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COVER ARTWORK: Oxley Christian College, Chirnside Park THIS PAGE: St Mary's College, Seymour

Explore, Express, Exhibit. . . . . . . . .3 Mirka Mora Inspired Dolls . . . . . . .4 I AM Collage. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5 Student Gallery . . . . . . . . . . . . 6-7 Artist Q & A with Robert Lee Davis . . .8 Professional Learning . . . . . INSERT The Dax Centre . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 What's New From Zart. . . . . . . 10-11 New Resources . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 Printmaking Exploration . . . . . . 13 Nurturing Creativity Conference 14-15 What's happening in Term 1 2020 . 16

Supporting Teachers in Creative Education

What’s happening in Term One

Customer Service Centre:

School Catalogue Release

Shop, Training Centre & Student Gallery

Our 2020 School Catalogue was sent out to schools last November and January. If you did not receive a School Catalogue and would like one, please contact us on 03 9890 1867

Shop 4, 41 Lexton Road Box Hill North, Melbourne VIC 3129 Ph: 03 9890 1867 Mon—Wed & Fri: 8.30am—5.00pm Thurs: 8.30am—6.30pm Sat: 9.00am—2.00pm 48 Overseas Drive, Noble Park North, VIC 3174 Ph: 03 9890 1867 Fax: 03 9898 6527 Mon—Fri: 8.30am—5.00pm

Postal Address: PO Box 1198, Waverley Gardens VIC 3170 Zart Extra: ISSN 448–8450 Zart Extra is published quarterly by Zart Education, a division of Zart Art Pty Ltd ABN 24 621 120 321. This publication is mailed prior to the first week of the term issue date. This newsletter allows art teachers/ co-ordinators to learn about what is happening in art education and what other art teachers are doing. You will find information on new art techniques and processes, the latest materials and resources on the market. Please note, all prices quoted are valid for the duration of the current term only and are subject to change without notice. The insert of the newsletter provides details of our term's workshops, so teachers can then contact us and book into the workshop.

2 www.zartart.com.au

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Our warehouse & head office are located in Noble Park North. Our Customer Service Centre is located in Box Hill North (Melbourne) for direct shopping & browsing. Unfortunately that facility is not available at Noble Park North.

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‘What’s New’ Term 1 2020 FREE ideas & materials presentations

Easter Closure

Come along to meet and network with other educators in your area as you learn about our exciting new materials! Get activity ideas for Early Years, Primary, Secondary, and Special Needs education - as well as information on integrating art into the classroom. Please refer to the enclosed PL Insert for dates, locations and for further information.

Zart will be closed on Friday 10th April and reopen Tuesday 14th April for the Easter Break. The Customer Service Centre will also be closed on Saturdayy 11th April. p

primary article

Explore, Express, Exhibit: The 7 Hour Art Road Trip To say my students were just a little bit chuffed with the news that their work was being exhibited in the Zart Education Student Gallery would be a complete understatement. For some, it was not only the first time their art work had been displayed outside of the school foyer, it was one of the few times they had ever travelled to the city! Watching them arrive at the gallery to see their art up on display and being viewed by so many people was such an exciting experience for these country kids. You could see the pride beaming from their faces as they overheard people in the crowd saying how much they loved the art work. You could also see the shock on people’s faces when they heard we had spent seven hours in a bus to attend this very special event.

It was a huge effort to get them down there, but I was so proud of them and I knew what they would gain from this opportunity to engage in this creative community. As I see it, it is my job not only educate them about art, but also on the importance of experiencing life outside of our tiny rural town (Myrtleford). This was a great opportunity to broaden their horizons, and I was thrilled my students were being shown that their creative efforts are valued and appreciated by others. As the students spoke to the room about the processes they took to create their art, they were

beginning to see that art could have a real purpose outside of a school context - a greater function than going up on the fridge for a week or two. I watched as they became inspired by listening to other students talk about their work and saw lots of new ideas in the Student Gallery. For us it was such an important experience. It showed our kids that they are important and that their creativity is valued by others. It has also built confidence in them as young artists. So, I’m happy to report that the seven hours on the bus was well worth it and I am very grateful to the amazing and very professional team at Zart for providing us with this opportunity. Thank you.


