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Shoshone Project Game  Design  Document A  Game  Design  Document by Cora  Burchett Devin  Gardner Trent  Griffith Zeph  Fagergren

Table of  Contents ● Game  Overview ○ Title ○ Question ○ Razor ○ Slogan ○ Game  Concept ○ Similar  Titles  /  Competitive  Analysis ○ Scope ○ Premise  /  Story ○ Genre ● Locations  /  Setting ● Endings ○ Win  State ○ Lose  State ○ Game  Over  State ● Characters ○ Backstory ○ Personality ○ Look ○ Abilities ○ Character  Concept ● Objectives ● Items ● Difficulty ● Mechanics ● User  Interface ● Artificial  Intelligence  (AI) ● Art  Style ● Controls ● Target  Hardware ● Development  Kit ● Game  Rating ● Why  This  Game  Will  Be  Fun ● How  This  Game  Will  Meet  Our  Goal

Game Overview Working  Title Enne

Question Can a  game  be  made  that  is  culturally  appropriate,  fun,  and  teaches  the Shoshone  Language  to  anyone  in  the  world  that  wants  to  learn  it?

Razor The creepy  adventure  and  similar  art  style  of  Grendel  and  Henzel  meets  the puzzle-­style,  map  layout  of  the  original  Legend  of  Zelda,  all  while  being exposed  to  Shoshone  culture.

Slogan “Remember, they’re  only  stories....  They’re  only  stories.” Game  Concept The  main  concept  of  the  game  is  to  make  a  culturally  appropriate  game  that teaches  the  Shoshone  Language  to  anyone  in  the  world  that  wants  to  learn  it. Our  game  will  achieve  this  by  having  our  main  character  explore  and experience  a  world  full  of  Shoshone  stories.

Similar Titles  /  Competitive  Analysis Gretel  and  Hansel  because  of  the  creepy  art  style  and  the  decision  making that  determine  your  path  and  events  in  the  game.

Scope This game  will  have  Areas  and  Maps.  Areas  will  hold  a  certain  amount  of Maps.  Every  Map  will  be  around  the  size  of  one  piece  of  paper  to  the  player. The  player  will  travel  through  all  sorts  of  Maps  in  each  Area  and  collect  items to  progress  onto  the  next  Area.

This game  will  consist  of  one  tutorial  area  and  four  other  areas  to  complete the  game.

Premise /  Story A  character  starts  out  in  a  calm  home.  Then  the  journey  begins  when they  leave  the  house  and  ventures  out  to  the  village.  Giant  birds  attack  the village  and  the  character  is  thrust  into  a  world  where  stories  are  reality.  A series  of  button  mashing  releases  the  character  from  the  claw  of  the  beast and  land  in  a  place  of  fear.  The  character  is  affected  by  the  environment  and a  cry  meter  dictates  how  long  the  character  has  to  live  before  the  eventual collapse  of  the  characters  mind  and  an  image  of  the  death  screen  will  occur. Through  this  journey  the  character  runs  into  traditional  characters  such  as water  babies  and  other  creatures.  Through  the  gameplay,  players  will  learn Shoshone  language  and  culture  through  traditional  stories.  The  difficulty increases  as  the  character  gets  closer  and  closer  to  home.  The  trek  is perilous  but  the  character’s  will  to  survive  is  stronger.  The  character  is  scared but  they’re  only  stories...  only  stories.  Aren't  they?

Genre This will  be  a  2D  adventure,  fetch-­quest  type  of  game.

Location /  Setting The  story  will  take  place  in  a  Shoshone  Village  and  our  player  will  be  forced to  travel  to  new  areas.


Endings Win State Each  Area  will  consist  of  items  that  the  player  needs  to  collect  in  their inventory  in  order  to  continue  on  to  the  next  Area.  Once  a  player  moves through  all  the  areas,  they  will  complete  the  game.

