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What’s happening in Term Four Christmas Catalogue & Supplement Release Our 2019 Christmas Catalogue was sent out to schools on August 12. Inside you’ll find lots of new festive products and project ideas to keep you students engaged. If you did not receive a Christmas Catalogue and would like one, please contact us on 03 9890 1867 To receive FREE* DELIVERY, simply purchase any new Christmas product via our website. mber 20 this year, will receive a ALL Christmas orders placed with us before December FREE Zart Shopping Bag. *For terms and conditions see our Website or our 2019 Christmas Catalogue.

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Postal Address: PO Box 1198, Waverley Gardens VIC 3170 Zart Extra: ISSN 448–8450 Zart Extra is published quarterly by Zart Education, a division of Zart Art Pty Ltd ABN 24 621 120 321. This publication is mailed prior to the first week of the term issue date. This newsletter allows art teachers/ co-ordinators to learn about what is happening in art education and what other art teachers are doing. You will find information on new art techniques and processes, the latest materials and resources on the market. Please note, all prices quoted are valid for the duration of the current term only and are subject to change without notice. The insert of the newsletter provides details of our term's workshops, so teachers can then contact us and book into the workshop.

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2020 School Catalogue

We would like to take this opportunity, to thank you for your support throughout the year. We wish you and your families a very happy and safe Christmas and Holiday season. We look forward to be working with you in the New Year.

Our 2020 Art & Craft School Catalogue will be mailed out to schools later this term. You should receive a copy by the 7th of November. If you or your school require additional copies, please contact us on 03 9890 1867, we’ll be happy to help you out. You can also view our catalogue online at

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primary article

Images courtesy of Toorak College

Keith Haring Sculptures The brief: to create a 3D sculpture, resembling a figure in movement inspired by the work of Keith Haring. Demonstrated knowledge of construction techniques and design process, whilst reflecting the quirky ‘dance-like’ essence of Haring’s iconic street art figures. Student agency can be a powerful aspect that drives the direction of art practice in the studio. By term 3 the students expressed a desire to build or construct in 3D. They were ready to learn new techniques and be risk takers. As a group, they explored and discussed numerous works of Keith Haring, whose engaging pop art approach to graffiti, and figurative sculpture adorns many public places. Numerous questions arose around recognition of style and what identifying characteristics to look for: What was/is his viewpoint/message?

Describing and articulating his art practice, design and colour choices, the dialogue between his paintings and sculptures, and so on. Discussion intensified as the exploring and expressing stage in our Unit ended. As any art teacher knows, time is scarce with only one lesson per week, with young practitioners. The next phase of the Unit included lots of experimentation, as the students designed their 3D responses to reflect the style of the artist in focus. This stage of the process, was dominated by construction prototypes, and problem solving. Students used their drawings and deign templates to cut from sturdy cardboard (the canteen was a great provider of boxes from the bakery). Students focused on the art elements of "form, shape and space". Construction methods of tabs and “L” shaped braces reinforced the walls followed by use of a hot glue gun to adhere the walls to the top and back. Papier Mache sealed the edges and created the ‘canvas’. Vipond paint was applied

for the base colour, followed by optional detailed contoured patterns with Posca pens. Throughout the process, the students were encouraged to use art language, design and sculpture related terminology written on the ‘Construction Techniques’ chart, when describing or annotating their work process. The collaborative installation took place with the help of T-pins to exhibit each 3D figure touching the other on and up the felt wall. This reflected the ‘present and perform’ strand of the curriculum, leading the group into the 'respond and interpret' phase. As the student’s see their work in a gallery setting, it serves to instil a sense satisfaction, and presents an opportunity for reflection and response. Furthermore, encouraging students to reflect during and after each stage of construction, lends itself to more authentic artistic process – so it becomes dynamic and informing.


