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2008 Elevations Inc.

The Investment Opportunity Our unique investment opportunity allows investors to participate in the profit sharing of this landmark development. Earn up to 25% ROI in 12 to 18 months. It is completely RRSP eligible. The investment vehicle is administered by Axcess Capital Partners via a Mortgage Investment Corporation (M.I.C.) The Development Permit has been approved and we are in the process of obtaining our building permit. We are looking for equity partners to invest $10,000,000 to cover cost of land, marketing and soft costs. Our deadline is April 15th, 2008 to reach this goal.

The Experience Elevations Resort is about providing “affordable luxury.” The absolute best ROI for the discerning investor and the most luxurious resort for the recreational user. The ultimate in elevated experiences. Over the next 2 years, one of the area’s most stunning resorts will be built in Harvie Heights. It will be a resort like no other in the area. Its architecture will be singular. Its service will be superb and is amenities will be geared towards great experiences. Within this playground people will retreat and explore, they will interact and experience memorable family vacations. Reconnect with their friends and make new ones. They will enjoy all of the area amenities and share treasured memories for the years to come in their resort home at Elevations.

The Product 48 Luxury Condominiums in the Main Lodge and 56 Luxury Town homes (104 in total) Units range from 400 up to 1800 sq. ft. Amenities • 27,000 sq.ft. of spectacular private aquatic and recreation facilities including: • 2 indoor pools • Hot Tub Facilities • European Spa • Mini Theatre • Business Centre • Meeting Rooms • Rooftop Social Dining • Children’s Playground • Outdoor Waterfront Oasis • Billiard Room • Workout Facility • Unique Tapas/Mercado Cappuccino Bar and Variety Store • Full Service Concierge • Pre-stock fridge with gourmet goodies • Pre-book services for the week Unit Comes Appointed with: • The Finest in Luxury Designer Furnishings • Gourmet Kitchens with oversized Granite Island and Granite Countertops • Luxury Appliances and Lavish Cabinetry • Top of the line Hardwood Flooring • Spa-like Bathroom Facilities (Including 2 rain shower heads and steam shower capabilities in the Master.) • Elegant Furnishings • LCD Screens with state of the art sound and wireless capabilities throughout

“A Landmark in the Making” Canmore-Harvie Heights will never be the same.

Private Aquatic and Recreation Centre Elevations presents Canmore’s first Aquatic and Recreation Centre, boasting 27,000 sq. ft. of indoor activities. This one of a kind recreational centre will also offer a rooftop entertainment area featuring an exotic Mercato Tapas bar, cocktail bar, hot tub facilities and social dining area for private parties.

World Class Amenities Like No Other Discover an Oasis in the mountains with Canmore’s first “waterfront villas”. Relax or entertain at the outdoor meeting area. Play in a natural stone grotto pool. Take in a movie at the mini-theatre. Work out on a treadmill with a view of the mountains, or do a little work at the Business Centre. Elevations takes relaxation and luxury to the next level.

Environmentally Minded Architecture Elevations strives to respect the beauty that Canmore has to offer. Through its one of kind architectural design, Elevations will feature the area’s first ever “stone grass road.” This and other exciting and environmentally minded features will heighten the experience of its owners.

Existing Site View Site Address 1100 Harvie Heights Road Harvie Heights, AB (Canmore) North side of Trans Canada Highway (Hwy. 1)

South Facing View

West Side of Property

North Facing View

East Side of Property

The Location

Site Address 1100 Harvie Heights Road Harvie Heights, AB (Canmore) North side of Trans Canada Highway (Hwy. 1) 10 minute drive from downtown Canmore.





