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By: Evan Colley Photo Editor Halloween is usually associated with kids dressing up as ghosts or monsters and going trick-or-treating, but did you know that not all of the ghosts on Halloween are children in costumes? There are two local sites that are reportedly haunted. First is Manzanita cemetery. Originally called “Manzanita Grove,” it was a hide out for cattle thieves. There was a school on the Manzanita property from 1857 to 1899, but then in 1862 some of the

Photo by: Evan Colley, Photo Editor

LHS Farm Pumpkin Patch By: Audrey Spencer News Editor At the end of every school year, farm students plant pumpkin seeds in the fields of the LHS farm. The following October students return to pick the pumpkins. This year, six hundred pumpkins were counted out in the fields at the school farm. Elementary students take field trips out to the farm every year to get pumpkins for Halloween.



land was turned into a cemetery. Manzanita is the final resting place for some of Lincoln’s founding members and is long rumored to be haunted by many restless spirits. All sorts of paranormal activity have been reported from strange noises to black shadows and mysterious mists; even apparitions of people dressed in 19th century apparel. According to strangeusa. com a local fireman witnessed an unexplainable event... (Continued on Page 11)

Old Mervyns Becomes New Theater Opportunity For:

Photo taken by: Mackenzie Roland

Ten groups of kids from four different elementary schools in the area came out this year to choose a pumpkin to carve. If there are any leftover pumpkins Lincoln High School students can get pumpkins as well. “Next year there will be a pumpkin festival open to everyone for only $2.00,” Mrs. Armistead stated.

LHS School Farm Photo taken by: Jordan Anderson

By: Audrey Spencer News Editor At the end of the 2009 holiday season, Mervyns across the nation closed its doors due to the beginning of the recession. Now, nearly two years later, our former local Mervyns will become a sixteen screen theater known as Blue Oaks Cinema 16; opening this November. Along with Mervyns, seven other businesses in the Blue Oaks area were lost to the reces-

sion. Some people think the new theater will not last either, people don’t have extra money to spend going to see a movie. However, the closest theaters to Lincoln are Century 14 and United Artist on Eureka road about twenty to twenty-five minutes away. Blue Oaks Cinema 16 should be expecting a lot of jobs from the Lincoln residents. (Continued on Page 11)

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Lady Zebras Golf takes second in PVL with three golfers making all-league.


Photo provided by: Kris Wyatt Back Row, left to right: Abbie Faingold, Ally Koehler, Kirstie MacQueen, Shanley Davis, Coach Allen. Front Row, left to right: Sydney Wilkerson, Kayla Green, Jisu Yoo.

Golf By: Ally Koehler, Reporter Lincoln High School girls golf has improved dramatically from last year thanks to the help of their coaches, Tim Allen and Kris Wyatt. Last year they only won two matches, both against Bear River, and Lincoln placed fourth out of five teams. On the contrary, this year was much better. The Lady Zebras beat Bear River twice and Center


SPORTS once; they placed second in league. Lincoln also had three girls make All League for the Pioneer Valley League (PVL), those girls include, senior Shanley Davis, and juniors Jisu Yoo and Allyson Koehler. The team consisted of seven girls, five of which were returning players, senior Shanley Davis, juniors, Allyson Koehler, Jisu Yoo, Kirstie MacQueen, Kayla Green, and first-year freshmen Abbie Faingold, and Sydney Wilkerson. The toughest opponent that Lincoln faced was Placer and unfortunately they lost each time they faced Placer. Each time the two teams played, the score improved a little making the matches closer each time. Placer ended up placing first in the PVL, Lincoln second, Bear River third, and Center fourth. Yoo, who came in first on the team had a solid season and made the team very proud. Koehler was not far behind her. Davis was mostly consistent throughout the year and helped her team out a lot. MacQueen started off bumpy, but after some practice she was back into the swing of things and doing great. Faingold, a soccer player with absolutely no golf experience coming into the season, improved more than most people do in many years. With the help of her teammates,

“All it takes to be on the team is a desire to be fit and a commitment to see it through.”- Cross Country Coach Doug Croall

Faingold was shooting lower scores than half of her teammates; the improvement she made was very impressive. Wilkerson, however, only got to play a few matches and was out for the last few matches because of a hurt hand. Green made some improvements from last year and had her lowest score at a solid 55. The three girls: Davis, Yoo, and Koehler who made all league had a spot in the Sac-Joaquin Division III girls’ golf tournament and represented Lincoln high on Tuesday October 26th, 2010 at Catta Verdera golf course in Lincoln. The tournament had many teams and individuals competing for a spot in the Masters tournament. The Zebras practiced at Catta Verdera for an entire week getting to know the course and were confident going into the tournament. Although there were some very strong competitors the Zebras did pretty well. Unfortunately none of them earned a spot in the Masters tournament, but they were not far behind the other competition. Although the season has ended, the girls that will be returning next year are going to be practicing as much as possible to earn a banner for the school for the 2011 season. Best of luck to the girls next year!