Zart Extra Term 4 2019 3

zart student gallery

Student Gallery Term Four Exhibition EXHIBITING THIS TERM Exhibition Closes 9th December 2019

Myrtleford P–12 College

At the beginning of every term a new exhibition is curated and celebrated with an official ‘opening afternoon’ event for young artists, teachers, families and art lovers. Openings are hosted by Zart Education and give platform to the ideas, technical skill and hard work of our young Victorian artists. Events offer light catering, a ‘gallery tour’ of the exhibition, interviews with the young artists, and a raising of glasses/cups of cordial. Visit In Person: 4/41 Lexton Road, Box Hill North, VIC 3129 Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri: 8.30am – 5.00pm Thu: 8.30am – 6.30pm Sat: 9.00am – 2.00pm Sun: Closed

St Leonards College, Brighton East

Brentwood Park Primary School, Berwick

Boroondara Park Primary School Mirka Soft Sculpture Dolls Brentwood Park Primary School, Berwick Soft Pastel Sunflowers Cornish College, Bangholme Cardboard Sculptures Haileybury, Brighton 2D to 3D Net Ceramic Animals Distortion to Abstraction Myrtleford P–12 College St Basil's Cathedral Line Bug Paintings Future Dreamers Spotswood Primary School Bunjil the Eagle and Bunjil’s Nest St Finbar’s Primary School, Brighton East Marbled Bird Collage St Leonard's College, Brighton East Alexander Calder Inspired Sculpture St Leonard's College Junior School, Brighton East Modigliani Self-Portraits African Birds Abstract Prints St Paul’s College – Specialist School, Balwyn “I AM” collage book First Six Months St. Simon the Apostle Primary School, Rowville Alexander Calder Inspired Portraits Toorak College Landscape Weavings Cardboard Collagraphs Waverley Christian College, Wantirna Guppy fish

The Student Gallery is situated upstairs in Zart’s Customer Service Centre, Box Hill North. Each term exhibition includes a new display of work from students ranging from Kindergarten to Year 12.

You can also view this exhibition on our website

Cornish College, Bangholme Boroondara oro Parkk Prima Primary mary ry SSc School chool oo


St Paul's College – Specialist School, Balwyn

artist feature

Images courtesy of Adam Cusack

Sweet Lead Balloons

That's No Way To Leave

In Plain Sight

Q & A with Artist Adam Cusack Adam Cusack’s practice traverses multiple media including drawing, painting, installation and sculpture. His work explores ideas of authenticity and identity in popular culture. Cusack is interested in showing real things in provocative ways; assembling unrelated objects together to bring about relationships that challenge the perception of the original items. How did ‘Art’ first manifest itself to you, and can you identify any major influences in your development as a creative person? Adam: I grew up with a camera in one hand and a pencil in the other. I was fortunate to be encouraged throughout my childhood by my father who had a great eye and knew the basics to pass on. When I was young dad spoke to me about perspective and how to make things look real, he bought me a secondhand camera and taught me how to use it. It wasn’t until high school that I realized both skills could be combined, and with the guidance of a wonderful art teacher Jude Marsland, I was able to develop both processes into my current art practice.

What does art mean to you? Adam: Looking at an object and trying to get meaning from it is something I probably spend too much time doing. I’m interested in showing real things in provocative ways; assembling unrelated objects together to bring about relationships that challenge the perception of the original items. I like to think it’s like adding a secret code to my artwork. What materials do you use? Adam: My practice is a traditional one, in that I make marks on a surface. The beautiful thing about charcoal is that it's a dead burnt tree with its own new purpose and life. It's a very old natural tool/process. However,

charcoal can be a very difficult medium whenever you draw you create dust, which in-turn means you've got very mobile particles floating around the studio. This adds a degree of difficulty to creating really fine work and keeping the results pure – and the drawing clean. I’ve set myself an impossible task managing the raw and the pure, that's one of the challenges that attracts me to it as a medium. Any final thoughts on process? Adam: I know it sounds strange, but the more time you spend doing what you're doing as an artist, the more it will inform different aspects of your practice. I'm pleased if I make a mistake and it looks good because it gives me the ‘push’ to take more risks. It’s the same with all mediums, it can get pretty scary and there are many ways something can go wrong (or right), it just depends on how you’re looking at your process.


Zart Extra Term 4 2019 5

school topic

Images courtesy of Haileybury Castlefield, Brighton

Mixed Media Portraiture This Unit of work involved a study of mixed media portraiture involving a variety of materials in its creation. The boys started the unit by researching the artwork of portrait artists such as: Lennie Lee, a South African conceptual artist who lives and works in London; Michael Parker, an Australian artist, David Fairbairn, a West Africa Archibald prize winner and Florian Nicolle, a French illustration artist. They completed compare and contrast tasks, highlighting the similarities and differences in the work of these artists and looking closely at the media they used. The next step was to take a “selfie” on their iPad and to digitally manipulate the photograph to achieve areas of light and areas


