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Third Annual Egg Hunt

During the week of March 18-22, Zebra Tales hosted their Third Annual Egg Hunt at Lincoln High School. The Egg Hunt was created as a fun event for high school students to participate in before they go on Spring Break and to also raise funds for the school newspaper, as well as get the word out there about who and what Zebra Tales really is. Every night during the week of the hunt, Zebra Tales staff hid about 80 eggs around the LHS campus that were filled with a variety of prizes ranging from small candy to gift cards to multiple places around town like Starbucks, Old Town Pizza, etc. The excitement Photo by: Brooke Jacobsen, Design Editor continued each day with a bigger By: Cleo Sanchez, Reporter golden egg prize valued at $50 hidSonia Del Toro, Reporter den in a special location that required Former LHS Student Facing Serious Charges the answer to a riddle in order to third graders from Twelve Bridges discover its location. Each day there On Friday, March 15th a false was a different mini golden egg with Elementary, Lincoln Crossing, report of a bomb was made around Creekside Oaks Elementary and gift certificates and prize packages 11:30 a.m. at Lincoln High. At this from Awful Annies, Crazy Cakes, Carlin C. Coppin, didn’t get the time, the science department here Old Town Pizza, and SkyZone. Each at LHS was holding their annual chance to come and we can’t recreate it. However, we are going Science Expo in the gym. Approxto invite them again for next year.” imately 800 third graders from the Edwards continued, “I think a lot local elementary schools were supLHS Student Parking Lot of my students were disappointed. posed to attend and participate in the expo. Unfortunately, before the Mostly the seniors, because they Many students are now upset second half of the 800 third graders won’t get the opportunity to do it due to the closing of the parking at were about to arrive, they were told again next year.” A more involved Lincoln High School, also referred student that participated in the to quickly get back on their bus and return to their schools. LHS expo, Menna Hegazi (‘13) said, “It to as “the hick lot”. The topic of the closed parking lot has been a science teacher, Marilou Edwards, was kind of weird because at first controversial issue since it was who at the time was in charge of the we really didn’t know what was closed off from student parking going on and since we weren’t in expo, expressed her overview on about two months ago. Supposedany specific class, we were kind of the chaos. “First of all, I was really ly, the lot was closed because the upset because the second half of the just a mob at the end of the field.” students were “destroying school (Continued on Page 10) expo couldn’t continue, and we lost property”. Of course, the students’ of lot money as well. And also the opinion may, and will most likely differ from administration. LHS Principal Jay Berns had his fair share of words to say on this topic, “So we closed the parking lot because it was getting messy out there.”Berns continued stating, “There was chewing tobacco, which really isn’t legal on a high school campus, and garbage all the time out there, unfortunately. And we thought they were cleaning it up and then it just wasn’t getting better. We were

Bomb Threat

No Admittance!

By: Stephanie Wilcox, Editor-In-Chief

mini golden egg leads up to the BIG golden egg on Friday with a $100 Master Card gift card, donated by WalMart. Every year there have been a few tweaks to the way the egg hunt is run in order to create the best experience possible. Last year, Zebra Tales decided that the BIG golden egg would be placed in a locker and combinations would be written in chalk all over the campus and students could try combinations until someone got it unlocked. Unfortunately, no one retrieved the correct combination and Zebra Tales resorted to raffling off the gift card instead. Even though that didn’t seem to work very well last year, the ZT staff decided to try again and condense the written combinations to a smaller area, only in the quad. (Continued on Page 6) Photo by: Brooke Jones

Closed Until Further Notice By: Sonia Del Toro, Reporter

having the kids park their 4x4 on the grass and just making a mess.” When asked how the students felt about the closed lot, the students had very strong opinions regarding their loss of privileges. “I think it was kind of stupid and shouldn’t have happened, in my opinion. Something happened in the parking lot and it wasn’t any of us. And that is kind of silly that they did close it because everyone parks in there not just the ‘hicks’ but a lot of people park in there too,” Mercedes Auger (‘13), explained. (Continued on Page 10)

ZT Garlic............................4/5 Egg Hunt............................6/7 Prom...................................10 Bachelor/Bachelorette........12

Photo of: VP Victoria Eutsey kissing a goat for an FFA fundraiser, Photo by: Todd Scott, FFA Member

Photo by: Jasmine Smith, ZebraTales


Game, Set, Match

Lincoln High’s Tennis Team Kicks Off Their Season

By Loreena Sims; Reporter and Photographer

Tennis balls for the Tennis team Photo by: Zebra Tales Staff

Soccer Season By Sydney Pope; Reporter

As the intensity grows, hands on the racket become sweaty while silently waiting for the green, fuzzy ball to be slammed down into the little, maroon-colored box where they will only have seconds to prepare for a powerful return. Lincoln High School’s tennis team has been working really hard in the hopes for a successful 2013 season. By having practice four out of the five days in a week, and including endless tennis drills, running, and even some yoga poses, the tennis team is ready to defeat the other schools in their league. The expectations for the season were revealed when Tim Allen, science teacher and tennis coach at LHS stated, “This year is going to be great! The newcomers continue to improve incredibly and there are high hopes for this year’s season.”

