting roots cannot be denied. Anton Rosmer and Horst Rechtenbach were among the

Perfect in Position: Even in prone shooting, the trigger hand finds its ideal position. The right arm can be easily supported and the shooting finger can pull the trigger cleanly from the front


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



Sportsmanlike: Innovation that serves the ethical hunter. Anton Rosmer knows it – progress and tradition go together

first hunters to carry and shoot the new R8 Professional Success. They, in turn, have given other hunters the motivation to conduct their own thorough and practical comparisons. It is their unanimous judgment that who sees it, guesses it; who handles it, feels it and who shoots it knows it: This rifle makes you a better shot! 


Progress and tradition belong together More information at

Gunther Stoschek

PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01




right sunshine makes the day a real pleasure at the Dornsberg shooting club west of Lake Constance, Germany as well as at the Weitwörth club north of Salzburg, Austria. Another pleasure was to have champion F3 shooter Bill McGuire teach at shooting seminars sponsored by Blaser in both the German and Austrian clubs. All available slots were booked out only a few days after the announcement of the Blaser Academy seminars, a turnout so successful that Blaser is now considering a series redux. Attendees were primarily experienced shotgunners hoping to learn some tips and tricks for sporting clays success from the American pro.

Break Fast Club In 2011, Bill McGuire of Charleston, Tennessee won the NSCA National Sporting Clays Championship with his Blaser F3. He proved at Blaser Academy seminars that he is not only an excellent shot but also an outstanding trainer.

The events exceeded all expectations. What Bill McGuire related in his inimitably relaxed and humorous style amazed even hardened clays shooters. Even the most difficult and distant targets could not shake Bill’s impeccable form, despite the often blustery winds. He casually explained how to get “them birds” and proceeded to prove it with his F3. His nonchalance was contagious and soon infected the students as one round followed the next. It was fascinating to observe how already very good shots could make marked improvement under Bill’s tutelage. Even less-experienced shooters had a good time and, above all, made concrete progress. Skill level did not matter to Bill; “You bring a good attitude and a shotgun and I’ll show you how to hit. Then we’ll both have a great time!”  

More information at

There’s no such thing as “can’t”! After having received proper instruction, it is no longer coincidence for students to hit even the most difficult clays

Photos: Markus Gemeinder


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



Cuddly Comfort for the Cold Just in time for the fall/winter season, Blaser active outfits combines fluffy down – that unbeatable oldtimer – with modern style, presenting new classics in comfort and functionality. The needs of the hunting lifestyle are met with loving attention to detail in fashionable choices for the active outdoorsman. Text: Blaser. Photos: Peter Straub

2 48

PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



Roll out the fashion with this new down vest: Our feminine down vest has been heralded as sporty, chic and flattering, but here is more than meets the eye! Discreet diamond quilting ensures consistent distribution of its cuddly warmth. When the wind kicks up, this feather-light vest proves to be a true quick-change artist with super-thin roll-out sleeves

The down 2-in-1 jacket, winner of the “Golden Boar 2012” award: We paired our low-noise outer jacket with a zip-out down inner jacket to make an unbeatable team against the cold. Just as suitable solo as in combination, it’s ideal for hunting during the change of seasons

The new down Basic 2-in-1 Pants, for optimal performance in frosty conditions: Their whisper-quiet outer layer features a sturdy Teflon shell with a fleece lining and provides top winter performance for comfortable stand-hunting. Hiding a natural “heating system”, the high-loft down-lined inner pants are quilted for even warmth distribution and can be buttoned in or out as desired


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



Down vest with hidden windbreaker sleeves

Function and comfort combine in the new down jacket and pants for her: This feminine down combination promises warmth, comfort and a quiet hunt. It is also lightweight and formfitting with many functional details: High-loft down fill is paired with cuddly flannel and fleece linings. Added features include stylish facings, practical pockets and a high yoke

Argali² 2-in-1 jacket: The perfect solution in any weather, this waterproof outer jacket can be worn on its own or combined with its warm fleece inner jacket when added comfort is desired

Winter Argali² pants: Designed to be worn during continuous outdoor exposure at low temperatures, this waterproof pants have plenty of features for extra comfort. Integral wind and snow catchers keep snow out of your shoes while tough RAMTEX facings on the inner legs ensure quiet stalking

The Argali² pants are a perfect winter combination


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



New RAM² – tough outside, supple inside: Extremely robust, breathable, waterproof and windproof. With these characteristics the RAM collection set the standard for superior quality and workmanship. Now it explores its softer side with a surprise update in trendy, warm and fluffy polar fleece in both ladies’ and men’s sizes. Various combinations are offered and a matching vest is available separately

Down, the king of winter outdoor wear: Extremely light and comfortably warm, down gives us the highest degree of protection from the cold. Blaser active outfits has rediscovered this natural insulator and made it even more suitable for winter hunting outerwear. The jackets and pants in the new down collection have a 90% fill, rightfully placing them in the luxury market segment. They also carry a quiet secret: The Tefloncoated outer material is soft, water-resistant and extremely low-noise. Blaser active outfits stands for modern, professional hunting apparel developed for the active outdoorsman and the line is under continual improvement. Among the most important signs of Blaser quality are maximum functionality and careful workmanship in even the smallest detail. Their combinationheavy lineups, fashion-inspired visual appeal and attractive price to performance ratio are what make them so popular. Please explore our full catalog at

RAM² Polar Fleece Jacket for Him and Her: Offering a classy cut, lightweight comfort and extreme warmth while retaining top functionality, this polar fleece comes in a variety of colors and is a reliable companion for both hunting and leisure activities. Shoulder facings and handy flexible pockets only add to its versatility