of dark, and to create a snapshot that portrayed something about themselves as people. They drew a series of sketches from these photos and refined these until they achieved a final sketch which they photocopied onto watercolour paper several times. Some of these sketches were used to practice and experiment with different techniques and media. The boys then spent several lessons experimenting with, and combining different media including watercolour, pencil, soft pastel, oil pastel, charcoal, fine point pen and watercolour pencils. They combined these with a variety of paper types until they decided on the combinations of media they wanted to use and that worked best for their portrait. Each student then created two portraits,

using different combinations of media, from their final design sketch. They mounted the finished artworks on white, or brown paper and framed them using the A3 double sided pre-cut mounts. As an extension activity some elected to do an extension piece which incorporated digital sections of their photograph as well. The boys completed the Unit with a self-evaluation exercise, detailing what they liked about their artworks, what they would change if given the chance to re-do the artworks, and what they learnt from the Unit. The boys were completely engaged with this series of activities and were very pleased with their completed portraits.


education topic

Images courtesy of Mt Dandenong Primary School

Animal Masks Our annual Art Show is a highlight at our school and each year we engage with the local community by inviting artists from our local area to deliver a lesson. The children create artworks based on these lessons and the pieces are exhibited at our Art Show. The links to the broader community are valuable to the learning and engagement of our children. We have engaged professional artists living and working in our community but often we have discovered that many of the parents in our school community are highly skilled and

talented artists and willing to share their skills with the children. In the past two years we have been fortunate to have Lesley Paxinos work with our Foundation students. Lesley is a functional designer and traditional doll maker at Olinda Collective and enjoys producing whimsical creations for young and old. Olinda Collective is a small boutique that operates as a permanent market, right in the heart of Olinda. They showcase a range of products including locally handmade items, vintage clothing, upcycled products, local art and designers. The students made papier-mâché animal masks with Lesley supporting and guiding the children through the process of art making. The

children created a base for their chosen animal mask using a balloon covered with layers of papier-mâché. They identified the animal’s unique features and created various shapes utilizing cardboard and other recycled materials. After fitting their balloon shell to their head and cutting eye holes they attached their individual features to the base. The next step the children completed was experimenting with paint and colour to enhance their animals attributes. Finally the children were encouraged to add paper fringing, fur and yarn to add layers of depth and texture.

Liz Kennedy and Lesley Paxinos MT DANDENONG PRIMARY SCHOOL

Zart Extra Term 4 2019 7

what's new from zart

Slicks by Zart Slicks are a versatile paint colour. Use on a variety of surfaces:

Paint in a stick, draws on wet and dries without smudging.

Wooden surfaces.

Slicks are a non-permanent textile and fabric decoration.

Metallic Slicks by Zart Metallic paint sticks in an assortment of Gold and Silver colours. CR255

White and metallic Slicks work effectively on brown kraft card, black and dark backgrounds.

Pkt of 12


Canvas – Slicks are a portable paint solution! Colour Slicks by Zart The 12 vibrant Slick colours include Black, Brown, Dark Green, Light Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow and White. CR256

Pkt of 12


Bright Slicks by Zart Six colours in this pack include Shimmer Blue, Shimmer Green, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, and Neon Green.

Use Slicks to colour dried Magiclay models. 8

Colour polystyrene with ease!


Pkt of 6


prices do not include gst • prices are valid until december 20 2019

Slicks by Zart, are a colourful, clean and convenient way to paint and draw. Slicks are a solid paint stick in a twist up applicator and best of all they require no sharpening. So smooth and rich, the colours glide on like lipstick – which will be fun for all ages.

what's new from zart

Size 0 Size 2 x 24 x 24

Size 4 x 24

Size 6 x 24

Size 8 x 24

Round Brushes

Size 4 x 12

Size 6 x 12

Size 8 x 12

Size 12 x 12

Size 16 x 12

Flat Brushes

Unica Printing Paper (50% Cotton) 250gsm

Dynamic Brush Set

prices do not include gst • prices are valid until december 20 2019

Dynamic Brushes are a synthetic hair brush, and are an excellent choice for the art and classroom as they offer both durability and versatility. Each brush has a thick belly which allows it to hold plenty of paint whilst the tapered flags and natural spring of the bristles ensure it retains its shape. These Dynamic taklon brushes are best suited for acrylic, watercolour, gouache and craft paint. Each brush has a lacquered wooden handle and is short and tapered for ease of use and control. NB: brush sizes will vary between brands. Assorted BR327 NEW Pkt of 180 $695.00

