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The Setup



- BloomReach needed to find and define a brand worthy of a unique and powerful product to take ecommerce to the next level.


- Big Data per say communicates nothing to marketing managers at commerce departments who are flooded day-to-day operations.


- BloomReach product works like “magic� in the words of customers: how to capitalize on this insight through branding?

Project Owners: Joelle Kaufman - CMO



7 weeks


Launch of new product


The Process

8-week branding effort: - Launched project with a strategic work session with BloomReach management. -

! Identified potential value targets centered on “magic and bespoke” ! Explored the brand story with customers, investors and sales team. ! Considered competitive positioning of top 10 competitors in the market. ! Created a visual representation of the BloomReach Brand Platform. !

- Authored a written Brand Platform.


-­‐ Created a sample ad and a sample tagline that reflected Brand Essence.

The Brand Opportunity

“I have a relevance problem.”

! !

The path to purchase is chaotic, my customers’ intent is drowned out by noise, and my ability to adapt is hamstrung by different sources of ‘truth’ and onerous implementation hurdles.


I face the impossible task of reading my customer’s mind to stay relevant.

The Brand Positioning

! “We empower you to empathize.”

! What Only BloomReach equips you with the technology to zeroin on your customers’ up-to-the-minute intent and automatically adapt your content to satisfy their precise needs.


How We model all of your content utilizing linguistic algorithms that we then employ to vigorously analyze your content and all pertinent consumer online behavior on a massive scale in real time. We use this data to accurately interpret your customers’ intent and enable you to match it with your content throughout all digital touch points.

The Brand Essence

Impossibility Challengers.

The Brand Essence The words behind the Brand Essence Impossibility


1. The condition or quality of being impossible. 2. An action or event that is so difficult or unlikely one would not expect it to be possible.

! Challenger !

1. A person or a thing that challenges. 2. One who is not satisfied with the status quo. 3. Anglo French 1300s: chalengeour – one who calls another one out in a contest..

The Brand Persona

Team Amazon

!Focused on a grand vision of selling everything on the planet, yet keenly aware of the importance to win important, strategically chosen battles along the way, Amazon defined ecommerce. The team then tackled another industry calling for change and became the model to follow for cloud computing.

Team Mac

!They were known as dropouts, artists, evangelists, geniuses, iconoclasts, pirates - and friends. Sometimes even best friends. The early team of four, which grew to dozens, wanted to make a personal computer easy enough for a civilian to use without fear or loathing and inexpensive enough to be affordable – an impossible task at the time. But the happy few who worked on the Mac also saw in the new world of computing a potentially profound force. Their ultimate goal was to unleash, in themselves and others, limitless individual creativity.

Execution: Bringing the Brand to Life

WE DELIVER ACTION We are a brand engineering shop - that’s it. Because that is all we do, we can quickly and effectively craft the soul of your brand and deliver your core messaging on a silver platter, giving you all the tools you need to reach your audiences in a simple and practical way. No guessing, just results.

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