PASSION international 01

RAM² winter pants: Robust, waterproof and cozy warm

PASSION international 01

These flattering new shirts are leisure-time heroes: Say hello to the soft core with a hard shell! High quality flannel lined with a choice of baby-soft corduroy, fuzzy polar fleece or comfortably light poplin. No matter which shirt you choose, all feel indescribably good against the skin. The no-iron treatment assures wrinkle-free fashion for every occasion




hereas modern rifle cartridge development is often limited to introducing new calibers or bullets, the RWS SILVER SELECTION UNI PROFESSIONAL is distinguished by novel improvements in every single cartridge component. As we know, a rifle cartridge consists of case, primer, powder and bullet. Each of these components in the SILVER SELECTION UNI PROFESSIONAL has unique characteristics that, when taken together, make it unlike any other cartridge on the market. The case is finely plated in corrosion-resistant nickel that promotes smoother chambering and extraction. The lead-free priming is absolutely reliable and fulfills strict NATO requirements. According to these military standards, a primer must be 100% reliable and produce no hangfires at temperatures between -54° C (-65° F) and +60° C (+140° F). A powder additive reduces muzzle flash, thereby revolutionizing hunting in twilight. This powder’s consistent pressure buildup delivers higher velocity and increased bullet energy. Based on the famous UNI bullet, the UNI PROFESSIONAL is optimized for lowered air resistance and thereby a flatter trajectory. An improved jacket ensures reliable performance in game. In addition, the UNI PROFESSIONAL features more stable flight and increased accuracy thanks to a boattail with spherical cup base.

“The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its parts…” …was set down by Aristotle almost 2400 years ago and is today the guiding philosophy for every RWS rifle cartridge made. The new SILVER SELECTION UNI PROFESSIONAL exceeds this principle and PASSION explains how.


Super Clean Technology – for highest reliability without lead emissions

PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01

Soft front core

Ballistically optimized bullet shape for reduced air resistance and flatter trajectory

Nickel-plated bullet jacket Sharp cutting edge

Modified bullet jacket for reliable performance in game

Front locking cannelure

Rear core lock UNI V-Tail Precision boattail for excellent flight stability and long-distance accuracy

As with the tried and true UNI, the new UNI PROFESSIONAL is a partially fragmenting bullet with two cores. The soft front core blows apart and delivers limited fragmentation while the hard rear core mushrooms only slightly, thereby ensuring an exit wound. The UNI PROFESSIONA produces only minimal meat damage at both short and long ranges on medium as well as heavy game.

single component, the sum of the entire system offers very much more than any other cartridge on the market. If he were a hunter in our day, Aristotle would have to agree!

The new SILVER SELECTION UNI PROFESSIONAL is more than the sum of its parts. With advantages built into every

High Performance Load – for power reserves in extreme situations

Flash Control – for reduced muzzle flash and to maintain visual acuity

Nickel Finished Case – for better chambering and extraction

Heinz Winkler

More information at

UNI PROFESSIONAL – for accuracy, low trajectory and high performance



The Hills are Alive

More information at

It’s the first of August and the passionate mountain hunter hears what to him is the sound of music: The Alps are calling, heralding the beginning of the Austrian hunting season for chamois and, in a few Federal States, for ibex as well. PASSION accompanied a mountain hunter and his MAUSER M 03 Stalker into the craggy wilderness. Text: Lucas Jacobi. Photos: Jannik Buhmann (KODIAK)


he peaks of the Northern Limestone Alps jut over 2000 meters (6500 ft.) into the skies above the western Austrian region of Bregenz. Expect difficult climbs, narrow passes and deep gorges. Good equipment is a must here. Necessary gear includes the right climbing boots, weatherproof clothing, alpenstock and a hunting glass with rangefinder. In no other terrain is judging distance as difficult as it is at high elevations. Normal hunting binoculars are generally inadequate, so a powerful spotting scope is essential for the exact identification of game.

Handy: The M 03 Stalker with short fluted barrel in .308 Win. is barely 99 cm (39 in.) long

Perfectly equipped, it’s now time to go. There is much hard work ahead before the game is in the bag so it’s a good thing that our hunter has a light, compact rifle over his shoulder: The M 03 Stalker’s short, fluted barrel makes it a true high-altitude specialist. Our hunter can put his faith in the manual cocking feature of the MAUSER M 03 under all conditions. The Mag-Safe magazine lock and the Muzzle-Safe muzzle protection system instill his complete trust in the safety and reliability of his petite “mountain companion”.


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01

And our hunter? After a hard climb, he now lies prone in the rocks and observes the non-typical ibex for which he has been longing. The M 03 Stalker settles easily on the target and the rangefinder confirms the distance: 211 meters (231 yards). No problem, since the ZEISS ASV+ scope with bullet drop compensation dials in quickly to this range, eliminating holdover. Keep the crosshairs steady, squeeze the trigger slowly and hear the shot resound across the valley. The ibex takes the 165-grain RWS Cone Point bullet, rises onto its hind legs and then collapses, finished. The lightningfast reload comes from force of habit, but it is unnecessary. Silence blankets the lonely peaks. The call of the mountain is now but a whisper, at least until the trusty M 03 Stalker is called upon to make the next hard climb!