Lose State ■ The  main  character  of  the  game  will  have  a  Cry  Meter. ■ The  Cry  Meter  will  have  4  Stages. ■ Each  Cry  Stage  will  show  the  main  character  start  to  be  scared  and

■ ■ ■

cry more  and  more  at  each  stage. Events  in  the  game  will  “scare”  the  main  character  and  bring  the  cry meter  up  a  Cry  Stage. Each  Cry  Stage  will  animate  the  main  character  becoming  more  and more  scared  and  they  will  start  crying  heavier. Each  Cry  Stage  will  show  up  on  the  UI  as  well  in  the  form  of  the  screen getting  fuzzy,  whistles,  and  other  creepy  looking  things  so  the  player can  relate  to  his  or  her  player  feeling  scared. If  the  main  character  gets  to  the  final  Cry  Stage  then,  the  screen  will go  all  dark,  an  image  of  a  skull  will  appear,  and  the  player  will  spawn back  to  the  last  map  they  entered.

Game Over  State The  player  will  never  have  a  situation  where  they  will  have  to  start  a  new game.  In  the  event  they're  cry  meter  does  happen  to  reach  the  4th  Cry  Stage, the  only  event  that  will  happen  is  the  screen  will  go  all  dark,  an  image  of  a skull  will  appear,  and  the  player  will  spawn  back  to  the  last  map  they  entered. No  Game  Over  will  take  place  unless  the  player  finishes  the  game.

Characters Main Character Backstory Lives  with  Grandma  in  a  small  village.  She  has  told  him  stories  of  the happenings  around  the  area  in  the  past.

Personality Nervous, determined,  brave,  adventurous


Tall, spindly,  androgynous,  brown,  long  hair

Abilities Walk, pickup,  interact  with  others

Character Concept


Backstory Coyote is  the  main  character  in  most  Shoshone  stories  and  is  portrayed  as unintentionally  providing  the  silver  lining  in  his  own  mistakes.

Personality Lazy, cunning,  smart,  sneaky,  self  righteous,  tricky,  charming,  manipulative

Look Handsome, skinny,  devious

Abilities Hiding behind  things  and  giving  hints

Character Concept

Grandma (Mukkwip) Backstory Grandma  who  has  many  stories  about  legends  in  the  game,  she  has  retold and  most  likely  experienced  most  of  the  scary  characters  in  the  game.


Stern, caring,  wise.

Look Ancient, long  gray  hair,  small

Abilities Gate keeper  in  first  area.

Character Concept

Village Children Backstory Children  enjoying  playtime  in  village  until  the  birds  attack


Lively and  energetic  before  the  attack  and  terrified  and  frantic  after.

Look Before Attack:  Joyful  and  curious. After  Attack:  Panicked

Abilities Speaking to  main  character  about  the  stories  going  around.  Being  picked  up and  attacked  by  birds.

Character Concept

Huge Blue  Bird Backstory The  huge  bluebirds  need  nourishment  and  seek  that  from  unsuspecting villages  and  wanderers.    They  pick  you  up  and  carry  you  off.

Personality Ravenous

Look Large condor  like  birds  with  fierce  beaks  and  sharp  talons.

Abilities Swoop, pick  up,  carry

Character Concept

Blue Birds Backstory They  prayed  on  villages  full  of  commotion.



Look Fierce and  angular

Abilities Swooping down  and  attacking  villagers

Character Concept

Mountain Men Backstory Mountain  men  use  to  take  care  of  the  animals  in  the  territory  of  their  hidden villages.  They  interfere  with  hunting  and  scare  the  animals  in  the  opposite direction  of  the  hunter.

Personality Protective, determined,  strong  headed,  cunning

Look Short, handsome,  long  haired,  strong

Abilities Scares anyone  who  walks  by

Character Concept

Water Babies Backstory Water  babies  would  lure  unsuspecting  mothers  and  wanderers  towards  the water  by  crying  like  a  baby.

