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February 28, 2012

Volume 2, Issue 3

February 2012 Cummins the Great Spends Last Year at LHS

Many of us know Mr. Cummins as the wild, fun, drama teacher, but what most people don’t know is that he actually started out as an English teacher. Before he was a teacher, Mr. Cummins was a repoman, and he did that for seven years. He repossessed cars and other items that people wouldn’t give up easily. Then he got the opportunity to take over for Virginia Garret thirtythree and a half years ago, and has been teaching here ever since. He was the Eng-

lish/Drama teacher and switched over to teaching full time Drama twenty-seven years ago. Mr. Cummins’ love for Drama is not just in the art itself, but in the students that learn from him. He expressed that he gives the students respect and he admires the respect the students, in turn, give him. Mr. Cummins has also been known to pull some wacky pranks and dangerous actions. Once before, Ed

Black History Month

By Jasmine McCoy Assistant Editor

Photo by Sarah Caldie, Photo Editor

By Alyssa Mingo Reporter

Martin Luther King Jr., Fredmonth and that fact alone ignited rick Douglass, Rosa Parks, Harriet Dr. Woodson’s idea that this was Tubman ,Crispus Attucks, Malcolm the appropriate period of time to X, and Jesse Owens are only a few recognize the countless number of names of extraordinary African people that took part in black hisAmericans that have touched the tory. lives of many, reformed history In honor of the many inspiraand participated in the difficult, yet tional African Americans and their commendable, journey to living a accomplishments, the study of peaceful and black history should unsegregated be thoroughly enlife. Rising forced at LHS. In my above the four years of being ignorance and a participant of this taking a stand school, I have rarely for what is right come across recogniwere actions tion or even awareperformed by ness upon the celebrathese illustrious tion of black history in heroes along the month of Februwith many ary, or in general for Alex Joe, SDC Teacher, LHS others. Each of that matter. A’yanna these virtuous people sacrificed an Hall, a senior at Lincoln High, had immense amount, and dedicated much to say on this topic. “Being a their lives for us to live the life we student at LHS and one of the few live today. African Americans, I feel as if we Black History month, aren’t acknowledged as we should founded by Dr. Carter G. Woodson, be, especially during February. is celebrated the month of FebruMost aren’t even aware that it’s ary. The dates of Fredrick Douglass Black History Month. It would be and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday nice if that changed.” provide the significance of this (Continued on Page 11)

Cummins has thrown a tape dispenser at a student. He was assisting another student with a paper, when the student came over and playfully whipped Mr. Cummins in the back of the leg with an electrical wire. In response, Mr. Cummins jokingly threw the tape dispenser at the kid, but missed and hit another girl in the arm. Another notable story was when Mr. Cummins told a kid that if he

didn’t sit down, he was going to sit him down. The student didn’t sit down so Ed Cummins picked him up and was carrying him when he tripped over the podium and fell, with the kid, and broke the podium into many pieces. He thought he broke something, but the two were fine. When asked why he gets away with some of these crazy shenanigans he simply replied with “I just tell it to them straight. If I think the students need straightening out, I do it.” (Countinued on Page 11)

The Ever Busy Edwards

It’s 6 p.m. on a Tuesday evening, the campus is dark and devoid of life; except for a single lit classroom standing out in the dark. This is the room of Mrs. Edwards, LHS Science teacher and head of multiple academic clubs on campus. Staying late is not unusual for Edwards, after 11 years of teaching at Lincoln High, she has accumulated quite the workload. She is the Club Adviser of CSF, with 2 or 3 trips a year, Club Adviser of the Physics Club, which heads up the annual and wildly successful Science Expo, head of the Floral Club which supplies and sells corsages and boutonnieres during prom season, leads the also very successful LHS Robotics team, “Z-Bots” and also created and organizes the Peer Tutoring program on campus after school. If that sounds like a lot of work... (Continued on Page 11)

By Travis Deuerling, Editor-in-Chief

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2 Tennis Season Begins

A Glimpse of Golf

By: Chad Morgan, Reporter

By: Stephanie Wilcox, Co-Editor

It’s spring, the sun is out, the Rikha Unciano said “I think we are flowers are blossoming, and the going to do pretty well. We have Lincoln High Tennis Team is geargood people and if we apply ouring up for another great season. The selves we can do even better.” team is looking forward to a good, The team has been working very competitive season. hard during their scheduled prac“We will be competitive for a tices. With the tennis team’s conplayoff spot, and our main goal fidence and determination to win, is to beat Center, Bear River, and this season is bound to be exciting Colfax High School,” said the LHS and fulfilling. tennis coach Tim Allen. However, the coaches are not the only ones excited for the new tennis year. “I feel like we will all improve on our game, and I look forward to our match against Placer High School,” says tennis enthusiast, Blake Waidman, a freshman here at Lincoln High. Another player is also Photo by: Alyssa Aull eager for the new season.

The boys golf team is starting off their season feeling very confident in how far they will make it. They were PVL Champions last year, marking the first for Lincoln High School’s Boys Golf, and this year, their coach, Mr. Lewis, claimed “We should be better than we were last year and that’s pretty exciting.” His main goal is to LHS Golf Coach Brett Lewis Photo by: Alyssa Aull win the Section Golf Championship and prove that, after 8 years of coaching, he still has it in him and his team this year is just that fantastic. With 6 returning players and 2 seniors, Kenny Bills and Trevor Wilson, he knows they have a strong group of young men. Trevor Wilson, Senior, has been playing for 10 years, has the same goals as his coach and also feels very strongly about the team this year. “I think they will do great. I love the team and I see us making it to State.”, he exclaimed with great excitement. They haven’t had many practices, but they feel they will make it very far this year and, without a doubt, make it to Championships for the second year in a row.

