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Portfolio Presentation

To Whom This is Presented To, Thank you for taking the time to review my portfolio and

(Assistant Design Group Manager in Honda R&D (S.E.A)Co Ltd and

allow me the opportunity to impress you through my creative works

Assistant Visual Merchandising Manager in Aspial Corporation)

in the various industries I have experienced.

which saw me lead creative teams in pushing the creative boundary.

This portfolio is but only the tip of the iceberg in terms of what I can offer in terms of soft and technical skills. As a practitioner of the

I strongly believe I bring to your organization the best of both

creative arts since my tertiary graduation in 1995, I have always

worlds. A designer who thinks on his feet, has initiative and solid

subscribed to the life-long learning concept and as such, always

technical skills together with a strong analytical mind balanced with

endeavored to maintain a constantly inquisitive mind. In my quest

a creative flair to impress. A manager / director who has strong

for creative excellence, I have had the good opportunity to be

leadership skills and foresight for trends and new ideas, who is able

involved in different industries (transportation, retail, printing and

to balance both the books as well as his subordinates, all under a

exhibition) during certain points of my career. Furthermore, I have

stressful environment. Together with a passion for excellence and a

had good associates, colleagues and subordinates which gave me

keen eye for perfection, I offer to your organization much more than

invaluable advice and experience as well as support and

mere Photoshop速 or even Microsoft Excel速 skills.

knowledge. I sincerely hope you would allow me the pleasure to present Through this portfolio, I hope to give you an insight into what I am capable of and what value I can bring to your organization. As

my portfolio to you at your earliest convenience and I look forward to your favorable response.

a firm believer of life-long learning, I have never backed down from a challenge especially in the creative sense. As a trained Visual


Communications designer, I have embarked on career paths which saw me deviating from 2D to 3D (Transportation Designer), exterior

Jason Chua

to interior (Store Design) and even assume positions of leadership


Freelance Projects •Year: 1996 - Current •Taking on various projects allows me to expand my creative horizons as well as increase the network of suppliers, contractors and designers I already have. However, a priority for me when it comes to freelance projects is that it must never clash with my current job scope nor my working hours.

Proposal for Singapore International Energy Week 2010

Jason Chua Portfolio  

Jason Chua Portfolio