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100 Year Old Zebra

Lincoln’s Got the Beat! Juniors Vs. Seniors

Once a Zebra, Always a Zebra

Fall Homecoming

By: Jules Felt , Editor-in-Chief

By: Jessica Mananquil , Co-editor

By: Lillian Pitkin , Reporter

Many people have always wondered, what if I turn 100 years old? Well, for Myrtle Findley that happened. Myrtle is the oldest member of the Lincoln Zebra Family. On September 9, 2019 Myrtle came to Lincoln High School to celebrate her 100th birthday. She had many interesting stories about how different Lincoln used to be. One huge difference was how small the class sizes were. She mentioned how the whole school population was approximately 100 students. That means that one class of students (Freshman, Sophomore etc.) is smaller than one period class now. Another difference was the clothing worn in school, especially for sports. Myrtle played tennis when she was in high school here and when asked about the uniforms for tennis she said “they were pretty short” when in reality most of their skirts hit just above or slightly below their knees. Now when a skirt hits below the knee it is definitely not considered short. Also the boys tennis team played in long dress pants which is much different than the shorts our boys tennis team wears now. Continued on page 4

Do you remember... the 21st nightttttt of September? (Sing along in your head) The student body of Lincoln High School were dancing in September at the fall Homecoming dance. The dance, decorated by the Leadership class, was filled with 80’s decor and the room was lit up by vibrant, neon colors. Many students enjoyed the theme, including Joe Flood, ASB President. “My favorite part of the dance was the theme. The decorations looked great and it made for a really fun dress up week and zoo,” Flood said. The senior class were reminiscent during the night, coming to the realization that this was their last football homecoming. “It’s sad saying it was our last football homecoming but it’s bittersweet because it was a good one and it was great having fun with everyone, even if it’s one of our lasts.” Tuesday Epperson, senior at LHS, said.

On Wednesday, September 18, the long awaited powderpuff game of Junior girls versus Seniors girls finally arrived. Fans crowded the stands while the band played sideline music for the first time as the game went on. The boys cheerleading team showed their support in their halftime performance and their continuous cheering on the sidelines. In the end, though, the competitive game resulted in the Seniors beating the Juniors, the score being 24-12. The girls enjoyed playing powder puff this year, especially the seniors who are very excited for taking the win. Senior Elysia Najera, number 45 who played quarterback, said, “Powderpuff was super fun this year! The coaches, cheerleaders, and girls were awesome. It’s sad knowing that this was our last powderpuff game together.” Defensive lineman and number 57, Morgan Scott, also enjoyed playing powder puff. “I didn’t get to play powderpuff my junior year due to a knee injury so I was super excited for this year’s game.” Scott said. “It was so much fun and I loved playing with all of my best friends.”

Lincoln Homecoming - 2019 PowderPuff King Joe Flood and Homecoming Queen Sara Martinez, Photo by: Alicia Herrera, Photo Editor

Victory for the Class of 2020

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100 year old zebra posing for a selfie, Photo taken by Alicia Herrera, Photo Editor

IN THIS ISSUE: HOCO Royalty Page 6 DESIGNED BY: Molly McGuire

Homecoming group, Photo provided by Jessica Mananquil Senior Cheerleaders, Photo taken by Alicia Herrera, Photo Editor

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Senior Powdepuff Team Photo by: Jada Melick , Photographer


ENTERTAINMENT Have You watched It 2? It Chapter 2 leaves people with mixed emotions

3 out of 5 stars

By: Sophie Hume , Reporter

The long-awaited IT chapter 2 has arrived and is a mediocre follow up to the popular movie remake of Stephen King’s novel. Released on September 6, the losers returned in a less successful sequel to the 2017 remake of IT, only being 62% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes compared to its previous installment that got 86%. Despite how well it’s doing at the box office, with a runtime as long as three hours, fans were disappointed in IT 2 by the lack of shocking scare scenes and a plotline that was dragged out for what seemed like forever. Despite this, the casting was spot on and made it exciting to see the losers club all grown up and back together again after 27 years. In the movie, Pennywise returns to Derry, Maine and so must the original IT kids to defeat him once and for all. The multiple steps and intricate ritual the Losers have to complete to try and rid the world of him was a strange change of pace compared to the last movie. While there were touching emotional moments and a few scenes that gave you a good laugh now and then, the lack of authentically scary elements combined with the length of the movie made it drag at times. Many, including myself, found the individual token finding scenes far too long. Each member of the losers club had to find a ‘token’ of the summer they were broken up to burn and trap Pennywise. Another thing fans were disappointed by was the out of place CGI combined with the overdramatic and questionable plotline, besides this though, the ending left the audience with a satisfying conclusion and an enjoyable end to the series. IT Chapter 3 has not been confirmed but is a possibility considering how major the story’s timeline is, so look out for a new horrifying release date in the next year or so. I give this movie a 3 out of 5 stars.

Halloween Costume Contest

Stars made by Citlalli Aceves and Jessica Mananquil

Drawing provided by: Sophie Hume, Reporter

Which Subject Will Win?

By: Ellyanna Infantino, Reporter

Halloween is here and that means so is the Halloween fun at LHS! Lincoln’s administration wants students to know they can be silly too by putting on an administration costume contest. All the different departments choose a theme and dress up together for all students to vote on who’s costumes are the best. “I think this is a good way for staff to let their guard down and show our students we can be silly and not all serious” Michael Maul said, Principal of Lincoln High School. Last year during lunch, students went to the

Cursive Writing

amphitheater and voted on the staff departments costumes by cheering when the department is called to walk out. The department that gets the loudest cheering wins the costume contest. “Last year the science department won hands down. Not only did they have the best costumes, they went extra and put together a little choreography,” Maul said. I would like to say that I think it’s important for students to see the staff can be silly and it shows that we have comradery and that we are willing to be competitive with each other and I

think those are two things we want out of our student body in a good way,” Maul said. “It’s fun to see the students dress up and come out there too.” Students are encouraged to dress up and compete in the costume contest also judged on the outdoor stage in the quad. Parameters for costumes will be posted on Schoology and in the morning announcements. This will take place on Halloween, Thursday, October 31.

Images from last year’s Halloween Costume Contest, Right: Science Department won the contest! Photos by ZebraTales Staff

Is Reading and Writing in Cursive Important to Learn? By: Ellyanna Infantion, Reporter

High schoolers have technology galore but do they lack in reading and writing in cursive? It seems to be a lost art among high school students, but why? Many students around campus can’t even read their birthday letters from their grandparents. LHS senior and newspaper editor Jules Felt said, “learning cursive is important , I don’t think it is any more important than any classes we are taking right now. But I think it should be taught in elementary school with English.” For this article, ZebraTales interviewed students from classes to see if students could read and/or write in cursive. Out of 171 students, 116 could read cursive but only 55 could actually write in cursive. “More highschoolers could read the cursive samples than I thought would be able to,” Felt said. “It’s really sad that they are not teaching that anymore because its an important thing to know how to do.” Felt learned cursive in 3rd grade and feels like it should be included in English classes. Just think, if this ability dies out with future generations, how will they read important original documents such as the U.S. Constitution? Something to think about is that in fifty or so years if only a few people can actually read cursive, what will stop then from telling people it says things that it doesn’t. There are so many important things taught in class today but why not take a little time each year to go over cursive? It would only take a little time out of regular instruction but it would change the next generations for years to come.

