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Zeeshan Hakkim

Industrial Design portfolio 2015 -16


Projector 2.0 Individual - 4 weeks Productivity tool


Individual project - 3 weeks Physiotherapy brace


Team Project - 14 weeks Water purifier / dispenser

Evo Attac

Individual project - 4 weeks Football cleat

Other projects Masterclasses Short projects Sketches


Projector 2.0

To enhance the efficiency of today’s creative workspaces.

Individual project

What is our workspace ?

To try and look at what surrounds us at its worst. To try and see where the clutter begins and how it ends and to whom it belongs to.

The story from a scenario.

Understanding the everyday of not just one user but also the interactions with another for what and with what.


01 Hub of all Connect. Share. Communicate.


02 Workspace on the go Essentials. Portable. Cloud storage.


03 Visual clarity Clean. Expressive. Say no to clutter.

A wider viewfield

Collective video conferencing with the wide angle lens to capture all the participants.

Project what you want Project in your environment. Create your workspace wherever you go. Reduce the need for printing.

Capture your information Scan your required documents as you create them.

Everybody gets a remote.

Easier sharing and more efficient presentations.

A4 configuration.

A portable story. A workspace on the go with integrated data storage and cloud connectivity.

Detect and recognize Selective noise cancellation. The ability to recognize voices with specificity for filtered and uninterrupted conversations.


Individual project

Construkt To enhance the patient - doctor experience in the field of physiotherapy .




Today’s problems

There are too many steps that need to be taken and over a long period of time.


Lack of motivation

There is no confirmation of improvement apart from what they hear and say. The need dies off.

Bespoke construction Tomorrow’s solution

To create tailor made solutions for the best results over the quickest time.

3D Printing

Holistic answer Can evolve with the user as the need arises or changes.

Sketch exploration


Construkt is a 3D printed backbrace that is made out of a pseudo - elastic material that evolves over time. An evolving solution for an evolving user.



Scan your body.

Configure your 3D print.

Scan your body to find your area of problem to pinpoint a digitally generated solution.

Digital generation of the bespoke configuration of your back brace for a better and more ergonomic soltion.



Use and analyze.

Rebuild and re-inforce

The product evolves to showcase where, what and how it is going wrong or right for you. To answer the question “Am I getting any better?�

3D print over the existing or evolved frame to get a better stage 2. A more modulated evolutive solution.

1:1 Prototype

Prototype made out of laser cut ABS plastic and memory foam stitched over microfibred fabirc.


Team project

Whirlpool To enhance the experience of drinking water for the indian homes by 2020. Role in Project: Creative lead In charge of process Bridge of exchange with the client.

People matter. People are the main pillars of a family. The brand believes in bringing people together with their products.


Moments matter. People come together to create moments. Moments that can be cherished alongside your loved ones.

Powerful The birth and foundation of existence itself. Untameable. Force. Infinite. Vast. Foundation.

Playful Friendly. Impressionable. Memorable. Sensorial. An element that has many a stories around it.

Diverse universe

To take into consideration habits from all over the world. People had specific relationships depending on a universal usage.

The Product POV

The understanding of the relationship between the different kinds of products,its users and their interactions. All under one umbrella.


Purifier Plus


Sustainable Solution


Consumption Companion


Ultimate Portability

8 concept stories


Social Unity


Precious Ritual


Architecture Exploration


Whirlpool Living



A story of tradition and time



Bring people together. A social take.



Change the perception. Discover the new.

An identity

Develop a brand identity with a logo type and a design language . For the present and the future of Whirlpool and water.

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Water On one side we have a story that speaks of water and its beauty amplified.

Something else One the other side we have the added value. The story that capitalizes on the versatality of water. To challenge the perception of this dull, boring and transparent element.

3 states

The co - existence of the three states of water. To drink as normal water, to consume as snow/ice and vapour that is liberated from within body itself.

Your refreshing environment

An aura of vapour is spread around an area of 6 metres giving the family a feeling of freshness that vitalizes them.

Tangible interactions Interactions that give your desired state of water a new dimension. A sense of what is to come.

Fill as you please

A portable container to fill and fix with ease. The plastic body and the rubber holding gives the user the right amount of grip to carry 6 litres of water that they can fill at their convenience.

Two stories

Two stories to bring a new dimension to drinking water. A flavour stick and a flvour book.

Flavour sticks

The flavour stick integrates a flavour that can be grated into water and be diffused with ease. The user can create a collection of their own by calling for flavours from the brand online or in person.