Lens Heads

Photos: Jürgen Hollweg

ZEISS caused quite a stir among hunters with its new HT binoculars and scopes. No wonder – the optical brightness, ultra-fine illuminated reticles, design and ergonomics are impressive. But who and what are behind this success? PASSION breaks the silence.

l. to r.: Hermann Theisinger (Chief of Hunting Product Management), Matthias Raff (Hunting Product Manager), Edmund Herrmann (Binocular Assembly), Frank Michel (Chief, Telescopic Sight Production), Martin Hartmann (Reticle Construction), Nicolas Benoit (Lens Coating Specialist), André Horn (Chief, Binocular Production) and Volker Tautz (Optical Designer)


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



André Horn, Chief of Binocular Production, is excited about the technological possibilities at ZEISS

Dr. Volker Tautz is responsible for the optical calculations for almost every scope and binocular made by ZEISS

HT Glass from Schott – Perfect Light Transmission

The Abbe-König Prism System – Precision in Glass

• Brightness component glass: At ZEISS, optical glass has many different forms and functions. For example, the polygonal prism placed between ocular and objective in VICTORY HT binoculars ensures that the image is displayed right-side up. It is sawn out of a 30 kilogram (66 lb.) block of optical glass. As the picture shows, the first operation is to slice this precious material into thick slabs for further processing.

• Brightness component prism: The edges of the Abbe-König prisms are cut with extreme precision and are as fine as a razor blade. During final inspection, this prism, placed between ocular and objective in the VICTORY HT binocular, is held to the light like a precious jewel for careful examination. The advantage of the Abbe-König prism system is that it allows for an extremely low-profile build as well as great image brightness without relying on mirrored surfaces

•Advantage for the hunter: The HT (High Transmission) glass from Schott is the basis for a world-record light transmission of 95%. The specially formulated glass is then given the advanced Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer lens coating, an unbeatable combination.


PASSION international 01

• Advantage for the hunter: The VICTORY HT binocular trumps with its slender body, low weight and high image brightness, even in twilight.

PASSION international 01



As team leader in reticle design, Martin Hartmann co-developed the ZEISS ultra-fine illuminated dot

Dr. Nicolas Benoit is responsible for continuously improving the ZEISS T* multi-layer coating

A Tradition of Brightness – the Carl Zeiss T* Multi-Layer Coating

The Illuminated Dot – Four Times Thinner Than a Human Hair

• Brightness component coating: The lenses come fresh out of the coating oven. Metallic salts converted to gasses cover the surfaces of the objective lenses. The recipe calls for several layers of differing composition to give the latest Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating.

• Unique illuminated dot: A super-fine light conductor only 30 microns wide is cut off at an angle of 45 degrees. The red pinhead next to a row of light conductors shows just how small 30 thousandths of a millimeter (0.0012 in.) actually is. Each conductor will later be mounted into an illuminated reticle.

• Advantage for the hunter: The T* multi-layer coating was invented by ZEISS in the 1930s and has undergone constant improvement over the years. Now as then, it offers the hunter the brightest image in the market for more precious minutes of shooting light, even under gathering dusk. Schott HT glass, Abbe-König prisms and the T* multi-layer coating are the three pillars of image brightness in the Carl Zeiss HT lineup.

• Advantage for the hunter: The tiniest illuminated dot in the world brings a revolution in sighting. An ordinary dot covers about 23 mm (0.9 in.) at 100 meters. The reticle of the ZEISS VICTORY HT scope covers the same area at 300 meters. This is the best prerequisite for high hit probability at longer ranges.


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



Frank Michel has been responsible for telescopic sight production for the last 39 years. Completely new manufacturing equipment was installed to make the HT series a reality

Hermann Theisinger, responsible for the HT product line, has a very fine sense of design and ergonomics

Ergonomics – An Adventure in Detail • Unique ergonomics: The dust-free clean room at Carl Zeiss is where the VICTORY HT binoculars are assembled. Here both halves of the binocular body are put together and aligned to each other. Even now, one notices how well it fits in the hand.

The New ZEISS Design – High Tech with Handwork • Unique Design: The most modern CNC machines available carve out the rough scope body to the new ZEISS design. A scope tube weighing only 190 grams (6.7 oz.) is pared from a 3 kg (7 lb.) block of aluminum alloy. For the final touch, a skilled worker grinds and polishes the HT tube to a perfect finish.

• Advantage for the hunter: HT binoculars are more user-friendly, more slip-proof and handier than ever. The improved focusing wheel and robust bridge design make sharp focusing a snap so the hunter can fully concentrate on his prey. Just glass the game without uncomfortable hand cramps, even when wearing winter gloves!

• Advantage for the hunter: The HT scope line is extraordinarily compact and stands out with its low profile. With the right mount, the HT sits comfortably low on the receiver. The shooter can mount the gun instinctively and instantly acquire his target. Elegant design and an elegant gun combine for a stylish performance package.


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



Mission Impossible A huntress, a novice and a veteran hunter who all have one thing in common: A preference for traditional hunting rifles with classic styling. How do we accomplish our mission to convince them that a modern rifle is better? Take them to the shooting range! Text : PASSION Staff Photos: Michael Eger (KODIAK)


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



Skeptical: Susanne and Philipp are unaccustomed to the new rifle’s modern styling


usanne, Philipp and Wolf don’t ever want to be parted from their beloved classics. Susanne speaks very highly of the short Blaser tip-down carbine with which she shot her first buck. Philipp inherited an old bolt-action from his grandfather and stands firm in his belief that traditional guns are intrinsic to sportsmanlike hunting. Wolf, who has had many

years of practical hunting experience, agrees, even though he admits upon questioning that he has never taken any modern rifle into the field. But today he, along with the two representatives of the younger generation, is willing to give it a try at his hometown shooting range. Two R8 bolt-action rifles, both chambered in .308 Winchester and outfitted with identical ZEISS scopes, are ready for the comparison test. One R8 has a classic stock while the other is the brand-new R8 Professional Success. Wolf’s skepticism is written all over his face as he reaches instinctively for the R8 with the traditional walnut stock. By taking on the roebuck

A good basis for a fair comparison: Roebuck, standing supported and red fox, prone unsupported are two time-honored targets used in competitions sanctioned by the German Hunting Association DJV