School Priorities

Sample Cursive

How Times Have Changed By: Carson Jung, Reporter

Is dress code taken more seriously than mental health? Some students believe that school priorities are mixed up and more emphasis is placed on issues such as dress code instead of issues such as mental health. More importantly, lots of students believe that mental health isn’t taken seriously enough. In this article, an attempt was made to discover the resources that are available on campus regarding mental health and get to the bottom of the perceived difference in dress code enforcement. Although students may feel mentally captive, there are people and groups at Lincoln High School that are able to help. “Wellness club regularly meets and they discuss mental health” Victoria Eutsey said, LHS Asst. Principal “It’s in Mrs. Ward’s class, room 37” Eutsey told a story about a student that had to take a break from school because of his men-

tal health and came to the Wellness Club and shared his story. He felt comfortable sharing his story with the club because it’s a very safe environment. It’s a great club for people who need a support system. In addition to Wellness Club, there are a lot of resources available, including a school psychologist that can be accessed through your school counselor. Now onto dress code. Some students feel like boys don’t have as many limitations as girls, but as Eutsey explained, there is reasoning behind it. “We don’t have problems with boys wearing revealing clothes,” Eutsey said. “We have problems with boys wearing shirts that have alcohol on it or with shirts that have ‘Cookies’ on it”. Anything to do with drug or alcohol attire is not appropriate for school. There aren’t necessarily less limitations on boys, it’s just that boys don’t break the dress code as

much because boys fashion is completely different than girls fashion. Girls often violate the dress code rules which is why it’s given so much attention. People who struggle with mental illness don’t make it known which is why it’s not given as much attention and that’s why the Wellness Club is so important because people who are struggling with mental illness can share in a safe environment. Although, mental illness isn’t always talked about, the administration takes mental health very seriously and it is a top priority for them. If you are struggling with mental illness, please talk to administration to get the help you need and the Wellness Club is a comfortable, safe environment for people to go and be able to connect with others. The Wellness club meets every Thursday in Room 37.



Fantasy Football

It’s Been an Interesting Season So Far, What Will Happen Next? By: : Tyler Giles, Reporter

There is nothing, among football fans, that is more exciting, frustrating and fun as fantasy football. It’s the imaginary world that makes grown men throw a temper tantrum like a toddler who lost their favorite toy. So far in the 2019 season, fantasy football has been a little odd. Four out of the top five receivers after two weeks were either rookies, guys in their first few years, or guys who had been in the league forever and are on the downfall of their careers. Many would say the most important person on your Fantasy football team is the running back. Running backs have also been a little different this year. Right now the number one running back in total yards from scrimmage is Dalvin Cook of the Minnesota Vikings. After him comes Austin Ekeler, Saquan Barkley, Christian Mccaffery and Derrick Henry finishes off the top 5 running backs through two weeks. The number one quarterback is no surprise, Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs leads the pack with 821 yards after just two weeks! Will Cubias, a dedicated fantasy football team holder and LHS sophomore, said, “It’s been a confusing season to say the least, because a lot of players that weren’t projected to have good seasons are starting off pretty strong.” When asked who the best player on his roster was, Cubias said, “My

best player now is probably Zeke (Ezekial Elliot). I had Mccaffery but I traded him for Zeke and Julio Jones.” Julio Jones is usually one of the best receivers in the league and, even though he is not in the top five, he is living up to the title so far this year. Another wide receiver who is usually top five is Antonio Brown who will probably not play the 2019 football season. Brown has had one of the most interesting off-seasons in the history of the NFL. Brown was part of a trade between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Oakland Raiders and immediately the Raiders realized what a challenge Antonio Brown was to deal with. A few days before the season opener for Oakland, Brown was released and was a free agent for about three hours, then picked up by the New England Patriots. Figures. Brown missed the season opener for New England, but played week two and had a decent day with a little over 16 points including a touchdown. Everything was looking good for Brown, until Friday, September 20, when Brown was released from the New England Patriots. Brown tweeted his thanks to the Patriots organization for giving him a chance, which was then followed with another tweet saying he has the intention to retire, however this is not the first time Brown has said he will retire so who knows what will happen.

In the way of fantasy football, however, Brown will probably be a lost cause for the 2019 season. One of the biggest surprises of this year so far is the Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. After being described in the 2018 season as a running back playing as a quarterback, Jackson came out in 2019 with something to prove and so far he has silenced the critic. The Ravens offense through the first two weeks is averaging a total of 541.5 yards a game! If they can keep their offense playing like this, the sky’s the limit for the Baltimore Ravens. The first two weeks of 2019 fantasy football were very different and quite exciting, but the big question is whether the young players who were underlooked and came out swinging be able to stay consistent.

Drawing by Will Cubias, Reporter

Photo of the Week Photography Spotlight By: Anissa Gabaldon, Reporter

Digital Photography 1 students adventured into taking their first photo. Their goal was to follow the rule of thirds and get their image in focus. Many great photos were taken but photography student Melody Wilcox exceeded Mrs.Tofft’s expectations. When asked about what inspired her to take her photos, Wilcox said, “ I honestly just really like nature so I will take pictures of flowers and trees that remind me of my hometown.” Wilcox loved taking pictures on her phone and she joined photography because she wanted to get behind an actual camera. “ I love the art form,” she said,” I like how you can capture different areas of life, it’s like seeing a whole new perspective.”

Picture of Cookies Picture By Elysia Najera

Fall Recipe

By: Elysia Najera, Reporter

Snickerdoodles for Fall

From modernhoney.com HOW TO MAKE THE BEST SNICKERDOODLE COOKIE: Ingredients • 1 cup Unsalted Butter (softened) • 1 1/2 cups Sugar • 2 large Eggs • 2 teaspoons Vanilla • 2 3/4 cup Flour • 1 1/2 teaspoon Cream of Tartar • 1/2 teaspoon Baking Soda • 1 teaspoon Salt Cinnamon-Sugar Mixture: • 1/4 cup Sugar • 1 1/2 Tablespoons Cinnamon Instructions • Preheat oven to 350 degrees. • In a large mixing bowl, cream butter and sugar for 4-5 minutes until light and fluffy. Scrape the sides of the bowl and add the eggs and vanilla. Cream for 1-2 minutes longer. • Stir in flour, cream of tartar, baking soda, and salt, just until combined. • In a small bowl, stir together sugar and cinnamon. • If time allows, wrap the dough and let refrigerate for 20-30 minutes. Roll into small balls until round and smooth. Drop into the cinnamon-sugar mixture and coat well. Using a spoon, coat for a second time, ensuring the cookie balls are completely covered. *To make flatter snickerdoodles, press down in the center of the ball before placing in the oven. This helps to keep them from puffing up in the middle. * • Place on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet. Bake for 9-11 minutes. Let cool for several minutes on baking sheet before removing from the pan.

Beginner Version Ingredients: -1 box of snickerdoodle cookie mix -1 tub of vanilla frosting -1 bag of candy corn

Instructions: This is a super quick and easy recipe great for beginners!.If you feel intimidated by the recipe above, try this one! First make your cookies as the box instructs. Then after the cookies cool, put the frosting on the cookies. Finally have some fun and decorate your cookies with the candy corn to make them festive. And that’s it!

