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Turning waste heat into energy

While•helping•solve•the•environmental•puzzle While helping solve the environmental puzzle ADVANCED ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES

Developer of Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Technology

Power Generation From Green Heat Energy Sustainability: Installing energy efficient equipment is very important, but retaining that efficiency in a sustainable way is a complete‐ ly different matter. Conventional ORC systems that rely on oil for lubrication drop off in efficiency over time as oil con‐ taminates  the  heat  transfer  surface,  and  when  this  hap‐ pens, the efficiency drops off. Verdicorp’s  oil‐free  technology  redefines  sustainability,  as there  is  no  oil  present  to  cause  this  drop  off  in  efficiency, and  the  system  continues  to  maintain  its  high  efficiency year after year .

Air Cooled ORC Units 20 to 180 kWe Verdicorp’s Turbo Expander: The Verdicorp range of ORC systems are based on the well proven  Turbocor  oil‐free  compressor  technolo‐ gy. There are now over 30,000 machines operating throughout the world, so the products are based on a well proven, highly efficient platform of technologies. Verdicorp produces a range of expanders ranging from a gross output of 20kWe up to 115kWe, and because of their oil-free nature can be safely coupled together to operate to much larger capacities.

High Performance: The Verdicorp range of expanders, operating from what would normally be considered waste heat, have a very high efficiency,  and  when  coupled  to  engines,  can  deliver efficiency gains to a system of as much as 25%. The performance will vary throughout the seasons, and the overall output will increase throughout the winter period,  due  to  the  drop  off  in  ambient  temperature. Take advantage of this renewable energy technology, by turning your waste heat into useful energy.

Developer of Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Technology

A modular approach: The Verdicorp ORC’s come in a variety of options, these range from air-cooled models (20 to 180kWe net output), watercooled—open loop (20 to 310kWe net output), water-cooled— closed loop—modular  configuration  (20  to  575kWe  net  output) and condenser-less modules, ranging from 20kWe to over 3.0MWe net output). The maximum size available is limited by your imagination.

Water Cooled ORC 20 to 310 kWe

Each unit has been designed with a modular approach, so there is flexibility to  match  an  installation  to  your  own  particular  site  re‐ quirements, and this allows for lower installation and site prepara‐ tion costs, reducing the overall cost per kilowatt.

A variety of heat sources: Heat sources can come from a multitude of sources - these may vary from solar concentrators, bio-mass, waste engine  heat,  manufacturing  processes,  geo‐ thermal or waste steam. Although the ORC does not create thermal energy directly, it is used to convert heat from other sources into electrical power. Verdicorp prides itself in  offering  very  advanced  technology  at  competitive prices, and is able to adapt its design to suite the various available heat sources.

Water-Cooled Modules 20kWe to 3.0MWe

Condenser-less Modules 20—105kWe Modules

Waste energy reduction: The need for renewable energy is universal, and Verdicorp is com‐ mitted to creating competitive solutions to meet this growing demand. Having developed the technologies involved, it fully understands how to maximize their potential in solving the renewable energy puzzle.  This  opportunity  allows  both  investors  and  manufactur‐ ers  to  take  advantage  of  what  will  become  a  huge  business  op‐ portunity. In most cases, waste heat is invisible, however as energy costs continue to rise, and regulations become tighter, it is important to consider where all of your energy is going, especially the wast‐ ed energy.

Developer of Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly Technology

Frictionless Technology The energy puzzle: Renewable power generation is the key piece of the puzzle that had to be solved in order for countries around the world to get off the  energy  addiction  that  the  current  modern  society  has become accustomed to. In order to meet the challenge, Verdicorp has developed a revo‐ lutionary  power  generation  system  that  will  help  break  this  ad‐ diction.  It  is  an  oil‐free,  highly  efficient  Organic  Rankine  Cycle system, which converts a low grade heat source and turns it into electrical energy.

A variety of heat sources: These systems  can  be  configured  in  either  stand  alone,  mobile  or  modular configurations.  Being  factory  built,  these  units  are  fully  constructed  and tested in a controlled environment, thus increasing quality and system integ‐ rity, while at the same time being manufactured at the lowest possible cost. The Verdicorp ORC system has been designed to operate from heat sources such as bio-gas, solar thermal, geothermal, bio-mass, and industrial waste heat streams.


Organic Rankine Cycle Systems can best be described as a chiller running backwards, instead of using electrical energy to produce cooling, this system takes heat from a low grade heat source and turns it into economical electrical energy. (400/480V-50/60Hz.). This power is then phase matched to meet the local electrical grids requirements.

Technology Platform:

This technology platform has been recognized throughout the world as leading edge, and has led to some very significant awards being presented, these being the 2003 ASHRAE (AHR) Innovation Award for Energy, the 2004 EPA’s “Climate Protection Award”, the 2005 Natural Resource Canada Inno‐ vation Award for Energy, the 2007, Frost and Sullivan Award for Innovation, the 2008 Institute of Refrigeration – J&E Hall Gold Medal (London) for “Innovation, Application and Advancement of Refrigeration", and the 2009 James Harrison Medal, the most distinguished award presented by the Aus‐ tralian Institute of Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, and Heating (AIRAH).

The turbo  generators  operate  at  high  efficiency,  with  synchro‐ nous frictionless high speed generators running on magnetic bearings. The systems integrated power electronics have been designed to deliver grid compatible power. These generators are able to be coupled together in an Organic Rankine Cycle System in tandem without the disadvantage of oil and all of its complications, maintenance becomes a breeze. The ORC operates on the environmentally friendly fluid, R245FA

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ASHRAE AHR 2003 Environmental Protection Agency Natural Resource Canada Frost and Sullivan Award Institute of Refrigeration (London) AIRAH Australia 2003 Innovation Award—Energy 2004 Climate Protection Award 2005 Energy Innovation Award 2006 Technology Leadership Award 2007 J&E Hall Gold Medal 2009 James Harrison Award


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