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Yule Tidings & Goddess Blessings Just a few weeks ago, I grabbed Bobbie and we headed over to San Francisco to the annual Women’s Crafts Fair to have a look at some of the art that these talented sisters are making these days. My favorite was this amazing sculpture made from driftwood and bronze. It was like a faerie spirit come to life. We snapped a picture for you. I saw art made from clay, canvas, cloth … you name it. I saw. I touched it. Admired it. The textile craftswomen made everything from plain white fabric. They did all their own dying. The colors were fabulous. They designed spiritually uplifting patterns. Vagina friendly. Women continue to inspire me. Touch my soul. Take me to places in my mind. It was a beautiful California day, and I thought I’d give you a glimpse of the women who inspired me on this day. The huge warehouse was filled with womoon spirit everywhere you looked. Deeply inspiring.

Did you see the tarot readings video I made you? I get asked a lot about my tarot readings. So, I made you an informal video. And speaking of tarot, the new Witchy Tarot class in the Dianic University Online has taken off. Check it out. I’m getting good feedback from the women in the class. Makes me happy! Blessed be,

Z Budapest

Introducing WITCHY TAROT … the class that women have been waiting for for years! From Z Budapest, the woman who legalized the right to prophecy in California setting the tone for the nation’s divination laws. Z chronicals the last witch trial in the United States, her trial, on video available only in this class. And with the camera continuing to roll, she shows her students how she does her tarot readings. Z has a history of accuracy with her tarot readings and now you can too if you follow her lessons and practice her advice. It is indeed one of the most asked for classes from Z and now, it is available for you in the Dianic Wicca University Online.

Next, I have a ritual that I would like you all to do. This is an obscure ritual that I created back in 1992 for Harper in a book entitled Peace Prayers. I feel it’s time for us to breath life into this ritual.

Prayer to Pax (Light a silver candle in a circle of wild flower petals) Say:

(Light a black candle in a circle of dried bones) Say:

Silver One! You who are honored three times a year with humble marches Maidens honored walks When even the powerful wears none of the insignia of their office as we pray at your public altars for continued peace. We are back again. Put your mighty silver force your mighty ray of the soul (if you please) against the warlovers selfish blindness. Let war be passe. Only you can do this. Then It is done.

Black One! You are the peace of death precious jewel reward after a life well spent: Peace unutterable. We celebrate you with all the ancestors who have gone before us. We remember that our time too is but brief. You need not our kind to help you hurry death. You shall surely come and call our names one by one. Absorb our fears of each other make our hate darkness be absorbed by your holy death. Let your peace not be the only one we know. This you can do. (If you please) Then It is done.

(Light a golden candle in the circle of rose petals) Say:

Golden One! Yellow sunflowers, heralds of wealth Milliards of honeybees laden with golden drops celebrate your holy presence. Come back to us! Teach us the ancient arts of tolerance and fair trade Pour your wisdom in the drops of honey So that even the most mean spirited Will finally be able to feel you. Make your woman especially strong (if you please) so that we can endure the torrents of abuse still our bitter lot of war at home. As we shall slay the mind’s monsters that harmed us amoungst our own kin. Bring us back the love we deserve. This you can do. Then It is done.