Baseball Preview By: Shelby Rosa, Reporter

Last year, the Boys Varsity Baseball team had a great season. Winning10 and 5 and PVL. Coach David Foxworthy is very thrilled this year. am very proud of him, he and his “I think we will do pretty well this wife took a six month sabbatical to season”, said Coach Foxworthy. The travel through Europe but he came team is very motivated to go against back to William Jessup to finish his their old rival Bear River, having full senior year.” William Jessup plays confidence that they will beat them. their next game on February 25th in Foxworthy thinks that this year’s rival Oakland. is Placer. Kody Kencke, an LHS juAs for life after this season nior and a returning player, feels very McFerran plans on furthering his strongly that they will be PVL Chameducation. Kyle’s Mom said, “He pions again. “The team is like my secwants to eventually attend UC ond family. We also have a good team Irvine to get a Master’s in Interthis year “, said Kencke. Conditioning national Business.” McFerran has has been helping them a lot; they are also been considered to go into the very confident that they will win the professional European Basketball PVL Championship again. League as well. Either way, it just goes to show that Lincoln High students are going on to do some great things.

Once a Zebra, Always a Zebra By: Levi Thomas, Reporter

This week, Lincoln High alumni Kyle McFerran (’04) played one of the biggest basketball games in his life. McFerran, who plays for William Jessup University, actually holds a special place in William Jessup’s history as he is the first person to receive a basketball scholarship from the school when it first opened in Rocklin, California. Kyle’s mother Cheryl McFerran told us, “Kyle is the oldest of seven McFerrans, all have attended or are attending LHS.” McFerran graduated from Lincoln High in 2004 and received a fifty percent scholarship, which is the largest scholarship offered by William Jessup. During his senior season at Lincoln High, McFerran led the Zebra’s basketball team all the way to the California state championships, and he’s having quite a bit of success in his collegiate senior season as well. McFerran has helped lead William Jessup to the playoffs this year. The William Jessup Warriors had their first game on February 22nd, and came out on top against Pacific Union College, defeating the PUC Pioneers 73-68. Cheryl McFerran said, “I

Yearbook Photo from 2004

Kody Kencke (‘13) Photo by: Sarah Caldie

3 Olympic Bound: LHS Track and Field By: Levi Thomas, Reporter

This season, there are more than a few reasons to be excited for Lincoln High Track and Field. The team looks strong this year and is training hard for the upcoming season. Lincoln not only boasts veteran talent, but it also has a wealth of new athletes who will no doubt help out the team. LHS Math teacher and Track coach Eric Williams said that he feels better about this season compared to last season. Lincoln’s strong suits this year, according to Coach Williams, are “Discus and also High Jump.” Lincoln High senior and Track athlete Stephen

Hay echoed some of the points made by Williams. According to Hay, who competes in hurdles, pole vaults, and sprints; this season “feels a lot stronger to me than last season. A vast majority of our athletes are more experienced and know what to expect.” Hay also claimed Lincoln High’s best events to be, “Discus, and a lot of the sprinting events.” With both Williams and Hay showing faith in Lincoln High’s Discus team, you can be assured that Lincoln Track and Field will be fun to watch this season.

An Experience of a Lifetime

Photo of Stephanie McMillan (‘12)

By: Stephanie Wilcox, Reporter

Stephanie McMillan, Senior at Lincoln High School, was the Libero for the school’s Varsity Volleyball team in Fall 2011 and received many compliments and awards for her great defensive skill. Now, she has the opportunity of a lifetime. Not only has she heard from colleges trying to recruit her, she also got a phone call from Down Under Sports asking her if she would like to travel to Australia for a few weeks to play volleyball. They sent her a letter in the mail inviting her to represent Northern California in an All-American Beach Volleyball Tournament on the sands of Surfer’s Paradise Beach in Sydney, Australia. After that, she will compete with the U.S. and Australian teams in the International Indoor-Volleyball Tournament which is a 2-day event with each team competing in 10 games. McMillan has the chance to spend part of her summer in the great Down Under where she will be surfing, playing volleyball indoor and on the beautiful beaches of Sydney, going on real Safaris and making memories that will last forever. “I’m so excited and I can’t wait to go, but I really need to start fundraising right now.” Stephanie stated with an emphasis on her excitement. It is such a

great honor for her to be able to experience a whole different place and lifestyle and she definitely doesn’t plan on missing out. The entire trip will cost a whopping $4,000, but after her immediate deposit, McMillan receives $0.25 for every dollar she raises. However, that is quite a lot of money to raise for a trip in less than 6 months. She is pulling together a Fundraising Committee team to help her get the money she needs. She plans on talking to local businesses and is conducting a Penny-Bowl-A-Thon in the near future, but she also needs the help of the community. If you are interested in helping make this dream of hers come true, please contact Stephanie McMillan at st3ph154@ or one of her committee helpers at

Soccer Sneak Peek By: Ilse Villanueva, Reporter

The tryouts for the Lincoln High School girls soccer team started February 6th under the supervision and training of Coach Jason Treanor, George Bonia and Bill Frasier. Since the tryouts are going well, Treanor seems to really feel confident that this year they will make it to the League games. When asked what Treanor looks for in the players he said “Players that show up every day and are ready to compete.” Even though the girls are doing great they’re going to have to practice daily because most schools have year round training while LHS tryouts and practice have just begun. The girls on the field have been working hard and seem to be putting in all their effort. The LHS girls are really looking forward to a great season this year.