$16,422 New Concrete Foundation



Sidewalks/Concrete Steps/Asphalt











Windows & Doors



Stairs - Internal



Stairs - External



Deck Materials (Timber Stained)





Roofing Metal - (Pitched)



Soffit/Fascia/Evesdrops Stucco/Parging

$1894 $962

$197,000 $100,000

Stone Details



Fireplaces - Stone Work



Exterior Railing for Steps





$6,971 $3,000

$725,000 $312,000







Interior Paint/Stain/Vinyl




$4,471 $10,971

$465,000 $1,141,000

Materials (Pine Doors, Vanities & Murphy Beds









Spindles Installed










ELECTRICAL Electrical - Basic Light Fixturess/Interior/Exterior/Street MECHANICAL Heating/ In Slab/Plumbing DRYWALL/INSULATION Drywall Insulation PAINTING










Hardwood Flooring







Small Equipment Rental





Garbage Removal Safety

$337 $144

$35,000 $15,000

Power/Gas Bill






Card Access System



Phone System Contingency Superintendant

$1000 $1000 $769

$104,000 $104,000 $80,000

Construction Seasonal Adjustment Insurance - Construction

$1442 $1,000

$150,000 $104,000

Workers Compensation

$1,000 $7750

$104,000 $806,000








Offsite Levy










$1,200,000 $24,014,214











TOTAL PROJECTIONS (94,450 sq ft @ $750 / sq. ft.)






The Board of Directors Theodore Muran Theodore has established himself as the youngest and most revolutionary third generation developer today, carrying on a successful family tradition of development. The tradition began in Canmore that hailed 2 landmark resorts. Quality Resort Chateau Canmore was developed and built while Canmore was still a sleepy coal mining town. Banff Gate Mountain Lodge and Spa also set new standards for recreational property in Harvie Heights. Now, Elevations, the newest and most innovative development, is setting the highest standards for 5 star destination resort development in the surrounding areas of Canmore-Harvie Heights. As a visionary in modern design, Theodore is the first developer to bring 27,000 sq.ft. of the most sought after amenities for investors and recreational owners to Canmore. Theodore’s foresight is instrumental in the “Elevation” of Harvie Heights forever.

Michael Brake 5 Star Global Management Inc.

Michael Brake represents Five Star Global Management. With over 15 years of experience, Michael has a proven track record in the successful management of boutique hotels and elite recreational facilities. As Vice President for Quality Assurance of Choice Hotels Canada, and a member of the Board for the Greater Toronto Hotel Association, Michael Brake spearheaded the implementation of management practices that inspired his clients: Delta Hotels, Sheraton Corp.,Four Seasons and Choice Hotels.

Murray Smith LLP W. Murray Smith Law

A veteran of real estate law, Murray Smith’s practice spans over 40 years in Calgary, Alberta. A member on several condo associations in Calgary, he is well respected and renowned in the Alberta marketplace. Murray Smith has been involved in a number of landmarks built in Canmore. He brings his knowledge and expertise into directorship of Elevations.

Stavro Melathopoulos Registered Architect Stavro Melathopoulos Architect Ltd.

Renowned architectural guru Stavro Melathopoulos founded his boutique firm in 1968. Since inception, his firm has enjoyed successful growth in Alberta and British Columbia, specializing in mountain resort developments and luxury recreational property. As an architect with artistic foresight, his developments are one of a kind genuine landmarks. Stavro has an excellent track record for delivering projects that are completed on time, within budget and highly functional and unique in design.

The Developer

Elevations Inc. Elevations Inc. is committed to the development of elite architecture and amenities worldwide. Allowing people to retreat, explore and reconnect with their friends and loved ones, their mission is demonstrated in the creation of a concept that provides the highest ROI for investors and highest level of luxury and recreational amenities for owners. Its called “affordable luxury”. A concept that is so revolutionary that before now it was inconceivable. Through these landmark developments worldwide, Elevations Inc. will gain prominence for its successful execution of luxury boutique developments in key resort destinations. Strategic site selection, innovative design and quality construction are paramount to the values of Elevations Inc. projects. Exceeding the expectation of its owners. Elevations Inc. provides an invaluable ROI, striving for both luxury and affordability that is lasting and the first of it’s kind in the marketplace.