Zart Extra Term 1 2020 3

primary article

Mirka Mora Inspired Dolls In December 2018, members of the Boroondara Art Teachers’ Network attended the Mirka Mora exhibition being held at Heide in Bulleen. We were all inspired by the whimsical dolls Mirka had produced over many years. The art teachers of Boroondara Park Primary, Lisa Trevorrow and myself, resolved to take this inspiration to our grade 3 and 4 students at the beginning of the 2019 school year. We were encouraged by the idea that Mirka herself had taught doll making classes during the 1970s. After considering photographs of the works of Mirka Mora and learning something about her interesting life and her role in the Melbourne art

4 www.zartart.com.au

scene, the children designed their own doll on a piece of A4 paper. It was emphasised that to make them Mirka-like, they should accentuate the eyes and lips of their dolls. They were encouraged to keep the shapes as open as possible, in order to facilitate the stuffing later on. The design was then traced onto calico. With close supervision and the assistance of some much appreciated parents and grandparents, the children themselves used sewing machines to sew their dolls together. They absolutely loved this part! As we had only four machines to work with, on loan from school families, children were rostered to take their turn. Cardboard stars in Mirka style, were cut and painted while children waited for their turn at the sewing machines. The dolls were carefully stuffed with wadding,

the opening closed and then the children worked with paints, markers and fine-liners to realise and extend their original design on the now 3D shape. The children and their parents were very inspired by this project, which took almost a whole term to complete. Progress was documented and shared via the art-room’s Instagram page, and as a consequence, many took the opportunity to visit the exhibition at Heide before it closed. Thanks to Mirka Mora for her enduring power to inspire, and to Heide for making her works accessible to us.


secondary article

I AM Collage The ‘I AM’ Collage Book explores the diversity of aspirations held by the senior students at St. Paul’s College, a specialist school in Melbourne’s south-east. The book comprises a collection of students realities, hopes and dreams reflecting their joy and beliefs, and celebrates each student’s strengths and abilities, interests and gifts as they see themselves presently and how they imagine themselves in the future. Every affirmation made by each student is based upon discussions in art lessons about the distinguishing qualities that make them who they are and their personalities, the set of qualities and beliefs that make them different from others, the way they think about themselves as well as the way they are viewed by the world. Each page is arranged to symbolise the student’s bright future as radiating beams of sunlight and is a self-portrait that represents the various parts of each student’s identity… using words.

The approach involved developing ideas in class and encouraging students to express and communicate their feelings about themselves and their world. Books were read to and by students and ideas were generated about themselves and their classmates along with discussions relating to identity and change beyond school - the student’s future. The process involved writing or searching for words or statements in magazines and newspapers which related to them and using visual

conventions in their artwork; collage media in various textures, materials and techniques in two-dimensions. By participating in class conversations about identity, using images, gestures and sound to enable students to make choices, connections were made around students ‘here and now’ and the desired ‘future version’ of themselves.


Zart Extra Term 1 2020 5

zart student gallery

Student Gallery Term One Exhibition EXHIBITING THIS TERM Beaconhills College, Pakenham Clay Lantern Beaumaris Secondary College Collaborative Del Kathryn Barton Christ the Priest Catholic Primary School, Caroline Springs Pinch Pot Birds Venetian-Inspired Masks Cool and Warm Colours: Notre Dame and Djap Wurrung Birthing Tree Grey Street Primary School, Traralgon Tint and Shade Whimsical Winter Fox

Koonung Secondary College, Mont Albert Street Scene Abstract Still Life Mulgrave Primary School Mosaic Tiles

At the beginning of every term a new exhibition is curated and celebrated with an official ‘opening afternoon’ event for young artists, teachers, families and art lovers. Openings are hosted by Zart Education and give platform to the ideas, technical skill and hard work of our young Victorian artists. Events offer light catering, a ‘gallery tour’ of the exhibition, interviews with the young artists, and a raising of glasses/cups of cordial.

St Marys College, Seymour

Immanuel Primary School Texture Plate Steampunk Machine Plate

Mulgrave Primary School

Exhibition Closes 14th March 2020

The Student Gallery is situated upstairs in Zart’s Customer Service Centre, Box Hill North. Each term exhibition includes a new display of work from students ranging from Kindergarten to Year 12.