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



Using the classic stock, it is quite a stretch for Wolf to get a proper hold in the prone position


target in the standing supported position, he wants to prove that this is not his first rodeo and that it is second nature to hit with the traditional stock. The five shots break quickly. After all, this is no competition and he shoots by feel. As the target returns, Wolf is satisfied with a respectable 48 out of 50 points and you can see it on his face. The crisp single-stage trigger takes some getting used to but Wolf warms up to it as he

moves on to the prone fox target. The old-timer’s shots don’t come as fast as before. Wolf sets the rifle down twice and checks his breath control. Several minutes pass before the last shot rings out. This time Wolf has only scored 40 points and he is not happy. Philipp takes the rifle from him and replaces it with the Professional Success which Wolf had eyed so suspiciously. After a few dry runs during which Wolf maneuvers his right arm and shooting hand into a visibly more relaxed position, he puts five more shots into the fox at a regular tempo. He turns to us with a knowing wink even before the target returns to the firing point. Seconds later, the target is there and with it the proof of his Success. The high scores do not remain exceptional today, neither with Wolf, Philipp nor Susanne. The positions alternate between prone and standing and the rifles make their rounds amongst the shooters. By noon it becomes obvious to even the most skeptical that it is simply much easier to hit the target with the R8 Professional Success!

Immediately evident: Now his hold could hardly be improved upon. Results with the R8 Professional Success speak for themselves

Two pulled shots give Wolf something to think about: It could be better


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



Prone with classic stock: The tension in Philipp’s right wrist is obvious Conviction replaces doubt: Susanne, Wolf and Philipp are more than surprised at the test results

The difference could hardly be bigger: Shooting arm and hand are fully relaxed with the R8 Professional Success

What the trio initially viewed as a strange stock for the Success rifle is now seen with completely different eyes and they cannot keep their hands off of it. From the lips of Wolf, of all people, we hear the words: “Too bad this kind of stock is not allowed for regulation DJV competitions. Good hits are an important part of sportsmanlike hunting and I hope that one day they’ll change the regs.” Mission Impossible II? Red.

More information at


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



The Little Giant

my hands like it belongs there and is compact and easy to grasp.

The CONQUEST HD 10x32 makes its debut onto dealers’ shelves in October 2012. The editors of PASSION had the pleasure of testing this small, handy binocular ahead of its release date. For me, it came just in time for the roebuck rut. Text and photos: Julia Numssen

Now it’s time to get moving. I slide the Gnicker into the top of my rubber boot, grab the Sauer 202, and away I go. My fox terrier Emma remains behind in my cool and shady auto. The weather this morning is comfortably fresh and I figure I’ll be back in an hour, anyway. Gebhard, the hunting leaseholder, had kept telling me: “Don’t even bother to start calling before 7:15.” Now it’s 6:45. Let’s see if those Swabian bucks are punctual! Stepping out over the so-called Stieg, I trek 300 meters and climb up into the elevated blind. I know calling from ground level is better, but that doesn’t work in these moors with thick growth and the vantage from up high is infinitely preferable. Of course, I ignore Gebhard’s advice and start ten minutes early with my calling routine. I blow a short sequence, then A good start for the season, the yearling is down

The CONQUEST HD 10x32, my constant companion since July 2012

The CONQUEST HD comes in 8x32 and 10x32 and is the ideal companion for daytime hunting. The LotuTec® protective lens coating guarantees clear vision regardless of the weather


a glass predestined for daylight hunting. I’m hoping as well that both Hubert and Diana will be pleasantly disposed toward my choice! Besides, I still have my lucky Gnicker on me!

My ZEISS Dialyt 7x42 Classic shares a place in my heart right alongside that reserved for my trusty Gnicker. Unlike my knife, the Classic binocular requires almost no maintenance, is forgiving of rain, heat, frost or snow, and even the occasional fall has never hurt it, but on this summer morning it stays in the car as I prepare for the hunt. Instead I reach for its little brother, the new CONQUEST HD 10x32,

As I put the CONQUEST around my neck, I notice how light it is. Very comfortable to carry, you hardly notice its 630 gram (22 oz.) weight. I glass the moor left and right in front of me. The blond grass, birches and pines appear sharp and in full contrast. Despite the low sun and the strong backlight, I can discover in the optics neither haze nor chromatic aberration. No wonder – HD after all stands for High Definition and this applies to the lens system used here ensuring clear and neutral color fidelity. It is child’s play to use the large focusing knob to dial in on my distance. The CONQUEST HD fits in

or almost 15 years, I have taken my traditional, hand-forged Gnicker hunting knife on every outing since, in the past, I have had the unfortunate experience that – without my knife on me – Diana would ignore my supplications and holy Saint Hubert would remain deaf to my prayers! It has since then been my constant companion even though its carbon steel blade does require a lot of care.


PASSION international 01

glass. The rising sun is shining strongly now. The large fieldof-view is impressive with 118 meters @ 1000 meters (345 ft @ 1000 yd) but, far and wide, there are no roe in sight. I call again at 7:10. About 140 meters away I see a movement among the beeches. Another look through the glass – a buck, a young one. He is apparently not too bothered by the flies and gnats and wiggles his ears back and forth to swat them away. The yearling comes a little closer. The 10x magnification of the CONQUEST HD shows clearly that the antlers are below ear level and only weakly forked. Color transmission is great and the buck’s image appears razor-sharp. There is no time to lose before the yearling disappears into the pine and beech. I already have my rifle up. The buck stops, scrapes, and stands quartering towards me, and I rest the reticle just behind his shoulder. With a slow pull of the

PASSION international 01

set trigger, I send the 162-grain RWS Cone Point bullet on its way. The buck takes a single jump and is gone from view. After ten minutes, I am back at my car to get the terrier since I am not certain I can find the buck on my own. With Emma quivering in anticipation and with the wind to our faces, we approach where the buck must be lying. Emma raises her nostrils high and springs through the grass the way terriers do when they’re on a scent. Any bloodhound would rumple his nose in disdain at such behavior but we don’t care. Seconds later, we’re standing in front of the downed yearling. Not only was I thrilled with the performance of the CONQUEST HD, but Hubert and Diana found favor as well! From now on, this “little giant” has earned its place in my pack, and I now know which glass I’ll be taking to Namibia for plains game. You too?