The colors of blue and gold flash across the field as the Lincoln High School Girls Soccer team raids the pitch. The long anticipation for soccer season has finally come! This exciting field sport has acquired many die-hard soccer players from LHS who all put their heart and soul into the sport. After enduring many lengthy days under the sun doing lots of conditioning, they are ready to score some goals! But this game takes more than looking cute in cleats and knowing how to kick a ball. Soccer takes time, long hours of practice, the risk of getting injured, and ultimately, a love for the sport. So far only two games have been played one against Colfax which ended in a disappointing loss and the other against Bear River, with a successful win, however many more are to come and we can only expect greatness from these awesome girls due to their effort and dedication. “We are constantly working on getting better and improving.” Abbie Faingold, Junior at LHS said. And Riley Sims 11th grader, mentioned how she thinks they have a very strong team. Since the games have just begun, some people wonder if the team has had a chance to really mold together as more than a team. According to Kyndra Props, Junior at LHS, she says they have. She states, “We all get along really well. We’re like sisters.” After asking other members of the team, there seemed to be a recurring theme, each one after the next agreeing that they felt more like great friends rather than people who just happened to be put on the same field. Maddie Brown, LHS Senior, continued in this by saying, “We have a lot of new girls that have never played together and I think we’ve done a great job of coming together and really working as a team and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season goes.” With the great friendships already blooming and the craving for victory in their eyes, this team is off to a great and exciting beginning! Lauren Edwards (‘16) Photo By: Mrs. Props, Parent

Unfortunately, the season is off to an unexpectedly disappointing start where only 5 of the 10 games were won against Bear River and Center. Of those winners, were Blake Waidmann playing #2 singles, Isaac Thich and Abner Apsley playing #1 doubles, Tanner Apsley and Brett Dargan playing #2 doubles, and Loreena Sims playing #1 singles. Regardless of the loss, Amrita Chumber, a tennis player on the varsity LHS tennis team who plays #2 doubles stated, “Our team has really improved a lot over such a short time and continues to do so. I think that if we continue to work hard that we will have a chance at making it to playoffs.”

Golf Season Begins By Ken Marlow; News Editor

The LHS Golf Team has got off to a slightly rough start, but that has most definitely not dampened the spirits of the team. The team currently has a record of 3-1. Varsity golfer Matt Shirley (’14) said, “The season is going alright so far with 3-1 behind Placer. I’ve personally been averaging 38 per game, but I’m definitely not playing to my potential. The same can be said for the team as well.” When it comes to the playoffs Shirley also said, “We have a great shot at playoffs, we just can’t lose any more matches, and on top of that we have to beat Placer.” With this it seems that the team is staying strong and has a legitimate chance to reach the league title. This thought is also shared by the team’s coach Mr. Brett Lewis, “I do not think we’ve been playing our best golf lately, but the league title is right in front of us and we can still win it.” The team has truly been too hard on themselves this year. So far they’re 3-1 with a great team behind them and great coaching to boot. Without a doubt, Lincoln is going to end up proud of their team this year with the league the title in hand. Photo of Varsity golfer Matt Shirley (‘14) Photo By: Cole Smith, Yearbook


Girls Softball By Breanne Goodson; Reporter

The season of softball has begun and the girls are already excited and ready for playoffs. The lady zebras have been waiting all year for this season because of all the talent they knew would be on the team. As most of us know, softball is a very competitive sport. The best part about the team is that they are all close and nothing can come between them. The team looks really good this year and they are on the road to playoffs. “We just had a very good win over Franklin. We have a very good chance of winning league and going to playoffs.” Varsity Coach Donna Tofft said during an interview. The statistics so far for the season are four wins, seven losses and one tie. When asked how the softball season was going, Sydney Flores (‘15) had this to say, “We are progressing more as games go by. We aren’t having as many errors so it’s been going pretty good.” We could all agree that the softball girls have been working hard to get through this season to make it to playoffs. The girls started off the season with four wins better than last season! In all sports there are star players, but are there any in softball? Varsity coach Betty Zamora had the answer. “I don’t think we have a star player. I mean we are all really good. Our potential as a whole is great.” The

Liam Hao

Lady Zebras have a very positive attitude and plan on winning all of their games from here on out. Alexis Bleichwehl (‘15) feels that they are “a very young team and I think overall we are growing and we just need to work together because if we work together we can be really good.” The ladies have been working really well together which is the Jillian Loya (‘15) key to success. “I feel like we have come a long way because at first we started off and no one really knew each other, but we’ve grown a lot since then” said Marissa Armstrong (‘15). Lady Zebras softball has a tradition of greatness and they keep getting better. Good luck ladies and keep up the good work!

Track Team

By Diana Diaz-Mora; Reporter

Liam Hao is a junior at LHS, he has been in track at LHS since his freshman year. He competes in the long jump, 100 meter dash and the 4x1 relay. His stats are 19 ft. for the long jump, 11 seconds in the 100 meter dash, and 45.2 seconds in the 4x1 relay which is almost breaking the school record. Liam placed 2nd in the 4x1 relay and took 1st place in the long jump vs. Center which was their only competition in league. Liam Hao has been running track since middle school. He stated, “In middle school I had this weird notion that I could run fast and I did, so I’ve just been doing track since then.” In the last invitational, the team won many medals and Hao won 2nd in the 4x1 relay against Cordova. Hao really enjoys track and that’s his way of staying active. He is really looking forward to winning many more medals.