By: Alyssa Mingo, Reporter

Lincoln High School’s 2012 softball team was formed on the date of February 6, 2012. Based upon the players’ performance in the three-week long pre-season, players were chosen for the team. Because LHS owns only two baseball fields, Freshman and Junior varsity are combined. Due to last year’s success in making it to semifinals the second year in a row, and landing in the top four in division three, this year Mrs. Donna Tofft, Lincoln High School’s softball coach, is expecting nothing less than perfection from her players. “I expect a league and section

Photo by: Sarah Caldie, Photo Editor

championship just as I do each year, and I expect my players to want the same.” February 29th will mark the first game of the season home against Wheatland. So make sure to go out and support your fellow zebras.

Alexandria Kent (‘14), Riley Sims (‘14), Alyssa Gallagher (‘14) Photo by: Sarah Caldie, Photo Editor


Man On The Street If you could vote in the Presidential election this year, who would you vote for? Chris Villa Junior

“I don’t have information on who’s running, so I wouldn’t vote for anyone”

Earnest Jasper Sophomore

“Obama is fit and I don’t know who the other guy is, so I don’t care. Someone that would make the country better.”

Michael Maul

Taryn Hutchinson Freshman

“I don’t know. No one.”

Arial Scholl

Vice Principal


“The field isn’t even set yet. I’m really undecided at this point.”

“No one. I really don’t know. I think it’s ridiculous. I don’t think there is a good vote at all, nothing good about it.”

Zebras on Politics By: Levi Thomas, Reporter

In the midst of an election year, politics always envelop the news. Many seniors and juniors at Lincoln High will be able to vote this year, and even more teachers will have an opportunity to vote as well. Picking the person that you want to run the country for the next few years is not a decision to be taken lightly. When voting, every bit of reason and political knowledge you have should be used. That’s why we decided to find out how closely Lincoln High students and teachers pay attention to what’s going on in the political world. Political knowledge is only as accurate as its source. Fox, CNN, and MSNBC are the three main news channels and most of America gets their political news from the “big three”. Mr. Duer, Lincoln High’s Comparative Politics teacher said, “I usually go back and forth between the networks. However, MSNBC is a joke because it’s extremely biased. Both CNN and Fox are a little bit biased, but not nearly as bad though.” LHS junior Kenny Marlow told us, “MSNBC and CNN are the ones I watch

most.” Some students, however, do not watch any of the channels. LHS junior Kody Clark said, “I only watch those channels on occasion.” A not-so-shocking revelation if you consider the popularity of shows like the Jersey Shore. Nearly everybody has a prediction of who will actually end up winning the election. Kenny Marlow told us that, “Newt Gingrich is my favorite candidate because he’s a true conservative… but things aren’t looking so good for him and the Republican Party.” Mr. Duer is definitely hoping against this. Duer stated, “I don’t really like any particular candidate. A mix of Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, and Mitt Romney would be ideal because of their specific talents... Even though they don’t have a really strong, single candidate the Republicans need to win. Four more years of Obama would be poison to our capitalist system.” This is probably a sentiment shared by many others around the nation. Lincoln High definitely has its fair share of

political knowledge and opinions. And to all of the possible voters reading this: Get informed! Not too many countries give their citizens as much of a say in government as the United States, and it would be a shame if you let yours go to waste!

How the Candidates See Themselves

By: Josue Ayala, Zebra Tales Art Designer

5 The Woman In Black By: Kevin Bodie, Reporter

The Woman in Black takes place in a remote British village in the late 1800’s which is supposedly cursed by the ghost of a mourning widow. The movie starred Daniel Radcliffe. “It was weird having him. They should have chosen a different actor”, stated Kory Kessenger (’13). A more serious or more unknown actor could have made this movie a little bit more suspenseful. The dialogue in the movie was for the most part well played out: there were no cheesy one-liners that left you feeling awkward. The story line of the movie played out pretty well coinciding with the horrors within the movie. There were times within the movie that made the audience scream out and jump in terror. The ending was not as satisfactory. “The climax of the movie was more towards the middle, and the end didn’t provide a satisfactory scare”, said Travis Deuerling(’12). For the most part the movie was a good balance of terror, suspense, and heartache.

Xtreme Wake-Up Call!

3 out of 5 Stripes

By: Chad Morgan, Reporter

Photo By: Sarah Caldie, Photo Editor

The Vow

By: Stephanie Wilcox, Co-Editor

A sappy love story was exactly what every girl was looking to see on Valentine’s Day and The Vow seemed to be the best way to fantasize about the most perfect relationship on a day that might leave them hopeless. The expectations of many girls in line to see it was that it would be the greatest romance since The Notebook. “I thought it would be really sad and relate to The Notebook. I cried a lot.” Sarah Caldie (’14) stated after she saw it with a friend. The question is whether or not it lived up to the hype. As great of a story as it was, it wasn’t what I thought it would be. It

With Facebook and Twitter keeping you up at night, it can be a little difficult to wake up in the morning. Well the Android Market has the solution for you. Xtreme Alarm Clock is an application on the Android that is exactly what its title proclaims, an extreme alarm clock. The alarm uses a very unique method to wake the user, and that is to wake up your mind. Aside from its other methods of snoozing and dismissing the alarm, like pressing the screen or side buttons, shaking the phone, or turning off the snooze, there is also a mode that requires you to solve a math problem. When your mind is being active, it’s easier to wake up.

was an adorable idea, yes and inspiring because it was based on a true story, but the ending could have had a little more effort put in it. As you see in many “Chick Flicks” today, the ending doesn’t really conclude the story, but leaves it open for your interpretation. Though that may be fun and thought provoking, I feel that The Vow needed, however also lacked, a solid stopping point to tie up the movie. Channing Tatum’s character Leo and Rachael McAdams’ character Paige fight through her memory loss to get back the true love they once had. Through the

Another feature the application offers is more alarm ring features. You can create custom playlist from the phone using your phones music player. The music cycles through Photo By: Sarah Caldie, Photo Editor the playlist until you hit snooze or dismiss. This product is available on the Android Market for free, or $2.99 for the full version, without ads. I highly recommend this product for its unique methods of waking you up, and its user friendly interface.

tragic and painful situation, the story proves that, as cliché as it may sound, love does conquer all. With the ending credits, they showed a picture of the real couple and their family, explaining that she never truly did regain her memory. Though this may be a good reason as to why they ended it so poorly, everyone wants to see the “Happily Ever After”, even realists like me. Needless to say, it didn’t reach the level of The Notebook. The last minute may not have enticed me the way I was expecting it to, but overall, I would definitely give it a solid thumbs up.

