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Sept. 16 She felt that slight tickling in her solar plexus … “Could it be real?...” – she thought, while smile appeared shyly and started to play on her lips. /// Sept. 18 -

Do you have any plans tonight after 21:30? -

Yes, I have plans to meet you  ///

Unexpected, intriguing, exciting meeting. He was different, completely different from anyone she knew before. He felt on another level, deep one, the one that she experiences only once in her life, with a special person … Synchronized – she thought – … Could it be real? ***Her existence was full of sense, consciously changing her attitude to life from the childhood, she lived a happy life. It was a chain of what other people would call coincidences or good luck. She did not believe in coincidences, and good luck was earned. Days were full of deep gratefulness: for the family, friends, good health, opportunities, for her dreams that kept coming into real life one by one. And she always had that strong feeling: that she is here to be happy, that she can achieve whatever she wants, that someone somewhere is loving her, but doesn’t know about it yet. People around were saying how lucky she is to have such a life, not realizing that it is a big choice and hard internal work, work to become someone that you really want to be: Choice to be happy, choice to be positive, choice to be grateful. It is not that she had different reality, no. She had different attitude to the same reality that others had and she felt happy in that reality, As she knew – it was just illusion! Same struggles, same fears, just different mindset. Not perfect, but always on the way to get better.

She wanted to love, to feel and to live here and now ‌ Only life taught her to be careful; to trust actions, not words; to appreciate respect. Her beloved ones always took time to let her feel safe. Being active, open, social and communicative in everyday life, she never realized she was like flower-bud in personal relationships, which is closed in the morning, at the beginning; and opens fully exhaling fragrance by noon. Being risky in taking new experiences, opportunities, paths, she actually desperately needed the feeling of safety, to reveal all the depth of her feelings. *** He appeared suddenly, surprised her, gave hope and put a smile on her face, she was amazed. Just the law of nature worked the way it used to be working. He approached fast, he approached in the morning‌ And left just before the noon‌


Things happen, people meet, people feel ...

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