By: Nate Bass, Assistant Editor

This year was a wild one for LHS Boys Soccer. Rutger Miller led the varsity squad with five goals to their 2-12-2 season. Despite disappointing results, the team kept games close, with 6 losses within just one point. JV finished a strong 9-5-2 this year, with only one league loss. Their secret to success was that they “really work well together”, says defender Jeramiah Nakasone. The strong offensive attack is led by the combo of freshman Miguel Franco, 14 goals, and Cesar Marin, 10 assists. With a young squad already proving themselves on the pitch, LHS Soccer looks to be a serious contender for years to come.

Boys Cross Country (Photo provided by Coach Croall)

Girls Cross Country (Photo provided by Coach Croall)

Cross Country By: Staff Writer

Lincoln High School’s Cross Country Team has been hard at work this Fall training three days a week and competing in “cluster meets” in league competition. “We have a very young Cross Country team this year, both boys and girls.”states Coach Doug Croall. With only two senior girls and one senior boy competing, the young team has had success regardless of age. Both LHS Varsity teams are tied for 3rd place in the league

standings. The final league meet will determine the final standings since it will account for 50 percent of the League score. The top performers this year have been Junior Travis Miskell and Senior Shannon Snook. Snook competed in past years at the State Championship and is trying to make it back this year. Miskell is leading the boy’s Varsity team posting some outstanding times. In a recent meet, Miskell finished 6th in a field of 87 runners. Other stand-outs include Freshman Kyle Ebert and

Leo Calderon who are usually the team’s 2nd and 3rd runners when they compete on the Varsity team. “Cross Country is a very social sport. There is no specialization, so everyone is working together for the same goal, both as a team and individually” states Coach Croall. During the summer, the team gets together to run 3 days a week. The team trains on tracks, local streets and in parks and trails. Croall states “All it takes to be on the team is a desire to be fit and a commitment to see it through.”

“Mr. Lowe, you’ve got something on your shoulder.............”

Lincoln Senior Wins Kick-off Competition at Raiders Game By: Evan Rendes Editor-in-Chief

Sunday, October 10th marked LHS representation at an Oakland Raiders game, as senior Kevin Sigrist won a kick-off competition! The pregame anticipation of the Raiders vs. Chargers brought about an incredible opportunity for Sigrist. The class of 2011 senior stated, “I was just randomly asked if I wanted a V.I.P. pass.” After he joined the sideline, Sigrist noticed he was in the presence of some prestigious figures from the era of the Raider’s all-time glory days. Jim Auto and Bo Jackson, who are both legendary hall-of-famers as well as super bowl champions, paced the sidelines. Along with casual conversations from each, Sigrist was invited to participate in a pregame kick-off competition at a chance to win some cash. “I was on the big screen and they called my name over the loudspeaker,” stated Sigrist recalling the event. “I won and I got the 25 and 20 yard field goals, but missed the 15, which is the easiest!” In a Janikowski moment, Sigrist admitted his foot slipped, but it does not change the fact that he represented Lincoln on an NFL field for the nation to see. Plus, as an added bonus to winning, Sigrist won $100 on a visa gift card. The Raiders beat the Chargers that day 35-27, all-in-all making an unforgettable experience.


“..............nevermind I’ll get it.”


Varsity Football: Rollercoaster Wrestling: The Season of Champions

By: Ashley Higgins Feature Editor

Varsity Football came out strong this year, winning their first league game against Foothill High. The boys then went on to take a tough loss to Placer. Their record so far is 5-2. Coach Lowe stated, “It has been a rollercoaster ride. Thank gosh our kids know how to pull it off in the end. From here on out we need to take it one game at a time but were expecting a rematch against Placer

High School in the playoffs.” On October 29th, and November 5th come out and support our Zebra boys. We only have two games left and Colfax High School is our last home game of the season. We need all of Lincoln’s spirit and support to help dominate and achieve their biggest goal, which is trying their best to make the rest of Lincoln High School proud. Go Zebras!