Photo By: Sarah Caldie, Photo Editor

4 out of 5 Stripes

The Temple Run Epidemic By: Stephanie Wilcox, Co-Editor

Photo By: Kevin Bodie, Reporter

Run your way through the temple to try to get away and save yourself from the evil monkeys that are chasing you! You’re not just running though, you must defeat the odds by jumping over obstacles and sliding under the archways of trees. This iPod/iPhone/Android app has exploded with popularity in the last two months. There really is no end to the fun! Keep running until you beat your high score over and over again. The

thrill of this game just never stops. Many teenagers set goals to beat their friends high scores and play every second they get just to prove that they can. You’ll see many students around campus playing in their free time during classes, while sitting at the lunch table or even while they’re walking from class to class! “I play like twice a week and my highest score is 9,500,062.” stated Lenny Vargas (‘13). As addicting as this game is, it can also

be quite frustrating. It’s one of those games that no matter how much you want to chuck your phone out the window, you constantly play in all your spare time.

1. Favorite color 2. Favorite animal 3. Favorite candy 4. Favorite movie 5. Middle name

BF: Dominick Galli

Sam Linhardt

BFF: Ashley Piwkiewicz

1. Blue 1. Sky Blue 1. Sky Blue 2. Arctic Wolf 2. Wolf 2. Wolf 3. York Peppermint Patties 3. York Peppermint Patties 3. York Peppermint Patties 4. A Walk to Remember 4. Some Chick Flick 4. A Walk to Remember 5. Teresa 5. Theresa 5. Teresa

Do you want to be a “Bachelor/Bachelorette” in our April issue? Stop by Room 1 and leave your name and we will interview you! Grade: Freshman Age: 15 Hobbies: Tennis, Cheerleading, Pageants and FFA Describe yourself in one word: Sweet Your best feature: Long brown hair Ideal guy: Athletic, tall, good-humor and attractive Ideal date: Cowboys football game and dinner Do Freshman have a chance? Yeah, obviously

Jocelyn McCoy

Grade: Junior Age: 17 Hobbies: Working out, football, making videos One word: Athletic Best feature: Smile Ideal girl: Cute, good humor, and athletic Ideal date: Movie and dinner Do Freshman have a chance? Uhhh…no

James Hubbard

Nicolette Lipman

Grade: Sophomore Age: 15 Hobbies: Wrestling, cheerleading, and tumbling Describe yourself in one word: Athletic Best feature: Long legs Ideal guy: Good personality, funny, active and tall Ideal date: Surprise, random road trip Do freshman have a chance? Maybe, it depends

Garrett DeLoach

Grade: Senior Age: 17 Hobbies: Everything ;) One word: Amazing Best feature: Earlobes Ideal girl: Shorter than me (I’m 5’11” btw), cute, smells nice, and good smile Ideal date: Go to the lake in a sailboat when there’s no wind and just sit there and cuddle Do Freshman have a chance? Haha… no, probably not!

Landon Croissant and Gabby Eslinger

Alex Walker and Brenna Smith

How long have you been dating? 7 months

How long have you been dating? 1 year and 3 months When is your anniversary? November 18, 2010 What is the secret to dating so long? Don’t let the little stuff bother you. How did you meet? During the Cinderella play. What is your favorite thing to do together? Hang out and watch movie. Have your parents met? Yes.

Drew Suchomel and Maddie Leewright How long have you been dating? 4 months When is your anniversary? October 24, 2011 What is the secret to dating so long? Don’t take things so seriously and just have fun.

What is the secret to dating so long? Gabby: Being best friends before. Landon: listening to her. How did you meet? During summer at Tye Karsika’s house.

How did you meet? In drama.

What is your favorite thing to do together? Gabby: Sleep on couch, hang out at each other’s houses, and go to the gym together.

What is your favorite thing to do together? We don’t care what we are doing, as long as we are together.

Have your parents met? Most definitely!!!

What do your parents think? Brenna’s Parents: Love him and think he’s sweet and perfect. Have your parents met? Alex’s Parents: Like her. Our dads have known each other since high school. What do you think of each other? Alex: She’s nice, sweet, pretty, and always there What do yourt parents think? when I need her. Drew’s Parents: She’s the sweetest thing ever. Brenna: He’s my best friend and the love of my life. Maddie’s Parents: Love him and think he’s so cute We can always talk about anything, even girl stuff, like drama. I don’t know what I would do without What do you think of each other? him. Maddie: I love how we can hang out with each other’s friends. He’s really my best friend. Drew: She just gets me.

Do you want to be a “Couple on Campus” in our April issue? Stop by Room 1 and leave your name and we will interview you!

When is your anniversary? July 4, 2011

What do your parents think? Gabby’s: “they are my in-laws already!” What do you think of each other? Gabby: He’s a pain in the butt, he’s like my twin, he is also a gentleman. Landon: Her eyes, smile, how she tries to act hard around me, how we talk about the WEIRDEST things, we’re close with each other’s family.

