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When it comes to RTD protein shakes, there seems to be very little choice in terms of variety. The majority of companies provide amazing creativity with mindblowing flavors such as chocolate or vanilla. Wow, how exciting Ö NOT! When you have been drinking them as long as I have, it is nice to have a change with something different. Especially when the weather is hot, wolfing down a chocolate milkshake RTD doesnít quite quench the palate. When you are looking for something cold and super refreshing after your next training session, reach for a bottle of COCOTEIN! Natureís Best has recently launched their unique coconut water-based protein RTD that is sure to be a success.

ISOPURE: THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS COCOTEIN is a potent mixture of the highest quality coconut water available on earth, combined with the cleanest whey protein isolate known to man. I have been a fan of ISOPURE for as long as I can remember, and recommended it over the years to more nutrition clients than I can even count. It is without a doubt the highest quality whey isolate ever createdó end of story. There is no other whey protein that mixes completely clear when dissolved in water.

CUTTING-EDGE INNOVATION Now, you may be wondering why would they add their top-quality ISOPURE protein to coconut water? In many parts of the world, coconut water is considered not only refreshing but also a health tonic. The reason for combining two of natureís purest and beneficial ingredients couldnít be coincidence alone. Coconut water possesses many interesting and unique qualitiesó so let me give you a quick breakdown.

HEALTH AND PERFORMANCE BENEFITS OF COCONUT WATER ï Low in fat and contains one-fifth the sugar found in most fruit juices ï Increases energy levels without the crash ï Has an alkalizing effect on the body, which counteracts the highly acidic bodybuilding diet ï Rich in B vitamins as well as potent antioxidants like vitamin C

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ï Excellent source of key minerals and electrolytes such as zinc, potassium, magnesium and sodium ï Electrolyte profile found in coconut water is very similar to that of human plasma ï Doctors in remote areas have used coconut water as an intravenous fluid for hydration ï In Third World countries, doctors regularly prescribe it to those suffering from dysentery, influenza and cholera to optimize hydration levels ï Powerful source of phytonutrients, organic acids and enzymes ï Antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties ï Contains cytokinins (plant hormones), which have an antiaging effect ï Potent immune system booster ï Helps lower blood pressure and improve blood circultion ï Contains lauric acid (healthy fat source), which has antim crobial properties that kill microorganisms or inhibit their growth ï Optimal source of hydration after training to replenish lost fluids and electrolytes ï Vastly superior to commercial sports drinks loaded with refined sugar, preservatives and artificial food coloring

I LOVE MY COCOTEIN! As you can see, COCOTEIN is not only loaded with the highest quality muscle-building whey isolate available, but is blended in the most nutrient-rich base imaginable. For years I have used coconut water when mixing my protein shakes and smoothies. Getting all the performance and health benefits of ISOPURE and pure coconut water is now as simple as opening a mouth-watering bottle of COCOTEIN.

THE ULTIMATE ANABOLIC THIRST QUENCHER Now with the awesome job I have here at Muscular Development, I get to try products even before they hit store shelves. Yeah, I guess you can say I am spoiled! When I received my case of COCOTEIN in the mail, I couldnít wait to try it. I am telling you, nothing is as refreshing and cooling after an intense workout in the summer heat. The first time I tried it after a crazy chest and back workout, I downed two bottles like it was nothing. The taste is amazing, which is something you could only expect with the ISOPURE name on it. It was light, refreshing, and totally hit the spot. It truly is the ultimate anabolic thirst quencher. With COCOTEIN loaded in my fridge, I will no longer have to crack open those pesky green coconuts trying to get natureís liquid gold. After your next tough workout, grab yourself a COCOTEIN and I guarantee you will be hooked just like me! ■


COCOTEIN the ultimate anabolic


ï Amazing refreshing taste ï Contains the highest quality whey isolate available ï Low in sugar with zero fat ï Only five grams of carbs ï Gluten, aspartame, preservative and lactose free ï 20 grams of muscle-building protein ï Fortified with over five grams of branchedchain amino acids ï Only 100 total calories ï Optimal source of post-workout hydration July 2013

Isopure Cocotein Muscular Development Review  

Muscular Development Supplement of the Month review by Anthony Ricciuto.

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