Personality Persistent, hungry,  upset,  smart


Shapeshifters, tend  to  shapeshift  into  babies

Abilities Terror inducing  cries

Lizard Backstory He is  protector  of  the  rocks  and  watcher  of  the  mountain  area  he  lives  in.

Personality Patient, kind,  friendly

Look Dry, grey,  boney

Abilities Tells you  to  pray  with  his  brother  Horned  Toad.

Character Concept

Horned Toad Backstory Protector  and  Medicine  Man  that  helps  people  when  in  need.

Personality Kind, caring,  strong,  patient,  intelligent,  wise

Look Old, grey,  wrinkled  dry  skin

Abilities Gatekeeper and  restores  scare  meter  to  normal

Character Concept

People Praying  at  the  Pow  Wow

Backstory Celebrating the  beginning  of  summer

Personality Joyful and  strong

Look Colorful people  dancing

Abilities Dancing and  singing

Grandma With  Knife Backstory Grandma  has  been  observing  the  pow-­wow  and  keeping  an  eye  on  tRock Monster.

Personality Observant and  intelligent

Look Small, old,  sturdy


Hands knife  to  the  Main  Character

Character Concept

Rock Monster  (Tsoo’apittsih)

Backstory Rock monster  is  a  legend  in  Shoshone  stories,  it  feeds  off  of  humans  and tends  to  be  attracted  to  large  areas  full  of  people,  commotion,  and  crying.

Personality Slow, Stubborn,  and  Hungry

Look Large elephant  skin  creature  with  a  burden  basket  growing  out  of  its  back  full of  pitch.

Abilities Kidnaps, scares,  and  eats  people

Character Concept

Man Standing  With  Fire Backstory Wants  to  cook  a  delicious  meal  with  the  fire  he  has  just  created

Personality Determined, distracted,  and  excited

Look Tall, dark,  long  hair

Abilities Share his  fire  with  you

Character Concept

Cotton Tail Backstory Shot  the  sun  and  fixed  the  way  nature  is  today

Personality Cunning, intelligent,  charming,  bossy

Look Crazy, wild,  brown,  disheveled

Abilities Helps get  past  trees.

Character Concept

Trees Backstory Angry angstful  trees  who  like  to  whomp  people  who  intrude  on  their  territory

Personality Angry

Look Large, Brown,  twisted

Abilities Able to  hit  you  as  you  walk  by  in  gameplay.  They  make  your  scare  meter increase

Character Concept

Items Stick Backstory Grandma’s beating  stick

Location Area 1

Look Looks like  a  small,  beat  up  stick.

Use Used to  confuse  player  with  extra  items

Item Concept

Bag Backstory This bag  was  given  to  you  by  your  mother.  It  contains  all  your  necessities.

Location Area 1

Look Buckskin, brown,  worn

Use To carry  items  you  pick  up  on  your  journeys

Item Concept

Antler Backstory This antler  is  a  family  antler,  grandma  uses  it  to  shape  arrowhead  tips.

Location Area 1

Look An old  antler  that  has  been  around  for  a  long  time

Use This antler  is  grandmas,  It  works  well  for  shaping  arrowhead  tips

Item Concept

Cedar Brush Backstory This  grows  all  over  the  great  basin  area.  Indigenous  to  north  america.

Location Throughout game

Look An old  antler  that  has  been  around  for  a  long  time

Use Used in  pray  areas  to  recover  Cry  Meter

Item Concept

Sage Brush Backstory

This has  a  fragrant  scent.  It  reminds  you  of  home  and  calms  your  spirits

Location Found throughout  the  game,  from  areas  3  to  5

Use To use  in  pray  area  to  bring  down  Cry  Meter

Item Concept

Feather Backstory This feather  is  grandmas  feather  used  for  protection  and  blessings

Location Area 1

Look Straight and  clean

Use Used to  teach  the  player  they  can  possibly  have  the  wrong  items  in  their inventory  when  talking  to  the  Gatekeepers

Item Concept

Pray Map

Backstory Sacred areas  where  people  go  when  need  of  spiritual  enlightenment  and  for good  vibes.

