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Experience the thrill of adventures in Solomon Stepping into the awe-inspiring Solomon Island for an enthralling adventure will surely leave you with a unique and rewarding experience. With over thousands of islands, the Solomon is an eco-friendly archipelago that grabs the attention and interest of lots of tourists from around the world. It is certainly one of the few unspoilt travel destinations for the tourists who are seeking real fun and adventure. The place is a famous tourist destination among the adventure enthusiasts. It gives them a chance to experience various adventure activities such as trekking, visiting remote villages, birding, etc. that can be undertaken within the land area of the island. Further, it is also acknowledged for offering exciting water adventure sports that include fishing, sea kayaking, surfing and diving. If you are traveling to this exotic holiday destination for the very first time and want to enjoy each and every adventure activity, then book your accommodation at the King Solomon Hotel in Honiara. Apart from excellent accommodation, this hotel also offers some of the exclusive adventure tour packages to its guests. Some of the amazing adventure activities that you can undertake during your visit to the Solomon Islands are as follows: Scuba Diving The Solomon offers an ultimate scuba diving experience to the travelers. It has some of the world’s famous diving spots that are highly suitable for both the beginners as well as the trained or professional divers. Every year, many divers from the various geographical locations of the world visit this place to take pleasure of scuba diving in Solomon Islands and explore the stunning underwater ecosystem and wonderful marine life. Diving in this beautiful island provides an amazing experience for them who are crazy for this wonderful activity. Fishing: This tourist destination is also famous among the individuals who love fishing. You can easily spot a wide variety of sharks, fishes, manta rays, whale’s dugongs’ dolphins, etc. and enjoy fishing over the seashore. It is one of the commercial activities for the locals accommodating in the islands of the Solomon. You can witness several Trevally species, Green Jobfish, Skipjack, Spanish Mackerel, Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, Dogtooth tuna, Rainbow Runner and many other variety of fishes. Bird Watching The Solomon Island offers an oceanic, rainforest and coastal habitat to different species of birds. You can see many rare bird species left on the earth in this heavenly place. The place is an ideal location for the bird lovers and wildlife photographers. It allows them to capture some of the rare found birds.

Surfing Visiting the Solomon is a great idea for those who want to surf in a less crowded place. With clean and warm water, safe and sound reef breaks and even distend, this chain of islands offers a perfect holiday to the surfers. If you are interested in surfing, then you can get exclusive surfing packages from your hotel or resorts and experience surfing in some of the most remote waves in the world while enjoying unforgettable lifetime memories. Sea Kayaking Sea Kayaking is another adventurous water sport that can add to your fun and excitement. Marovo Lagoon is the longest salt water lagoon in the world. You can enjoy sea kayaking in the beautiful islands of the Solomon under the supervision of experts. This adventurous water sport is favorable for both the experts as well as the beginners. Apart from enjoying all the above mentioned adventure activities, you can also take pleasure of camping and resting on the white sand alongside on the isolated abandoned islands of the Solomon. You can capture some great moments and astonishing views of the exotic beaches enclosed by swaying coconut palms. Take a holiday tour to the scattered islands of the Solomon and experience the fun and adventure that you have never experienced before.

Experience the thrill of adventure in solomon