Visit In Person: 4/41 Lexton Road, Box Hill North, VIC 3129 Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri: 8.30am – 5.00pm Thu: 8.30am – 6.30pm Sat: 9.00am – 2.00pm Sun: Closed

Myrtleford P-12 College Class Collaboration Birds Ice-Creams and Donuts Inspired by Wayne Thiebaud Ori Stories Our Lady Help of Christians School Jim Dine's Tool's Oxley Christian College, Chirnside Park Camilla Spadafino Self Portraits St Mary's College, Seymour Still Life – Watercolour Flowers Still Life – Mixed Media Flowers St Paul's College, Balwyn Big Words

Toorak College Mexican Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls Clay Trinket Boxes

You can also view this exhibition on our website www.zartart.com.au

The Grange P-12, Hoppers Crossing

The Grange P-12, Hoppers Crossing Steampunk Robots

BBeaconhills hill College, C ll PPakenham k h

6 www.zartart.com.au

zart student gallery

Immanuel Primaryy School

Koonung Secondary College, Mont Albert Greyy Street Primaryy School,, Traralgon g

Immanuel Primary School

Toorak College

Toorak College St Paul's College, Balwyn

Christ the Priest Catholic Primary School, Caroline Springs

Zart Extra Term 1 2020 7

artist q & a

Images courtesy of Robert Lee Davis

Artist Q & A with Robert Lee Davis Robert Lee Davis is an international mixed media artist, who works in oil, found objects, acrylic paint, pen and ink, pencil and collage. His work is influenced by stories, conversations and experiences he has absorbed from people and places around the world. Art as a child. How did art first manifest itself to you?

Do you think creative enquiry is innate or can it be nurtured?

My first art memory was a drawing of Mickey Mouse I did for my grandmother for her birthday. I was eight and Mickey Mouse was one of her favourite comic strip characters. She loved it stating she would cherish it always. Although I was doubtful, she was true to her word, faithfully resurrecting it throughout my childhood. On the occasion of my graduation, I wanted to take back the faded and torn Mickey and draw her a better one, but she said, "No Baby! I know you can draw, but this is the first drawing you ever made for me." It was at that moment I realized the power of personalized art making.

I personally believe creative enquiry can be nurtured, but not from lecturing about it, rather by playing, making mistakes and learning and applying new ways of knowing and seeing.

8 www.zartart.com.au

Can you identify any major influences in your development as a creative person? I can identify several: The work of JMW Turner, Cy Twombly, the author, Langston Hughes and the music of Philip Glass. JMW Turner’s use of atmospheric light is breathtaking, and his painting style fluid and poetic. I strive to create his atmospheric effects in my landscapes.

The art of Cy Twombly, his use of abstract gesture to express feeling and emotions, affirmed that paintings could be inspirational and narrative. I attribute my desire to travel the world to the writer Langston Hughes. I Wonder as I Wander details the many places, people and adventures that influenced and inspired him. His writings encouraged me to not just be a visitor, but an active participate in the life of a place. I was introduced to the music of Philip Glass by accident when tuning into a college music station. His repetitive minimalistic pattern was like a lullaby, creating lines and images that fed much of my early art. A few years ago, I had the honour of presenting him a painting inspired by the places around the world I listened to his music.


community article

Images courtesy of The Dax Centre

The Dax Centre “Someone once said to me that The Dax Centre was Melbourne’s best kept secret,” says Charmaine Smith, Director of The Dax Centre.

students can gain insight into the methods, roles and considerations involved in the preparation, presentation and conservation of

Have you ever been to The Dax Centre? If you are not familiar with us, The Dax Centre is unique art gallery within the Kenneth Myer Building located at The University of Melbourne, Parkville. The Dax Centre was established in honour of the mental health pioneer Dr Eric Cunningham Dax who was a psychiatrist who saw the value and potential of art programs and art-making for people with a lived-experience of a mental health issue. The Dax Centre is part of the SANE Australia Group and is custodian of the Cunningham Dax Collection which consists of both a historical and contemporary collection of over 16,000 artistic works produced by people with a lived-experience of mental health illness and/or psychological trauma. Through innovative exhibitions and programs, The Dax Centre is an excellent resource to engage, inform and encourage connections about mental health. By using the art as the key to opening up conversations about mental health, The Dax Centre provides an opportunity for artists to share their stories and inspire

people to expand their understanding of and to reduce stigma around mental health. The Dax Centre also offers a rather rare and exclusive opportunity for VCE Studio Arts students to actually go behind the scenes. The Behind the Scenes Program runs throughout the year and provides students with an introduction to the exhibition and by providing access to the curatorial working spaces and storage facilities housing the Cunningham Dax Collection,

artworks for an exhibition as well as the maintenance of the Collection. Students will also learn about the specific legal and ethical considerations that are particular to displaying some of the artwork in the Cunningham Dax Collection.


