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The Escape Written by: Zeena Hattab

“The secrets are yours to revile and uncover” Zeena Hattab

“Wow, magnificent, you can picture everything in your head!” Lea Shakaroun

“Amazing, book cant stop reading it over again” Maya Al Sabi

“This story lets a person think about what will happen next! Spectacular”Maha Dwekat


Zeena Hattab

I would be lying if I told you today started out as a ‘normal’ day, but really what is ‘normal?’ It was just a ‘normal’ storm at first but then weird things started happening, which I don’t quite know how to explain. But it seems to me this was all written in the stars. My name is Zac, my freckles are very noticeable, and you can tell it was me from any distance. I have blonde hair almost as bright as the sun and my blue eyes camouflaged with the ocean, most people would say I was attractive, but I never really cared about such non-sense. All I cared about were the books on my shelf, reading around three books a day was like a hobby to me. Everyone at school wanted to be my friend, but my real best friend was my English teacher. I know that might sound like I’m a real loner but he inspired me by the poetic words he would say, and most of all he was the only person who understood me. After every lesson he would whisper the same thing to me “You’re going to make it” with a silly joke after it like “Not like me!” but I knew someday he would definitely make it because he was truly amazing. As you might have realized I wanted to be a writer ever since I was just a little boy. The crazy, confusing and amazing adventure all started that very night that I came home from my late tutoring class with Mr. Perkins my English teacher. I saw an invitation on the ground; I picked it up not knowing that, that piece of yellow paper would change my life. It was an invitation to the last senior party, I wouldn’t ‘normally’ go, but I made an exception since it was the last event of the year. It was on a yacht not a good place for a party when there is a storm. With the amount of people that just don’t like to use their brains in my school, I don’t even need to guess twice who picked that location. I grabbed my jeans and drove my car to the pier. When I reached two men where standing like statues on the entrance of the yacht, they where wearing black clothing and sunglasses, however, this seemed odd since the event was at night. They


The Escape

asked for my name, than glanced at a long list of names from my high school, shortly after they opened the red velvet rope. I sat down on a chair in the far end of the yacht the boat was packed with so many people, and there was a strong smell of cheap alcohol in the air. Not a very good way to start the evening. The boat instantly let out a loud and disturbing honk and started to move, I slightly slipped off my seat and got back up again. Little did I know the boat was going to face some strong winds and waves, my head started making illusions and I started seeing things upside down, the noise was way too loud, I was completely and utterly claustrophobic and seasick. With a blink my head touched the water, I slightly opened my blue eyes inside the salt filled sea and witnessed my classmates drowning. I heard echoes from the deep blue sea, noises that one can’t bare or describe. It was awful. I woke up the next morning surrounded by sand, I rubbed the sand off my pale face and got up slowly, I started looking around, it was a land filled with sand and a beautiful sea in front of me, I glanced over a crowd of people and saw a lady sitting on a high lifeguard chair made of brown shiny sticks. She looked like the only civilized person their, I ran to her and I didn’t know what to say, without me being fully aware “Hi” came out of my dark red lips, before she responded to my awkward greeting, I suddenly saw her swish past me, he shoulder slightly touched my elbow, she smelt like flowers in spring. I turned around to see her jump into the dark blue sea and held an innocent little boy to the shore when he was drowning, then she rushed back to me .I looked into her eyes they were a beautiful shade of brown and her hair was blonde with brown highlights and her eyebrows, were also brown. It was almost like I was looking at the most beautiful thing in the world. “Hello” she finally responded, her voice was soft and seemed to be British, it was like she wasn’t just any diamond on the shelf, she was a rare one. “Do you know where I am?” I


Zeena Hattab

said, “Anyone and everyone that comes here asks me that very same question, but the truth is no-one can find a logical explanation as to where we are. We are all just trapped here. We like calling it the resort that we cant escape, you know so we make ourselves feel better we are going to miss all the good things in life, you know like university and jobs!” “So your saying we cant ever leave!” I screamed out of curiosity. “Till now” she said. After introducing ourselves I learned that her name was Beatrice and I could call her Bea for short, and she was in charge of saving peoples lives if they drown she told me that, that’s the closest you can get to a good ‘job’ around here, she doesn’t get paid for it but she needs something to occupy her in this luxurious yet awful place, I also found out that this ‘resort’ was once a 5 star hotel where all the rich people used to come, so it had lots of facilities. “I’m going for a walk at night, by any chance would you care to join me” her soft voice spoke” Yes, yes…. I mean sure yeah, ok!” “Great then, ill pick you up from your room” ”wait what? I get a room!” “Yes of course I told you this used to be a hotel.” I went to my room, it was almost like their was no need for people to be mad if they where stuck here, the bed had several pillows and blankets over it, both the pillows and blankets smelled freshly washed, their was a flat screen T.V and the room looked newly painted, could this be real? If no one can go out how does this room have the newest of things? After I had a shower, I put on my same clothes and waited for Bea to come. Then out of nowhere there was a knock on the door, I opened it and there she was Bea .I went out and closed my door behind me and we started walking. ”Tell me do you have a dream,” she unexpectedly said “No not really” “ I know that you do” “Ok… I want to be a writer” “Really that’s amazing…can you make a story up for me” “Ok ill try… the monster grabbed his neck squeezed all the blood out and killed him!” ”Ok that was weird” she thought I was being serious! “I’m joking” I quickly said “ come on now be serious” “fine…. That very dim and dark night while the wolfs where howling and the owls where screeching a


The Escape

tree suddenly fell to the bare ground” “Wow your very good indeed” Then suddenly an actual tree fell to the ground, It was such a weird ‘coincidence’ After our walk was over I went back to my room and slept. I had a dream that I was the reason everybody escaped from the island! Could this be true I wondered. I woke up with sweat dripping off my pale face. That day I hung out with Bea and nothing very interesting. But all the questions in my head kept telling me ‘why?’ why does everything in this ’resort’ look very new? Why can’t anyone leave? Why did that tree fall yesterday? WHY? Even though today was a non-interesting day after Bea went to her room, and I went to my room I found a paper on my doorstep. I picked it up and looked at it, it read: ‘every century only one man will open the island of mystery and it will close in twenty four living hours’ What does this mean? Maybe that is why everything looks like it has been newly put inside, but a century ago, flat screen T.V’s where non-existing! Could time travel be real? What are the secrets that this island holds within it? All of these questions where coming into my head, but most things I was thinking about was, why did I only have that piece of paper on my doorstep, was I the next man to open this trap? I got a paper and pen out of my pocket, (I always have a small notebook inside my pocket, you know to note down everything that is happening to me, so I can get ideas for my writing), and I wrote ‘apple’ on it, then an apple appeared on my bed. Could this be the answer to all my questions? Was it my writing that would change everything our fate has decided!


Zeena Hattab

“What will happen next?” “We are in charge of the characters past but…” “The characters future is yours to decide”


The escape  

This book is a spectacular book that really captures the essence of all the characters and settings, it also ends on a cliff hanger leaving...

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