Virus Africanensis The symptoms are obvious: First comes the lure of the Grand Adventure, then the rifle becomes your closest companion and then there is no looking back – it’s another outbreak of African fever. One of its latest “victims” reports on a Namibian test safari sponsored by Deutsches Waffen-Journal and Mauser, on his own field test of the Mauser M 03 and on a dream that can still come true. Text and Photos: Klaus Weid


lthough I was, up to that moment, totally unfamiliar with the Mauser M 03, it took me only minutes to assemble: Insert the barrel, tighten the forearm screws with the included Torx wrench, slide the bolt into the action and affix the scope – done! That what I call being a seasoned traveler! The advantages of the Mauser hard case, which is about the length of a normal suitcase, were a pleasant surprise: it fits easily into the trunk of an automobile or onto any airport luggage cart. I would be hard pressed to find a more discreet way to transport a firearm. The first day at the hunting grounds brought my next surprise: We are required to practice shooting at 100, 200 and 300 meters (328 yards) before we embark on our hunt. I had the M 03 loaner in 9.3x62 assembled in a wink


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01

and, from a sitting supported position, took the first test shot at 100 meters – dead on! As an experiment, I disassembled the rifle and then reassembled it. It was a real confidence-builder when the point of impact remained unchanged! “Are you loaded? Is there a round in the chamber?” were the first words my hunting guide spoke to me the next morning. “Sometimes you have to be ready to shoot in an instant. Time lost working the action can cost you a chance at game.” Back home, I would not put a round in the chamber until I was at my shooting peg or up in the tree stand. Here in Africa, however, the rifle hangs fully loaded in the gun rack above my head. But I know I can trust the manual cocking system of the Mauser. “A decocked repeater


guns is better than one that is only on safe,” I reflect as our pickup bounces through the endless bush. The truck comes to a sudden halt. On the opposite edge of a vast, mostly open veldt grazes a herd of black wildebeest, also known as white-tailed gnu. In the middle stands a trophy bull. Using the sparse shrubs and low trees as scattered cover, I stalk toward the herd in a low duck-walk directly behind the game guide. The M 03 has a round in the chamber but the firing pin is de-cocked and the gun is absolutely safe. As we reach a spot about 180 meters from the herd, the guide sets up the shooting tripod for me. I slowly rest the rifle on it and look through the scope. In a whisper, the experienced guide tells me which bull I should shoot. Now I have it in my sights. My right thumb cocks the rifle but I hold my fire. Time and again other gnus mill around my bull, offering me no clear shot. The herd becomes nervous and makes a quick retreat but remains in sight. I allow the cocking lever to retract silently to the left. Once again the lock is de-cocked, the rifle safe.

unnecessary since I had just set the bullet drop compensator to this yardage. I slowly increase pressure on the trigger. The shot breaks, causing the herd to flee in a wild gallop with my bull behind it. I reload immediately from the shoulder, ready for anything. The Mauser is ready, too. A wildebeest lags behind the herd, turns, slows down and then stands still. “That’s him! Shoot again!” orders the guide. The second shot is out and the veldt is empty. I reload and am instantly ready to fire again. “You’ve got him,” said my guide. “Let’s go!” I remove the rifle from the tripod and, even in the heat of hunting fever, immediately de-cock. I turn the scope down to its lowest magnification as we quickly stride toward where we suppose the bull must lie. But it is not necessary; the bull took two clean hits.

On the mark: The Mauser in 9.3x62 hits the bull’s-eye with the first sighting round

I became so fond of that M 03 that I ordered one for myself as soon I had

returned home. My choice was the M 03 PH in .375 Holland & Holland. I never expected that I would catch such a tough case of African Fever! Despite this great adventure, I still have a few dreams that need to come true and one of them would be a nice leopard. Heia Safari!

Long shot: Training and good optics are needed to hit at 200 yards


We continue the stalk and try once more to get within rifle range of the herd. With 200 yards to go we can come no closer. The herd has taken notice of us but has not yet sensed the danger. Once more, my guide sets up the tripod and I bring my rifle up. But where is the bull? “He’s standing to the right rear of the herd and looking straight at us. Take the shot.” I easily cock the rifle while looking through the scope and set the reticle low on the withers. Hold-over is


Confidence-builder: The M 03’s manual cocking feature allows safe carry of the loaded rifle

Clean hit: The trophy bull is down, shot out of a herd of black wildebeest with the Mauser from a tripod

PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



Head Game “An adjustable comb makes for a correct hold”, says Reinhard Rüger, former coach for the German national team in the “Running Boar” discipline. That was reason enough for SAUER to improve their “Synchro” thumbhole stock by adding an infinitely adjustable comb. The “Synchro XT” is the innovation that has caused both excitement and better scores with the S 303 as well as – new for 2012 – the S 202. Reinhard Rüger came to Isny for a hard look at it and shared with PASSION the best way to use it. Photos: Silke Osenberg


PASSION international 01

PASSION international 01



The shooter achieves only minimal cheek contact with a traditional buttstock, and the head must be raised to bring the shooting eye in line with the scope’s ocular lens. On the other hand, the raised comb of the Synchro XT brings everything into correct alignment with the cheek in full contact with the comb and the eye in the optimal position

What do you think is the greatest disadvantage of a “normal” rifle stock? It is at best a compromise that often fits but more often does not. An optimal presentation when using a scope, regardless of the shooting position, can never be truly achieved.