Silver One Golden One Black One make it so

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YULE TIDINGS (from the High Sierra) As the Sacred Wheel turns to the North we move into a time of silent mystery. It’s a transformative time, one of hope and renewal, wrapped in the cold, harsh blanket of winter. As the Goddess gestates seeds from the prior harvest within her womb, our souls again stir with potential yet to be realized. It is a magical time... for Yule ushers in the season with festivities shared by those closest to us, family, friends and coven sisters. Evergreens are decorated with blinking lights, colored ornaments and sparkling tinsel. Mistletoe and holly graces our doorways. Hearth fires burn and crackle with cedar and oak while candles burn with festive smells of pine or bayberry. Tables beckon us to sample fresh holiday goodies. Children wait in joyful anticipation of Santa Claus and folks busy themselves with holiday fun and frolic. There’s truly a sense of wonder about this mystical season ... and behind the festive glitter of Yule another promise of rebirth faintly whispers through grey clouds and chilling air. Winter brings a quiet serenity here in the Sierra’s where I live, as moonlight in the night skies casts mystical shadows on the glistening snow. It gives us permission to stay indoors by glowing fires, sustain our bodies with warm food and nurture our souls with quiet inspirations as we surrender to the rest, peace and dreaming that comes with the changing of the times. It’s blissful. Winter reflections are a reminder that all things must die in order to be reborn. Through this dormant time we are comforted by the knowledge that a deep renewal is taking place below the surface of the Earth as well as within ourselves, that we are a very real and intricate part of this powerful transition. While She dreams and regenerates, all is calm, quiet, still. Powers of the north mirror silent wisdom in snow covered pines, frozen lakes and icy streams. The chilling mist from winter skies cloak our windows with frost while brisk winds carry messages of ancient songs. Animals hibernate in caves and caverns and so must we... for powers greater than ourselves are at work and we must give in to them. In days of old, our pagan ancestors took heart at this time of year. They knew the incoming light of the sun at Winter Solstice promised new growth in the Spring. I am comfortable with this view too, for I know all things pass, change and return again with the turning of the seasons... just as I change and transform through the mysteries of life. Being grounded in Goddess Traditions for many years now, I find my perception has shifted tremendously, because I now embrace a sacred path that mirrors my experience of life. Along with this comes peace and tranquility, for everything makes more sense and is less confusing. There was a time

when I thought I’d never change, that I’d stick to my way of thinking no matter what. Not anymore. As the wheel turns I grow, I change, I transform. What a blessing. Winter mirrors a change that is unlike any other for it merges the shadows of death with the light of rebirth; transition with change; hope with renewal. It is the underlying metamorphosis of transformation and regeneration that takes place in Nature as well as on a personal level, giving us the dormant time necessary for rest, regrouping, recharging and preparing for another round. The time of Yule has always been a time of joy, but with every year that passes it offers deep, richer meaning. So my sisters... let’s hold a vision of rebirth for the world this Yuletime Season, for until a transformation of consciousness happens for everyone, Peace on Earth is just a vague longing, and until we learn to respect the Goddess as our source of being there can be no peace. Until we as women realize we are created in her image, there can be no peace. Until we hold respect for every creature in the great web of life, there can be no peace. May the promise of yet another Yule Season bring rebirth and renewal to us all... and may we come to carry this new light of consciousness to the world as her divine daughters!

Solstice Star Call Star light, Star bright Star on Winter Solstice night Shine your light for all to see As we chant around the tree

Star Light, Star Bright We summon all the fates tonight The time is ripe, the wheel turns So fuse our spells as fires burn

Twinkle bright this magic hour With your silver rays of power Bless our visions strong & true Sparking hope as light renews

Twinkling sister, sparkle bold Let magic spin as dreams unfold... Lift our visions high this night As embers glow in flickering light

We’re dreaming new realities Steeped in women¹s mysteries Heed the call & charge it so As seeds are stirring deep below

As we dance around your shrine, Mother Darksome & Divine We raise a special kiss to you for shining bright & coming through

By the air & by the fire By the Earth and flowing waters Spin your rays around the Earth Touching all with true rebirth

Star light, Star Bright Bless us in our sacred Rite As we weave the year anew Let Goddess shine in radiant view! So Mote it Be!

We summon all the fates tonight The time is ripe, the wheel turns So fuse our spells as fires burn

Those who attended Z’s and my tryst, might remember that stunning redheaded friend of mine, Aimee Page. She’s lead singer in dynamic trio called Vishnu's Secret. Visit their website to sample their music. I think you might enjoy it. Aimee’s voice is very unique. Some call it baroque-pop, others call it narcoleptic punk; at once ecstatic and operatic, but darkly reflective and full of melancholy. Vishnu's Secret defies all attempts at description. The Susan B. Anthony Coven Number One is growing. Wow! And, our next in-person meet-up is at Pantheacon ’09! Plan on joining us if you’re in the area, Z’s planning some awesome rituals for us there.