Architecture Firm

Notable Projects:

Stavro Melathopolos Architect Ltd.

Elevations Resort Harvie, Heights, AB

Well respected in the architecture community, Stavro is hailed as an “Artist of Structural Design” boasting abstract structural works of art to his portfolio of architectural success. During the past thirty-four years Stavro Melathopoulos has maintained strong affiliations with various architectural organizations including:

Columbia Eagle Resort, Fairmont, B.C. Westridge Country Inn Canmore, AB Cornerstone Lodge Fernie, B.C. Lizard Creek Lodge & Hotel Fernie, B.C. Chateau Edmonton Edmonton, AB Smuggler's Inn Calgary, AB

The Alberta Association of Architects The British Columbia Association of Architects The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada A boutique firm, Stavro Melathopoulos Architect Ltd. is made up of the top professional architects and architectural technologists all dedicated to delivering projects which meet their clients objectives and constraints in both budget and development time frames. As an artist in true form and professional architect, Stavro has designed a true “landmark in the making” with Elevations Resort.

Property Management

Notable Clients:

Five Star Global Management

Elevations Harvie Heights, AB

Five Star Global Management is involved in the operation and management of luxury resorts. It is committed to offering unique experiences for the owners of each property they manage with the utmost care and thoughtfulness.

Choice Hotels Toronto, ON Delta Hotels Toronto, ON Sheraton Corp. Toronto, ON Four Seasons Toronto, ON

Five Star Global Management takes care of every detail, from concierge services to suite rentals. Assisting owners and investors in the management and maintenance of their real estate investments. Owners are confident that their property is well maintained and utilized to the discerning public for a valuable ROI. Five Star Global Management believes that their personal and corporate values must be aligned. They stay close to their core values of service to others, respect and honesty, which guide their operations within the team and stakeholders.

Five Star Global Management creates exceptional resort experiences. It prides itself on its consisten nature in helping their guests explore their destination, a genuine commitment to service, and their passion for excellence.

Investment Bankers

Notable Projects:

Axcess Capital Partners Inc.

Elevations Resort Harvie Heights, AB

Axcess Capital Partners Inc. is an investment banking firm that specializes in the investment, syndication and brokerage of real estate for 5 star recreational properties throughout Western Canada.

Windermere Recreation Park Windermere, B.C. Chateau Canmore Canmore, AB Irvine’s Landing Resort Pender Harbour, B.C. Half Moon Lake Resort County of Strathcona, AB Westwind Estates Lac Ste. Anne County, AB

Axcess Capital Partners is committed to product excellence, investment security, and quality service. ACP draws on years of experience in the financial services industry and understands the need for investors, the value of their ROI and how to exceed their client’s expectations.

The Law Firm

Hansma and Bristow

Hansma & Bristow

The boutique firm of Hansma and Bristow was founded in 1985. They specialize in real estate and commercial law in Calgary, Alberta. Hansma & Bristow is a well respected practice, superseding others through their expertise in real estate. They have been specially retained for the “Elevations� project as they are both knowledgeable and experienced in the development of recreational real estate. They currently represent over 300 corporations and have completed over 15,000 real estate transactions to date.

Marketing Company

Notable Projects:

Evolve - Resort Destination Marketing

Elevations Resort Harvie Heights, AB

Evolve is a full spectrum sales and marketing organization focused on the creation, sales and marketing of luxury resort developments worldwide. They work with visionary developers to create remarkable resorts and recreational communities that offer genuine and lasting value.

Sweet Water Resort, Lake Koocanusa, AB Lake Newell Resort Brooks, AB


Evolve is a powerhouse in the real estate arena with a strong track record for results, providing clients with an ROI that is both cost effective and time efficient. Evolve continually strives to raise the bar of each one of their projects. Through their innovative and out-of-the-box marketing strategies, they consistently outsell and out-think their competition.


Investors Package

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