Ask Ziggy!

Dear Ziggy, I have a netflix account and I want to watch new tv shows, but I don’t know where to start. You have any ideas? Signed, Bored on the couch Dear Bored On The Couch, I myself enjoy using my Netflix account and have found some very joyful movies and tv shows that keep me entertained. I would recommend that you watch Breaking Bad which is a drama from AMC about a science teacher who cooks up some drugs and for some comedic relief, I recommend you watch the sketch based comedy show called Portlandia. These should keep you happy and enthralled on the couch, rather than bored! Try to get outside once in a while though! Some sunshine will do you some good. Enjoy the beautiful weather we are having. Sincerely, Ziggy If you have any questions you would like to be

answered by our Professional Life Guru, drop a question into the box either in the office or library or stop by Room 1!

8 What’s in Your Purse? By: Ari Schuster, Fashion Reporter

Where would a lady be if she didn’t have her purse? Essentially a lady’s handbag is the ending to any great outfit! Not only does it look good, but also it carries everything we need to get through the day; makeup, writing utensils, hand lotion, the list of items is endless! Who knew that our great ancestors were actually the ones to trademark this fashion staple? In the 16th century, handbags were very simple compared to what we have nowadays; leather accompanied with a drawstring fastener on top. When the 17th century rolled around, women were taught embroidery in order to be marriage-worthy, which in turn gave way to some of the most beautiful handbags in fashion history. At this point in time, purses or “handbags” were really only meant for men to hold their loose change. Hieroglyphics display men wearing purses around their waist to hold their money for a long journey. Like many things in fashion, there are always rules. Number one! Do not mix a printed bag with a printed outfit.

There is nothing more chic than a solid color outfit with a printed purse. Number two! It is a fashion myth that your purse must always match your shoes. Nowhere in the fashion rules does it say matchymatchy is a good look. And last but not least, number 3! It’s one thing to have a cute cozy outfit with a dressy purse, but the other way around can just look sloppy and inexperienced. As you can see, handbags or “purses” are very useful and quite resourceful. Without them, who knows the amount of inanimate objects we would need to carry around in our pockets. Purses are supposed to be fun, so use them for just that!

Zebra Boutique in Lincoln By: Brooke Jones & Jasmine Smith, Reporters

Where’s the coolest place to get awesome zebra gear? The newest place is called Anna’s Sweet Repeats & Boutique, located right next to Old Town Pizza. Anna’s Boutique is a business run by a couple named Bill and Anna Woods. This new place is a consignment store + new accessories. LHS Senior Stephanie McMillan says “They have a bunch of zebra merchandise; shirts, purses, belts and they even have a letterman’s jacket from LHS at a great price. She has a lot of holiday stuff too.” The best part is much of it is under $30-$50. This store is bringing in the latest in fashion. Designer brands like Coach purses and other brands including INC, Failen, and believe it or not vintage. They also always carry sun hats. Bill and Anna are very excited to a part of our town. They’ve had this shop open since May 1, 2011, open for 9

months going on the 10th. Before they set up shop in Lincoln, Anna worked at a nail salon and Bill at a sporting goods store in Granite Bay. They want to be a part of Lincoln and want to carry merchandise that appeals to all, including teens. If you have any suggestions or ideas email them at Don’t forget to stop by and check it out!

The New ClosetBy:in Lincoln Brooke Jones, Reporter

Do you have so many dresses that it’s complicated to find a good home for them? Well now there’s a good place where they can find a good home. The new hair salon in Lincoln in the old post office; Attitudes. This is the greatest opportunity to help someone make memories that are meant to be made in life. The new closet in Lincoln takes dresses for formal dances, such as homecoming and prom, and they accept accessories also. The dresses do not have to be bought, they can be borrowed. Cleaning afterwards is not necessary, that will all be taken care of. Attitudes is located on 378 F street, in the old post office building. They accept walk ins and their phone number is (916) 645-0526, so give them a call and help your community out.


By: Ilse Villanueva, Reporter

Lincoln High School offers an ROP Business Entrepreneurship elective class, called ZINC, which helps students to participate in the world of business. This class is offered to sophomores, juniors and seniors. Due to the age limit, since you typically have to be 16, it’s unlikely that any freshmen are allowed in. Recently the students from ROP ZINC went to Oakmont High School on Wednesday, January 25th to participate in a marketing competition against ten other teams from five other schools in the area and placed first and second overall. LHS competed against teams from Roseville, Granite Bay, Whitney and Oakmont. The success of winning first and second place was a great achievement for ZINC and as a reward, the ROP class received a donation. “The donation will be money.” assured Mr. Amalong. This money doesn’t exactly go to the students who participated in the ROP Zinc class, but rather to Mr. Amalong in his budget for the class. “We’ll probably use the money to buy more electronics for this class like iPads and other stuff.” said Mr. Amalong. In recognition to the students of Zinc for their accomplishments and great teamwork, an Awards Night will be held on April 11, 2012 at Whitney High School. If you would like to enroll or learn more about this class or other ROP classes, talk to your counselor or any of the ROP teachers; Mr. Amalong, Mr. Tofft, Ms. Caldwell or Mr. Jones.