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Z’s writing in SageWoman about the Susan B. Anthony Coven No. 1’s Manifesto in deeper meaning.

Menopausal Years the Wise Woman Way - Favorite herbs for menopausal women: Oatstraw (Avena sativa) - infusion strengthens the nerves; helps reduce emotion distress, promotes sound sleep, keeps the bones and heart strong, and strengthens libido. The tincture is a stronger sedative but not nourishing to the bones and heart. Oats for breakfast is an excellent way to "take" this herb, but avoid pills and capsules. Oatstraw baths are exceptionally calming. Instructions for making one are in my green book: Healing Wise Nettle (Urtica dioica) - infusion strengthens the adrenals, eases anxiety, increases energy, helps prevent night sweats, builds blood, protects bones and heart. Eating cooked nettle is another excellent way to gather its benefits, as is nettle vinegar. I avoid freeze-dried, encapsulated, or tinctured nettle, believing all these forms ineffective and over-priced. Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) - tincture of the fresh flowering tops - is a favorite with menopausal women, their daughters and their mothers. A few drops (up to 25 at a time) will calm emotions, relieve heart palpitations (and strengthen the heart), reduce the severity of hot flashes, increase vaginal lubrication, moderate and eliminate PMS and menstrual cramping. Motherwort vinegar is a fantastic tonic, and tasty, thank goodness. The tea is violently bitter and disliked by 99 out of 100 women, including me, yuck. Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) - any part, in any form - is a superb strengthener for the liver, the control center for hot flashes. Dandelion improves digestion, especially of calcium, helps relieve headaches, and sees to it that the liver provides steady blood sugar supplies. Dandelion wine (from the blossoms) is the most elegant way to take this remedy, but the cooked leaves and vinegars (as well as the pickled parts) of the roots and/or leaves are also excellent nourishing digestives. The tincture, especially of the root, is considered the strongest medicine, but doesn't contain bone-building nutrients, so is less ideal than the other forms. Menopause is a period of transition and metamorphosis, like puberty. It consists of three stages: isolation, melt down, and emergence. Each stage calls forth new energies and new perceptions of ourselves. Each stage has different demands, different tasks, and different needs.

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Recently, I was walking through our local store, and I overheard two women talking. I don’t normally make a habit of eaves dropping, but their topic caught my interest. As I pretended to be surveying items to purchase, I quietly took in what they were saying, while a part of me wanted to rush over, shake them, hug them, weep for them, shout at them or the heavens. “Womyn…dear womyn….wake up…you are daughters of the lie.” The topic of discussion was in regards to their relief Hillary Clinton was not president. The womyn with the raven black hair said to the older woman, “Can you imagine a woman as president? She would get PMS and push the button and we would all be toast.” I wanted to ask her, “Who told you this lie? Who convinced you that your sacred feminine cycle, the sacred waters of your womb, the ebb and flow of your hormones were something to be feared and abhorred?” One gift I want to leave my daughters, my sisters, and those womyn souls around me is the gift of the sacredness of their femaleness. Growing up a proper southern lady; a good Christian girl, I was taught that our bodies were shameful, dirty and something to be feared. Though my mother tried to break out of her upbringing, she was just learning to honor her sacred feminine self when I was becoming a womyn. Now, we honor each other in our knowing that we are sacred vessels. I spent years angry with my womb … my body … my broken spirit and all my choices that led me to this place; and it reflected this anger with severe menstrual cramps, cysts, and endometriosis. As my body was abused and raped within my marriage bed, it reflected the state of my soul. My body, my spirit and my soul grew up with the wound that only liberation could heal. As my soul healed, my body followed suit. When I left the man I called the not so prince charming after all, I wanted healing. First I read Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom by Christine Northrop. Oh the first steps of liberation are sweet to the soul. Then my mother gave me a copy of Z Budapest’s book Grandmother Moon (I still have this copy though it is missing its cover, it is so beloved). The introduction alone changed my life. Z so eloquently spoke to my soul with her words. I cried and laughed and sat amazed in wonderment, as if Z was talking to me, knew me, was showing me how to disrobe and cast away the legacy of the lie of patriarchy. Her writings taught me, there is much to be healed in womynkind and many of us share this legacy. The introduction speaks of a powerful ritual conversation called moontalk. Z asked, “What is the most important thing we should learn from you?” and the moon replied “To flow. Don’t be afraid to let go. Don’t be afraid to come back. Don’t be afraid to become full. Don’t be afraid.” As we cast off the fear and oppression, we learn we are beautiful, whole and blessed. As we accept the gift of our sacred femaleness we heal ourselves, our sisters and the patriarchal wound of all womynkind. This is gift of the season, that I want to share with all womyn; the gift of their divine selves and the Mother. In the spirit of the season, embrace your sisters who still believe the lie, and remind them of what their soul knew when they were born and have been encouraged or forced to forget. No longer let us be daughters of the lie, let us in turn become liberated to speak the truth without fear or shame. Blessed Be.

