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An Ansel Adams Performance By Zachary Byrd

Ansel Adams Performed Zachary Byrd

“The negative is the equivalent of the composer’s score, and the print the performance. So you interpret the score at various esthetic emotional levels but never far enough away to violate the essential concept… I hope it [a printing from Adams negative] would be different, after all when I was a pianist I would play music of Bach and Vivaldi and Mozart which were however not only long dead but had never heard a grand piano. So in a sense any performers of that music is a sort of transcription, a contemporary composition which is made for the contemporary instrument is something else. I will give all my negatives the Center for Creative Photography in Tuscan and one of the stipulations with the negatives is that the students or serious photographer will have the opportunity to print them for non-commercial use… and there’ll be negative that I hope will last quite a while, and the thing that excites me is within not to many years we’re gonna have an entirely new medium of expression of the electronic image. Well in that sense the negative of these photographs sets an example will take the place of a Frescobaldi or some early composer who will then be reinterpreted through a fresh medium, and I think that is marvelous.

—Ansel Adams (in conversation with BBC’s Rob Hooley)

For as long as I can remember, I have both lost myself and found myself in an Ansel Adams print. His books would lie around our house growing up and he would be talked about with the highest level of respect and fondness by my mom. She too is a nature and landscape photographer, and great works and Photographers such as Ansel would be talked about as if we knew him personally. What he captures is far deeper than the landscapes beauty. There is something stronger and more meaningful being created and shared, not captured. I would come to find out what was being shared was Ansel himself. As he put it, “You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” I too am an artist, a creator, and a mirror reflecting the deeper things both within and without. In this performance of Ansels work I too get to join in the expressions of feelings and fears, thoughts and loves. His excitement to share his images in order for another to perform them is unlike anything that has happened in the world of photography or art. So it is with a great sense of joy, connection, and heaviness, I perform for you Reborn, an original Ansel Adams Performance.

Movement I

Dreams & Fears

Lost In The Fog

As sat in a trance like state, mesmerized by the original dreamy world Ansel created, I found myself getting lost in a haze of my own life. A sense of wanting to drift into the mist, yet afraid of it at the same time, crept over me.

The Score

Ansel Adams Originals

WINTER SUNRISE - Ansel Adams - 1942