Hailey Higgens

By: Sam Carillo; Reporter

Hailey Higgins, a freshman on the girls’ varsity track team runs in the 3200m, 800m, 4x4 relay, and sometimes the 400m. Overall, she is the top of her team and ranked between first and third in her events. “At Center, was my first time placing 1st in the two mile,” reports Higgins. The two mile, or 800m, is also Higgins’ favorite and best event. Running comes naturally to Higgins and, with participating in so many categories, she always works her hardest at meets and practices because she truly enjoys the sport.


By Lexis Timberlake; Reporter

Christa Kittle

By Bryanna Spence; Reporter

Christa Kittle, LHS senior, has been on the track team four years. Kittle competes in the long jump, hurdles, 4x1 relay, and 100 meter dash. Kittle’s stats this season are 14 ft. 7 in. for the long jump, 17.5 seconds for the hurdles, and 56.84 seconds in the 4x1 relay. Kittle states, “I get better each season”. When asked how the season was going so far Kittle said, “It’s going well so far, and I’m really liking it”. Since Kittle is a senior she only has 8 track meets left in her high school track career. Photo by: Lexis Timberlake, Reporter

Sad game for varsity baseball April 3, as they lost 6-12 to Colfax, however JV won 10-0. Varsity made many errors but they tried their hardest. The varsity team is doing well so far this season, they’ve won 11 out of 15 games with four home runs and 158 hits. The team has a couple of kinks to work out, including some defense issues. Statistics as a team include 393 batting, 106 runs batted in, 196 bases, 121 runs this year, which is really good. Varsity player Jacob Sola (‘14) says, “Hopefully by the end of this year we will be PVL champions and we are on our way for a title.” Coach Dave Foxworthy said “We’ve had a great season so far! These guys can play with anybody so I expect big things in playoffs!” Ethan Liddle (‘13)

4 DISCLAIMER: THIS IS SATIRE! DO NOT TAKE ARTICLES SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY. Stinky Trees Become Self-Conscious By: Levi Thomas, Assistant Editor

have to remember, these trees are known to be very sensitive. The last time this occurred the criticism was so brutal many of the trees fell down on their own… we actually have no proof of this as nobody was around to hear them.” Due to the harsh disapproval of many students, the trees have enacted various countermeasures such as festooning tree-shaped “Black Ice” car fresheners on their branches and ironically coating their trunks with Axe Body Spray. Seline Richard, LHS Senior and well known hippie The aforementioned “Stinky Trees.” Photo by: Levi Thomas, Assistant Editor was quoted as saying, “I actually like the smell of the trees! People just need to get over themselves and enjoy nature!” Richard has already put together a petition on rice paper By: Zane Dean, Investigative Reporter were dying from some “thirst” epHas a drought hit Lincoln? As to give the trees full citizenship. She an avid Twitter user (a “Profession- idemic? Waving off her arrogance, is currently the only signer. I asked her if she knew any vical Tweeter” if you will), this reporter has seen a common theme in tims of the Lincoln Thirst, as I had Lincoln High Students: they are all dubbed it, and if so how they were dying of thirst. Yes, the number one afflicted. She informed me that trend among students’ angst-ridden Sophomore “Emily” was thirsty for Junior “Eric”. Thirsty for a pertweets is “hashtag thirsty”. Why son? How’s that possible? Was she are these students so dehydrated? thirsty for blood? I thanked Is water that hard to come the lady and promised to by? I decided to investigate By: Zane Dean, Fashion Guru report Emily to the police Lincoln High for the source It’s Spring-time gentlemen, and if that means what Photo by: Kory Kessinger after this thirst debacle was of this sudden desire for I think it means, that means it’s time for reinvention; over. become the man you know you can be! For starters, dress like a man’s man, hydration. Tiring of the pain and the I started by preparing and nothing yells testosterone quite like the 1940’s: Wear a fedora! Its sharp murderous implications, I decided myself for the journey. I brought brim will act as a symbol of your mental sharpness and help define your to finish my quest by interrogatrigged jaw. Ladies love jaws. If fedoras aren’t for you, try snapbacks! Make several water bottles-I didn’t want ing a gaggle of boys who had just to succumb to the omnipresent sure you don’t fully put it on your head, as your enlarged cranium will act left the school gym. I asked them thirst-and my trusty reporter’s noteas intimidation towards mating competitors. Plus, that’ll make your attitude if they were aware of the Linmuch more “swaggie”; snap back from life’s crap with a snappy snap-back! book; the truth would be revealed. coln Thirst, and if they knew any I started my search by approachMoving on down, let’s talk torsos. I’ve recently watched Spring Breakvictims of it. They responded with ing a girl about five feet in height ers, and those girls loved guns. The shooty kind. Therefore, the babes a simple “Totes”, and then started and hair as blonde as the morning will dig the metaphorical kind as well. Sun’s out Guns out gentlemen. I’m laughing uproariously and poundsun. I inquired if she was thirsty. talking bro-tanks guys. Lots and lots of brotanks. Bulging muscles will ing each other’s fists. That was She slapped me. Was “the thirst” make your bulging heart that much more noticeable. Let the Gun-Show flow the final straw. I ended my search. like a pro and let the girl’s affections, and your muscles, grow! Am I joking? a touchy subject? Had her family It was fruitless. In conclusion, died of “the thirst”? I apologized No. readers: The thirst is real. The thirst and gave her my condolences. I Thirdly, legs. According to science, the calves succumb to cold first, so is out there. So be sure to keep hylong socks are a must. However, nerds also wear long socks, and nerds were would have to approach the subdrated; you ject much more gingerly from now made for bashing, not for emulating. So slap some Vans on your feet! The never know on. Nevertheless, I pressed on in Vans show that you’re casual and here for a good time, but the socks show when the my search. My target was a young that you’re not stupid and, thus, a great mate. You rock those socks and get thirst will woman who was looking at her some girly fans with those kickin’ Vans…Mans! strike. phone, giggling. I was slightly put With these tips, you’ll finally be able to unleash your inner manimal! Spring is the time for style, not for the rank and file, so dress better than that off. What right did she have to be carefree and jolly while people dum-dum Kyle-he looks like bile. That was a puke joke. It’s spring time here in Lincoln again, and with the spring comes beautiful foliage. From blooming flowers to the green leaves of the trees; Lincoln is coming alive again! However, not everything is so lovely in the spring time; case in point: Lincoln High’s infamous “Stinky Trees.” The Stinky Trees of Lincoln High or as they’re nominally called, Callery Pear Trees, are actually quite common in warmer climates. They are revered for their ornamental value and are very beautiful to look at. But many people have pointed out the fact that they noticeably smell of rotten onions. According to sources, this fact has not been lost on the trees themselves. In a shocking turn of events, the Stinky Trees have literally come to life this spring and have already become self-conscious about people discussing their odor. Local botanist Steve Bradford said in a recent interview, “As a plant expert I have to say, this is odd, but it’s actually not the first time this has happened.” He went on to say, “We