The Cold Moon is December is upon us, as we transition from Sun in Sagittarius, and Full Moon December 12 th in Gemini at 8 am PST. This lunation, the twelfth in Z’s blessed book, Grandmother Moon, is a tyme of deepest Winter. Although the Witches’ New Year began with Hallowmas, All Hallow’s Eve, All Saint’s Day, All Soul’s Day, and the festival of the Day of the Dead, it is a deep tyme and not like the traditional Secular Happy New Year celebration! We are in the shortest days of the year, with more night and moonlight than day and sun. We will not transcend this until Winter Solstice, December 21st, when the days begin to get longer, slowly again and the light of Persephone shines forth from the Underworld as she ponders her return home to her mother, Demeter, in the Spring. Life is surging and seething under her aegeis, deep in Pluto’s cave, as she seeks to break her bonds and push forth flowers, seedlings, leaves, and sap. For now, thought, she is seemingly silent, morose, heavy, deep down dreaming, in her isolation with the darkness. The trees are losing their golden leaves and soon winter branches will bare their skeletons to the sky. The impact of this Cold Moon is a fruition of intuition. It is a tyme to hibernate, ponder, meditate, go deep within, like Persephone. Remember the mistakes and triumphs and sadnesses and glories of the other seasons, and simmer them in your heart. Do not despair; so much Demeter longs to see her child again, so too we wish to see hope and new life. Some of us are affected by SAD, or Seasonal Affect Disorder, which is a sense of melancholy and sometimes depression, brought on by lack of sunlight. Z advocates in Diana’s words in her Grandmother Moon, that it is imperative that even more so now, we get some exercise, some sunlight, even if only fifteen minutes a day. Build strength while lying fallow. Physical and emotional and psychic strength. Don’t let the commercialism and media inculcate or invade your mynd. Avoid commercials and television, as it will pervade you with messages that will muddy your spirit. The colors of red and gold and green are meant for Yule, or Winter Solstice, but don’t overdo them. There can be a sense of oppression being indoors too much and indoor pollution is a problem. Open your house every day and let fresh air in to counteract this, no matter how cold!!! You will be stimulated in the fresh air and the sunshine. Take baths or showers, but not too many, as your skin needs care. Luxuriate and slather on body oils and lotions. Remember your self-blessing!!! Snuggle deep down in your PUFF, your comforter, either in bed or in front of a fire or a mellow radio. Dream deep, as the Moody Blues would say, and meet the Queen of the Underworld where she lives her darkest month. This tyme is often fraught with an underlying fear of death, the light dying, the candle going out. Surround yourself with light and candles, and fear not. Breathe deep, and confront your heart. The Cold Moon invites you to partake of Her and her blessings. Fallow though the earth may be, rest assured Mother Gaia is taking care of all things and Persephone will perservere to burst forth in Spring. Be kind to yourself, and let many things go. Know that the Sweet Diana is beaming down on you again November 27th, as New Moon, both moon and sun in Capricorn. The days will get longer, and Demeter and Persephone will look toward Spring. This is a tyme of growth, inner learning, and rest and hibernation. Take full advantage of the lovely Cold Moon while she shines her light illuminating the depths of our hearts.