Picture taken by: Melody Wilcox, Reporter

In the NFL

Inside the 2019 NFL Season By: Aidan Morgan, Reporter

September is here and every football fan has been anxiously waiting for the 2019 NFL football season. However, this season has started very different than in the past. New faces are rising to the top of the leaderboards and old faces continue to dominate, but many NFL veterans have fallen to injuries in just the first 3 weeks. A plague of injuries have infected the 2019 quarterbacks more than any other position. So far, six starting quarterbacks have been injured. Saints superstar quarterback Drew Brees had to have thumb surgery, after being hit in week two by Aaron Donald. The Saints have no timeline for return. In Pittsburgh, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger injured his right elbow in week two against the Seattle Seahawks. He is going to need surgery and will not return this season. The Jacksonville Jaguars thought they had finally found their quarterback in Nick Foles. However, in week one against the Kansas City Chiefs, he was hit after throwing a pass and suffered a broken left clavicle. Foles isn’t slated to return until week 11. Panthers Quarterback Cam Newton was ruled out before his week three game against the Cardinals, due to an ongoing foot injury. Over In New York, the Jets are hitting a roadblock with young star

quarterback Sam Darnold. He was ruled out week three with mono. The Jets have no timeline on when Darnold is set to return. With injuries come opportunities for backups to make a name for themselves in the league. Several backups are stepping up this season, most noticeable is Jaguars backup quarterback Garner Minshew who gained the starting job due to Nick Foles’ injury in week one. Minshew was drafted this year in the sixth round with the 178 overall pick. He Graduated from Washington State. He has taken the NFL by storm with five touchdowns, 692 yards and a passer rating of 110.6. Shattering the NFL’s previous record with the greatest start for any rookie quarterback in NFL history. The Jags are 1-2 on the season and are looking for another win next week, against the Denver Broncos. More news coming out of Jacksonville, All-Pro cornerback Jalen Ramsey requested a trade on September 16. As of press time, no trade has occurred. The Jacksonville Jaguars are asking for two first round picks for Ramsey. Many teams could be potential landing spots for Ramsey. Teams with the highest interest in Ramsey are the Philadelphia Eagles, Oakland Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs.

The NFL this year has shown that it’s a new era in the league. This new season is looking promising for young stars and should be exciting for fans to see how things unfold. The big concern among coaches, players, and fans is will these new stars stay consistent, or will they turn out to be nothing but hype?

Drawing by: Will Cubias,Reporter



Drama Preview

LHS Drama Presents: The Turn of the Screw By: Adelaide Layton, Reporter CComing soon to Lincoln High School: The Turn of the Screw, a play adapted from The horror novella written by Henry James in the 1800s. “It’s a straight up gothic Victorian,” said Hank Florence, drama teacher and head of the drama program at Lincoln High School. “We’ve never done a straight horror before.” The story is about a young woman who gets hired as a governess of two orphaned children by the childrens’ uncle, who wants nothing to do with them. She goes out to their big manor house in the country, where there are only a couple of people on staff. While she is there, she learns that the previous governess died, and there was another very evil man living there as well. “She’s trying to protect the children from these ghosts,” said Florence, “while at the same time she’s not sure how much of it is her losing her mind, or what’s actually going on.” “This is one of the more interesting plays I’ve been in since being here at Lincoln,” said Mia Andreatta, grade 12, “It’s a lot of fun because the story itself is so mysterious, it’s fun to play off the characters when they themselves don’t know the full story.” The play will be starring Maddie Ridgeway as the governess and Mia Andreatta as the

head of the staff at the house. The roles of the children are double cast, with Carter Noise and Tyler Nielsen cast as the boy, and Giuliana Khan and Kate Barfield cast as the girl. “Every year I try to choose a play that plays to the strengths of the students that we have,” Florence said when asked why he chose The Turn of the Screw, “That was a big part of it. We have a lot of extremely talented female actors right now. So many plays are male centric, so I tried to find a play with strong, interesting female leads.” The performance will be November 8 and 9, and 15 and 16. There will also be a fall drama carnival before the opening performance, just for students. There will be games, popcorn, cotton candy, and more, followed by a student only performance. “We’re going very abstract with it,” said Florence, “Everything is going to be very representative and weird. And we’re not pulling any punches. You know, I won’t spoil any of the story but it’s pretty dark.” So come on out and appreciate an amazing performance November 8, 9, 15, and 16!

Photo of drama students at first table read. Photos provided by Lee Basham, Below: Play Poster

100 Year Old Zebra Once a Zebra Always a Zebra By: Jules Felt, Editor-In-Chief Continued from first page

Some of the other differences were the favorite classes being tumbling, printing, and typing. There were no school buses, in fact, Myrtle’s mom got paid by the school to drive her because there weren’t any busses. At Lincoln High at that time there was a Latin club and no football team. And one more thing, there was no gum. Myrtle didn’t chew her first piece of gum until she was 20 years old! There were still many things that are the same or similar to how they are now. One thing was that there was the Portuguese festival. Back then it was called the Holy Ghost Picnic. Myrtle said, “There were airplanes and they could come and be in the big holy ghost picnic every year. They had airplanes land over the park and people could go up and ride in airplanes.” The airplanes would come from the Lincoln Airport and would let people ride in them as part of the Holy Ghost Picnic. She remembered that chemistry was the least favorite class on campus. There was still a school newspaper at Lincoln High but it was under a different name. The biggest similarity was that in 1937, Lincoln and Placer were still going strong with their rivalry. It was a little different though

Rotary Exchange

since football didn’t come to Lincoln until 1950. The Lincoln vs. Placer rivalry was for boys basketball. Myrtle had some amazing stories and one stood out in particular. She was friends with Glen Edwards. Glen Edwards, if you don’t know, was a pilot in World War II and completed over 50 combat missions and won six air medals and four distinguished flying crosses. Not to mention, one of the middle schools in Lincoln is named after him. When Myrtle was asked about Glen Edwards, she got excited and said, “Yeah he went to school. And I met him on the street in Sacramento before he went down to the homestead with his mother.” Meeting Myrtle Findley was a unique experience for all the current zebras in attendance. She was very energetic and told many funny stories about her

Opportunity of a Lifetime

Schedule Change

Photo Caption and ID: Myrtle Findley meeting Ziggy the Zebra

Bring it Back!!

By: Denisse Alvarado, Reporter and Jessica Mananquil, Co-Editor

By: Nuria Gomez, Reporter

Learning new things about a place is such a great experience. Olivia Gonzalez, a senior at Lincoln High School, recently had this chance thanks to the Rotary Club of Lincoln. She was a foreign exchange student who studied abroad in Murcia, Spain. “Studying abroad was an amazing experience but definitely difficult,” Gonzalez said.She left on September 8, 2018 and returned June 26, 2019. “What I found interesting about my exchange is how many different emotions I experienced while being there. It was hard to go somewhere not knowing a single person and having to make a life there,” Gonzalez said. “But after I did that, I felt so comfortable and like it was another home for me.” One of the adjustments when moving to Spain was the difference in the school culture. “It was really different than LHS because there were no school clubs, sports, or extracurricular activities, Gonzalez said. “The main focus was academics and you could tell the difference of the atmosphere compared to Lincoln.” She found out about the rotary exchange program through Kris Wyatt, Lincoln School Board Member and Rotary Club member. She then talked to her school counselor and was given a lot of information about the program. The actual program is called the Rotary Youth Exchange and they are accepting applications now but the deadline to submit is October 15. Gonzalez presented to the Rotary Club about her experiences on the trip. The photos with this article are from that presentation.“Rotary helped me so much throughout my exchange and I recommend to anyone who is interested in studying abroad to look into Rotary and talk to Rotarians about going,” Gonzalez said. “It’s an amazing program spread across the world and it really changes your life.”

life. Lincoln High is very different than it was 82 years ago, however one thing remains the same, “once a Zebra, always a Zebra.”

