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                       Zea Tech's Web Application Development Service Singapore Zeatech has been developing custom software since 1995, our well experienced team has built many  successful   application   development   projects   since   then.   We   have   been   building   advanced   and  complex systems with voluminous data and transactions. We are well capable of providing you with  an innovative, trustworthy software solution to complement your most complicated business ideas. We've   implemented   complicated   and   critical   technology   solutions   in   minimum   time   and   with  minimum   cost.   We   emphasize   clear,   clean,   and   navigable   pages   that   represent   your   business  positively. We at Zeatech understand that custom  Website development singapore  is not a one­off task. We  employ leading­edge technologies so that need­based Web applications and technology solutions  may have longer shelf­life and evolve with your business. These will need minimum maintenance or  support and generate business value, so that our company remains your partner of choice for custom  Web Applications Development and smart business moves. Custom Web Application Development Custom web application featuring need­based and great­value functionality help improve the bottom  line   by   increasing   productivity,   enhancing   information   &   business   process   transparency   and  escalating   business   system   efficiency.   Zeatech's   Web   application   development   team   focuses   on  creating innovative solutions that match ­ or exceed ­ our clients' objectives.     *   For   effective   project   management,   we   have   six   major   activity   areas   including:   Project  Management     * Project Life Cycle     * Configuration Management     * Change Control     * Software Engineering     * Quality Assurance & Testing Following   a   comprehensive,   step­by­step   methodology,   Zeatech   develops   superior   custom   Web  applications to meet your technology requirements. Our Web application development methodology  covers:     * Requirements Analysis     * Requirements Definition     * Project Planning     * Technology/Manpower Assessment     * Systems Analysis and Design     * Rapid Prototyping     * Application Development     * Providing Test Codes     * Application Support & Guidance. For more information regarding the  website application development  please visit to our website

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Zeatech specializes in providing technology-based solutions for the rapid development of mission critical applications, consulting / contrac...