THUS BEGINS THE SEASON WHICH BECKONS THE FACULTY OF REASON, to Trance.... TO COMMENCE THE SPIRAL JOURNEY TOWARD THE "WITHIN" and to Engage in the Dance Of the Goddess's Kin... May the Body of Earth form Firmly Beneath Thy Feet... May Air become the Flight of Birds that you Greet... May Water's Emotion Heal your Heart... May Fire warm the Spirit of Which You are a part! And as the Great Mystery of the Fifth Element is Revealed, May the Magick of your Days be sealed. In Sacred Silence may you Find Your Guidance. May Shadow-Work Deepen your Respect for the Divine May Love ever-flourish between Thee and Thine. I call the Five Elements to merge as One... The Season of Mystery has Begun... May The Five-Fold Path grant you Insight to your Soul... May the Ritual Integrate Thee to Make your Spirit Whole! Bless-ed Be

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Tidings of Comfort and Joy There are those who may wonder why I would use a phrase that has deep associations with Christianity as the title of an article written for Goddess-womyn. To me, the phrase has universal connotations that can be for all people. After all, in these times of hardship and constant bad news, who cannot use some tidings of comfort and joy? Just the words comfort and joy can make someone feel better, even though one of them, outside of this season in the Christian year, rarely gets used anymore. We all hear the word comfort regularly. We know what comfort is – we even have degrees of comfort applied to things such as mattresses. We comfort one another during times of trouble and may even give ourselves “comfort foods” to help us feel better, but what about Joy? The word Joy is not something said in normal conversation in mainstream society, and few people of any stripe ever seem to discuss it. Why is that? Do we feel that Joy is unimportant? More to the point, do we feel unworthy of Joy?

What is Joy anyway? According to the dictionary, the definition of Joy is: 1) Intense and especially ecstatic or exultant happiness. 2) The expression or manifestation of such feeling. 3) A source or an object of pleasure or satisfaction. Such an emotion and its manifestations in the world sound like good things to me. Who wouldn’t want to experience intense, ecstatic happiness? So why is Joy ignored? To answer this question we need to get to the root of mainstream society, which is patriarchy. Patriarchy uses the tools of fear, oppression, and scarcity consciousness to keep people in line. For five millennia or so, these tools have been relatively effective. However, the effectiveness is limited because all three pieces of the puzzle need to be in constant use or patriarchy’s grip starts to slip and people start to think for themselves. This constant mental, emotional, psychic siege leaves no room for joy in anyone’s life, whether they are part of the privileged class or not. That is why the only context for it in patriarchy is in celebrating the birth of their god-king or one of the mundane representatives thereof. That is why Joy is such an important emotion for we womyn as Daughter of the Goddess to discover and foster in our lives and in the lives of those we meet. When one knows Joy, fear cannot keep its hold on the spirit. When one knows Joy, oppression is an onerous burden because it stifles that Joy. When one knows Joy, scarcity consciousness seems like foolishness because Joy opens one up to the infinite possibilities that the Goddess offers. When I first began to perceive this, I expressed it in a poem, which I include here as a gift to my Sisters in Goddess.

Abandon Poetry in motion Joy unbounded given grace Love is a moment forever You are Beauty Forever Free Creation and Change Be unafraid Be Free Always Yourself Unbound by expectation Breathe – breathe All that you are is Joy