Location Throughout game  in  each  area  there  will  be  one

Look Varies from  area  to  area

Use Use with  cedar  and  sage  to  calm  spirits  and  lower  scare  meter

Fire Backstory Made by  the  “Fire  Man”  for  cooking  delicious  foods

Location Area 4

Look Large and  glowing  hot


Used for  lighting  torch  to  get  past  the  Rock  Monster  (Tsoo’apittsih)

Item Concept

Torch Base Backstory

You’ve obtained  this  once  you  get  the  knife  from  grandma  and  click  on  the tree  in  Area  4

Location Area 4

Look Like a  tree  branch

Use Used to  carry  the  fire  to  kill  the  rock  monster  (Tsoo’apittsih)

Item Concept


Backstory This knife  is  the  grandmas  who  warns  you  about  rock  monster.  She  has many  so  she  doesn't  mind  giving  you  this  one.

Location Area 4

Use Use for  cutting  of  cedar  bark

Item Concept

Cedar Bark Backstory Extremely  flammable,  works  well  as  kindling  and  for  making  a  torch

Location Area 4

Use To attach  to  torch  base

Item Concept

Water Jug

Backstory Water jugs  were  used  by  the  native  people  for  centuries.  When  the  white people  came  the  natives  tried  to  copy  the  shape  of  the  jugs  the  white  man brought  in.

Location Area 5

Look Large Woven  Basket

Use Used to  bring  back  water  for  Cottontail

Item Concept

Waterfall Backstory Waterfall that  runs  clean  from  the  glaciers  in  the  mountains

Location Area 5

Look Blue refreshing

Use Used to  quench  Cottontail’s  thirst

Item Concept


Backstory These are  Cottontail’s  special  gloves  he  lends  you  to  get  him  Hoobee.

Location Area 5

Look Brown and  well  made,  beaded

Use To pick  up  the  hoobee,  strawberry

Item Concept

Cactus Fruit Backstory This  only  is  ripe  in  mid  july,  delicious  and  refreshing.  Cottontail’s  favorite food.

Location Area 5


Slightly reddish  pink,  prickly,  small

Use Used to  bribe  Cottontail  to  calm  the  trees

Item Concept

Objectives The main  objective  of  this  game  is  to  lead  the  main  character  back  to  their  home village  after  being  kidnapped  by  a  giant  blue  bird. To  the  player,  this  means  exploring  multiple  “Areas”  that  contain  a  group  of  “Maps.” These  areas  each  hold  a  Gatekeeper  that  requires  specific  items  to  be  able  to  pass by  and  start  the  next  Area.  If  the  player  can  collect  the  right  items  the  Gatekeeper asks  for,  they  will  be  able  to  venture  forward  to  the  next  “Area”  until  the  last  Map  on the  last  Area  is  reached.  Once  this  happens,  the  player  has  completed  the  game and  the  credits  will  roll.

Difficulty The game  will  progressively  get  more  difficult  as  the  player  moves  through  the game.  To  display  this,  all  of  our  Areas  will  carry  more  Maps  as  the  game  plays through.  Each  Area  will  require  more  items  to  get  past  the  Gatekeeper  and  the items  will  be  harder  to  find.

Mechanics Cry Meter ■ The  Cry  Meter  will  be  the  mechanic  that  affects  your  life  (HP). ■ If  a  player  sees  or  experiences  something  scary,  they  will  see  their Cry  Meter  go  up. ■ The  Cry  Meter  will  have  4  stages. ■ Each  Stage  will  show  the  Main  Character  getting  more  and  more scared.  The  player  will  see  this  by  the  Main  Character  crying  and  the UI  displaying  a  radius  of  clouds  representing  the  player  slowly  getting psychedelic  tunnel  vision. ■ If  the  Cry  Meter  reaches  the  4th  Stage,  then  the  player  will  see  a  death screen  and  be  spawned  to  the  last  Map  they  entered.

