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Ship Chandlers Systems Singapore

Zeatech Ship Chandlers Systems Singapore is to make the purchasing/sales process more efficient  for  the  ship   chandlers. The purchasing  and payables  component supports  real time visibility  of  purchasing and invoicing, assisting efficient and high visibility supply management.  Customer   sales   cards   hold   all   contract   prices   for   each   customer   and   these   are   automatically  imported with product details when a quote is prepared. The sales component has quotation and  sales order monitoring, sales document maintenance and back to back automated purchase order  creation.  Inventory   Management   tools   allow   full   details,   including   part   numbers,   sizes   and   colours   of  products. The system handles electronic request for quotes from suppliers making the sales and  invoicing process more efficient. Ship supplier uses cross reference technology to allow suppliers to  use their own item numbers, customer specific item number and IMPA codes. The   system   has   an   elaborate   set   of   support   modules   ­   Purchase/Sales   document   maintenance,  inventory,   accounts   receivable,   accounts   payable,   customer/vessel   management   and   vendor  management   with   options   to   interface   with   general   ledger.   General   ledger   covers   all   aspect   of  financial management and supports the export of data to excel. Customer management component  hold a complete record of customers. Our system can make the customer's enquiries to orders without error in faster way. Zeatech Ship  Chandlers   Systems   Singapore  can   improve   the   efficiency   of   Ship   chandlers   and   increase   their  market reach. Zea Tech Ship Chandlers systems singapore is to make the purchasing/sales process more efficient  for the ship chandlers. This system has an elaborate set of support modules like Purchase/Sales  document   maintenance,   inventory,   accounts   receivable,   accounts   payable,   customer/vessel  management and vendor management with options to interface with general ledger.  Zeatech Ship Chandlers system can improve the efficiency of Ship chandlers and increase their  market reach. Our products are more effiicient to use in an affordable price. For more  information about the  Ship Chandlers Systems  Singapore. Please visit to our website

Ship Chandlers Systems Singapore  

Zea Tech Ship Chandlers systems singapore is to make the purchasing/sales process more efficient for the ship chandlers. This system has an...