Men’s Spring Fashion!

Thirst for Knowledge


Coach Ash Wins Super Senior of the Year Award! By: Levi Thomas, Assistant Editor

This month, Lincoln High School’s very own Coach Robert Ash won yet another Super-Senior of the Year Award! This latest triumph makes it three years in a row for the young Coach Ash. The award comes at an exciting time for Coach Ash who is also set to grace the cover of “Super-Seniors Monthly”, a magazine containing tips for potential super-seniors who plan on returning to high school year after year despite graduating. The particular issue that Coach Ash is in also contains a feature article on Ash detailing his career as a super-senior including his victory of both the “Rookie Super-Senior of the Year” and “Super-Senior of the Year” awards in his first year eligible. Greg Sicero, Editor-in-Chief of “Super Seniors Monthly”, was asked about Coach Ash

in a recent interview and said, “Ash is known for his ability to connect with his students using what some have called a “kid-like charm,” and it is this charm that makes him such a fierce contender for the award.” Sicero went on to say, “He also has an amazing ability to blend in with the students. When we went to interview him, we had trouble finding him. Turns out he was sitting in one of the desks in Mr. Palafox’s class texting. If we hadn’t known any better, he could have easily passed as a student.” After receiving the award, Ash participated in multiple interviews in which he shared some of the ways he’s stayed on top of the super-senior game. Ash shared, “The real trick to being a good super-senior is two things: consistency, and longevity. Being a teacher has allowed me

Zane Dean Writes Crappy Article By: Zane Dean, Crappy Writer

Writing articles can be surprisingly difficult while under a deadline and having no ideas. Ideas are never gold, and sometimes the only option is to go hard in the paint with a completely mediocre article idea. However, local ZT Garlic reporter Zane Dean, Senior, is rather proud of his recent half-baked article. “I’m going to write an article about myself writing this article”, said Dean, “I’ll even refer to myself in the third person!” “I’ll probably start with some flowery intro about how difficult it is writing articles ”, continued Dean, “I mean, that’s what I’m currently dealing with in my Journalism class. Oh! And I’ll use self-flattering language and throw out some mushy backstory for myself.” The indescribably dashing Dean finds it hard to focus on writing articles due to his father being in prison for robbing ten banks across three states, leaving him with multiple daddy issues that only a beautiful girl could help him heal (ladies), but he detailed his writing process to the Gar-

lic staff. “Well, I try to single out something that irks me, for example the lack of Zane Dean in the school paper and other mediums. Then, I take those uncomfortable feelings and write an article that sarcastically derides them.” Dean then posed for pictures, but continued his speech when he realized cameras weren’t there. “Near the end, I like to make up some quote from another student, fictional or real, and then use that to support the satirical viewpoint of the article.” When asked about Dean, Madie Brown explained that, “Zane Dean is easily one of the funniest people I know, and an even better writer. The school paper needs more of him. He’s also the cutest boy in Lincoln.” The writer of this article not only agrees with that last quote, but knows it to be undeniable as well.

to have both, and I’m really grateful for that.” If one thing can be agreed upon, it’s that Coach Ash definitely worked hard for the award, and we here at the Garlic wish him the best of luck with an unheard of four-peat!

Coach Ash starting to make his case for next year’s award. Photo by: Brooke Jones, Some Sort of Editor

Peter Caught-in-Jail:

Easter Bunny Imprisoned for Years of Crime By: Lexie Roman, Junior Garlic Reporter

In light of new information, local task force EBIU (Easter-Bunny-Investigation-Unit) has recently brought in the corrupt Easter Bunny, who has been charged with multiple accounts of breaking-and-entering to countless residents around the world annually, as well as theft from many major candy companies. After leading the EBIU on a wild goose-chase through the Eastern Islands, the Bahamas, and Vancouver, the EBIU made their arrest in Fort Bragg after tracing his credit card to a local country club for line-dancing lessons. “I’m glad they finally brought justice to the hearts of Americans everywhere. It feels good to finally have peace at mind near Easter time. I haven’t slept since the first time we caught the Easter Bunny sneaking into our house.” Stated local LHS senior, Reverend Zane Dean.