This versatile and affordable Fabriano Unica Printing Paper is made of 50% cotton, suitable for all printmaking techniques. With its medium texture and natural white colour, Unica is perfect for screen printing, relief printing, Intaglio and litho printing. 250gsm. Medium texture. 50 x 70cm PA705 NEW $2.95

Koh-I-Noor Brilliant Watercolour Paint Discs These seasonal watercolour sets are a great addition to the existing palette of Koh-I-Noor watercolour discs. Includes clear lid that can be used as a mixing palette, as well as an empty disc in the middle for water. Alternatively, use an Aqua Brush for a no-mess option. Will screw together in a tower format with other Koh-I-Noor watercolour discs, for easy storage and transport. Spring PT864-SP Winter PT864-WI NEW Pack of 6 $7.70


Buckles & Bits


This fun and exciting pack of buckles, metal trinkets and embellishments are perfect for decorating your next art project. The pack consists of various metal and plastic findings excellent for steam punk activities, jewellery making, sculpture and modelling. Glue, stitch or string together to embellish your work or create interesting sculptures using only what’s in the pack. Polish, tarnish or decorate with paint to personalise. Assorted shapes and sizes CN710 NEW Pkt of 400g $10.00

m wide! Unweaves to 30m

Paper Raffia - Assorted Unlike dyed raffia, this wonderful colourfast assortment, won't stain hands during use. Paper raffia conveniently and easily unwinds off the roll, so there's no waste and no messy surfaces. Paper Raffia is great for weaving, gift wrapping, decorating, cardmaking, and for use in general crafts. There are 10 assorted colours: Kraft/Natural, White, Yellow, Green, Orange, Light Blue, Red, Dark Blue, Dark Pink and Purple. Paper Raffia width: 6mm (off the roll) to 30mm (unwoven).

10 x 10m (100m total) NEW Pkt of 10



Paper Raffia - Christmas

Gold Silver

Includes In n m metallics!

Unlike dyed raffia, this wonderful colourfast assortment, won't stain hands during use. Paper Raffia is great for weaving, gift wrapping, decorating, cardmaking, and for use in general crafts. This festive assortment includes six colours: Red (2 rolls), Green (2 rolls), Gold (2 rolls), Silver (2 rolls), Kraft (1 roll) and white (1 roll). Raffia width: 6mm (off the roll) to 30mm (unwoven).

10 x 10m (100m total) NEW Pkt of 10



Zart Extra Term 4 2019 9

what's new from zart

Bleedproof Paper – A3

Alcohol Inks

High quality paper that is ideal for use with markers, pens and ink mediums. This pad is made with premium Italian paper and its exceptional resistance to bleed-through means the colour can be applied to both sides of the paper with minor variance. The non-pill, ultra smooth and clean white surface provides exceptional definition to marker lines and detail work. As a lighter weight paper, it can be used to trace and render over a design. Bleedproof paper produces superior results when using alcoholbased markers (Copics) and alcohol inks (Piñatas). Bleedproof paper is ideal for ink and marker exploration, marker illustration, concept sketches, layouts and rendering exercises. 75gsm paper FSC. A3 Pad (50 sheets) PD103



Mixed Marker Mediums

$13.95 PA500

A3 Class Value Pack (500 sheets)



Class Value Pack!

28¢ Per Sheet!

An economical way for students to explore markers and inks

Class Value alue P Pack 25 Students

¢ 23 $4.52 Per Sheet! Per Student

Sennelier Abstract Paint The Sennelier Abstract 120mL is a high quality and affordable acrylic paint packaged in a flexible pouch perfect for students and more seasoned artists. It has a high pigment concentration offering deep opaque colours and a creamy heavy consistency with excellent coverage great for impasto. It is able to be applied to a multitude of surfaces such as canvas, paper, board, aluminium painting panels, unglazed ceramics and wooden painting panels. Conveniently apply with a brush, palette knife or straight out of the soft pack. With such versatile features it’s easy to see why Sennelier Abstract is so popular with students, professional painters and street artists alike. The soft pack has a clear window, so you can see the exact colour that is in the pack and offers a comfortable and controlled way to pour and apply the paint. It’s also stronger and more flexible than a normal paint tube allowing you to get every last drop of paint out.