The school year of 2019-2020 is especially different from If you would like more information about the previous years at Lincoln High School. Along with an addiprogram, contact your school counselor or tion of Value Teams, a new concept for Stripes, and stations visit this website: http://rye5180.org/ on the first two days of school, the student body now has to adjust to a new schedule. Previously, students would have all eight classes on Mondays, odd classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and even classes on Wednesdays and Fridays. However, odd and even classes are no longer on definitive days, as it changes back and forth each week. On Mondays, we no longer have all eight classes, but will either have your odd or even classes on that day. Each week it alternates. One week you’ll have your odd classes on Monday, then the next week you’ll have your even classes on Monday. One of the hardest things in life is change. People have trouble adapting to something that’s new. We get so used to one thing then suddenly, it changes to something completely different. This new schedule sparked controversy among both students and staff, and even sparked so much that it prompted one particular student to start a petition to change it back. The goal of the petition is to bring back the old schedule and eliminate the new schedule which most of the school would love to do. Ashely Higginson, Junior, said, “I started the petition because I feel like a lot of people feel the same way as I do about the new schedule.” On the opposing side, School Board Representative Mattie Ridgway said, “The Petition to change the Monday will not be passed.” Over time, the students will have time to fully adjust to the new schedule and run more smoothly. Top: Kris Wyatt, Rotary Member, Olivia Gonzalez, Below: Olivia Gonzalez and family. Photos Taken By: Emma Oehler, District Office

Photo provided by Jules Felt




New Club on Campus By: Citlalli Aceves, Social Media Editor

This year Lincoln High School has introduced to a new club, Association of Latino American Students or ALAS for short. The club is based on Latin Culture and traditions, allowing people from Latin descent and others to be a part of something special and new. ALAS already had their first event at the outside theater during lunch on September 13 celebrating Mexico’s independence. The celebration included music, the breaking of a piñata by teachers, and folklorico dancing performed by LHS students in the dance group “Paloma’s y Gavilanes”. In addition to celebrations and activities, ALAS also has a group of Spanish speaking students translating to parents. The first event was Back to School Night. The students have shirts to identify them and they were on hand to assist in any way possible. Luz Ramirez, a junior at LHS, said, “I had a great time making non-English speaking parents feel welcomed to school events.” The ALAS translators will be helping out more in school events with parents in the future. Ramirez added “We hope to bring people together by helping the community, in little ways like this.” If interested in joining Paloma’s y Gavilanes preforming, Photo taken by: Alexia Jaimes ALAS contact Mrs. Gonzalez in room 70 everyone is welcome.

New Teachers at LHS New Teachers Welcomed to the Lincoln High Staff By: Cecilia Carrol, Reporter

Lincoln High was founded in 1907 and has been running for 112 years now! Over the years Lincoln has created an amazing reputation for itself for being a very spirited and welcoming environment for the students and staff that attend and work there. This year, Lincoln High has welcomed many new teachers into their home. Steven Roman, a geography and world history teacher at Lincoln, is one of the many new staff members. He talks about how Lincoln has a great sense of community and how refreshing it is to see that around campus. He explains his love for one of the subjects he teaches and how he enjoys it. “I love the staff and students around here. I’m really excited for this year and hopefully many more years to follow” Roman said. “I think I teach history kind of differently. I make it come alive. Sometimes in class, we’re not always reading a book or completing worksheets. We play games, do group projects and presentations. I try to keep it fresh and make each day different.” Kelly Ward is a new English teacher on campus, he is adjusting to coming from a school smaller in size to a larger school, like Lincoln. “It’s pretty cool here. It’s a lot bigger,” Ward said. “The previous school I was at had only 450 students, while Lincoln has around 2100.” Ward continued about his experience at Lincoln by saying,“I like the students here, and the school spirit definitely. I enjoy all of the activities you guys do.” If you see Mr.Roman or Mr.Ward around campus, make sure to say hi!

History guru Mr. Roman posing in room 4

Mr. Ward posing for a photo during his off period


By: Jorge Villalba-Chavez , Reporter

Among many students at LHS, three friends came together as one to form a cultural band, where they sing and play Spanish music to entertain and satisfy their audience, friends and family. The group of friends got together at a party and enjoyed how one another played the guitar and how it sounded very nice all together. A member of the band “LDL”, Fernando Zepeda, LHS Senior, said “Me and two friends, Jorge and Adrian, just started playing guitar and just out of nowhere started playing together, and having a good time.” Later, the group of friends formed a band called ‘Los de Lincoln’ for now”, said Adrian Cardenas, LHS Sophomore, who is also a member of this band.

“LDL” plays a different style of music, “It’s more like sierreño and norteño, it’s mexican base/spanish base music... more like corridos.” Zepeda said. Photo of Fernando Zepeda, Taken by: Caitlyn Perillo The band’s upcoming event will take place at Placer High School on October Curated By: Melody Wilcox , Art Editor 29, at festival that will be celebrating the Day of the Dead. Check out a video on A Thank You from Dad (Submitted by: Nancy O’Neill, English Teacher Holli Berg’s Mother) zebratales.org to hear “LDL” in action. Dedicated to caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients

Poetry Corner

Thank you for remembering me the way I used to be, Before the years of life on earth took their toll on me. There was a time when a job-well-done was the most important thing. Lately what I needed most was the help that you would bring. I loved to go for coffee and talk with you a while. Even when I got confused, you went the extra mile. Please forgive the hurtful things I said or did to you. Remember just the friendly deeds that I’d so often do. Oh, what can be the purpose of a life that’s not the same? They say to linger on like this really is a shame. But Jesus came to serve us, and servants we must be. You had a chance to give to Him each time you cared for me. Some day we’ll stand before the Lord. These questions He will ask: “I sent you there to do my will. Did you take up the task?” “Did you feed them when they were hungry?” “Did you give a cup to drink?” “Did you take them in when they needed a place?” “Did you visit them when they were sick?” God has a plan and purpose for the things we cannot see. Thank you for doing His will and taking good care of me. —Nancy O’Neill Loving Daughter

Drawingsw of flowers by Jules Felt, Editor in Chief

We ask for submissions of poetry and feature a new poet each issue. Send your submissions to Mrs. Debbie Tofft in Room 75

Homecoming Royalty

King Joe Flood (‘20) and Queen Sara Martinez(‘20) Photo taken by: Alicia Herrera, Photo Editor


Senior Prince Austin Landry (‘20) with his escort Julia Walz (‘20) and his mother Teresa Landry

Powderpuff King Joe Flood (‘20) with his escort Brynn DeMartile (‘20)

Senior Prince Jack Lannigan(‘20) with his escort Olivia Gonzalez (‘20)

Homecoming Queen Sara Martinez (‘20) with her father Sherwin Martinez

Senior Homecoming Princess Carolyn McCommas (‘20) with her escort Zac Cannon (’20) and her father Brian McCommas

Homecoming Princess Tuesday Epperson (‘20) with her escort Tyler Peake (‘20)



Junior Attendents Marcus Barros(‘21) and Caitlyn Warner (‘21)