Many say they have not reported any B&E’s because of the “treats” the Easter Bunny leaves. Though members of the EBIU know about the bribes he has been setting for years, many on the task force have succumbed to his tasty treats. When asked, the Easter Bunny replied he has done it for the good of mankind, and said if he stops going to houses, the children will revolt, and go into a spiraling rampage. He has not stated anything about the recent allegations of harboring illegal chickens from foreign countries. The EBIU has denied any further questions. His accomplice, the world-renowned Cadbury Bunny, has also been brought in for questioning. In other news, candy sales have spiked to an all-time high, as well as the national cavity count.

Garlic Editor Zane Dean pondering his next satire article idea. One that will inevitibly flop. Photo by: Maddie Leewright, Reporter




Old Town Pizza Package

Skyzone Package

Eric Benjamin (Sophomore) Renato Agurto (Sophomore)

$50 Crazy Cakes

Eric Benjamin (Sophomore)

Nate Driggs (Senior)

Third Annual Egg Hunt continued... Luckily, Nate Driggs (Senior) had a keen sense of direction and found the right combination before school even started on Friday morning, resulting in the unlocking of the locker and the great reward of the hundred dollar Master Card gift card. “The Egg Hunt was awesome because last year I didn’t win anything, but this year I won twice.” Driggs exclaimed. An additional tweak this year was rather than just a simple riddle each day for the mini golden eggs, the ZT staff put together a Four Pics One Word, the popular smart phone game, and as it was posted each night, students would have to figure out the “One Word” in order to find the location of the egg. A final addition to this year’s Zebra Tales Egg Hunt was a Bonus Golden Egg on Friday, sponsored by Home Spun. In addition, ZT decided to give the teachers a chance at winning a prize and added in a Golden Egg just for the staff of LHS, retrieved by Lisa Nash, Food Services. Overall, this year’s Egg Hunt seemed to run very smoothly and probably the best out of the 3 years it’s been happening. “Every year the donated prizes get better and better. This year we had great support from our local businesses. I can’t wait to see what we come up with next year!”, said Debbie Tofft, Journalism Adviser. With such great success in the last couple of years, Zebra Tales definitely plans on continuing the Easter excitement in the years to come.


Bonus Golden Eggs Friday

$20 HomeSpun

$10 HomeSpun

Nieya Bacus (Sophomore), Devina Do (Sophomore), Kylee McCauley (Sophomore)

Sammy Deal (Junior) and Africa Strauss (Senior)

Staff Egg

$20 HomeSpun

Lisa Nash, Food Services


$50 Awful Annie’s

Kia Spurney (Sophomore)


$100 Mastercard

Nate Driggs (Senior) The Winning Combination!

Eric Benjamin (Sophomore)

Thanks to All Our Sponsors! Gabby Lew (Senior)

Sammy Deal (Junior)

Photos By: Debbie Tofft, Journalism Adviser Poster Designed by Josue Ayala, Art Department

8 Lincoln High School’s 8th Annual Science Expo

As the excitement of the 8th annual Science Expo spreads throughout several elementary schools, the hard work of the five hundred students from the Lincoln High School AP and Honors Science classes finally paid off by seeing the giant grins spread across the faces of the participating third graders. As most LHS students may already know, the Science Expo has been very successful and has taken place since 2005. Fun exhibits such as Snow Fun, Ice Cream Making, Walking on Water, Fish Habitats, and many other interesting

By: Loreena Sims; Reporter

booths were on display for everyone who came to see and learn more about the students’ subjects. However, to everyone’s dismay, the expo was interrupted and ended by the abrupt false alarm of a bomb threat. The entire school ended up having to evacuate; along with the disappointed third graders. The overall satisfaction of the turnout was shown when Marilou Edwards, the Science Expo Advisor stated, “This year’s Expo was much more organized, the exhibits keep improving over the years, and the managers were more prepared.” Additionally, Perrie Saleh, a Junior and Science Expo Project Manager at LHS stated, “The expo has been such a great experience for me and I believe that the third graders who came really learned a lot even if only half of the kids got to come due to the bomb threat.” The proceeds of the Night Expo will be divided accordingly and given to every senior and junior manager who had put in their time and effort to help make the Expo successful.

Due to the bomb threat, Marilou Edwards decided to schedule a “Mini Expo” where the managers will go to the elementary Science Expo, Perrie Saleh (‘14) schools and Photo by: Emily Doze(‘14) have an assembly. The date of the Mini Expo is still undecided but will happen before school ends. Amrita Chumber, a Junior at LHS and participant of the Science Expo said, “Although the Expo didn’t go quite as smoothly as planned, the Night Expo ended up being a great success and the first half of the Day Expo went really well also.” Overall, next year’s Expo is sure to be filled with lots of happiness and all participants of this year’s Expo handled the chaotic situation very well and still made the most of the event.

Science Expo, (L eft)Licenna Bouit (‘14), Maria Cassis (‘14), Kathryn Mercier (‘14) Photo by: Emily Doze(‘14)

To Ashland and Beyond!