Why? It’s very simple: When using a conventional stock, the shooter, in order to place the eye in perfect alignment with the ocular, must raise his head in an unnatural manner. This leads to two negative results. The contact area between the cheek and buttstock is greatly reduced, which in turn causes the entire rifle to wiggle left and right resulting in an uncontrolled canting due to the defective relationship between the cheek and shoulder. So, a thumbhole stock eliminates this? No, it is the adjustable comb that eli-

minates it. As shooter, I can adjust the comb so that, with full contact between stock and cheek, I can sight through the scope in a straight line in a fully relaxed manner. There is no more canting and the eye is put instantly in line with the optical axis of the scope. The shooter is able to get on target much faster and above all with more confidence. Make no mistake: Only an adjustable comb gives a proper fit. Does that mean that you only need the adjustable comb and not the thumbhole? That’s what my teammates on the Ger-

Reinhard Rüger demonstrates to SAUER’s Product Manager Julian Wengenmayr that, thanks to the thumbhole stock, the angle of the right forearm in the ready position is almost ideal. Bringing the gun up to the shoulder does not change this angle and results in a relaxed shooting position

man national team and I thought back in the 1970’s. But suddenly our rivals from Sweden showed up with both adjustable combs and thumbhole stocks and we noticed a significant improvement in their performance. We took a hard look and quickly switched over to the same style of stock.

brought up to the shoulder, it is not necessary for the forearm of the shooting hand to angle downward. Rather, the shooter can maintain the same angular relationship of his arm to the gun throughout the presentation. This provides a steady and consistent hold which results in better scores.

What effect does this combination have? Thanks to its optimized grip angle, the thumbhole stock ensures that the angle of the shooting hand and forearm to the gun is in perfect alignment in the “ready” position. When the gun is

But trigger control still plays an important role… That goes without saying. And the thumbhole stock supports this with its vertical grip in perfect relationship to the trigger. A pulling of the shot is almost eliminated.

Now that you have handled the Synchro XT thumbhole stock with adjustable comb, is it the be-all of gunstocks? To get to the point, yes, this new stock is ideal. The normal stocks on both of my S 202’s as well as the wooden thumbhole stock on my S 303 GTI have met an unbeatable rival. I will definitely upgrade to the Synchro XT stocks. What luck that SAUER guns feature modular construction! How can a new owner of an S 202 or S 303 Synchro XT adjust it for a perfect fit? He must first decide

… and repeat this procedure with the big scope. The result looks good in every sense of the word!

Comb down: Perfect aiming with iron sights

Loosen the comb via the hole in the recoil pad and then adjust the height to the driven-game scope


PASSION international 01

Once the position of the comb is adjusted, mark the strut with a white felt-tip marker…

PASSION international 01



Different optics do not necessarily need different comb heights. The heights for either small-diameter or largediameter scopes could be the same, depending on the stature of the shooter. SAUER gun sighter Peter Schädler gets a fit with only one comb height as Reinhard Rüger looks on

whether to set it up for iron sights and a scope or whether several scopes will be used. Then he must decide which shooting positions to set up for. That sounds like a thousand rounds downrange! Oh no, it’s all done at home in the living room! All you need is a small aiming point on the wall and a white paint marker.

And then? Adjust the comb so that, for example, your eye lines up with the big scope and that, every time you mount the rifle, you find the aiming mark instantly. When everything is adjusted to your satisfaction, make a line with the paint marker on the comb support strut. Now you can either adjust for other optics such as a red dot sight or a smaller driven-game scope, or you can repeat for different shooting positions and make new marks accordingly. Then, when you are out in the field, there’s no fumbling around: Just adjust, shoot and hit!

Just to wrap up, our two young assistants will have a shoot-off between the S 202 Synchro XT and the S 303 Synchro XT. Who has the advantage? I think it is great that SAUER employees put so much heart into their product, especially their favorite rifles. But just as in so many competitions that I have taken part in, both as active shooter and as National Team coach, it is the man behind the trigger that will decide it…

The marking is “set” – now to practice in different shooting positions. Everything is dead on in standing, sitting and kneeling positions. In prone position the comb has to come up a little as the original white line shows. The comb can not only be perfectly adjusted for different optics but also for various positions

The SAUER 303 Synchro XT trumps the competition with the advantages of the new thumbhole stock: Reduced recoil, minimal barrel jump and automatic reloading. With the optional Black Magic trigger featuring a pull weight of only 950 grams (2 lbs 1 oz), the shooter has it all!

Passionate hunter and trainer

The SAUER 202 Synchro XT is a precision machine from A for Accurate to Z for Zeroing Ease. The thumbhole promotes fast shooting since the large opening allows for a quick recovery after working the bolt

More information at


PASSION international 01

Reinhard Rüger, born in 1951, was raised in a forester’s house near Kronach in Franconia and grew up hunting. He did not get his hunting license until 1993 since, until then, he had dedicated 100% of his free time to the shooting sports, especially the Running Boar discipline. He belonged to the international elite in Running Boar during the 1970’s and 80’s. He had much success in Germany as well as internationally, taking 10th place in the 1982 World Championships in Caracas, Venezuela. He became national trainer for the Running Boar and Running Target teams, leading his charges twice to Olympic gold. Reinhard Rüger owns his own S 202 GTI and an S 202 Wol-

PASSION international 01

verine which he loves due to its adjustable comb. In the fall of 2011, he added an S 303 GTI to the lineup. Its combination of thumbhole and elevated comb conform to his ideas of perfect ergonomics. Hunting near home, Reinhard Rüger prefers going for boar and fox and especially loves drive hunts for boar. Speaking of moose hunting in Finland with dogs, Rüger gushes, “Going through the wilderness for kilometers following the song of the dog, and then success with a single clean shot – that is an indescribable experience”.