Sophomore Attendents justin Hinson (‘22) and Sydney Bishop (‘22)

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Freshman Attendents Dakotah Perry(‘23) and Emalie Toto (‘23) with her father Matt Toto

All Royalty Photos taken by: Sophie Hume , Photographers

Hoco Floats and Game Homecoming Floats: 1st Place: Sophomores 2nd Place: Seniors 3rd Place: Juniors 4th Place: Freshman





Sophomore Float, “Ghostbusters”

Senior Float, “Indiana Jones”



Junior Float, “The Breakfast Club”

Freshman Float, “Ferris Buelller’s Day Off”



Lincoln’s got the beat! Homecoming Game Continued from page 1

Tough Loss but Team Hopeful for Playoffs

There was something new to this dance however, and that was the entry lines. Normally, there would be a couple of lines that people could go in and it didn’t matter which one you chose. This dance, the entry lines were by last names. “I think that even though admin tried helping the lines, it didn’t shorten the lines and it separated groups and dates, which isn’t good because people would get lost.” Epperson said. Though the line entry sparked some controversy, administration is already on the move to solve the problems. “The dance will be alphabetical entry next time, at least at our current thinking,” Michael Maul, Principal, said. “However, we will have two lines open for each alphabet segment, which means we will have six lines total, which should significantly speed up the entry process.” According to Maul, they will also be putting wristbands on while students wait in line to help speed up the process as well. “We do feel it took too long for some of the students to be able to enter, which is why are making some changes before the next one.” Maul said.

By: Lillian Pitkin, Reporter On Friday, September 20, Lincoln High School hosted their homecoming football game, facing off against Center. Despite losing 27-14, the Zoo was still filled with zebra pride and students dressed up in neon and 80’s themed clothing to support. Football players, such as Senior Varsity player, Eddie Ramirez, #51, agree that the energy was electric, saying, “Atmosphere was great and we started off strong and slowly faded away, something we got to work on and we will.” Varsity Quarterback Jared Willis, #8, said, “We definitely didn’t play up to our standards, we had costly penalties and turnover that hurt us from coming back.” Junior and Varsity player, Zach Faria, #14, who plays outside linebacker, is already thinking about the next game versus Oakmont. He said, “It was a tough loss but now we need to learn from our mistakes and get ready for Oakmont.” The next game versus Oakmont is the next league game, and a very important game for the Zebras to start league off in a positive light.

Homecoming Group, Photo provided by Jessica Mananquil PAGE DESIGNED BY: JULES FELT AND DUSTIE NELSON

Football players on the sideline, Photo taken by Alicia Herrera, Photo Editor



Juniors Vs. Seniors Continued from page 1, PowderPuff By: Lillian Pitkin, Reporter

The game was very competitive, filled with many awesome plays that made it interesting for the fans. Najera said her favorite play during the game was, “... when I threw a thirty-yard pass and Allie Ireland caught it for a touchdown.” Junior head coach, Tyler Giles, said, “The game did not go the way we planned for it to go… but we scored twice in the second half. I think next year the juniors are going to go out as seniors and are going to kill the 2022 class.” Overall, the game brought together the junior and senior classes in a competition filled with powder puff, cheerleading and zebra pride. Photo of Powderpuff Seniors. Photo taken by: Jada Melick (‘20)


Photo of Powder Puff Cheerleaders taken by: Jada Melick (‘20)

Football drawn by Jules Felt, ZebraTales

How is the Season Shaping Up? By: Will Cubias, Reporter

Your varsity fighting zebras were rolling after beating rival Whitney heading into their homecoming game, but were unable to capitalize off the huge momentum losing 27-14 against Center . The tough game will only help the Zebras by preparing them for league. The Zebras have a 3-2 record in preseason, facing many tough opponents such as the Oakridge Trojans, the third ranked team in NorCal, and our neighboring rival Whitney who we pulled out the win against in a nail-biter. Heading into a bye week, this week won’t just be rest week. As a matter of fact, it will be one of the most important weeks of the year, due to the Zebra’s need to get back on track before they head into league.

Junior wide receiver, Tyler Giles, when asked about how they’re preparing for league, said, “We have had a pretty good preseason so far, and playing teams like Oakridge and Whitney prepares us for our league and we have good teams like Placer and Rio Linda, good teams that are really going to test us.” After the rough loss in the homecoming game, the Zebras will just need to keep focused and keep their eye on the prize, which is a PVL championship. The Zebras only have their toughest games ahead of them facing league rival Placer, who is ranked 22nd in NorCal, and Rio Linda who is 23rd. Although the Varsity team was defeated in

their homecoming game, the JV and Freshman teams are on a roll, with Freshman on a 3 game win streak, and JV continuing their undefeated record at LHS with a 5-0 record. Coming off of the incredible season last year finishing with a 10-0 record the JV team has high expectations heading into their second season, and despite many players going up to play with Varsity, the JV team is still dominating. Starting Quarterback for the JV team, Johnny Bauser.

Photo taken by Haydn Cloud, Photography Student

Photo taken by Haydn Cloud, Photography Student

Photo taken by Haydn Cloud, Photography Student

Photo taken by Paul Hatten, Facebook Page

Photo taken by Haydn Cloud, Photography Student

Photo taken by Morgan Scott, Reporter


Girls Golf is Swinging off the Season By: Will Cubias, Reporter

Photo of Girls Golf Team Photo taken by David Foxworthy, Golf Coach

The girls golf team is off and swinging on the 2019 season. The team is looking to continue their dominance in the league; they won a league championship last year and look to continue on that path by going 2-0 in league play to start the season. When asked about preparation for league, Coach Dave Foxworthy said, “We schedule some tough opponents for preseason matches to help us prepare for league. This year we played against many teams that have won section titles in the past few years.” About choosing tough pre-season opponents, “I think this prepares the girls to be ready to compete at a high level for the remainder of the season and into the playoffs!” Foxworthy explained. The girls have started 4-3 in collective games. Girls golf has three seniors on their roster of and in her final season, Tuesday Epperson came to play. In 7 of the 8 rounds she has played in, she has posted the best score out of all competitors, with her best being a 37,and her average being a 40. But she’s not alone, with many other girls posting great scores, such as Junior Skyler Raper. When asked about how they look to continue their dominance in league, Raper said, “We just have to keep our scores down and stay mentally focused.” With hopes of repeating in league, the girls will have to be locked in and keep posting low scores. “We hope to win another FVL Championship this year,” Foxworthy said. “I would really like to have a good showing at the Divisional Tournament at the end of the season” Come out and support the girls golf team as they head into their final matches of the season!



