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Campus Treatment By: Sara Dildine Sports Editor How do we treat our school campus? Our school has had a lot of money, time, and effort put into it for our education. The district bought us school books, desks, computers and many other things to make our education and the environment around us better. They also employ the best teachers they could find so we could be taught to the fullest extent. So to show them we respect what they did for us, take care of the school. Do you think to pick up trash

when walking to class? When we come to school we have one thing to think about, our education. But really we need to think about how we treat our campus too. When walking to class and seeing trash on the floor, why not pick it up and throw it away instead of leaving it there? What our school looks like affects the community and what they think of Lincoln High School. We want a positive appearance to our school, not a negative one. So help out every once and a while and keep our school clean.

Black History By: Kelsi Snook Staff Reporter Many people are familiar with Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous I Have a Dream speech which stated, “I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood.” This quote shows how much he wanted everybody to live together in harmony and that people shouldn’t be judged by the color of their skin, but by the kindness in their hearts. February is the official month for Black History Month in which Martin Luther King Jr. and many other African Americans are celebrated. Black History Month actually started out as Negro History Week which was founded by Carter G. Woodson in 1926.In1976, Negro History Week transformed into Black History Month which has been celebrated in February in the United States and Canada. The month of February was chosen to coincide with the birthdays of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. Frederick Douglass was a famous abolitionist, author and spokesman. He was born a slave, but he escaped at age 20 and went on to become a world renowned anti-slavery activist. The goal of Black History Month is to educate the American people about African-Americans’ cultural backgrounds and reputable achievements.

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Texting and driving By: Aime Sanchez, Reporter

Many high school students/teens throughout the world want one thing when they turn 16, a car. Getting your own car and being able to go anywhere you want is a teenagers dream. But there’s one thing that parents worry about when you do get a car. When their teens text and drive at the same time. Many teens get easily distracted with their cell phones. They’ll stop thinking about whatever else their doing and just focus on their phone. The best way to ignore your cell phone while driving is to put it on silent mode. Then you won’t be tempted to read any messages you receive. If you are going to receive a call then just pull over and take your call so you won’t cause any accidents. By just sending one text message while driving, you can put someone in some serious injury and even yourself. Thousands of people die each year because of tragic car accidents.

Teen Texting By: Sara Dildine Sports Editor

Teens all around the world now know what texting is. Cell phones became common back in the 90’s, and just think, when your parents were kids they didn’t have cell phones. Teenagers have taken texting to the next stage. In the past couple of years, texting has become very popular and some people say addicting. Do you think teen texting is addictive? Resources such as websites from Google cite that average teenagers get 80 texts a day (or 2,272 a month.) This was just in the past year. Just think, what is it going to be like in 5 or 10 years? If texting right now is huge, then in a couple of years it’s going to be even bigger. Texting is taking over teens. Texting has become a big problem for schools and work places, taking students away from their schoolwork, the teenagers and sometimes teachers, are spending time in class texting instead of paying attention to what they should be doing.

While cruising the streets of Downtown Sacramento, you find a long line of men and women, wearing almost exclusively black, adorned with piercings, Mohawks, bulging muscles and huge tattoos. What on earth could this intimidating group of bikers and metal heads be doing in Downtown Sacramento on a Thursday night? The answer could be found on the fiery tattoos on their arms and the loud logo printed below the skull on their t-shirts; Rob Zombie. In case you’re unfamiliar, Rob Zombie was the lead in the late 80’s Grammy Award nominated, American heavy metal band White Zombie. White Zombie officially disbanded in 1998, and in the same year the lead singer (who had his last name legally changed to Zombie) released his first solo album “Hellbilly Deluxe”. In addition to his solo studio albums, Rob Zombie directed the movies House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, and the recent remakes of Halloween and Halloween 2. On Thursday, February 10th, 2011, Rob Zombie played a seventeen song set show in the recently remodeled club Ace of Spades. Ace of Spades has a holding capacity of 1000 people and was bursting at its seams with metalheads for Rob Zombie to enter the stage. Opening for Rob Zombie was Eyes Set to Kill, a screamo band from Arizona, although they played well, their music didn’t have quite enough grit for the audience’s taste. The majority of the crowd stood patiently waiting for them to make way for the real show. Rob Zombie’s band ascended the stage one at a time, and wasted no energy in getting the crowd pumped, playing long guitar riffs and mash-ups of other songs, until Rob Zombie him-