By: Ken Marlow, News Editor

Once per year, dozens of students from LHS decide to take a trek north to Ashland, Oregon. These students consist of the merely interested freshman, and even the Shakespeare fanatical senior. The students gathered to witness a most mesmerizing event known as “The Shakespeare Festival”. This year’s trip began as the Ashland-bound bus left Lincoln High at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday March, 14th, and ended when the bus returned on Friday at 11:30 p.m. During that time the group of students saw two plays, Two Trains Running, which is most definitely not a Shakespearian play, and King Lear, a Shakespearian classic and undoubtedly one of his most intricate tragedies ever written. Two Trains Running, a story set in 1969 Pittsburgh, tells the tales of a group of restaurant regulars as they struggle through the complicated times of the Civil Rights Movement. King Lear tells of a king of Britain struggling with fleeing wits and an assortment of daughters seeking to gain power and seize the throne. When asking which was the more enjoyable, Brooke Jacobsen (Senior), stated, “I found King Lear to be more enjoyable because the atmosphere of the second theatre we were in was much more enjoyable.” Besides the plays, the overall experience of the trip itself was very scintillating for

Photo of AP Literature Class Photo By: Stephanie Wilcox, Editor In Chief

much of the party who visited. In downtown there were many fine dining experiences to be had along with a conglomerate of jewelry stores, Shakespearian themed gift shops, and many beautiful sights. Though sadly the infamous fountain that characterized downtown Ashland was under repairs so none could continue the tradition of tasting the most “delightful” mineral water that spouted from there. As many already know this was the first trip for the freshman class and when Uriah Burke (Freshman) was asked what she was looking forward to seeing next year she replied, “I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more of the plays.” This has likely been true for most of those who have been on the trip before but for the seniors this was their last time seeing Ashland through the school and Stephanie Wilcox (Senior) had this to say on her best memory of Ashland, “Last year was my first trip to Ashland, and the best experience I had was going into the bookstore and connecting with

the storeowner and being able to see, smell, and touch a 250 year old copy of Don Quixote which cost $6,000. The plays were awesome and we found the perfect little pizza place, and on top of everything we met Romeo from the play that night.” For some, this was their first time to visit, and others their last chance, but without a doubt this was an experience that will last with those that visited for many years to come.

9 To Believe or Not Believe – That Is The Question Christian Club at LHS Got Christ? If not and you are looking for him, join the Christian Club. There are approximately 35 to 40 students that come each week. Christian club meets on Thursdays during lunch in Room 16. Christian Club is a good place to go and find answers to problems in life. The president of the Christian Club is Jeremiah Nakasone, Lincoln High School Junior. Nakasone said, “If you aren’t attending a church currently you should find a church and get involved with it. ” Nakasone also said, ”Stay in the word”. This means to read the Bible regularly. If you are a new believer or nonbeliever, Nakasone recommends reading 1st John because it gives a good representation of what the Lord has for us in times to come. Club Advisor and LHS Math Teacher, Chris Landon would like to see some type of community service. Landon believes people should do some type of community service because Jesus always helped with the needs of others. Landon said, “Just as God loves us we should love others”. Landon also said, “Being a Christian and serving others is joyful regardless of the outcome”. Landon advises to memorize John 3:16 which says “For God so

Save Gas, Buy Garden Plants FFA Selling Vegetable Plants

“This year we’re selling beef-steak tomatoes, better-boy tomatoes, red cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, sweet Italian peppers, jalepenos peppers, and habaneo peppers. We keep the plants in the green house until the frost season is over but they are ready to go in the ground. All the proceeds go to the FFA. This is our first year as an FFA group, selling these plants.” -Mrs. Jessica Armistead, LHS AG TeacherSee Mrs. Armistead if you’re interested in purchasing plants, $3 ea.

Photos By: Lexie Roman, Reporter

By Bryanna Spence, Reporter

loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life”. This reporter recommends another verse to memorize which is John 14:6 which states “I am the way, the truth, and the life and no one comes to the father except through me”. Calvary Chapel Foothill Church tries to provide pizza for the club each week. However, lunch may not always be provided because of financial issues. The Christian Club is a great place to connect with others and most importantly Cristian Club connect with God”. Photo By: Verne Nakasone

A Last Celebration for Seniors Sober Grad Night

Within all of the fun of being a Senior, there also come many possibilities of encountering drugs and alcohol while partying. Due to all the teen driving accidents that have happened in recent years, the parents of LHS students have decided that there is no better way to prevent more accidents from happening than by hosting an alcohol-free party for all the Seniors to attend. Not only will this event be filled with lots of fun memories, but the Seniors will also be assured safety. As Connie Brown, LHS Counseling Secretary, stated, “Students are highly encouraged to come to this awesome event; so make sure you come buy your ticket in the office as soon as possible! At Sober Grad there are no cliques, it’s different from past school activities; everyone is all united as one.” Sober Grad Night is the event where all the Seniors of LHS have the chance to spend one last time together with their entire graduating class. This exciting event will be taking place at Mcbean Park Pavillion on May 31st running from 10 P.M. to 5 A.M. Although the price is $40, students will not regret attending this memorable event and compared to other schools it is a cheap price. This event will also include a complimentary t-shirt, delicious food, music, fantastic games, and chances to win raffle prizes and money.