For further details about The Dax Centre Education Programs visit www.daxcentre.org

Zart Extra Term 1 2020 9

what's new from zart

Dry Point Etching

Deco Mosaic Tiles Exploration Magiclay Method Step One: Lay down a thin and even layer of White Magiclay onto a surface.


Step Two: Press tiles into the bed of Magiclay leaving a 1mm-2mm gap between tiles. The Magiclay will hold (glue) the tiles in place and will fill the gaps between the tiles (grout).




Grout Method Step One: Lay down double-sided tape onto a surface/base. Step Two: Stick tiles to the taped base. Be sure to leave a 1mm to 2mm gap between the tiles. Use prepared grout to fill gaps between tiles. Set aside. When grout is touch dry, use a damp sponge to wipe off excess grout. Leave to harden.

Copper Plate This Copper Plate is an excellent quality high silver content printing metal, polished and laminated for a scratch free surface. Suitable for engraving, dry point etching and mezzotint intaglio printing techniques as well as aquatint acid etching.

10 x 15cm (0.9mm thick) NEW Each



Deco Mosaic Tiles les Aluminium Embossing Foil Sheets – Coloured Simply by using a ball point pen or soft pencil you can deboss intricate designs into this soft foil. Designs can also be drawn into the back of the foil to make a raised, embossed surface. Foil can be folded, cut, manipulated and scored. Single sided; featuring a bright colour on the front with the silver aluminium on the reverse side. Pack includes five assorted colours: Blue, Red, Green, Copper and Gold (2 of each colour).

A4 (0.07mm thick) NEW Pkt of 10

10 www.zartart.com.au



Lightweight, economical and durable, these Deco Mosaic Tiles are made from high quality resin. Warm colours include a mix of warm colours (yellows, oranges, pinks, crimson and reds). Cool colours include a mix of cool colours (purples, blues and greens). Each pack comes in four glass-like surfaces (opaque, frost, clear and glossy). ASSORTED COLOURS – 10 X 10MM TILES (2MM THICK)

Warm colours NEW Pkt of 150g (approx. 560 pieces) Cool colours NEW Pkt of 150g (approx. 560 pieces)


$15.95 SM600-CO


prices do not include gst • prices are valid until march 31 2020

Step Three: Set aside and allow Magiclay to dry.

what's new from zart

Coloured Paper

Black Card

Kraft Card

White Perma Pen by Zart

prices do not include gst • prices are valid until march 31 2020

Contrast on dark-coloured surfaces. White, water-based ink which works on most surfaces including card, wood, glass, metal and plastic. If ink appears dry, lightly shake before use. Fast drying. Felt tip. Store upright, nib down. PM438

1mm bullet nib NEW Pkt of 20


To see a video of Dual Tip Metallic Markers in use visit www.zartart.com.au and search PM811

Dual Tip Metallic Markers by Zart These dual tip markers are great for illustration, lettering, cardmaking and handmade paper crafts. Water-based ink and low odour. Great effects on black cardboard. Dual tip: Brush Size 2-6mm, Bullet Size 1.5mm.

Assorted colours NEW Pkt of 8



Coloured Paper


Aluminium Embossing Foil

EverZart Broad Marker Permanent on most porous and non-porous surfaces. Water resistant ink, low odour, fast drying, xylene free. Bullet felt tip. Deep black, excellent coverage.

1.5 - 2.5mm bullet nib NEW Pkt of 20



Cardboard Diorama This cardboard diorama box is the perfect stage for a miniature world, eco-system, an imagined landscape, or a moment captured in time! These dioramas are made from white 1mm thick board. They are sturdy, strong and self standing. Models can be hung from the lid, or stuck to the sides. Skewers can also be poked through the walls with ease. The outer shell can also be decorated. This self assembly design includes a pre-cut window 21 X 18cm.