Flavour books The flavour book consists of various chapters of flavoured mache that can be used as a stirrer to infuse the desired taste. The books are designed stories can be kept as a token of the flavours explored and experienced.

The pack

Compact and minimal packaging for saving shipping space. Fits around 45 units per truck ( approximately )

Inspired by Balmuda.


Puma HQ


Internship at the headquarters of Puma in Herzogenaurach, Germany for 6 months in the Teamsport department.

Experience Created, assisted and developed over 160 products. Was able to perform as a part of an international team as well as individual projects. Took part in workshops and undertook research projects for branding/material etc.

Learning My role as an intern required me to jump between various projects at frequent intervals . I was able to understand footwear design from a manufacturing perspective. The journey of a sketch to the design getting onto the shelf of a store.

Fabien Ghiotti

Team Head Teamsport Design Footwear and Equipment

“ On top of being a very skilled and promising creative talent, Zeeshan also has a constant positive mood to share, and that is very appreciable. From a cultural standpoint, it has been particularly enriching for the whole team to exchange with him about our respective origins, traditions, visions, coming from various horizons. Zeeshan represent a great added value to a creative team, both from a professional as well as personal perspective. It has been a great pleasure to have him on board, and everyone is looking forward hearing from him in the future. “

Arnaud Redon

Senior footwear design - Teamsport “ Zeeshan is a skilled aspiring designer. As long as he keeps his open minded behavior, curiousity about what is happening inside and outside the design industry he is working for, he will develop his skills and become a successful designer. No doubt he will fit in any design team, as he has a natural social personality. “


Evo Attac

Individual project

Design the new superlative for football for PUMA.

The origin of the story

Does Puma have an answer to market of the knitted universe ? Can Puma turn the table on these supergiants who have been chasing them and have always been ahead in the last decade?

Material is the answer

The only way to get ahead of the game is to use the new generation technology for creating a new material entrant amongst the brand’s innovations.

The 9 ’ foot sketch experiment Ideas based on details, material expertise stud configuration, user feedbacks were put ahead of its counterparts.

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Foam last

Vaccum foaming

Clay model

3D Wireframe


Mockups were made following factory procedures. The last came first followed by vaccum foaming to create a platform of experiments and clay was used to confirm the volumes and then the 3d model was built.

The material story The forefoot is made out of the signature oneway stretchable microfibre universe combined with the new proposed knit tech for a second skin like fit.

Energy disippation The patterns enhance the touch of the player with better energy transfer and energy disppation to give the extra boost to control, accuracy and the kick.

Better foot lockdown.

The new proposed Accufoam technology for a better foot lockdown to ensure the foot is seated even during the most rapid charges and bursts of motion.

A combination of geometry The outsole is based on similar geometry that is inspired from the upper to speak of a better language. The diamond studs for cutting through, the circular studs for better balance and the miniature studs for more friction.

Best of both universes.

The concept is an offspring taking the best of the best of the existing silos of Puma.

Other projects in a nut shell

Masterclasses Short projects Sketches

Wireframe exploration The story of the concept from start was explored over wireframes to ensure all possibilites of user interaction.

The design trail Have a look at how your contacts have travelled over the years in the field of design. Connect and discover places and people at your fingertips.

Future bespoke

The theme of the project was based on using techonolgy from the future to create an enhanced and tailor made experience throughout the story of the design.

The digital river A continuos flow of information that runs throughout the interior that keeps the user informed and updated. Tailor made accessories like the whiskey rack are adorned at the lushious rear seats.

Straightforward and less

A product that is clear in terms of communication, functionality and usage. A combination of only the neccessities.

Wired half

A base for storing and charging the dryer simultaneously.

Wireless half

The freedom of a wireless product that you can carry and use as you move.

Conductive base

A new architecture

A vertical archetype for a more easy and intuitive usage. A new ergonomical take that challenges the existing product architectures.

Less Space. Less Clutter.

The charging base gives the product a designated, respected and compact form of storage and usage.

Customize and set

A capactive touch dial helps you to choose between different modes of hot and cold and set modes to your convenience.


Sketches on both analog and digital platforms. Footwear has always been a platform of discovery and experimentation.

Zeeshan Hakkim

Thank you for your time. Feel free to contact me. +91 814 975 6694 Skype : zeeshan.ali.hakkim

Zeeshan Hakkim Industrial Design Portfolio 2015-16  

This is a compilation of some of my works over my 5 years of education in Industrial Design in DSK ISD, Rubika.

Zeeshan Hakkim Industrial Design Portfolio 2015-16  

This is a compilation of some of my works over my 5 years of education in Industrial Design in DSK ISD, Rubika.