Photo by: Evan Colley Photo Editor Photo by: Evan Colley Photo Editor

By: Evan Rendes Editor-in-Chief

Every year, the renowned wrestling team finds their footing to be champions. As a dominant team, Lincoln will usually amass 50 wrestlers, lead by head coach Mr. Maul. Now, in preseason conditioning, these warriors can be found training for one of the most physically demanding sports high school has to offer. Varsity coach of the football team as well, Maul has organized a wrestling program that rivals the best in Placer County. Winning tournaments, consistently strong showings at sections, and even sending a fair amount of wrestlers to state championships in the past the program in currently in its molding phase. With a superhuman six minutes of hell, wrestlers drain their adrenaline on the mat in an all out display of power. What an athlete gives on the mat reflects an athlete’s training every time. So, as an individual sport in a team setting there is no team to blame personal performance on. Unlike football, lacrosse, rugby, and other contact sports, wrestling is not stopped every five minutes for a play change. Wrestling is more of a test of self-reliance and endurance against a single opponent. With this challenge to create wrestlers to handle such a rigorous sport, preseason conditioning is notoriously grueling. Be sure to support your wrestlers this year at every home match! With this kind of preparation, the 10’ season will be sure to pin the competition.


Campus News The Right Start: Tutoring 2010 By: Evan Rendes, Editor in Chief

Peer Tutoring has been going on in the school library since the start of the school year and has shown some productive changes in the way it is run. As many already know, this after school program was brought about by science teacher, Marilou Edwards last school year. First as a trial run, this tutoring program offered after school hours in which students can come and have a safe haven for their academics. For students who needed extra help in a particular subject, experienced students paid by the school district and volunteers gave tutoring a productive edge.

This year, a grant was given to ensure after school Peer Tutoring will stay around for a long time. Changes added to the new program include new teachers supervising the library, a consistent time (3:30-6:30pm) from Monday to Thursday to accommodate athletes, and tutor revision by supervisors. “This year we will also have SAT prep. It will be an eight week program and will be around $25 and that will include an SAT study book.” stated Edwards. Future programs including SAT study prep, just add to the endless possibilities that Peer Tutoring has to offer. This has drastically boosted “We have been getting a lot of students and we keep them on task instead of having it turn into a social session.” Edwards explained.

Photo Provided by: Mrs. Edwards Anyone is welcomed to stop by Peer Tutoring, our after school programs are here to support!

Robotronic Representation By: Evan Rendes, Editor in Chief

Photo Provided by: Mrs. Edwards

Robotics! It is a spectacle to see programmed intelligence by the hands of scientists to give machine roles that mimic life. Now Lincoln has this technology and a team to represent our school in robotics competitions in the area! This co-op was started by science teacher Mrs. Marilou Edwards and her husband. Handling the technical aspects, Mr. Edwards teaches and leads the club after school. Mrs. Edwards handles the logistical ends, making sure the team is given opportunities around the area to show their stuff in various

CSF College Trip

competitions. Also, Mr. Hess will be helping in the various mechanical avenues of the team. “Not a lot of schools have this program.” stated Mrs. Edwards. She feels that because there is many talented students at Lincoln, our school deserved to have its own team. Unlike many schools that have to team up in coalitions of neighboring schools, our team has a fairly large group. “There is a little over 20 students.” Edwards continued, “We will have a three day camp in winter break, sometime in December as an outreach program to middle school

students.” Working with Lego robotics, the camp is hoped to be a simplified version of what high school robotics is like. The big event for the robotics team is in January and every tech challenge until then is designed to help the team familiarize themselves with programming. Students with all talents are needed to represent the team at the big event. Everything from public speaking and art skills to mathematics will help the team. Talk to Mrs. Edwards in Room 11 for more information to help your school’s robotics team!

Travis Deuerling Co-Editor

There’s nothing better to make picking a college easier than visiting the campus, and that was what 35 LHS students left to do last Thursday. The relatively large body of students (myself included) Left the school at 5 a.m. last Thursday morning to tour some of the most prestigious UC campuses in Southern California. The group was led by Mrs. Edwards, Mrs. Macqueen and several mothers of children on the trip. Instead of taking a school bus for the trip, every chaperone drove their own large car packed with students. Straight from the school there was a 5 hour stretch to San Luis Obispo, the location of The California Polytechnics Institute (Cal Poly). On the tours went for four straight days, visiting colleges such as UCSB, USC, UCSD, USD, UCLA, Pepperdine, UC Irvine and San Diego State. The trip wasn’t all work and no play however, we all spent time at La Jolla Beach,

some groups spent extra time at Pismo Beach, some even had dinner at Downtown Disney. Actually visiting the college campuses is completely different than just researching the college online. Even the most thorough online research can never really capture the flavor of the campus, the feel of the architecture, the personality of the school body, specifics on majors and minors and interesting little know facts, and of course, all the freebies you can carry. After going on the CSF trip this year, I personally feel a thousand times more confident about my decisions on college, my ideas for colleges and my own general understanding of the actual college system. I will definitely go again as a senior next year, visiting an entirely new set of campuses. I thoroughly encourage anyone with anything less than a completely concrete idea on college to go next year.