By: Loreena Sims, Reporter

Thanks to all the hard work from the Lincoln community’s fundraisers and several dedicated parents, the volunteers have been able to successfully put on a great festivity for about 18 years. The fundraisers include the Tamale Fundraiser, Beerman’s Drive Thru Dinner, Bunco, and several others which raised about $5,000. For more information visit or speak to Connie Brown in the LHS office. Additionally, Jen Bowden a parent of an LHS student and helper of Sober Grad, stated, “An upcoming fundraiser is Papa Murphy’s day on Monday, April 15th so all students are encouraged to come and support Sober Grad!” Many Seniors such as Yujin Kim showed her excitement of the event when she stated, “I am super excited for this event and have been looking forward to it for a while now.” Overall, this event keeps the students safe while still allowing them to have a blast.


Ready for Prom?

By: Cleo Sanchez and Vickie Reyes, Reporters

Prom is approaching quickly and is right around the corner. Everyone is preparing for the hustle and bustle of getting ready for the best school dance of the year. The dance is going to be held on April 13, 2013 at the Sacramento Convention Center, as it was the previous year. The tickets are $50 each and available for purchase with Ms. Emerson in the office. With all the worrying of what needs to be done and stressing over the perfect outfit, pictures, date, transportation, etc. it can become a whirlwind event. Makeup for prom doesn’t have to be dramatic and strong. “Don’t exaggerate with your makeup,” said Selina Sandoval (‘14) “You want to look stunning, not like a clown.” Avoid the bright, harsh colors. Something to consider when choosing your makeup is if it will last throughout the night. Little tricks like applying concealer or powder before eye shadow, or dusting your foundation with loose powder will help to set your makeup. The hair style that you choose does not have to be anything elegant. If you are running on a budget, a simple hair style with clipped-on jewels will do. Try practicing your hair style a few times before prom arrives. It will give you an idea of how it will look on you, so you aren’t disappointed last minute and if your “do” looks limp during the night, carry mini-hairspray for quick touch-ups. They can be easily found in the traveling section at either Target or Wal-Mart.

Don’t forget your prom shoes, girls! “It’s one of the most important things you must prepare for,” said Aryana Jaimes (Junior) “you can choose pairs with beautiful and updated styles with the matching colors and comfy materials.” If you have extra money, designer’s collections will absolutely be a perfect choice. If you’re not comfortable with your heels in the middle of the night, roll-up flats can be found at Target for $9.99 and they can fit in your purse! For those mishaps that seem impossible to fix, buy a mini-emergency kit. The kit includes a wide range of 17 essentials such as a stain remover, hairspray, and even a breath freshener! They are $15 and can be found at Fashion tape can also fix tears and are also used to tape your bra to your dress. This item can be found at either CVS or Walgreens for $8.99. Great ideas to bring along in your purse are safety pins and deodorant removing sponges. The sponges are $5 and can be found at and the pins can be easily found in stores like Joann’s, Target, etc. After all the organizing, shopping, and calling limo services, the last thing you need to worry about is a prom mishap! Now you’re “doomed” for a good night.

Bomb Threat continued...

Photo by: Cleo Sanchez, Reporter

Photo courtesy of Zebra Tales

Closed Parking Lot continued...

The yard duties also had strong opinions considering they were the ones who had to keep a watch on the actions of the students. “I think it was necessary for a short time, at least, to keep the lot closed.” said campus security Val Smith, “I think for safety’s sake it needs to be closed for a while and maybe later on, open it up, and if things are not like they were, you know, people start behaving more and maturing then they should be able to open it up again.” In an overall opinion, Chantel Sharp (‘15) expressed what she thought of this whole deal, “I think administration should have given them a warning first and take action because now, everybody who parked in that lot took the parking spaces of others who didn’t and left less space in the parking lot for everybody else to park.” Sharp continued, “It now takes longer to get out of the parking lot after school because so many people are coming out of one parking lot all at the same time.” “We shut it down for now, but eventually we’ll open it back up when they show that they’re responsible enough to earn it back”, Berns said.

The school was quickly evacuated to the football field after the threat was received. Some students were eventually allowed to be checked-out early by their parents or guardians. LHS Vice Principal, Mike Maul explained his opinion on the hoax. “We totally understand why people would say that it was a disaster but I think that ‘disaster’ is an overstatement. We now have a whole new entire response plan that Vice Principal Victoria Eutsey authored.” The system to check students out was laden with problems. LHS student Gavin Ralphs, (‘15) said “The handling of the situation showed the lack of preparation that the administration has for emergencies. The plan was a joke.” In terms of the overall hoax, Ralphs also added, “I guess it was an idiotic plan to get out of taking a test. I doubt he’d do any better the next day.” With a quick work of investigation, police were able to track down the phone number used to make the call. Jill Thompson, a Public Information Officer for the City of Lincoln, said that “The suspect is a 17-year-old Lincoln High School student and a resident of Auburn. Lincoln Police Department detectives tracked the suspect to the City of Auburn where they made an arrest Tuesday afternoon with the assistance of the Placer County Probation Department.” Because the suspect is a juvenile, the press cannot release the name of the individual. However, it is reported that the suspect has been “booked on charges of making a bomb threat, falsely reporting an emergency and for violating his probation”, concluded Thompson.“We definitely want to add that we are very appreciative of the vast majority of the students were really being cooperative and also very patient.” Maul said, thanking the parents, “understanding that there’s not much we can do besides follow instructions and wait Original Artwork By: Josue Ayala, Art Department and hope for the best.”