Head Over Heels for the Zebra Tales App DIRECTIONS FOR INSTALLATION

1. Scan QR code with your mobile phone (you may need to download app from marketplace to scan) 2. Click link to begin download of Zebra Tales app 3. Go to your phone’s download menu and hit install 4. Enjoy endless amounts of information from

9 Wrestling with Responsibility By: Koryn Kessinger, Reporter

Everyone knows Mr. Maul as the Vice Principal, but what some people don’t know is that he is also the head coach of wrestling. That seems like a lot of pressure for one person to handle, but he doesn’t think so. In fact he loves it. “I definitely feel I’m very lucky to be a part of LHS! I feel everyone should feel lucky to be a part too.” The hardest part about being a vice principal and coach is trying to change his schedule. Before, he was the Honors English teacher, and for him, changing his schedule used to be a lot easier. Now he has unexpected meetings and an assortment of different meetings such as dealing with students, teachers and parents. Most are scheduled but a lot of times, they just come in with a problem, and expect him to fix it. Being a vice principal is very different from being an Honors English teacher. Before, he got to just know a select few students and he was able to see them grow and mature more and more as they got older and continued their path through high school to becoming a young adult. Even though

he’s now vice principal, he’s still going on the Ashland Trip with English classes, where they attend a few Shakespeare plays in Oregon. “Being a teacher again is definitely a possibility” Mr. Maul explains, he loves his job now and he loves his old job too. He was a teacher for 14 years but he really appreciates the opportunity given to him, especially as a rookie administrator, to really change the school and be a part of it. This is a chance of a lifetime that he couldn’t deny.

Technology on the Move

By: Travis Deuerling, Editor-in-Chief

It’s been said time and time again, but the Western Placer Unified School District is on the move. With expanding programs in fields like technology, moving as quickly as they are, this year’s Technology Learning Expo was nothing to scoff at. The Technology Expo hosted students from schools around the district including elementary schools, middle schools and the high school. WPUSD Director of Technology Bob Lyons praised it for attracting such a diverse crowd from all around the district, “The coolest thing is the Robotics starting from elementary school, middle school and leading into high school robotics.” Lincoln High School’s Robotics team, “Z-Bots” and their success has been attracting such serious attention since their conception last year by Lincoln High School teacher and Robotics Adviser Marilou Edwards. Edwards and Robotics kept a very dominant presence at the Expo with real robot demPhoto of: Vice Principal, Mike Maul onstrations at their booth, similar to the demonstrations which entranced the crowd the year before. The robotics team’s main objective at the Expo was Photo By: Sarah Caldie, Photo Editor to promote the Robotics competition which they were hosting that Saturday, January 28th at the high school campus. Although the robotics booth was creating a lot of attention, Edwards said her favorite thing at the Technology Expo was “the opportunity for the parents and community to see all the great Lincoln High School will be presenting the wonderfully delightful comedy things going on with “You Can’t Take It With You” on April 27, 28 and May 4 & 5. the district.” The 49er Regional What do fireworks, Occupational Program, ballet, xylophone, printor R.O.P., had an iming and the IRS all have pressive presence at the in common? Those and Expo. R.O.P instructor more all make up the Jan Caldwell’s Business interests of one very difTechnology classes ferent family. You might planned, organized and think they’re crazy, coordinated the set-up strange, nice, funny, but for the event providing the best thing is, they students with a valuable will be here in this Pulitlearning experience. zer Prize winning play. Photo of: WPUSD Director of Technology, Bob Lyons Besides a a “Students understand the amount of work that Photo by: Sarah Caldie, Photo Editor goes into putting on an event of this kind. It’s wonderful evening of a tremendous learning experience”, stated Caldwell. LHS sophomore Jessica watching Lincoln High School students perform, you will be honoring Mr. Ed Cummins for his 30+ years Meyers said “I got to be more confident through helping people at the event.” as a teacher at Lincoln. Mr. Cummins will be retiring this year and this play marks LHS Senior Davis Scott said “it was a really fascinating, good experience his final show as a teacher. Please come, bring your friends and former students of because I want to be in the communication field and I learned what was involved in having good communication skills.” Lincoln High to show Mr. Cummins how much you like him. An estimated 500 teachers, students, parents and community members Friday performances at 7pm and Saturday at 2pm and 7pm. Adult tickets are $7 were in attendance at the Tech Expo. Michael Doyle, LHS Senior said, “It and Students are $4. was inspirational; it inspires kids, it inspired me.” And that’s what it’s all Contact Lee Basham 650-863-0994 with any questions. about.

Press Release!

10 Speaking California English By: Travis Deuerling, Editor-in-Chief

California is a state of stereotypes, comprised of skaters, surfers, celebrities and hippies. Although many of the general stereotypes are untrue, such as everyone in California living on the beach or having a celebrity as a neighbor, one generalization about Californians has been carried with surprising accuracy, our language. Obviously, Californians speak English, but visitors from any other part of the country could become lost trying to follow heavy California dialect. California dialect comes from many different subcultures of the state, which is why it has become so diverse. California subcultures such as north and south coast, bay area and San Fernando Valley have created the breeding ground for the specialized language to be used in the surf, skate and hip hop scenes. One of the most recognizable dialects in


California culture is called Valspeak. Originating in the San Fernando Valley and typically only used by teenage girls, Valspeak consists of using “like”, “and”, “so” and “totally” as linguistic fillers. Although not as strongly, Valspeak’s influence can be found all throughout California, and since it was popularized in the 1970’s, it’s not just restricted to teenagers, but open to their parents as well. Probably the most recognizable dialect in Lincoln would be the surfer dialect, where as Valspeak is characterized by overusing pre-existing filler words such as like and totally, California surfer dialect creates entirely new words to express thoughts in a more “Californian” way. Purely Californian terms such as “hella”, “sketch”, “stoked” and “sick” have crawled out of surf culture and have turned into staples of California English.

Recently, Californian lingo among teens has seemed to increase in production and variety, with new phrases arising everyday from music, the internet or texting. However, opposed to the Californian lingo the past few decades, recent slang is typically shortened, often four letter versions of words already in existence. Examples would be phrases like “legit”, “swag” and “perf”. Many Californians live in denial of their extensive slang usage; most times they don’t even recognize they are using slang at all.