By: Whitney Welch

self approached from the back of the stage. He wore a dirty looking trench coat and his trademark huge dreadlocks covering the majority of his face, and yelled “ALL HAIL,” towards the crowd, leading the band out of their prolonged intro for a song off their newest album, Jesus Frankenstein. What came after was a 2-hour fright fest of heavy metal and heavier head-banging. Zombie played songs spanning entirely over his musical career, from his newest singles to classic White Zombie tunes. No classic was ignored; Rob Zombie said that he and his band had to rehearse for their impending world tour by playing just about every song they had. Each song was played perfectly, it sounded like it was straight off the CD with only the exclusive call outs to the crowd and the yelling of the crowd to fill in his lyrics to prove that the show was actually live. He performed the entire concert with a stage presence reminiscent of an early Alice Cooper, which was impossible to ignore, he head banged, clapped over his head, and climbed up about 15 feet onto some speakers on stage, leaving a trail of dust coming from his hands and hair in the air behind him. With every guitar riff or every new verse, the stage would flash to a different color or strobe, clouds of fog even rolled onto the stage for the more ominous songs. If his music sounds interesting to you, I would definitely recommend looking into it, and if you’re stomach proves capable of handling his unique style of horror-metal, Rob Zombie will blow you away live.

Staff Reporter

A new club by the name of Body Percussion has started. Mrs. Behm, the music teacher, began this because she had started it in college and thought it would be a good addition to our school. Body Percussion is the art of making various sounds by slapping different parts of your body. This includes your arms, chest, legs and even your face, or simply clapping, snapping or stomping your feet. All of these motions done in harmony with others, and in a certain order can make a beat or rhythm. “It’s really awesome, because you never really think you can make music with your body.” Said member and sophomore, Dominique Calderon. There are even different styles of music. For example, Brazilian percussion which consists of notes with slower beats than what sounds normal here in America. Then there’s the American style where you use your body like a drum set; your feet are the bass, hands are the snares, snapping for the cymbal, and your body for the tenor drums. “It’s really fun, because you get a chance to make music in a different way.” Said another member and sophomore, Lauren Miller. Then there’s the “monkey chanting”, which sounds out of tune, and is generally the same sounds one would associate with monkeys. The Body Percussion club will be performing in the future though the dates have not been determined. Performances will be songs the students pick themselves. It’s only a club now but it may even become an elective class in the future.

Lincoln’s Next Top Model: Jill Lieber ly t e l mp o c re an” a l ’s i e e s M o n i “G ent r f f i d

By Julian Ogans- Entertainment Editor

Favo rite P iece O Worn f Valen On a Pho Clothing to Sh tino G oot: R own ed

e: n o D sia s s e d n A o d n I i Fior

Most Uncomf ortable Shoe s: “6 inches...t hey were rea lly really small!” d:

e k o o B s ’ e e s Go Amount of ” “About 40%

“ Datch is like A bercrom Milan” b

ie in

Favorite Photogr apher: Ethan A llen er: n g i s e D e t i r Favo acobs J c r a M

Have you ever watched an episode of America’s Next Top Model and thought, I wish I could do that? Well LHS senior, Jill Lieber is a working model for Stars Model Management and absolutely loves it. “If I could do this for the rest of my life, you bet I will!” said Jill when she stopped by the journalism class for an interview. Jill began her career as a model when she was a sophomore attending modeling school. Ever since her first test shot 2 years ago, she’s been traveling the world. She’s been on go-see’s in Milan and worn some of the most exquisite designer clothing such as Alexander Mcqueen and Valentino. However, sometimes it comes at a price. Not all fashion is comfortable, “I’ve been through blood, I’ve been through blisters, I’ve been through it all.” When I reviewed her book I was absolutely blown away. A book is a portfolio a model carries with them when they go on a go-see. It usually contains test shots and previous photo shoots they have done. However, as Tyra Banks would often say on the show, you can’t just be a photo model and expect to be on top. Jill took me back to her first runway show in Milan where she walked for the brand Dotch. However, everything didn’t go as smoothly as possible. Her tank top slipped down on stage and her shoe straps popped off. How’s that for a wardrobe malfunction! When I asked her about acting, she hysterically replied “I can’t act to save my life!” So I guess we won’t be seeing her in any commercials anytime soon. Now the question a lot of people may be wondering is, will we ever see her on America’s Next Top Model? After explaining how fake the show was Jill said “There’s a 20% chance I will”. Stars come from the most random places, hopefully Jill’s Career will continue to blossom and we’ll see her face in big city lights.


Kenny Bills

Grade: Junior Age: 17 Hobbies: Hanging out with friends What is your ideal girl: Short, Funny, Good Personality What is your ideal date: Dinner and a movie Describe yourself in one word: Fun What is your best feature: Teeth Do any freshmen have a chance with you: No I don’t date freshman Personal quote: “Is that your fantasy?”

Jordynn Farr Grade: Junior Age: 17 Hobbies: GTS (gym, tanning, sushi) What is your ideal guy? Tall, dark and handsome What is your ideal date: Candle lit dinner on the beach. Describe yourself in one word: Joyful What is your best feature:

Smile Do any freshmen have a chance with you: I like freshmeat(; Personal Quote: “Live life to the fullest”

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