Reinhard Rüger with his S 202 GTI and a good roebuck



I Dreamed of Africa For European hunters, Namibia is one of the most coveted destinations on the African continent. Nowhere else in the world can you find its combination of year-round mild climate, wealth of varied game species and heartfelt hospitality in outstandingly appointed lodges. The recently-built Sney Rivier Lodge at the foot of the Khomas highlands is one of the most delightful places to be found for relaxing days in the African Southwest.

Photos: Blaser Safaris, Game photos: Erich Marek







fter we left the Windhoek airport, it took only two hours to make the drive northwest to the Sney Rivier Lodge in our comfortable VW Multivan. General Manager Bill Landrey had picked us up and, thanks to his interesting stories and explanations during the drive from Windhoek through Okanandja and into the hunting area, the drive took much less time than we would have liked. Bill wanted to surprise us and, instead of using the regular access road, he drove us down a rough, narrow path that snaked a good two kilometers (1.2 miles) through thick brush. Although the landscape with its thorny vegetation looked dry and dusty when we landed, it now showed us its beautiful side in a completely different and charming light.

Pool and bar area in the last evening light. The architectural design and interior decoration of the Lodge promote an intimate relationship with nature. The boundaries between indoors and outdoors are fluid

Suddenly out of nowhere, there appeared the sight of large, squat thatched roofs – we had arrived. We entered the lobby of the main house and there we remained, speechless. Taste and elegance as far as the eye could see. Everything was bright and airy and we were heartily greeted with delicious cocktails. Yet, despite all this luxury, we did not feel for a second the stiff reserve often encountered in domiciles of the uppermost category – we felt instantly at home. We were brought to our rooms, but what did they mean by “rooms”? Each was one of five free-standing chalets, a private refuge with terrace, lounge and whirlpool facing the sunset and directly overlooking the bush. Towards evening, a large watering-hole attracts the most varied sorts of wild animals, and soft floodlights illuminate their fascinating activity after dark.

The alternative to alfresco: The dinner table. Local game specialties as well as international favorites are offered. Since the Lodge accommodates no more than ten guests, the chefs rejoice at the chance to fulfill even unusual culinary desires


Pure relaxation: Each of the guest chalets features a large terrace with whirlpool. To lounge on the outdoor sofa, gaze across the landscape and listen to the birds – that is the finest of Africa!



travel The ever-attentive personnel are always there when you need them and can fulfill practically any wish. Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, a first-class kitchen pleases the eye as well as the palate. From a snack under ancient trees to alfresco grill buffets to a sundowner on a hill or by the fire, the pleasures remain unforgettable. In no time, we feel like we don’t ever want to leave yet anxiously await the thrilling hunt to come. Stretching out from the Sney Rivier Lodge, the hunting area covers 35,000 hectares (135 square miles). A professionally-staffed shooting range of up to 400 meters is available for sighting-in and target practice. Relaxation in dreamlike ambience: Even those traveling with their families will find that the Sney Rivier Lodge is an ideal travel destination that fulfills the most demanding requirements. The Lodge, a harmonious part of the landscape, offers any and all amenities that contribute to a most relaxing dream vacation

The main house has plenty of seating at which drinks of all kinds are served throughout the day

Outdoor showers are offered in addition to the chalet bathrooms for extra enjoyment of the warm wind and arid climate


PASSION International 01




The watering-hole is illuminated for a few hours after sunset so that game may be observed from the Lodge as well as the chalets

The Lodge can provide modern hunting rifles for those who do not bring their own. Professional hunters stalk with you for oryx, Hartmann’s mountain zebra, springbok, black and blue wildebeest, hartebeest, waterbuck and wart hog. After the hunt, knowledgeable helpers dress the game and prepare the trophies for the taxidermist. To assure the Lodge’s exclusivity, capacity is limited to a maximum of ten guests at a time with no more than four hunters. Non-hunting guests will find every comfort at the Lodge whose remoteness guarantees relaxation in the midst of untouched nature.

Closeness to nature is the concept of the Sney Rivier Lodge. Weaver birds nest in acacia trees by the house and their tireless activity can be observed from the terrace


The hearth fire provides a comfortable and toasty atmosphere during the cooler nights from May through August

Sney Rivier Lodge, Namibia Your advisor: Rainer Schwarz Tel.: (+49) 75 62/914 54-13 or -14





Dachshund Bine (“Beena”) watches attentively over her master’s brace of Blasers. Come too close and you could have a problem, since this four-legged security system is one of the best of its kind. But every system has a weakness and for Bine, it’s her passion for salami. She’ll drop everything – even guarding the latest Blasers – for a slice of the tasty sausage!

Bavarian Mountain Hound Nelly vom Lauterachtal finds a shady refuge from the summer heat. Her owner, Werner Luber of Amberg in Bavaria’s Upper Palatinate, had set down his copy of PASSION 7 on the patio floor moments before the 8-week-old scenthound puppy stumbled onto our popular customer magazine. Reliable sources informed us that Nelly is fascinated by boar in general and cannot ignore any hide that comes her way. Our optimistic editors could come to only one conclusion: The capital hog on the cover must have impressed Nelly so much that she could not take her eyes off of it – until she dozed off for a very important nap!

Christian Hark (left), Regional Export Manager for SAUER, longed to hunt together with his father in Namibia. Neither had ever been to Africa, but in June the dream finally came true. Father and son – and a SAUER 202 Yukon – flew to the Dark Continent and checked into the Bülls Port guest farm. Accompanied by their skilled guide Leo Sauber, only 21 years young, they hunted successfully for kudu, oryx, springbok, Hartmann‘s mountain zebra, warthog, baboon and jackal. Unfortunately it was one of Leo Sauber’s last hunts: He died this August in a tragic traffic accident.