Burnt Sienna Burnt Umber Cadmium Red Deep Hue Cadmium Red Light Hue Cadmium Red Orange Hue Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue Cadmium Yellow Lemon Hue Cadmium Yellow Medium Hue Cerulean Blue Hue Cobalt Blue Hue Indigo Blue Mars Black Light English Red Permanent Green Light Phthalo Green Purple Titanium White Ultramarine Blue Vermilion Warm Grey

NEW Each

PT017-BS PT017-BU PT017-CRD PT017-CRL PT017-CRO PT017-CYD PT017-CYL PT017-CYM PT017-CE PT017-CO PT017-IB PT017-MB PT017-LER PT017-PGL PT017-PG PT017-PU PT017-TW PT017-UB PT017-VE PT017-WG


prices do not include gst • prices are valid until december 20 2019


new resources

prices do not include gst • prices are valid until december 20 2019

Welcome to Country


Aunty Joy Murphy

Andrew Kelly & Aunty Joy Murphy

This multi-award-winning picture book is an expansive and generous Welcome to Country from a most respected Elder, Aunty Joy Murphy, beautifully given form by Indigenous artist Lisa Kennedy. Welcome to Country invites us to recognise the traditional lands that lie beneath our feet and to celebrate local Indigenous culture.

In this stunning picture book beautifully given form by Indigenous artist Lisa Kennedy, respected Elder Aunty Joy Murphy and Yarra Riverkeeper Andrew Kelly tell the story of one day in the life of the vital, flourishing Birrarung (Yarra river).

32pp NEW Each



40pp NEW Each



You Might Find Yourself Tai Snaith

Stitch and String Lab for Kids Cassie Stephens Stitch and String Lab for Kids leads children, step by step, through a huge range of sewing and fiber art projects. As they go, they will learn a variety of techniques, develop dexterity and coordination, and enjoy making a variety of creative projects. Kids will employ simple embroidery stitches to embellish pillows, wall hangings, t-shirts, and patches. With 46 inventive projects, Stitch and String Lab for Kids contains everything from simple sewing, embroidery, and weaving to string art, needle felting, and yarn crafts!

144pp NEW Each



You Might Find Yourself follows a small person’s journey as they navigate the world through their imagination. This charming and lovingly hand-crafted picture book invites readers to examine notions of resilience and collaboration, while on the winding path that is life. From eating green beans with a King and a Queen to playing a hologram guitar from the future, You Might Find Yourself encourages an exploration of empathy and compassion. In weird and wonderful ways, Tai Snaith unleashes the power of our imagination, and on a journey full of possibilities, all you need to do is imagine where you might find yourself.

36pp NEW Each



Colouroos Colo Co lour uroo ooss Anna McGregor

Making Maki Ma king ng T Thinking hink nkin king g Vi Visi Visible sibl ble e Ron Ritchhart, Mark Church & Karin Morrison on Visible Thinking is a research-based approach to the teaching of thinking that develops students thinking dispositions, while at the same time deepening their understanding of the topics they study. The book also comes with a DVD of video clips featuring Visible Thinking in practice in various classroom situations.

320pp NEW Each



Deep in the heart of the Red Centre lived a mob of red kangaroos. kangaroos During a long, hot drought, the thirsty roos went searching for water. When three different groups of kangaroos - red, blue and yellow - all come to the same watering hole, they aren't sure what to make of each other at first. But soon they discover that they aren't so different after all. As the three groups become one, new colours appear, and soon the roos have created a beautiful rainbow! On the surface Colouroos is a fun, light-hearted story about the colour spectrum, but on a deeper level it is a beautiful celebration of diversity.

32pp NEW Each



Zart Extra Term 4 2019 11

FREE Professional Development Appointments Our Art Consultants are available to come and visit your school all year round. We offer a range of services such as exploring new materials, exploring a range of techniques, lesson planning, curriculum advice and looking at examples for new ideas to take in to your classrooms. These appointments can

be made at any time during the week and can be booked from 15 minutes up to one hour in duration. They can be one on one, with a small group of teachers or a whole staff demonstration and include a PD certificate upon completion. This is a FREE service and can be tailored to your needs.

FREE Online Tips, Techniques & Product Exploration Resources Our online Tips, Techniques & Explorations library is filled with useful art tips & step by step processes to gain confidence when working with new art materials and mediums. View our online library of ideas and resources on our website, which includes articles, step-by-step material and technique demonstrations, project activities and videos. All our content is produced by Zart Art Consultants and Specialists and is a TOTALLY FREE library of resources for you to access online, any time. View our library at or subscribe to our new Zart Art YouTube channel for all the latest project videos!



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