Photo by: Travis Deuerling, Co-Editor

“You have the right to be wrong.” -Mr. Mystery


“I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance.” -Socrates


Here’s the scoop. At First Street Elementry School, everyone is taking a firm stance against drugs the last week of October. Mrs. Kato’s fourth grade classroom boldly shows Winnie the Pooh saying, “Pooh on drugs!” A lame private school would say it’s politically incorrect, I say it’s GENIUS! So hey everybody................


! s g u r D n O h o o P s ’ Sincerely, your friend Let Mr. Mystery

By: Evan Rendes; Editor-In-Chief

Do you want to know what grinds my gears? -Don’t say NO silently in your head in that tone of subconsciousness to me! What really grinds my gears is when you go trick-or-treating and adults stare you down and say those cliche words,

“You’re too OLD.” All I want to say is, “Look who’s talking!” Give me a break. If you can’t trick-or-treat when you’re a senior I must be really put in my place. I do not understand society’s implications when they say, “You’re too OLD.” It is usually those houses you walk up to and you can just sense that their the kind of people that never take down their Christmas lights, never mow their lawn and/ or run over their neighbors, let their dogs bark till the crack of dawn, and call the cops on you for accidentally looking in their direction. Hey, but I get it. We are in high school. It’s for the kids. Right, well according to law we are still adolescent kids therefore deserve a handout of candy, just as much as the next little bumblebee wannabe. Word of advice, don’t make your costume too scary gents and/or too promiscuous gals, because that gives the adult population even more

CD REVIEW: Jimmy Eat World Invented Review Travis Deuerling Co-Editor I was never big follower of Jimmy Eat World. Almost everyone knows and likes “The Middle” and “Sweetness”, but I personally never tried to hear more beyond that. Never listening to Jimmy Eat World in depth helped make their most recent release Invented, a pleasant surprise. Although I didn’t know what to expect, this definitely wasn’t it. Invented alternates rapidly from light melodies (“Heart is Hard to Find”, “Stop”) and heavier punk-rock (“My Best Theory”, “Action Needs an Audience”) Almost every aspect of the CD is upbeat and empowering, but every song has its own kind of beat and feel. Although none of the songs by themselves struck me as another hit single from Jimmy Eat World, the CD in its entirety makes a very enjoyable and unique listen. I give Jimmy Eat World’s new album Invented 4 stripes out of 5.

reason to shoo you and your hormones away. Oh! On another note, I do understand times are still tough, I guess. So if a younger audience is what the giver of the candy prefers, have at it with the stingy “one piece” policy. But honestly, if we are really too mature for trickor-treating, why would we still have school rallies, senior ditch day, and stupid pranks that cost the school a ton of money? Adults even have strikes, call in sick to avoid co-workers, and have liability expenses due to stupid mistakes sometimes... sounds immature to me. How about those taxes, sounds like “trick-or-treat” from Uncle Sam! Well, do you understand? I don’t. It’s whatever, because we are teenagers. We can’t think for ourselves and voice our opinions anyways, just look at Zebra Tales and LHS Live. Bottom line: LET US HAVE CANDY.


Invented Review Stephanie Wilcox Reporter One of Jimmy Eat World’s previous songs called Hear You Me on their self-titled album has always been on my top favorite songs list. It’s a very slow, relaxing song and Jim Adkins voice is very soothing throughout the whole song. However, in their newest album Invented, the slower songs didn’t quite reach the expectations I had set. The first song on the album, My Theory, is by far the best. It is the type that you can’t sit through the entire 3 minutes without tapping your foot or moving to the beat. Stop hits second best on my rating list. It isn’t quite as upbeat as My Theory, but it’s not too slow. Lyrics are a big part of songs for me and the lyrics to Stop are easily the best on the CD. The song matching the title of the album, Invented was a major let down. It is extremely slow and though I have nothing against slow songs, I sometimes prefer them; it wasn’t their best and the vocals made me cringe. Jimmy Eat World has had some success with slow songs, but they should stick with the upbeat ones that haven’t failed them once. The rest of the songs on the album were decent, but not noteworthy. All in all, the CD is worth taking the time to listen to but should be renamed My Theory as it is catchy and carries a better beat. I give it 3.5 zebra stripes out of 5.