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics invited some sporting journalists to Denmark from July 6-8 to present the new VICTORY HT scopes. We tested the optics under simulated field conditions but, unlike in Germany where we shoot at a “running boar” target, here we shot at a “running moose”. Not only did the shooter hit the 10-ring with his S 303 Synchro XT, photographer Jürgen Hollweg got off a pretty good shot as well!

Not only once but four times hunter’s luck for the freshly-minted hunter Sven Zimmermann, accompanied by Mauser International Sales Manager Björn Friedrich in the Schrecksbach hunting area of German Hessia. Using an M 03 Stalker in 8x57 IS with 196 grain RWS Soft Point and ZEISS Varipoint 2.5-10x50, the Mauser gunmaker bagged not only two young foxes but also his first roebuck. Much to his delight, Sven finished up with his first boar as well, a 24-kg (53-lb.) shoat.





Photos: Michael Eger, SAUER, Mauser, RWS, Werner Luber, Jürgen Hollweg

Gunnar Petrikat, employed by RWS in German domestic sales, accepted an invitation to hunt a June roebuck in the region of Münster. A three- to four-year-old forked buck with large pedicles was selected for him to cull. There was good shooting light and the quarry, as expected, exited a thicket to head for the adjoining wheat cut. Before the buck reached cover, he paused about 80 steps away from Gunnar. The 126-grain RWS Cone Point bullet fired from his 6.5x57 R Blaser tip-down rifle found its mark and brought down the buck after only a short flight into the wheat.


Doctor without Borders

The excitement of finally seeing the desired object. The certainty of taking secure aim even in the deepest twilight. This is the moment we work for.

Christoph vom Hagen, Ph.D. is Chief of Advanced Engineering at Carl Zeiss Sports Optics. He compares his work with that of a chef – PASSION wanted to know why.


Dr. Christoph vom Hagen studied Physics in Heidelberg and wrote his doctoral thesis there and in Vienna. The native Hessian loves to sail, rock climb and travel. He has been a hunter since 2001.

In three sentences, describe your work at ZEISS. My team and I work on developing innovations that will be introduced to the market in three to four years. This is done in close collaboration with our product managers but above all with a strong sensitivity to the market. Only when we know what hunters want do we have any chance of anticipating what will be bought in the future.

Photo: Jürgen Hollweg

If you weren’t a “developer”, what would your passion be? Chef! This is very close to what I actually do: You have ideas and make up your own menu. Only when the dinner guest has had a good meal - a tasty meal - do you know if your idea was any good in the first place. Why did you decide to come to ZEISS? Because ZEISS is the only company anywhere in the world that has such a wide spectrum of know-how in the optical field available to them. I can access a large pool of technologies and no other firm in this market can offer as much. It is much the same with cooking. There is only so much you can do if someone tells you: “Whip me up something with pepper and salt in it!” With ZEISS, I have a multitude of ingredients


and other spices available – creativity without borders! What is the most exciting thing about your job? To experience how ideas and imagination lead to great products. During what part of the day do you get your best inspirations? Hard to say. Many of my ideas come to me when I am not directly thinking about the project, for example, when I am in the shower or out hunting. That’s why I always have a pad with waterproof paper and a pencil hanging in the shower stall or packed away in my rucksack. You must know better than anyone: What does the future hold for scopes and binoculars? Surely the subject of very high light transmission, such as we have introduced into the VICTORY HT line, will play a large role in the future. But there will be other innovations which we will

A successful winter hunt

continually incorporate into our products. ZEISS will always strive, now and in the future, to provide hunters with the optimal tools for the most varied hunting conditions. Does one in your position need to be a hunter? Sure, not to mention it’s a lot of fun testing the new stuff! Also, knowing about the customers and the way the products will be used is enormously important and extremely helpful in their development. Only field testing will tell you whether the hoped-for utility for the end-user actually exists. And that is what it’s about: That the hunter buys a tangible advantage with our products. If I am not completely convinced of this, then I am the first to send it back (to myself!) for another round of development.

/// VICTORY ZeIss. PIOneeR sInCe 1846.

What sort of hunting do you like best? I like shooting from a blind at the edge of the woods where the changing light conditions present a challenge for optical equipment. Night-shooting for boar gets me out of the house: Moonlight, plenty of game and still lots of time for ideas. When the hunt ends with meat for the pot, then even better! What is your favorite ZEISS product? The attractive and powerful VICTORY HT 2.5-10x50 scope with ASV+ and #60 illuminated reticle. The fine illuminated dot is a joy to use. I don’t need any higher magnification than 10x while hunting, and if I need to take a longer shot, then I have the ASV+. On the whole, the VICTORY HT is a great allaround scope. Otherwise, I am really partial to our latest prototypes! I can’t say any more about them except that, in the near future, more is on the way!


VICTORY HT. The brightest optic package from Carl Zeiss. Experience a revolution in hunting optics: The new VICTORY HT range, which uses the unique optical concept with HT lenses from SCHOTT to achieve light transmission levels of up to 95% or more. The VICTORY HT binoculars also impress with their ergonomic Comfort Focus and robust double-link bridge, while the VICTORY HT riflescopes benefit from the world’s finest illuminated dot and the new ASV+ for the very highest precision at long range.


to Succeed

Rifles can only be sold to permit holders. 2012

A new stock design, developed from scratch, leaves your shooting hand and arm completely relaxed in all positions. Thus, you can be sure to meet the most important requirement for constant shooting accuracy.


PASSION - International 01/2012  

The magazine for customers of Blaser, Mauser, Sauer, ZEISS and RWS.