Off&Running CrossCountry

By:Hunter Jansen & ZTStaff,GuestWriter

Hills big nor small, weather cold nor hot, and time day nor night is able to stop the determination and hard work of the LHS Cross Country team. A team comprised of over 50 athletes, all for the passion of running. Anywhere you go, you can see the team and their dedication, running great distances all over Lincoln. Many even wake up for practice at 5:45 in the morning to get some practice under their belt. The cross country team is headed by English teacher Nancy Hoppe, as well as many volunteer coaches like Chad Alma and Doug Croall, who was a coach in previous years at LHS.These coaches head the team in their warm ups, their workouts, race strategies, and in their health outside of the sport. Despite this, each grade and“team”of runners is independent. Each team, from Varsity Boys to JV Girls have their own captains, and those captains ensure that each member stays motivated and determined in their sport.This is the basis of the cross country family. The cross country team is off and running andVarsity runner and sophomore, Cameron Noreen, said of the season,“It’s going pretty good, our team is better than last year.We have strongerVarsity boys and we’re placing better than last year.” The team will run anywhere too. Everywhere from golf courses in Stockton to the Universities of Humboldt and Chico, as well as the foothills of Folsom and Sierra College, runners will see courses and runs both close and far from their home of LHS. But the team always has a plan for these meets, representing LHS with spirit and pride no matter what may happen. Competition helps to push the team to get better,“I have a running partner on the team, we both have similar times so one of us is always edging the other out during meets, it’s an ongoing competition, and helps to push us” Noreen said. In addition to the competition, the experience of being on a team is what many student athletes enjoy, not just the competition. Noreen said,“There’s a bunch of new guys this year so bonding with the team has been nice.” If you don’t know which sport to join at LHS, cross country is a great start! Anyone and everyone is accepted, from the fastest to slowest, the most skilled to least, anyone has a chance to shine and make their mark on the team. Don’t let the running scare you, because the cross country family will do their best to make your time as an athlete worthwhile.

All Cross Country Photos by LHS Photographer Cailon Moreau, Special to ZebraTales Photos taken at the Lagoon Valley Classic in September 2019

Top: Photo of JV Girls Volleyball Bottom: Photo of Freshman Girls Volleyball, Photos taken by: Parent Heather Southworth

Girls Volleyball

Photo of Varsity Girls Volleyball, Photos by: Parent Heather Southworth

Girls Tennis

Photo of Grace Huerta(22’) on Varsity tennis, Photo taken by: Cecilia Carroll, Reporter

Game, Set, Match By: Sophie Hume, Reporter

The Lincoln High School girls’ tennis teams start off the season with high hopes as they begin playing their first games of the year. The girls are coming off a few losses and a win,but are counting on learning from their mistakes and switching it around these next couple of weeks. Head Coach and new math teacher to LHS, Chris Foster, said, “The girls have made a lot of strides this year, but we would need one or two more top players to be in contention for the league.” “Were not starting off the best” Varsity player Grace Huerta (‘22) said. ”But we’re very positive that the season will be great going forward.” The players seem to be very optimistic about their upcoming games. “Were looking forward to playing Del Oro,” Huerta says,” they’re a good team and we are confident that we can beat them.” In fact the LHS tennis team did defeat the Del Oro Golden Eagles. Other teammates just seem to be enjoying the fun of being on a team full of friends. When asked

Girls Volleyball By:Cecilia Carroll, Reporter

Photo of Teigan Szymuoewski(22’) on JV tennis, Photo taken by: Cecilia Carroll, Reporter

what her favorite part of the team was, Teigan Szymuoewski (‘22), sophomore on JV, replied, ”Definitely the other players on the team. They’re really nice, and it’s just a really fun environment.” Huerta seemed to agree, “I love meeting new people and forming new connections.” Lexi Allen (‘22), Varsity player, replied, “I love how everyone’s friends and how everyone gets along really well.” The zebras seem to be very productive in strengthening their abilities this season. ”It’s fun to see how (Stockton) plays tennis versus how our coach taught us, I’m learning a lot.” Szymuoewski says. The team lost 7 to 2 to a tough Ponderosa team and they are anticipating a close match with Nevada Union as well as Rio Linda. “My goal for the team is to eclipse last year’s record of 3-7 in the league. They fight every match and always bring a good attitude, I have really enjoyed coaching,” Foster said. “I am looking forward to the boy’s season and next year with the girls when everything won’t be quite so overwhelming with the late start and it being my first year.” Overall, the team is looking to have a great season and have a lot of fun playing future games and bonding as a team.

As the LHS Varsity girls volleyball team enters their second year in division three, they also enter into a very promising season, with their current preseason record being 7-1. Returning varsity player and junior, Sadie White says that preseason is helping them see what they need to work on for their upcoming matches, “I feel like we are going to be pretty successful this season, and it could be the best Lincoln has done in years.” Andrea Ramirez (‘22) is one of the newest additions to the varsity team. Last year as a freshman she was on JV, and then got moved up to varsity her sophomore year. She says that the two teams aren’t much different, and that the bond between the girls is still the same. “Being on JV and varsity have their similarities, we are still pushing in order to derive success. I think what’s most different is the way of coaching.” says Ramirez. “I think our preseason is going great, the games are really helping us figure out what we need to work on more in order to thrive this season.” Aliyah Mallinson (‘22) plays for the JV team. “(Preseason is) helping us figure out how we all work together as a team and how we can make adjustments to make everything smoother,” says Mallinson. “I love playing the sport, and my teammates make everything 100 times better.” Emalie Toto (‘23) a player on the freshman team is adjusting to being at a new school and on a different team, she says. “This preseason hasn’t been too good so far, we have gone 1-4. But, you know we are getting in our practice and getting ready for our season which I feel will be much smoother and better.” Toto says. “ My favorite part about being on the team is that I have gotten to meet a lot of new girls, they’re a really cool group.”



The Key to Friendship Nurturing You

By: Melody Wilcox, Reporter In today’s world, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for many to put themselves out there to others and make friends beyond a screen. The reason for this being that most people don’t know who they can or cannot trust to be a true friend, therefore the majority of people continue with their day and move to the next class. Several of them however, will try to spin a conversation or two with their surrounding peers, which in most cases trails off into casual classroom small talk. So how does one go about raising the bar from clothing compliments to a long lasting and genuine friendship? To answer that, students have been asked who their closest friend is and how their strong connection has come to be. “Nathaniel Page has been my longest friend since 7th grade,.” Britan Fowler (‘20) said. “He has been a good friend and it wasn’t till 9th grade, after all of our friends split apart and I had things in my life happen, that we’ve become closer as friends, even though I know he probably may say otherwise sometimes.” Fowler ponders the key to their long lasting friendship, reflecting it to be that, “Our sense of humor and our taste in most music makes us very good friends, but also the fact that he has dealt with me when I cut and tried to kill myself.” “When everyone else had given up on me, or tried to avoid me, he was one of the few who stood by me till the very end,” Fowler said, “I wish I could be there for him more, but we get along like two peas in a pod.” To share perspective in a strong friendship as well as a strong relationship, student Kaylani Dillman (’20) talks

about Logan Castaneda (‘20) student of Lincoln High School, and Tristin Stidman (‘20) student from Phoenix High School, “Logan is my best friend and Tristin is my boyfriend. I’ve been friends with Logan for only three years, but I’ve known him since 3rd grade. Tristin and I have been dating a year with no arguments. I’ve known him since 5th grade,

everyone, and understanding that not everyone’s the same. Also just talking about the things that bother us, so that we can work on solving our problems together. That may seem like more of a relationship thing, but I believe it can work in some friendships too, because you not only tell the person when something bothers you, but also ask what the

and we’ve been friends with him since 7th grade.” She then goes on to note on how she and them handle conflicts or disagreements, “Tristin and I haven’t had an argument since about 8th grade. We finally decided we just needed to sit and calmly talk to each other about how we felt when something is wrong. As for Logan, he and I just play fight together because we understand that everyone is different.” Her recommendation regarding the key to friendship is, “To just be nice to

two of you can do to fix the problem. Communication is important above everything.” “We both just want to be there for each other,” Fallyn Roughton (‘20), LHS student said of her friend Alysa Sakatani ‘22 homeschool student when asked about her longest lasting friendship. “It’s a rarity when we fight, but when we do we make up almost immediately. In any conflict, we get together and talk about what’s bothering both of us and try to fix it from there.”