Autumnal Sonnet

N ITtseIlf WorRI sE F eIVak EtASTp CRI

Every day, every which way, tis the same old story,

Passages lined with trees lit afire, Thine world gleams in glory

Bards praising the season on the lyre, Pumpkins growing, bursting, then shriveling onto thy grounds

Couples hang in hang, kissing under the russets and golds

Heaven’s wind holding people in its folds, Costumed children parading thy hallowed streets

Looking to be demons and such,

Calling thy name hoping for sweets, Basking in midnight’s soft touch Misty mornings onto the rise This be autumn in mine eyes... Written by Sarah Henry (2011)


Trick-or-treat, Smell my feet,

Give me something good to eat, If you don’t, I don’t care, I’ll pull down your underwear. Oh the joys of Halloween, Making me wanna scream!

Written by Anonymous (2014)


If you have any creative writing that you would

like published in our newspaper please turn them

1 or into your teacher. Winter and christmas will be our next theme, so please submit any poems or lyrics relating to the winter theme! into room

Thank you, ZebraTales.

Illustrations See For Yourself Dante DeLa Pena (2012)

Fatima Diaz (2014)

Natalie Bonilla (2011)

Maria Marcos (2011)

Savannah Berkley (2013)

Audrey Spencer News Editor Only the most gifted students of Mrs. Steuk’s art class get the privilege of painting on the walls in her room. Currently, Janette Vaquera is painting a mural of deceased celebrities such as Jimmy Hendrix and Marilyn Monroe. Vaquera first developed an interest for drawing in 7th grade. She gets her ideas for paintings from murals in big cities and movies. Vaquera’s specialty is calligraphy and graffiti. Although drawing and painting comes as a natural talent to her, she continues to take art classes.

Janette Vaquera (2012)



Halloween Costume Trends 2010 By: Efrain Diaz, Staff Reporter

Finding the perfect costume is not always easy. It takes time looking for it, especially when you want to get one of the best ones. It’s all about getting the best costume and the reason why is because; we have Halloween only once a year. Though there is still some time before Halloween, it’s never too early to start thinking about the types of costumes to wear that night. Last year’s biggest costume was Michael Jackson. It still may show up this year, but a bunch of new costumes are looking ready to take that place. Movies, music, and T.V. inspired outfits will lead the costume list. This year for kids, Toy Story characters Buzz Light Year, Woody, and Jesse lead the way along with characters from Despicable Me, Iron Man, and Harry Potter. Adult and teen costume trends will evolve around common themes of the past few years, with a few breakout costumes along the way. Some of these include Twilight, with its vampire and werewolf themes, the hugely popular recording artist and activist Lady Gaga, and the hit movie Avatar. You can go as Sully or even a member of the Na’Vi tribe. Alice in Wonderland also offers up very cool and interesting costumes choices like the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen. The possibilities are endless this year, have fun shopping.

What are Your plans for Halloweeen? By: Stephanie Wilcox, Staff Reporter

Emilee Lloyd-Freshman

“Going up to my grandparents to carve pumpkins”

Maddie Brown-Sophmore

“Trick or treating all the way!”

Chris Allen-Junior

“Going to a Halloween party with all my close friends”

Kennith Curry-Senior

“Get a costume and scare little kiddies until they cry”

Bishop’s Pumpkin Patch

By: Mackenzie Roland, Staff Reporter

As Halloween slowly creeps upon us, the first thing that pops into peoples’ heads is going to the pumpkin patch. Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm, located off of highway 65, is one of the most popular pumpkin patches in the area. Bishop’s was named 2005 Farm Market of the year by the North American Farmers’ Direct Marketing Association. Bishop’s has a little bit of something for everyone, from riding the train, finding your favorite pumpkin or shopping in Fanny Annie’s Fine Candy and Toys. Bishop’s is open every autumn daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. In those long ten hours you can take a ride on the BPF railroad for only $2.75 per person or you can take a stroll through the corn maze, which this year is based on the Sacramento Kings for only $4.50. Bishop’s Pumpkin Farm has a lot to do for the younger crowd, which includes Wheatland Petting Zoo, O.K. Corral, and Farmer Bill’s Barn. After having hours of fun in the sun, your little tummy starts to grumble. This is a good sign that you should head over to PigaDeli Square were you can enjoy Jailhouse Pizza, Tin Shed Barbeque, Hotel Jalapeno, along with Mrs. B’s Bakery. Mrs. B’s pumpkin pies are made from scratch from the pumpkins grown right there on the farm. Other tasty treats include Pumpkin Apple Muffins, French Apple Pie, Lemon Walnut and Pumpkin Walnut Pies. Come to Bishops soon, because the closing date is October 31st.