“I think people are just being lazy.” -Kim Ussery (‘12)

need igh School, and H in re a e pl eo “P cabulary.” to use their vo -Taylor Emerson (‘13) “The other day, Ledger (4 years old) said ‘OMG.’ It starts young.” -Bob Pierce (History Teacher) “Slang’s alright, it’s no different than the other generations.” own lan s t i s i a i -James Spratling (Counselor) but Californ s unique “I think u s e k a tm e.” guage, i ame tim s e h t t a quirky Elf (‘14) -Mackenzie

“It’s what I have grown up with. It’s a little weird when my mom says something that means something completly different today.” -Nicole Wells (‘14)

Slang Is Totes Legit! By: Sarah Caldie, Photo Editor

“Hey, did you hear about that cray fight?” “Yeah! It was totes out of hand!” Through the halls of Lincoln High, you will start to hear these kinds of conversations. Most people think it’s totally “wack”, but I love saying these California slang words! Some people would disagree with me and say how sad our English language is really getting if we Americans are starting to say, “What’s Gucci?” instead of, “What’s up?” In my opinion, I don’t think our biggest concern should be about the teenagers’ language when we have much bigger world problems. The parents are probably more concerned about it because of the influence they might think their kids are getting from it. Parents, coming from a teen’s perspective, these words don’t have a huge impact on our life, at least not as much as the TV shows and movies you are letting your kids watch. This is just another one of our “phases” that you say we undergo so many times through our teen years. Other people have their own opinions about these slang words. For instance, “I feel like slang is just who we are and how we talk, babycakes.” stated Luis Garcia (’13). The most used ones are cray, standing

for crazy, totes, meaning totally, obvi; obviously, presh; precious, redic; ridiculous, perf; perfect, awk; awkward, probs; probably adorbs; adorable, and many more. Don’t just think these words are only being said around Lincoln though. people everywhere around California are talking about this new “thing.” This slang seems to only be trending in California, but that doesn’t mean everyone in California likes this slang. Kim Ussery (’12) thinks when people use it, it’s “stupid and lazy.” Some people, think it may be “lazy”, but I honestly don’t care if you use it or not. I personally like saying these Cali slang words at times, but yeah I agree, it can get annoying. I definitely agree with David Durham (’14) when he says “I hate when people say, What’s Gucci? It doesn’t make sense.” Overall, hearing all the teenagers around campus talking about this new slang, it expresses the feelings they all have. I think people should be able to feel whatever they want without getting judged by the way they speak.

a es m

t” goa

t “To cci?” ’s Gu t a h “W


Luis Garcia (‘13)

Photo by: Sarah Caldie, Photo Editor

11 The Ever Busy Edwards

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Mr. Cummins

By: Jasmine McCoy, Reporter

Mr. Cummins said that his favorite memory as a teacher was when he went to a sports med. competition in Santa Clara, and after the festivities, ...for one person, it is. 3 hours after ers have stepped up in recent years to Katie Fife lost an earring. She was extremely upset and sad because it was school is an average for this workalend Edwards a much needed hand. her deceased grandmother’s and it was Fife’s way of remembering her. So holic, often accompanied by her 9 Mrs. Bombard, Mrs. Jocoy and Mrs. Mr. Cummins calmed her down and asked here was the last place she saw it. year old son James riding his scooter Ward all now assist Edwards on coShe told him at an old shop. So they went back to the store and they looked around the campus. Eleven years ordinating and manning Peer Tutorthrough every sweater and eventually they found her missing earring. Katie ago, Marilou Edwards joined Lincoln ing after school, also, Mrs. Horton was so relieved, and because she connected with Mr. Cummins, he said he High School as LHS’s first female is assisting Edwards with this year’s really liked this memory. science teacher and in the years folScience Expo. Everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Cummins has only lowing initiated and ran all of the Rather than keeping up her rapid positive things to say about him. LHS Senior Kevin Bodie has known Mr. aforementioned clubs. action on all of her activities on Cummins since he was in seventh grade and described him as, “A Swiss army Although it may seem daunting to campus, Edwards want to spend the knife; once you think you have him figured out, you find something new.” some, Edwards is motivated by her next few years getting assistance on Lilly Kinsley (‘13) took his class her sophomore year and stated, “Mr. Cumsheer love for education, “Everything her projects and clubs from facmins’ class taught me how to be more expressive of myself and how to have just sounds so exciting!” says Mrs. ulty and students on campus so she a good time” Amber Freise (‘13) is currently in Mr. Cummins’ class and she Edwards when asked about her drive isn’t stretched as thin in the future. said that Mr. Cummins is a “talented, freewheeling, outgoing man.” Volunteer for doing so much at once, “EveryLincoln High is very appreciative Technical Director, Lee Basham, said that “Every student I talk to loves him; thing sounds exciting and fun to do, of Mrs. Edwards for all the successpast and present.” Basham has worked with Mr. Cummins for two years and I have a hard time saying no.” LHS ful programs that she has initiated commented that, “Ed Cummins is easy to work with because he gives me the Junior Jacob Edwards says she is so through her years at LHS. We hope freedom to design the set the way I envision it.” driven because “my mom is a perthat more and more will join Mrs. Ed Cummins also has a collection of other hobbies that may seem peculiar fectionist, she has to put more on her Edwards’ clubs and programs to to some. He has a red belt in karate but is on a hiatus at the moment, practices plate, enough is never enough.” make it easier for her, but until then, Tai Chi and fences. He also has three horses and has trained one since it was Working at this break-neck speed all we can do is watch in awe as she a baby. Ed Cummins also coached football and girls basketball. Every year can really take a toll on someone’s does so much, and stand back a little Mr. Cummins directs at least two plays, with the help of Mr. Basham making nerves, even the ever productive Mrs. in case she overheats and explodes. the set and props. Cummins also has six kids, eleven grandchildren, and five Edwards. Luckily fellow LHS teachgreat-grandchildren. Sadly though, this memorable teacher will be retiring this year with the class of 2012. Ed Cummins said that he is leaving for many reasons, mostly By: Alyssa Mingo, Reporter because he wants to leave the students wanting more. He expressed jokingly that he doesn’t want to be remembered as the teacher who sleeps all day in A fantastic way to instill the importance struggles our ancestors faced. “Every class and can’t teach anything. of our heroes in the minds of students day Black History should be recogwould be including projects or class nized,” stated Mr. Berns, Principal of assignments that pertain to Black HisLincoln High, “and one day, we will tory Month. “I believe the subject of all look at a great person just as a great black history, in particular, should be person, not by race or religion.” Living in the current time, studied throughout the years, especially during February.” stated Mr. Alex Joe, we all have the ability to be the next Special Day Class teacher and Urban idealistic icon. Regardless of your Club adviser at Lincoln High, “[If this nationality, make a positive change for occurred], our entire school populathe future. Donald Mingo Jr., my father, tion would benefit from the knowledge stated, “Begin by simply representing gained.” The awareness that Martin yourself in an honorable and respected Luther King Jr. was an American activ- manner [then find aspects of life that ist and prominent leader in the African have the capability to be improved.]” American civil rights movement and No matter how insignificant you may knowing Fredrick Douglass served as consider your gesture; your achievethe leader of the abolitionist movement ments will be recognized and appreciare facts that should be recognized. ated. We are giving our thanks and Appreciating the acts of Rosa Parks, the appreciation to those who have tranmother of the freedom movement and sitioned the world of cruelty, unfairAmerican civil rights activist and the ness and ignorance to the peaceful and sacrifice of Crispus Attucks, the first nondiscriminatory life we live today. To American man that died for the revolu- truly present our gratitude is to use the tionary cause in the Boston Massacre rights that have been bestowed upon us is what should be signified. February to our advantage and continue to make shouldn’t be the only time we apprecia change to improve our society. ate black history. Everyday should be Original Artwork by a remembrance of the sacrifice and the Josue Ayala, Art Designer By: Travis Deuerling, Editor

