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AGENDA THE TEN COMMANDMENTS Call me Have you noticed? It’s everywhere! The Samsung Omnia phone, that is. With a marketing budget that screams “What credit crunch?”, posters have appeared en masse across town. But is it any good? We’ve tried it, and despite initial reservations (ie, it wasn’t by Apple) have been won over. The five megapixel camera beats the iPhone’s minute two megapixel offering, and e-mail-onthe-go BlackBerry fans will love the fact it’s Windows Microsoft compatible (although which saddo would use a phone to work on Powerpoint?). It’s like owning a micro-computer – scary, if only because you soon forget how to survive without it. Free on £30-£35 contracts on every network except 3.

November’s Deity is YBA artist Sam Taylor-Wood, who, with the help of Electro gods on high, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, is planning to make an assault on the UK hit parade with the single I’m In Love With A German Film Star. We adore thee.

01You shall have no other dogs. 02 You shall not 03 You shall

make for yourself a Pop idol.

not make wrongful use of the name of your God, coz he will be angry.


Remember the Grazia and keep it holy.

05 Honour your best 06 You shall not


murder your cat when it pisses

07 You shall not

on the carpet.

commit adultery, as it’s very naughty.

08 You shall not steal YSL or Laboutin shoes. 09 You shall not wear a false beard with your neighbour. 10 You shall not covet your neighbour’s knicker collection. I’m In Love With A German Film Star is out on Kompakt from Oct 20th.


They all come out at night… as new historical-cum-photomontage Club Kids: From Speakeasies to Boombox and Beyond documents. Travelling back in time, this new book, edited by Raven Smith, chronicles clubbing’s day-glo, outrageous moments, from the first discothèques created in 1910s London (like the 50/50, named in honour of Ivor Novello’s “fluid” sexuality) to our very own gay bin-bag-glitter-car-crash-stars such as Scottee (see p 15) and Jodie Harsh. Out now published by Black Dog Publishing, £19.95



GT Ten Commandments - Sam Taylor Wood  

Another example of the Ten Commandments column I created for GT Magazine's Agenda section.

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