Photos Taken By Mackenzie Roland

“You’re gunna need a bigger boat.” - “Jaws”, 1975


Halloween Stores Travis Deuerling


Halloween is now the second highest grossing holiday next to Christmas. Christmas’ lead is obvious, with gifts, trees and decorations, but how is it that Halloween is able to come in second? How much candy could a population of people buy? The truth is that Halloween has a huge, diverse scope in merchandising which extends far beyond the realm of candy and spider webs. Thousands of Halloween specialty stores pop up in empty buildings from September to October every year. Large cities such as Roseville and Sacramento have dozens of Halloween exclusive stores. The most well-known seasonal Halloween store franchise would definitely be “Spirit”, which has been expanding every year. This year there are two in Roseville alone. One location located by the Party City shopping center and the other is located right across the street from Dimple Records. More local stores in the area include the “Halloween Superstore” also near Dimple Records, and the ‘Halloween Bootique” across the street from the Galleria Mall. My personal favorite store for everything Halloween is a year-round novelty store in Old Sacramento named

“it’s alive! It’s alive!” - Frankenstein, 1931


Evangeline’s. Throughout the entire year, the first floor is open and features the best kinds of practical jokes, novelty items, classic horror t-shirts and pretty much everything strange that you could never find anywhere else. Evangeline’s reaches its full potential in August, when the rickety elevator between the two main entrances is unchained and switched on to bring guests upstairs to the previously inaccessible top three stories of the old building, known as the Costume Mansion. The top three stories of the building reveal nothing, but one of a kind costumes and decorations, ranging from large talking animatronics to glow in the dark spray. There are always year-round party supply stores like Party City or Party America, and they are definitely worth checking out, but if you want a costume or decorations that are a little bit more unique and a lot more creative, you should check out the local seasonal Halloween stores. If you can make the drive, Evangeline’s in Old Sacramento will not disappoint.

by Stephanie Wilcox, Staff Reporter

AVID Class, Photo taken by Staff Photographer

Ms. Sylvia Ward and AVID student, Photo taken by Staff Photographer

Along with all the fascinating clubs at Lincoln High School, the International Pen Pal Club is a new topic of i n t e r e s t . M r s . Wa r d ’s AV I D c l a s s i s g e t t i n g a h e a d s t a r t t o s e e h o w s u c c e s s f u l t h i s c l u b w i l l b e . M r s . Wa r d s a y s t h a t the e-mail program is “safe and all inappropriate content is filtered out”. Lauren, a sophomore of Lincoln High, is an AV I D s t u d e n t w h o i s d e f i n i t e l y i n t e r e s t e d i n t h e c l u b . “ I t w a s r e a l l y c o o l w h e n I r e c e i v e d t h e f i r s t r e s p o n s e . We ’ r e talking about places they’ve traveled around the world and stores they like.” M r s . Wa r d f i r s t t h o u g h t o f t h i s w h e n s h e “ w o r k e d o n i t f o r 3 y e a r s , i t ’s f r e e t o t e a c h e r s a n d t h e s t u d e n t s a r e s t i l l c o nnected after they graduate”. She is planning on contacting M e x i c o , G e r m a n y, F r a n c e a n d p o s s i b l y J a p a n . H e r u l t i m a t e plan is for club members to go in during lunch and Stripes. They will also be able to finish their letters from home. T h e AV I D c l a s s h a s k i c k e d o ff t h i s c l u b w i t h g r e a t s u c c e s s a n d M r s . Wa r d i s e x c i t e d t o o ff i c i a l l y s t a r t i t u p . A s s e c o n d t r i m e s t e r a r r i v e s , b e r e a d y f o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n a b o u t I nt e r n a t i o n a l P e n P a l C l u b a n d i f i t ’s s o m e t h i n g y o u a r e i n t e re s t e d i n , G E T I N V O LV E D !



Upcoming Events at LHS: Blood Drive


Friday, November 5th 7:00 p.m. Saturday, November 6th Matineee 2:00 p.m. Night Show 7:00 p.m. Come support your Lincoln High School Drama Department

November 8th 8:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m. “Pint for a Pint” Give a pint of blood and get a pint of free ice cream!