Artwork by Melody Wilcox, Reporter

One Boy, Two Surgeries

Starting Football Player Faces Adversity By: Tyler Giles, Sports Team Devin Sherman, a running back for the JV football team at Lincoln High School in 2018, has gone through hip reconstruction surgery at the age of 16 and will have another surgery this summer. Sherman was a starting running back on the football team for 7 years and now he can barely walk. Sherman has had problems with his hips for a long time now and knew he needed to get it fixed but waited until the end of the 2018 JV football season for Lincoln High School. It was a phenomenal final season for Sherman’s career, he was a key part of the teams 8-2 season with a league title. Sherman had pain in his hips throughout the season and had many trips to the doctor’s office in 2018. He underwent his surgery in the summer of 2019 and is now on the road to recovery before he has another surgery in the summer of 2020.

We Love Pizza!

When asked what type of surgery Sherman had, he said, “I had hip reconstruction surgery because I was born with hip dysplasia.” According to the Mayo Clinic, hip dysplasia is when the hip socket doesn’t fully cover the ball portion of the upper thigh bone. Often times, hip dysplasia symptoms don’t start until a patient is a teenager or young adult. Symptoms in teenagers include painful complications, groin pain and even a labral tear. Immediatley after the surgery, Sherman started having pain in his hips, he said, “I couldn’t walk for 6 weeks and all I could think of was the pain in my hips.” Sherman is still in the beginning of his road to recovery, Sherman said, “the recovery is six months to a year” which means Sherman will recover just in time for his second surgery which will take another 6 months to a year in recovery.

Old Town Pizza’s new Location is Stirring up Excitement

Photo Taken By: Gina Sherman, mother of Devin Sherman - Devin Sherman leaving the ER

Roughton continues to propose that, “Honestly the key to friendship for me is loyalty, trust, and getting to know that person well. When you spend a lot of time with your friend that allows you to truly know that person and their tendencies, which makes it easier to trust them. And being loyal stops conflict from arising because neither of you are doing things to upset each other. If you want to keep a good relationship going, my best advice is to not be a fake person and hurt your friend, and don’t lie to them. Trust and communication are definitely key.” Almost everyone has a best friend in their lives, whether it’s the one they’ve known since middle school, or maybe one they met last year. Some friends live just down the road from one another, while others may have moved far away. In most cases when someone tries to make new friends, they find that no one else compares with their best friend, making it hard for many to make new friends or get close to anyone else. But think about it, isn’t it about time everyone starts getting along and understanding one another? Hopefully these tips will help students at LHS find the key to making new and strong connections with their peers, and expanding their circle of reliable friendships. Lastly, 4th grade student Macie Wilcox of First Street School would like to express to the high school students of Lincoln, “No matter how you feel, you should always help a friend in need, and even if you’re not okay, you can help them and they can help you. Neither of you are ever alone if you are there for each other.”

September Homecoming?

Why was Homecoming so Early This Year? By: Elizabeth Ordiway, Reporter

Why is Homecoming so early this year? Previous school years here at Lincoln High School homecoming was sometime in October but this year it was in September. Though many students are glad that homecoming is so early, many things were affected. Why did they decide to make this change? The principal here at LHS, Michael Maul, said, “The homecoming dates are chosen by the football coach, the activity director, and admin. The five-day weekend in October is also something we had to work around.” Mystery solved!

By: Alicia Herrera, Photo Editor

Lincoln’s favorite pizza joint is getting a facelift and a new location. Old Town Pizza, a long time favorite among Lincoln students, has made its way into a newer, bigger location. A complete remodel of the old Lincoln Inn has really cleaned up an old, decaying spot in downtown Lincoln. The chain seems to have spared no expense with the beautiful renovation keeping the folksy charm and adding historical references unique to Lincoln. Old Town pizza has been loved for the great hospitality and pizza dating back to 1999 starting in Auburn and then later moving to Lincoln in 2004, the location being the old fruit shed building on Lincoln Blvd. Staying in the same location for years, they needed to have more space for all the new and returning customers. Kelly Bewley, Co-Owner/ Events Coordinator with OTP, said “We have made a number of improvements but overall the location is better as we can accommodate more guests, better availability to parking, larger bar seating area, private banquet room, and of course, a rooftop dining option!” In addition to better parking, Bewley said, “The ambiance, as well as all the added amenities, paired with more accessible parking and ease of getting to our new location, I believe will attract a large number of new guests”. Bewley also said, “We added gelato, wine on draft, and lots of additional seating including a rooftop dining section”. The New Old Town Pizza opened up on September 23. Come on down and visit the new location on Lincoln Boulevard.

Above left: Photo of CauliflowerCrust Pizza. Above right & below: The newly remodeled location. Photos Taken By: Debbie Tofft, ZebraTales Advisor




Coyotes, Broncos, Rhinos, Mustangs, Rattlers or Rams?

First Two Days of School

By: Jules Felt , Editor-In-Chief

By: Elizabeth Oridway Reporter The first two days of school were very different from the previous years here at Lincoln High School. Instead of going to their scheduled classes, students and staff were separated into four different value teams: Care, Courage, Character, and Connect. Each of the value teams went through a variety of activities but were stuck in 100 degree heat. There have been mixed opinions circulating throughout the school among the students and staff. Sophomore, Lucas Le said, “I thought the first two days of school were fun and I got to see my old friends which was pretty cool. I think they could change a few things like making it more involving and fun.” The teachers seemed to really enjoy the first two days of school. Instead of having to read the student handbook and passing out syllabi for an hour and a half, they got to hang out with their co-workers, but what do they really think about it? World History and Geography teacher, Bill Halbert said, “It was fantastic. We got to hang out, meet new people, and make new friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better two days of school.” When asked if he could change anything and if so why, he said, “I don’t like change, I like dollars.” Why did they decide to change things up this year? “We just felt that having the first two days full of rules and “what you can and can’t do” isn’t the most welcoming way to start a new year. We are really working at making LHS an inclusive place for everyone.” Michael Maul said, the LHS principal. “We will continue to tweak the first two days and make them as effective as possible- we thought it was a great first go, but like any first time doing something, you learn how you can make it even better.” The first two days seemed to be a success and they aim to make it even better. We can’t wait to see what is to come for the upcoming years here at Lincoln High School.

Twelve Bridges High - Lincoln’s New High School ­Many students and families alike have had questions about the new high school. What it will do to Lincoln High, what it will do to the students, and what it’ll do to the community of Lincoln as a whole. There are a lot of basic questions about the new school. According to the Western Placer Unified School District website, the school will be opening Fall of 2021 and the colors will be lucky green and black. The mascot for the school is still under consideration but some of the options are Broncos, Mustangs, Rhinos, Rattlers, Coyotes, and Rams. The students at the middle schools are going to vote for those mascots soon. One aspect of the school is what programs are going to move to the new school and what programs are staying. District Superintendent, Scott Leaman, said “We will be moving the BioMed, Information Communication Technology (ICT), and Media Arts programs.” As for how the district selected which programs to move, “BioMed is moving because of the proximity to the medical organizations in the area and Media Arts is moving because we received a 3 million dollar grant to purpose-build an area at the school,” Leaman said. “We also have plans to serve students through ICT at the site.” There are a few programs staying at LHS including ag pathways, engineering pathways and a new education pathway. Also both schools will have all of the normal education classes (math, English, science, etc.)