Cry Stage  1:  Perfectly  happy,  no  crying. Cry  Stage  2:  A  little  sad,  tears  slowly  pour,  player  shakes  every once  in  awhile.

Cry Stage  3:  Extremely  sad  and  scared.  Player  starts  shaking violently.

Cry Stage  4:  Player  turtles  up  and  the  tunnel  vision  encloses  on the  character

Movement ■ The Player  will  be  able  to  move  the  main  character  directionally  using the  keyboard.

Collecting ■ The Player  will  be  able  to  move  in  a  small  radius  around  an  item  and  a button  indication  will  appear  above  that  item. ■ Once  the  button  indication  appears,  the  player  will  be  able  to  press that  button  to  pick  up  the  item  and  have  it  appear  in  their  empty inventory  slot  ready  to  be  used.

Selecting Answers ■ When  the  Player  comes  within  a  small  radius  of  the  Gatekeeper  in  an Area,  a  dialog  box  will  appear  next  to  that  Gatekeeper  giving  the Player  the  option  to  select  a  correct  answer  out  of  a  multiple  choice list  of  about  four  options. ■  These  multiple  choice  answers  will  be  a  combination  of  items  the player  has  to  collect  in  that  Area. ■ If  the  player  does  not  have  the  items  asked  for  in  any  of  one  of  the answers,  that  answer  will  be  grayed  out  and  unselectable  (even  if  the right  answer  is  highlighted).

User Interface  (UI)

Artificial Intelligence  (AI) The  player  will  be  exploring,  collecting,  and  going  through  puzzles  throughout  the game  at  their  own  will.  The  only  AI  that  will  be  required  is  the non-­playable-­characters  (NPC)  in  the  game  that  will  give  dialog  in  a  text  box  once the  player  enters  a  certain  radius  around  the  NPC.

Art Style

Tim Burton  artwork  meets  the  creepiness  of  Gretel  and  Hansel

Controls This game  will  use  the  traditional  a  keyboard  with  traditional  keyboard  gaming controls.

W =  Forward A    =  Left S  =  Down D  =  Right Space  Bar  =  Select  Indicators

Target Hardware This  game  will  be  developed  for  PC,  MAC,  and  any  other  device  that  can  access our  HTML5  game  built  into  a  website  that  we  will  release  to  the  public.

Development Kit This  game  will  be  built  in  HTML5  using  Game  Maker.

Game Rating This  game  will  be  rated  T  for  Teen.  The  most  extreme  thing  the  player  will experience  in  this  game  is  the  visual  of  the  player  getting  sad  and  crying.  The  death state  only  shows  a  Skull  indicating  a  death  state  but  the  player  never  sees  anything violent  happen  to  indicate  death.

Why This  Game  Will  Be  Fun This  game  will  be  fun  because  of  all  the  exploration,  collecting,  puzzles,  and narrative  this  game  will  offer.  Players  will  not  only  play  a  fun  game,  but  they  will  be

able to  hear  and  interact  in  the  Shoshone  language  during  the  game.

How This  Game  Will  Meet  Our  Goals The  main  focus  around  this  game  is  to  help  save  and  preserve  the  Shoshone  culture and  language.  Because  of  this,  we  have  spent  a  lot  of  time  designing  our  game around  this  concept.  Our  game  will  have  audio  the  entire  game  that  speaks  in Shoshone,  which  the  player  will  constantly  hear  and  interact  with.  The  player  will  be immersed  in  the  artwork  and  environment  that  Students  with  Shoshone backgrounds  have  created.  This  game  is  designed  so  that  anyone  can  play, Shoshone  background  or  not,  and  learn  about  the  Shoshone  language  and  stories while  simultaneously  having  fun.

The Enee Game - Game Design Document  
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