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The Setup



- Craft a powerfully compelling market position that defines and distinguishes Mayfield as it carves its path to success as a leading VC.


- Communicate a compelling reason for young entrepreneurs to invite Mayfield to their deals.


- Create a Brand Essence, a Brand Persona, Brand Positioning and Tag line that tells Mayfield's unique Brand Story.

Project Owners: Navin Chadha - Principal Kamini Ramini - VP Marketing



8 weeks


Mayfield’s move to new offices


The Process

8-week branding effort: - Launched project with a strategic work session with Mayfield’s venture partners. -

! Identified potential value targets centered on “deep expertise and humbleness.” ! Explored the brand story with ten CEO entrepreneurs and all venture partners. ! Considered competitive positioning of top 10 VC firms. ! Created a visual representation of the Mayfield Brand Platform. !

- Authored a written Brand Platform.

! -­‐ Created a tag line. !

-­‐ Trained the web development agency of the new Brand Story.

The Brand Opportunity

“I have a trust problem.�

! !

Entrepreneurs are challenged to find experienced and successful VCs with relevant domain expertise they can trust and rely upon to achieve success.


To entrepreneurs, experience means understanding the issues that they and their companies face. Specifically, problem solving, patience, door opening, board support, and talent recruiting are all practical manifestations of the value they actively seek from VCs.

The Brand Positioning

! “We work for you.”

! Mayfield passionately champions the world’s most talented entrepreneurs by thoughtfully delivering expert advice, serving as a perennial, trusted, confidant and friend to ensure their success.

The Brand Essence

Masterful Champion.

The Brand Essence The words behind the Brand Essence Masterful


1. a person of with the skill of a master. 2. performing very skillfully. .

! Champion !

1. a person who fights for a cause or on behalf of someone else . 2. a person who has surpassed all rivals in a competition.

The Brand Persona

Obi Wan Kenobi


Simply stated: expert advice from a successful, trusted friend. A Masterful Champion is a winner. They have already achieved notable successes in their career and now bring that experience, dedication and passion for success to a new generation. They stand confidently behind driven entrepreneurs to ensure that they have the tools, resources and ultimately, personal relationships to achieve their goals with confidence.

Execution: Bringing the Brand to Life

Inviting headline

Challengers. Wanted.

Tone/Imagery: the entrepreneur is the star.

! Clear Direct language in a voice entrepreneurs use and understand Old tag line was “Investing In Relationships” see the difference branding makes?

There will always be contenders, but only a select few will ever really challenge for victory. Let’s face it, to win today even champions require a world class team passionately driven toward a single goal.


At Mayfield, our seasoned venture partners put their expertise to work behind the world’s most talented entrepreneurs. Our goal? The same as yours. Success.

Mayfield. Championing Entrepreneurs

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