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Benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery Many people suffer from hip pain and aging is a common reason. Accidents, infections, an unhealthy lifestyle and osteoarthritis may also be responsible for this problem. If you are suffering from intense hip pain that keeps you awake at night or affects your normal day to day activities, you should consider undergoing a total hip replacement operation. The following are 5 Major Benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery: 1. Relief from the Symptoms You obtain relief from the symptoms of osteoarthritis with the help of total hip replacement. Many individuals who have undergone this surgery have reported that they are leading a pain free life after operation. They are able to move their hip moderately. Hip replacement surgery involves replacing the damaged, painful parts of the hip with artificial parts, so it is effective in minimizing or eliminating hip pain, when other treatment methods have not worked. 2. Hip Replacement Surgery is Safe There have been several advancements in the techniques that are used in this surgery and the materials used for the implants. Studies show that the chances for complications, re-admissions and re-surfacing are far less than in the past. Hip replacement is now safer and more effective than ever before. 3. Increased Mobility The major benefit of hip replacement is increased mobility. A hip damaged by arthritis or infections may cause intense pain, even with normal activities like walking, or even while sleeping. The surgery can provide you with relief from stiffness and pain, allow more movement in your hip joints, and help you resume normal daily activities. 4. High Success Rate Advancement in replacement techniques and implants has increased the effectiveness of the surgery to a great extent. More than 190,000 hip replacement operations are done in the U.S. every year.

5. Cost Effective Hip replacement surgery is more affordable than long term care for disability.

If you are suffering from chronic hip pain that makes you unable to participate in daily activities, hip replacement surgery can help you obtain relief and improve your hip function. After surgery, you can enjoy walking again and can engage in gentle activities.

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Benefits of Hip Replacement Surgery