23 x 20cm (8cm deep) BW826 NEW Pkt of 10 $28.95 BULK BUY 3 or more


Disposable isposable Palette Palet l tte Pad Pad Specially i ll treatedd paper which hi h will ill suit i acrylic, li oil, il gouache h andd watercolour l paint. Simply tear off sheet at the end of painting session, thereby minimising mess.

23 x 30.5cm


Pad of 36 sheets



Zart Extra Term 1 2020 11

new resources

Basic Basi Ba sic c Colour Colo Co lour ur Theory The heor ory y

Sandi Wooton

Patti Mollica

Paint with Magic is a comical rhyming tale of an outra outrageous rage geou ouss oc octo octopus, topu puss, aann as aspi aspiring piri ring ng artist and a multitude of beautiful sea creatures that come to life. When a child paints an octopus with magic paints, the octopus comes to life, keen to offer plenty of advice on how the painting should be done! As the story and painting unfold, all the marine animals join in the fun… until the paint dries. Will it be the best painting ever?

A perfect resource for new artists and art hobbyists. Basic Colour Theory demonstrates the colour wheel at work and covers all the essentials, including complementary, primary, secondary, and tertiary colours; hue, saturation, and value; colour mood, temperature, and schemes; and how to create a colour chart. Each concept is clearly explained in easy to comprehend language so beginning artists can put their new found knowledge to immediate use.

32pp NEW Each





Artt Workshop Ar Work ksh shop hop ffor or C Children hild hi ldre ren n

Artt Lab A L b for f Kids: Kid Express E Y Yourself elf llff

Barbara Rucci

Susan Schwake Students will be excited and engaged with the 52 brand new original art projects that will draw out each young artist as they discover their style, document their thoughts, and build confidence in their unique perspective. Each lesson asks questions and offers personal choices while encouraging diverse approaches and creative thinking. Many of the projects include varying examples and executions of the activity to illustrate and reinforce the open-ended nature of the labs, inspiring children to embrace and share their own voice.

144pp NEW Each

40pp NEW Each



A great book where children are encouraged to workk th throughh open-ended dd workshops, adults are guided on how to be guides who provide questions, encourage deep thinking, and help spark an excitement for discovery. Explore basic materials and workshops that use minimal supplies, and then gradually add new materials to fill the art cabinets as well as new skills and more complex workshops. Interspersed throughout are sidebar essays that introduce perspectives on mess-making, imperfection, the role of adult, collaborative art, and thoughts on the Reggio Emilia method, a self-guided teaching philosophy.

176pp NEW Each



Collage C Co llage g Workshop Work Wo rksh shop op ffor or K Kids idss id

Slow S Sl Stitch tittch ti h

Shannon Merenstein

Claire Wellesley-Smith

A fantastic exploration of favourite art themes for kids whi which hichh ddemonstrate emonstrate hhow ow to work with coloured tissue paper, newspaper, fabric and buttons, painted paper, torn paper, and more. In each chapter, Reggio-inspired author and teacher Shannon Merenstein explores each technique with original ideas. Members of the museum's education staff offer expert advice on creating art with children. Everything you need to know about collage is in this book, making it a great reference for teachers, librarians.

Discover a new simpler, slower way to beautiful stitch titch textile textille art. art The h pleasures l to be had from slowing down can be many, with connections to sustainability, simplicity, reflection, and tuning into traditional and other multicultural textile traditions. Slow Stitch is a much-needed guide to adopting a less-is-more approach, valuing quality over quantity, and bringing a meaningful and thoughtful approach to textile practice. This is a truly inspirational book for those looking to reconnect with their craft and to find a new way of working.

152pp NEW Each

12 www.zartart.com.au



128pp NEW Each



prices do not include gst • prices are valid until march 31 2020

Paint with Magic

printmaking exploration

PRINTING METHODS Printing is a wonderful skill which can be explored across all levels and ages. Below is a snapshot of the different printing methods, tools & processes. PLATE (EQUIPMENT)


Acetate Sheet: Firm clear piece of plastic, reusable.

Taking a print from a raised, built up and collaged surface.


BLOCK PRINTING (Relief Printing)

Gel Printing Plate: Gelatine plate, reusable.


COLLAGRAPH (Relief printing)


Can only be produced once.



