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The story so far... 4Syte Funding Ltd was established in 2016 by industry veteran Nick Sellars and Investment Banker Magnus Gundersen. Two years in to their journey and the business has enjoyed rapid growth as well as an unexpected but well-suited acquisition. Here is their story so far..... It’s amazing what can happen when like-minded positive people come together from different but complimentary backgrounds.

lending and there didn’t appear to be many lenders that were interested in truly trying to understand the SME client’s business and their needs.

Magnus Gundersen is a highly accomplished and driven person from the Investment Banking world, who lists the trio of Lehman Bros, Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch on his CV. Magnus explains “with an expertise in advising and structuring deals for financial institutions and a knowledge of working capital plays, combined with Nick’s experience in Commercial Banking and Invoice Finance, we came up with a plan to build a financing business based on our mutual experience and business ethics and 4Syte was the result. We were looking for an exciting and vibrant place to set up home and Chelmsford, Essex seemed like a great location to do this.”

In order to attract quality business to fit the criteria 4Syte needed an experienced originator with a solid understanding of the industry. Paul Barker joined from the outset as a Director responsible for all client origination and ensured they quickly attracted the right type of business. “For me it was an easy decision, Nick and I had worked together for a number of years previously and Nick wanted a like-minded individual to generate the type of business both of us were used to servicing”.

“There was no real epiphany when it came to setting out what we wanted to do” says Nick Sellars. “We never felt we needed to try and reinvent the wheel but what was clear to us was that there was an increasing gap in the market for a truly full service Factoring offering, particularly one that was both client and debt focused. Many of the challenger banks and independents appeared to be shifting their appetites to larger and in some cases multi-asset

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The 3 directors, all with different but complementary skills, quickly grew the client base, adding to the team staff that were keen to be a part of the journey. With the growth came the next key role that needed to be filled. Natasha Souness joined as Head of Operations and brought with her 20 years of Operational experience at a senior level.

“Timing was just perfect, I had actually planned some well-earned time off but the opportunity came about through some mutual contacts both Nick and I shared. At that point there were a few career options I was considering, but from the first meeting with Nick and Paul it was clear they were passionate and had a clear vision of where they wanted to take things.” The aim of 4Syte is to deliver exceptional service with excellent response times to clients and introducers, priced competitively according to the individual deal. They adapt to every situation and are commercial but with a full understanding of their client’s business. What helps them deliver that? “The best people we can find to fulfil each role in the business, the best systems we can afford, and a dedication to training and developing our staff so that we can continue to uphold or vision as we grow” explains Nick. 4syte is well capitalised with strong support from its primary lender. This has helped them achieve impressive growth during their ‘ramp up’ stage to the extent that they are already turning a good profit with over 50 clients and significant funding available to enable them to continue to drive onand increase their footprint in the market. ...

Do you have any questions? Email us at or call us on either 0845 652 0400 Chelmsford Office: 01245 377032

During 2017, 4Syte had the opportunity of extending their business to contractual based factoring, primarily in the construction sector. With in-house QS expertise and construction finance experience through Cirrus Construction, paired with 4Syte’s vision and business operations, Cirrus-4Syte Limited was forged. Located in Sheffield, this also expands their geographical reach, and the Northern-based team has additional invoice finance expertise to compliment the overall 4Syte service. Cirrus 4Syte is also fully funded so the business is in a position to realise its growth potential. Cirrus 4Syte is leveraging the existing infrastructure of 4syte and will be carrying the same ethos of 4Syte – quick turnaround, a high level of client servicing and being a true financing partner to their clients. 2018 will be an interesting period to see both businesses pushing forward.

Whilst 4Syte provides the direct lending function, Balder Capital, as an investment banking advisory business, plays an important part in providing the overall strategic direction of the business. It has its own separate advisory subsidiary providing clients with a broad set of services ranging from strategic advisory, capital introductions across the capital structure, financial modelling and capital structure analytical work. Balder also assists with general due diligence and business input. Balder Capital has significant cross-border experience and can access international markets for its clients whilst maintaining focus around the commercial finance theme.To your right you can see an overview of the background and team at BALDER | capital

This level of service is exactly what we were expec�ng from you guys and therefore a massive thank you to you and the team suppor�ng us on our journey. From here onwards we should have no issues with reports, breakdowns or anything else for that ma�er. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for us.

BALDER | capital Founded in 2015 Financial advisory and investment business.

Headquartered in London, presence in Germany and Nordics.

Top-tier international institutions.

Long-standing track-records in deal structuring and execution.

Highly seasoned, experienced former investment bankers and finance professionals.

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Combined (compressed) 4Syte  
Combined (compressed) 4Syte