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How long have you been together?

How did he propose? Heather’s birthday is in January and Robert told her he was taking her somewhere. She was told to pack clothing for both warm and cold. She ended up getting on a plane with no idea of where she was going. They landed in Vegas and she got super excited to be there, but they walked toward another terminal and got on another plane. They then landed in Pittsburgh and he told her they were going to a Steelers football game which totally didn’t excite her, but she went along with it anyway. Rather than leaving the airport, they ended up on another plane because he was just kidding. They flew into Buffalo, NY and at that point, she was just along for the ride and wouldn’t believe him no matter where he said they were going. They got on a bus, crossed the border into Canada and found themselves at Niagra Falls. He brought her on a helicopter and to the top of a hotel that was all glass in the top room, looking over the Falls and popped the question.

How have relationships changed since your time in high school? “There are very few legends left in the game.”

5 years, coming up on 6

How many kids? What ages? Ledger is 4 years old and Finnley is 1 year old.

Why did you choose to work at LHS? Both graduated here, both parents worked in the district and LHS is an awesome place to work

What is your favorite thing about Mrs. Pierce? “Hard to narrow it down to one thing. Smart, Pretty, thoughtful. She’s my best friend.”

What’s your favorite thing about Mr. Pierce? “He’s super funny and really cute.”

How have relationships changed since your time in high school? “Less drama, more personal connection.” Who was your high school crush? “Roman” from Days of Our Lives1989”

“You couldn’t touch girls. In 1975 they loosened up and let you hold hands.” Who was your high school crush? “Mrs. Wyatt.” (Yes, our old conselor and Ms. Retallack’s mom, but he is not her dad.)

What’s the best advice you could give about relationships?

How have relationships changed since your time in high school? “We still do everything we did back then. Our dances were the hustle and the bump.”

How have realationships changed since your time in high school? “Not sure if they really have other than where you go together (dates).”

“The best advice I could give is enjoy high school and don’t be that person that looks back and they spent the whole time with their boyfriend or girlfriend and realize they missed out on other things.”

Travis Deuerling-Editor in Chief Stephanie Wilcox-Co-Editor Jasmine McCoy-Assistant Editor Jordan Anderson-Design Editor Sarah Caldie-Photo Editor

How long have you been married?

How have relationships changed since your time in high school?

Who was your high school crush? “Jessica Simpson back when she was a babe.”

Who was your high school crush? “My crush was Jamie Nelson, but I stayed single all through high school. The less drama, the better!”

9 years

Who was your high school crush? “Brad Pitt” What was your ideal date? “Dinner and a movie.”

Josue Ayala-Art Designer Madison Stewart-Reporter Kory Kessinger-Reporter Brooke Jones-Reporter Ilse Villanueva-Reporter

Chad Morgan-Reporter Shelby Rosa-Reporter Alyssa Aull-Reporter Alyssa Mingo- Reporter Adam Selter-Web Editor

Who was your high school crush? “Marie Osmond and Valerie Berttinelli”

Who was your high school sweetheart? “Antionette Devenochensi, she was beautiful.” What was your ideal date? “Going to the drive-in in the back of (the trunk) a chevy.”

Jasmine Smith-Reporter Levi Thomas-Reporter Lilly Kinsley- Reporter Debbie Tofft-Adviser

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