One concern about the new high school is whether it will separate Lincoln. Lincoln has only had one high school since 1907 and many students have had parents, grandparents and even great grandparents attend Lincoln High School. Some are also saying it may separate Lincoln by social status. Leaman addressed this,saying, “I have always appreciated that all our students, no matter where they started in our district, went to the same high school. This will be a big change for us. I am hoping there isn’t the “haves and have-nots.” We enhanced LHS by spending over 18 million dollars on the facility to make sure the school wasn’t left behind. We will have options for students to attend either school, so my hope would be students from all areas of the district would attend both schools” Although there are many questions and concerns, Lincoln needs the new high school. Leaman said “Lincoln High School is so impacted by space. When space becomes precious it causes frustration and limits our ability to start new programs to serve our students.” There is also a “frequently asked questions” page on the WPUSD website with more information about the new school and everything surrounding the topic. It is updated regularly with new information. Look for the green and black square on the left side of the website that says “TBHS FAQ” for the updates.

Photo of Layout of the New High School off of the District Website

What Changed From Last Year?

Photos of the first day of school taken by Debbie Tofft

Value Teams

Care, Character, Connect and Courage

Photo of (left to right) Mason Bitter (‘20) Rleen Maydwell (‘20) Frank Cornejo(‘20)Tuesday Epperson (‘20) Jessica Mananquil (‘20) Ella Sybrowsky(‘20)

Summer Internship

By: Jessica Mananquil, Co-Editor Among the multiple things that were added to the first two days of school, the student body of Lincoln High School were informed on a new concept: value teams. On the first day of school, the students were separated into different groups according to their last name. Last names of A-D are team “Care”, E-La are “Character”, Le-Re are “Connect”, and Rh-Z are “Courage.” On the first two days of school, there were several competitions between the groups. Competitions will be going on throughout the whole year where there will be only one winner. “Although I was hesitant about the value teams at first because I thought they would get rid of the class competitions, I’m starting to like how they bring the whole school together.” Jules Felt, senior at LHS, said. The Culture Team, a group of staff members who have volunteered to be the guiding force behind improving the culture and feel of the school, decided to create the Value Teams to increase the amount of con-

nection both students and staff feel with the school community, according to Michael Maul, Principal at LHS. The purpose of the value teams is to create an identity for what it means to be a Zebra, and to define the core values of what we want to exemplify in who we are and what we do.” Maul said regarding what the Value Teams are trying to achieve. Each team represents the key values that the Zebra family exhibits. “We want our entire Zebra community to connect with one another, to care for one another, to show courage when the going can be tough, and to demonstrate character when we face difficult choices. And, above all, we want to remember that we are all family.” Maul said. Maul hopes that students and staff will continue to be involved throughout the year and that the administration is open to any ideas students have for different activities and competitions.

Short-Term Memory Loss, Forgotten Memories By: Melody Wilcox , Reporter There’s nothing like getting real world experience. That’s just the opportunity several LHS students had last summer through an internship program that took place over the summer. “I learned more about Lincoln during the three weeks I interned there then I had in the seven to eight years I’ve lived here,” Jessica Mananquil, LHS Senior, said. “I got to learn about what’s happening in my community and learn more about the people that lived here.” Mananquil interned for the Lincoln News Messenger along with Melody Wilcox (‘20). The duo had several articles and photographs published during their internship including some published on the coveted front page. Mananquil recalls, “Lincoln News Messenger offered both Melody and I the opportunity to write for them anytime we wanted, we just had to contact them and they’ll make room.” Seniors applied for summer internship positions at the end of their junior year. Beginning with a career prep class, these students learned a variety of skills from how to write a resume to how to carry out a professional and successful job interview, as well as how to work in a team-oriented environment. In addition to the local newspaper, AB Tools selected engineering students Kevin Torres ‘20 and Katelyn Yates ‘20, and working in City Hall was Zoe Ogans ‘20 student.

“This internship gave me a new perspective on manufacturing engineering which may or may not have a role in what I decide to do later in life.” Kevin Torres mentioned when he talks about his experience in his internship at AB Tools, Inc. “This internship prepared me for my future because I was choosing between two different careers: English teacher and journalist,” Jessica said. “This internship showed me I wouldn’t want to be kept up in an office most of the time and I want to interact with more people. Becoming an English teacher would allow me to meet and help new people. Though, I still love writing and will minor in journalism in college.” The students were in agreement regarding the benefits of this opportunity. As Torres explains it, “These internships have been an amazing opportunity to get an insight on the workplaces for potential future careers that many students at Lincoln High School want. Doing this internship is highly recommended to all students for next year.” Jessica Mananquil also noted that this opportunity challenged her in new ways. “This internship, though short, gave me a lot of work experience and showed me professionalism and gave me great communication skills,” she said. “I would have to talk to new people every day and it really helped me get out of my comfort zone.”

Left: Melody Wilcox Right: Jessica Mananquil at the Lincoln News Messenger during their summer internship. Photos by Debbie Tofft, Advisor

Photo of (left to right) Melody Wilcox (‘20) Kevin Torres (‘20) Katelyn Yates ‘20)Zoe Ogans (‘20) Jessica Mananquil (‘20)



Marc Kena Aquino


Mattie Ridgway

Grade: 11 Nickname: “Mattie Joe, MJ” Best Feature: “My eyes, smile and openness.” Ideal Guy: “Someone who loves their mom and can deal with me.” Long-term Goal: “In life, own three dogs. In dating, to find a boyfriend.” 3 Words to Describe You: “Hardworking, Kind, Easily Humored.” What is your baggage?: “My tendency for sarcasm and being overly involved in school and my not-so-secret love of musical theater.” Do freshmen have a chance with you?: “I don’t like to babysit.” Celebrity Crush: “Matthew Gray Gubbler and Chris Evans”

Grade: 11 Nickname: “Markeenie” Best Feature: “The more you know me the more you love me.” Ideal Girl: “A girl who will sing my favorite songs with me out loud.” Long-term Goal: “Be a professional filmmaker or animator” 3 Words to Describe You: “Intelligent, Kind, Somewhat Social” What is your baggage?: “I don’t know when to stop for anything.” Do freshmen have a chance with you?: “It’s very slim.” Celebrity Crush: “Will Smith”

Cristian Jimenez

Seniors Julia Hernandez

Grade: 12 Nickname: “Chico” Best Feature: “My hair” Ideal Girl: “Any girl, I dont discriminate” Long-term Goal: “Become a pediatrician” 3 Words to Describe You: ”I am hot.” What is your baggage?: “Loyal” Do freshmen have a chance with you?: “No idea” Celebrity Crush: “Kylie Jenner”

Grade: 12 Nickname: “J” Best Feature: “Nails” Ideal Guy: “Harry Styles” Long-term Goal: “To graduate” 3 Words to Describe You: “Short, Mom, Funny” What is your baggage?: “Im 17 and can’t drive” Do freshmen have a chance with you?: “No” Celebrity Crush: “Harry Styles”

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ZebraTales Issue 1 October 2, 2019  

ZebraTales, LIncoln HIgh, LHS, Newspaper, student,

ZebraTales Issue 1 October 2, 2019  

ZebraTales, LIncoln HIgh, LHS, Newspaper, student,