Taking a print from a raised surface. The surface of the printing block creates the print. The cut out and recessed areas do not print. REPEATABLE PRINTS PRINTS IN REVERSE

Image is incised into the surface of the printing plate.

Printing Foam: Soft polystyrene plate, great introduction to printmaking.

Draw intoa surface using a pencil.

Silk Screen: A synthetic mesh that comes in various mesh counts. The mesh is stretched and glued on a frame.



Plate: Stiff card, a piece of wood or recycled board.

Glue and build up surface with cardboard, fabrics and threads, mediums and found objects.

Lino: Firm surface. Use the Safety Hand Guard or Bench Hook if necessary.

Metal Plates made from either Copper, Zinc or Aluminium: these are soft metals which are easy to etch.

Acetate: Heavy weight plastic.


Begin by rolling paint over plate using a hard roller. Use ďŹ nger or mark making tool, to draw into the wet paint. Areas can also be masked prior to inking.

Using a inked roller, spread colour onto the plate.

Using an inked roller, spread colour onto the plate.

Soft Cut: Soft surface, easy to carve.

SCREENPRINTING (Stencilling) Ink is transferred through a screen mesh onto a surface. Areas of the screen that have been blocked out do not print.


Carve design using a carving tool.

Block out areas of the screen by cutting a stencil, or use a photo sensitive emulsion.

Etched (Metal Plates Only): Coat plate with an acid resistant etching ground. Carve design into plate using a sharp pointed etching tool. Sit plate in an acid bath to 'etch' into the exposed areas of the plate. Dry Point: Scratch design directly into plate with a sharp pointed etching tool. Engraving: Design is cut into the plate using a cutting tool or burin.

TRANSFER DESIGN When transferring print to surface simply apply pressure with your hand or use a hard brayer (roller).

When transferring print to surface simply apply pressure with your hand or use a hard brayer (roller) or printing press.

When transferring print to surface simply apply pressure with yourhand or use a hard brayer (roller).

Printing Press or brayer (roller).

Lay screen mesh side down. Apply a line of screenprinting ink on top of the screen. Using a squeegee, drag paint across and through the screen's mesh.

Cover plate with etching ink. Using an inking dabber ďŹ rmly rub and press the ink into the incised lines / marks. Wipe plate using a tarlatan cloth to remove excess paint. Polish plate with newspaper. Careful not to remove the insised ink.

Printing Press (Paper needs to be dampened before use).

Zart Extra Term 1 2020 13

conference highlights

Nurturing Creativity Art Educators' Conference

"Loved the key note speakers. Very relevant to current political climate. On point and relevant for high levels."

Held annually in September Learn from the experts! Hands on art learning workshops facilitated by experienced educators and celebrated Australian artists: • Drawing • Painting • Printmaking • Photography • Installation • Picture Book Illustration • Fashion Illustration • Soft Sculpture • Clay Modelling • STEAM • Mindfulness • Aboriginal Art & Cultural Perspectives • Student Agency • Artist Talks & more… A big thankyou to all 305 Educators who attended from VIC, NSW, SA, QLD, WA and TAS in 2019!

14 www.zartart.com.au

"Awesome, this is my one must do PD for the year. Best chance to try new skills, and network with other teachers."

Book early! Program and Early Bird Tickets released in Term Two 2020

conference highlights

"Best PD I’ve ever been to in 16 my years of teaching. Was interactive, informative and relevant."

"Best workshop I’ve ever attended... fabulous extension of collage techniques applicable from Foundation through to secondary art."

Last year’s Nurturing Creativity conference was headlined by two of Australia’s hardest working and most celebrated contemporary artists – the very rad Abdul and Abdul-Rahman Abdullah. During their presentations, the brothers each demonstrated their remarkable technical capacities in their chosen media areas, along with an enviable ability to connect with the audience. Heart-warming, funny and honest, the Abdullah Brothers captivated and inspired us all. The Nurturing Creativity Conference is about celebrating art and education. As Art Educators, we all believe in art and its importance in the cognitive, personal and social growth of young people. In an ideal world, art would be at the centre of curriculum and all schools would be art schools. Art is much more than mess, it explicitly teaches creativity, the very thing at the core of human understanding and advancement. Art

education is not about creating artists, just as learning Maths is not all about creating mathematicians. Art is about thinking through making, requiring students to act both as makers and audience; it demands self-reflection and an understanding of others. It describes the experience of being human and is defined by sharing and collaboration. Nic Plowman – Zart Education Manager “Art is not a luxury. Art is a basic social need to which everyone has a right. Art is a way of building thought, of being aware of oneself and of the others at the same time. Art is an invitation to questioning; it is the social place of doubt, of wanting to understand and wanting to change reality. Art is a space of vulnerability from which what is social is deconstructed to construct what is human.” Tania Bruguera – Artist Freedoms and Cultural Rights speech to the United Nations