Zebra tribune

J Bond: An Update Evan Rendes: Editor-in-Chief

The J Bond, which will benefit Lincoln schools if passed, will appear on the November ballot and LHS has approved representation of the bond on campus. As many are aware, California’s budget cuts have afflicted our schools. The deprivation of necessary finances have caused many Lincoln schools to be lopsided in care. The divide of spending is most notable in the difference between Twelve Bridges Elementary and Creekside Oaks Elementary. Twelve Bridges Elementary is still in need of a few updates, but Creekside Oaks is not as nearly as up-to-date as Twelve Bridges. This small example

Tech Learning Expo

Lincoln High School gym January 25, 2011 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. District Wide Technology Fair

Evan Rendes: Editor-in-Chief

can account for every school and the many needs that Lincoln schools have. It is obvious there is a divide in spending, but voting “NO” on the J Bond could mean issues such as lop-sided care and basic needs these schools have will not be fulfilled. To represent the stance of support, Lincoln High approved a sign to be put on the dropoff circle near the entrance of the school and the office. The sign points out the numerous updates the school needs and what the J Bond would cover if passed.

So! About the name change... I confess on behalf of the team, that when we changed the print name to Zebra Tribune, there was no disrespect intended to the tradition of Zebra Tales, but rather a representation of a new era. Having something tangible in one’s hands, means a lot to anyone. This is why we wanted to bring it back, even though our school’s print paper disappeared two years ago. Despite the depressed local economy, a negative balance in our student body account, and climbing prices to print a thousand copies of a decent looking paper, we went for it! We felt that to acknowledge our devel-

opment we should change our print name. Also, we felt that it would be confusing to have a website, podcasts, print publication, and a possible magazine under the same name: Zebra Tales. So basically, what we have to say is: going strictly to online was a bad idea, a printed publication reaches out to everyone better, and we are still Zebra Tales. Zebra Tribune is our publication. Check out a letter to the editor addressing another side of this issue by Lincoln High’s very own Ed Cummins and the response on: www.zebratales. net.


Tara Thiel: Staff Reporter

If you go to any of the football games you would notice the phenomenal halftime performances by the marching band. Though they are not the only type of band on campus, there is also the Jazz Band and the Concert Band. The marching band recently competed in a band competition at Del Oro High and was also invited to play during the Halft i m e s h o w a t U C B e r k e l e y, o n t h e 2 3 r d o f O c t o b e r.

If you missed them playing, you could still watch the jazz band and concert band, who will be doing the winter concert on December 18th. They are more orchestra type bands. The Jazz band has around 30 music i a n s i n c l u d i n g M r. C u m m i n s , t h e d r a m a t e a c h e r, w h e r e a s t h e c o n c e r t band has 80 musicians. All the bands are instructed by Ms. Behm, who is new to L i n c o l n H i g h t h i s y e a r. O n h e r f r e e time she does her own

musical interest called Brazilian Copoeira. This is a mixture of martial arts, song, and dance. Although you will not find Brazilian Copoeira done around Lincoln, you can typically find it during the carnivals in Brazil. Stop by the band room and ask Ms. Behm all about Brazilian Copoeira, and maybe you can even get her to show you it. Also, do not forget to check out the band at the winter concert.

Civil War 11 Veteran Stalks the Night... continued, Paranormal Places The firefighter was combating a wild fire near Manzanita Cemetery. When the fire reached the cemetery it burned all the way around it, but did not enter inside the cemetery. Manzanita could be legitimately paranormal. The second location is a Lincoln area private property. On August 7th, 2010 a paranormal investigation team, H.P.I. (Hauntings and Paranormal Investigations), investigated the private property with many claims such as objects being manipulated, doors slamming, and EVPs(Electronic Voice Phenomena). An EVP captured audible voice or voices on recording equipment, when no voice was heard at the time of the recording.

Mrs. Byron and Mrs. Cullen. Photo by Nate Bass.

10,000 Steps On The Ground Allyson Koehler-Staff Reporter

You may have noticed your teachers looking down every five minutes and checking a little black thing on their waist, but what the heck is it for? Some teachers are participating in a program called 10,000 steps, a small competition between teachers in the district to promote health; and the little black thing happens to be a pedometer which counts each step someone takes. “There is a health and wellness committee in our district,” said Mr. Clint Nelson, who teaches social studies and P.E. at Phoenix High School. The committee got help from Sutter Health and they decided to participate in the 10,000 steps challenge. There are over 450 employees in teams of ten involved. The winning team gets 500 dollars to distribute between the ten participants. The winning team also gets 500 dollars for their school’s P.E. program. Second and third place teams get a prize as well. The employee in the district who takes the most steps overall will get 100 dollars for their own enjoyment and 100 dollars for their school. The money for the program is coming from a grant the district received from our insurance broker. “The overall goal is to bring awareness to health and bring an increased sense of camaraderie to the district employees,” Nelson concluded.