Spring Cleaning

Man On the Street

Bioshock Infinite Finally Released

What did you do over Spring Break?

Photo by: Alyssa Benzon

“Over spring break I prepared for April Fools day by picking out all the green M&M’s out of 20 bags and pouring them in the bed of my neighbor’s truck” (Shane Simmons, Junior)

If you could change anything about your Spring Break, what would it be?

Photo by: Lexi Roman

“I probably would have hung out with friends more and worked less.” Gabi Quezada, ‘14

A Waste of Film

By: Antonio Ayala, Reporter

Spring Breakers is a Comedy Crime Drama directed by Harmony Korine starring James Franco, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine. The film follows four college age girls who live together in a boring college dorm and have a desire for adventure, but don’t have enough money to fund their trip down to Florida for spring break. The girls become so desperate to get away from their boring town that they decided to rob a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation and after they end up in jail they are bailed out by a d-rated rapper/drug dealer, Alien. They are introduced into his world where he promises them to give them all the thrill and excitement they could hope for, but just how far are the girls willing to

Bioshock Infinite is the third installment of the Bioshock series, a first person shooter video game developed by Irrational Gaming. After the worldwide release was pushed back from October 2012 to February 2013 and then pushed back again to March, gamers everywhere were finally able to get their hands on the finished product on March 26th and I can safely say the wait was well worth it. Set in 1912 you take control of Booker DeWitt, who is sent to recover a girl named Elizabeth from the floating city of Columbia in exchange for eliminating a debt. Upon arriving you discover that the citizens of Columbia consider you a False Shepherd that Cornstock prophesied would come to take away Elizabeth and bring about the downfall of Columbia. You fight your way through the floating city, currently in a heated battle between the Vox Populi and Columbia’s founder for control of the floating city, as you try to find Elizabeth and get her back to New York City. The game itself plays beautifully with the FPS action and the storyline being perfectly balanced. The new plasmids, which are called vigors this time around and can be switched around anytime the player pleases unlike in the previous games, take little to no time to get used to and with eight different vigors to choose from you’re guaranteed to have a dif-

go to experience a spring break they will never forget? If you are thinking about going to see this with your friends well then have fun trying to find a theater that is still playing it. After only being in theaters for two weeks the film has been pulled from most theaters. At the moment it is only being shown once a day in Sacramento and I’m sure it’ll be on its way out completely in a few days. Despite only being ninety-four minutes long you walk out of the theater feeling like you’ve been tortured for eight hours. The plot is sloppy and never really goes anywhere and it makes you feels like you just paid someone to get to watch people party in Florida as Skrillex plays loudly and endlessly in the background. I strongly suggest avoiding this at all costs. If you simply can’t resist then at least watch it with your friends so you can suffer together.

11 By: Antonio Ayala, Reporter

ferent experience every time. The weapons range from a pistol to a rocket launcher and everything else imaginable in between with each weapon having its own set of upgrades just like the vigors. Gear has also been introduced. Each gear is an article of clothing: hat, shirt, pants, and shoes, only being able to wear one of each type at a time and provide passive abilities that can improve the player’s strength or damage resistance Nearly every reviewer has had nothing but great things to say about Bioshock Infinite. Game Informer gave the game a well-deserved 10/10 saying “Infinite is more than a new setting, story, and characters; those elements are seamlessly integrated with complex themes, a mysterious plot, and entertaining combat to create an amazing experience from beginning to end.”. Joystiq followed right behind giving the game a perfect score of 5/5 and although IGN did not give it a perfect score they said “Bioshock Infinite is a brilliant shooter that nudges the entire genre forward with innovations in both storytelling and gameplay.” Bioshock Infinite is definitely a must buy and despite coming out five months later than planned, the wait was well worth it. It provides an amazing story and action that will leave you speechless and wanting more.

What Grinds My Gears By: Alyssa Benzon, Reporter

What grinds my gears is when I buy food and put it in the fridge and 10 minutes later, it magically disappears. It’s like what is going on? Are their little tiny thieves in my fridge, quickly eating my food when I leave? It’s not fair. People need food to survive. When I approach anyone in my house that I could suspect as the culprits they quickly deny that they ate my delicious meal and disappear for hours, never to be found again. It’s not fair. Life isn’t fair. When life gives you lemons, quickly make lemonade and drink it as fast as you can or else thieves will take the lemonade and drink it and leave you heartbroken. Even if I write my name all over my food, it’ll just disappear as if I never even claimed the food item. Why is the world so cruel? Why is the world full of lying and heartless food thieves? If you want to eat something, I recommend you make sure you have permission to devour the food by everyone. Don’t be a cruel, heartless food thief.

Bachelor / Bachelorette Photos By: Cleo Sanchez, Reporter

Grade: Sophomore Age: 16 Could you find love on a T.V. show? Umm…. NO Ideal Date: Something simple as long as we’re together Ideal Boy: Someone who can be themselves without pretending to be someone else. Do Freshmen have a chance? No Long Term Goal: Go to College

Grade: Sophomore Age: 16 Could you find love on a T.V. show? It’s possible.. I guess Ideal Date: Movies Ideal Girl: Short, Brunette, and MUST HAVE a good personality Do Freshmen have a chance? Yes Long Term Goal: Professional Chef

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