Zart Calendar What’s Happening in Term 1 2020 EXHIBITIONS & EVENTS






Lucy McRae: Body Architect | until 9 February Roger Kemp: Visionary Modernist | until 15 March Olympia | until 29 March Petrina Hicks | until 29 March Black Bamboo | until 5 April Kaws | until 13 April Keith Haring: Jean-Michel Basquiat | until 13 April

FREE Back to School Zart Voucher!

9 Labour Day (VIC)


3 Term 1 Starts (WA)

Albert Tucker Mobile Home | until 23 February Terminus Jess Johnson & Simon Ward | until 1 March Shannon Lyons Dark Kitchen | until 14 March

5 Term 1 Starts NSW (West Division)

BENDIGO ART GALLERY Going Solo First Nations: What’s on your Mind? | until 1 March

ART GALLERY OF BALLARAT Dark Horse: Wild Beasts & Curious Creatures | until 23 February Geoff Bonney: Pangrams | until 15 March Cake Industries: 08:26AM | until 22 March Next Gen VCE Art & Design 2020 | until 3 May

QUEENSLAND GALLERY OF MODERN ART Shirley Macnamara: Dyinala, Nganinya | until 1 March Setting the Stage | until 22 March Water | until 26 April Island Fashion | until 30 April

ART GALLERY OF NEW SOUTH WALES Making Art Public | until 16 February Dora Ohlfsen & the Facade Commission | until March Japan Supernatural | until 8 March Brett Whiteley | until 15 March

Labour Day (WA)

*Please refer to page 2 for terms & conditions.

9 Canberra Day (ACT)

Term 1 Back to School Specials

9 Eight Hours Day (TAS) 9 Adelaide Cup (SA)


21 World Harmony Day 27 Term 1 Ends (VIC)

10 Royal Hobart Regatta (TAS)

WORKSHOPS 2-5 Material Techniques Presentations


3 Masterclass: Contemporary Ink & Watercolour with Fiona McMonagle

4 Australian Birds & Brushes 2D & 3D with Kylie Wickham

5 Masterclass: Rad Still Life with Matt Butterworth

7 Masterclass: Portraiture with Dan Butterworth

12 Portraits: Clay Modelling with Adrian Ward

11 Sophisticated Finger Painting with Kylie Wickham

17 Masterclass: Mixed Media Postcards with Robert Lee Davis

11-27 Material Techniques Presentations

19 Self Portraits with Nic Plowman

26 Launceston Cup (TAS)

13/20 Exploring Contemporary Aboriginal Art with Shelley Ware 18 Planning a Primary Art Program with Emma HewettSmiles 22 Street Art with Dee Zabel 24 Foundation Art with Kylie Wickham

21 Go Figure! Keith Haring Sculptures with Petra Glaser

APRIL 3 Term 1 Ends (QLD) 9 Term 1 Ends (SA, NSW, WA) 10 Good Friday 12 Easter Sunday (ACT, NSW, QLD, VIC)

ART GALLERY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA Biennial of Australian Art: Monster Theatres | from 29 February until 8 June

13 Easter Monday 14 Easter Tuesday (TAS)

ART GALLERY OF WESTERN AUSTRALIA Freighting Ideas: How Did I Get Here | until 1 March That Seventies Feeling… the Late Modern | until 9 March

25 Colour Mixing Basics with Jennifer Whitten

14 Term 2 Starts (VIC)


26 Making Photographs Without a Camera with Stephanie Richter

25 Anzac Day

Simon Denny ‘Mine’ | until 13 April

20 Term 2 Starts (QLD) 27 Anzac Day Observance (WA)

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Zart Extra Newsletter Term 1 2020  

Zart Extra Newsletter Term 1 2020  

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