Old Mervyns Becomes New Theater

The area is reportedly haunted by a civil war veteran, who moved to Lincoln to work on a farm. His name was Joseph ‘Razorback’ Waterman. ‘Razorback’ once got in a fight with a local drunk and was shot in the back three weeks after the fight, he was found dead right near the property. During the investigation, the investigators had several personal experiences. Some witnessed dark shadows moving about and others felt like they were being touched by unseen hands. After a hard night of investigating, the team gathered documented evidence. The most compelling evidence that they found where the EVPs captured on the property. Paul Robberts, HPI general Manager declared, “With the evidence gathered, the EVPs are our best supporting evidence. I believe there is a haunting at this home and property” Are these haunted areas real or the result of people’s overactive imaginations? Could paranormal activity really be happening in and around our town? Just Manzanita Cemetary, Photo by Evan Colley, Photo Editor be careful on Halloween night, it might not be a trick-or-treater knocking on your front door or scratching at your window. Happy Halloween!

by Audrey Spencer News Editor

At the end of the 2009 holiday season, Mervyns across the nation closed its doors due to the beginning of the recession. Now, nearly two years later, our former local Mervyns will become a sixteen screen theater known as Blue Oaks Cinema 16; opening this November. Along with Mervyns, seven other businesses in the Blue Oaks area were lost to the recession. Some people think the new theater will not last either, people don’t have extra money to spend going to see a movie. However, the closest theaters to Lincoln are Century 14 and United Artist on Eureka road about twenty to twenty-five minutes away. Blue Oaks Cinema 16 should be expecting a lot of jobs from the Lincoln residents. Although many people lost their jobs from the bankruptcy of Mervyns, Cinema 16 intends on hiring one hundred employees. Junior Chandler Ceccato is interested in being one of the one hundred to be hired at Cinema 16. “I’d want to work either at the concession stand or at the counter where people buy the tickets. I just think it would be cool to get the benefits like movie discounts and stuff, but I wouldn’t want to see people I know while I’m working” Ceccato said. “I will see movies much more often when the new theater comes in because I usually see movies in the evening and traffic is always so bad you have to leave like forty-five minutes early just to get a good seat. And tickets are already expensive but so is the gas to get all the way to Eureka road.” Ceccato stated. Youth in Lincoln look forward to either visiting or working at Cinema 16 this November

Bachelor/Bachelorette Jacob Gomez

Grade: 11 How old are you: 16 Hobbies: football, baseball, basketball What is your ideal girl: brunette, brown eyes, tan, under 5’9, funny, smart What is an ideal date: dinner, and the movies. Describe yourself in one word: Chill Best Feature about you: Smile Do freshmen have a chance with you: No, not this class of freshmen. Personal quote: “I’m looking for a dime that’s top of the line, cute face, little waist, with a big behind.”

Grade: 11 How old are you: 16 Hobbies: Like to sing and dance, karate What is your ideal boy: Someone that is cute, funny, nice, smart What is an ideal date: Go out to dinner and go to a movie Describe yourself in one word: Happy Best feature about you: My eyes Do freshman have a chance with you: It depends on the guy Personal Quote: “Happy is the way to be!!”

How did Lincoln High School become the fighting zebras? -Ms. Zamora

Where is the zebra store? When is it open? What do they sell? -Mrs. C The zebra store is straight to the left when you walk into the New Gym. They are open Mon-Fri after school. They sell Lincoln clothing (i.e. sweats, sweatshirts, shirts), snacks, water and Gatorade. -Ziggy

There are several theories, but one fact is certain. We got our name because our basketball uniforms looked like Zebras once upon a time. -Ziggy

Dani Jenkins

What is the rule on short shorts? -Shorty The rule on short shorts is if you put your arms down by your side, the seam must be at that length or longer. See Ms. Eutsey for more information. -Ziggy

How to get a guy that has a girlfriend or talking to someone? We are really good friends. -Just Friends If he has a girlfriend, he is obviously content being with her and if they are talking, he is obviously interested in her. If you try to steal him away, it could potentially harm your friendship more. Just stick by his side as his friend and if things slow down or completely stop between him and this girl, then you could slowly start making your move and see what happens. Best of luck! -Just your friend, Ziggy

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