So how can we experience Joy and how can we spread it around? Experiencing Joy can be a challenge when one has never learned how. Joy comes in fleeting moments in most people’s lives and they never remember how it got there in the first place. That said, it becomes obvious that part of the path of the priestess as a Daughter of the Goddess is to learn more about Joy and to become open to it before any of the rest can happen. The first step in this process is to accept that Joy can be a normal part of one’s life. This in and of itself is a revolutionary thought. Then again, as Daughters of the Goddess, our lives are revolutionary acts every day, so adding one more thing to it shouldn’t be too hard. I say that light-heartedly, but I mean it. I have found that one of the best ways to learn to accept the experience of Joy is to hang around young children. They have not had their capacity for Joy beaten out of them – either metaphorically or otherwise. They live with open heart and open soul. Joy pours into them from all sides and they return it to the world generously. They play, they dance, they giggle, and their smiles contain Joy in its purest expression when they are happy. To them the world is full of beauty and magick and fear is a fleeting thing. It’s hard to shake off our own conditioning of fear and scarcity and see them for the illusions they are, but it is not impossible. As far as spreading the joy around goes, it is simple to do. In my own life, I started with just appreciating those I love openly and without worrying about rejection or looking silly doing it. Nothing spreads Joy like love and appreciation. Also taking the time to be silly is a great way to experience Joy and share it. Have fun just to have fun and invite others to share the fun and see how fast Joy follows along! Of course, doing so means silencing the inner judge and the inner critic that patriarchy put inside us all. That inner judge and inner critic is going to make snide comments about how ridiculous one looks or sounds to enforce our fears of being thought foolish. That will likely be hard at first, but trust me, it gets easier and easier as one’s capacity for Joy increases. I could probably go on forever about Joy and never run out of things to say, but this article, like all good things, must come to an end. So I close by simply enjoining my Sisters to invite Joy back into their lives and to live and love freely. Maybe, just maybe, with daily acts of revolutionary Joy, we can recreate the world!

“We all come from the Goddess, and to Her we shall return Like a drop of rain flowing to the ocean…”

Yule Gemstones Correspondences: Bloodstone, Emeralds, Garnet, Diamonds, Rubies, and Chrysoberyl (Cat’s Eye) Bloodstone is a grounding stone helpful in the revitalization of relationships and love. It stimulates the immune system and is an energy cleanser, Bloodstone is one of the most powerful healing stones. Bloodstone is most commonly known to be very dark green with veins and or splotches of red resembling droplets of blood. Bloodstone is mined in India, China, Australia, and the United States. One of the three astrological associations with Aries is Bloodstone. Bloodstone is best used on the Sacral Chakra. Use Bloodstone as a safeguard from injuries and it can even be used as a money stone. I encourage you to utilize Bloodstone to aid you on your unique life path. Crystals for each Sun – Sign Astrological Associations Aries – Red Jasper, Hematite, and Bloodstone. Taurus – Lapis Lazuli, Mangano, Calcite, and Rose Quartz. Gemini – Tree Agate, Citrine, and Agate. Cancer – Emerald, Moonstone, and Aquamarine. Leo – Tiger’s Eye, Sunstone, and Kunzite. Virgo – Rhodochrosite, Green Calcite, and Carnelian. Libra – Aventurine, Apatite, Malachite. Scorpio – Citrine- Unakite, and Labradorite. Sagittarius – Rhodochrosite, Sodalite, and Labradorite. Capricorn – Jet, Obsidian, and Lepidolite. Aquarius – Sugilite, Quartz Crystal, and Danburite. Pisces – Turquoise, Charoite, and Amethyst. Crystals for assigned Charkas: Selected Crystals assigned to charkas that will be most effectively energized and cleansed, as follows. The Crown Chakra – Sugilite, Clear Quartz, and Amethyst. The Third Eye Chakra - Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, and Amethyst. The Throat Chakra – Moonstone, Moonstone, and Lapis. The Heart Chakra - Emerald, Charoite, and Malachite. The Solar Plexus Chakra – Sunstone, Citrine, and Tiger’s Eye. The Sacral Chakra – Bloodstone, Rhodocrosite, and Agate. The Base or Root Chakra – Garnet, Haematite, and Obidian

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After more than thirty years in circulation, The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries is still a ground-breaking book in the forefront of women’s spirituality. I have survived all of these years almost 30 years since I read your first book, Holy Women’s Mysteries. I was a practicing Buddhist in 1972, and then came your book and my whole life changed. I carry with me the inside knowledge that I am Goddess and so are my sisters--in secret we have always gathered. A deep thank you Z for writing that first book as I awoke the Goddess in me and I have been on the path ever since. I love you and respect you and I am deeply grateful for you for spawning the Women’s Spiritually Movement. Blessed Be - KRS

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