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Step 1. Smear Supertac over a Cardboard Cone and wrap Metallic Yarn around the cone.

Step 2. Cut different lengths of Fairy Floss Sticks and glue them around the cone. Step 3. Decorate each piece with sequins. Step 4. Create a star from a length of Metallic Wire Cord and glue it to the top of the tree.

To Make


You Need:

Cardboard Cone Tree • Materials List CN260 PA051 CT020-GO SM323-EM WG800-GO AA005

Fairy Floss Sticks 8mm x 25cm Pkt of 1000 Cardboard Cone Medium 12cm Pkt of 10 Metallic Yarn Gold Ball of 20g Sequins in a Jar Embossed 8–13mm 50g Metallic Wire Cord – Gold 25m Roll Supertac Glue 550mL

Prices exclude GST • Prices valid until 31 December 2016

$38.00 $11.95 $5.95 $5.95 $7.50 $19.95

Pkt Pkt Ball Jar Roll Tub

1 x Pkt 3 x Pkt 2 x Ball 2 x Jar 1 x Roll 1 x Tub

Explore line & pattern!

Step 1. Create the base of a snowflake using three Fairy Floss Sticks. Use two sticks to make a cross. Cut the third stick in half and glue it diagonally across the other two. Step 2. Look inside and outside the classroom for different types of lines and patterns. Lines can be straight, curved, zig-zag, wavy, twisted, wobbly, thick or thin. Repeated lines or shapes

form patterns. Use a marker to cover a sheet of Cartridge Paper with an assortment of lines, shapes and patterns. Step 3. Fold the patterned sheet of paper in half and then in half again. Cut shapes from the paper and glue them onto the frame of the snowflake. Step 4. Further explore pattern by repeating and gluing shapes uniformly over the snowflake. Step 4. Glue a mirror into the centre of the snowflake to draw the eye into the design.

To Make


You Need:

Snowflakes • Materials List CN260 TQ005-SI PA106 AA005 PN145 PM890

Fairy Floss Sticks 8mm x 25cm Pkt of 1000 $38.00 Mirrors Round Plastic 12mm Silver Pkt of 25 $5.25 Cartridge Paper A4 130gsm Ream $18.95 Supertac Glue 550mL $19.95 EverZart Permanent Pen Black 0.7mm Pkt of 20 $18.95 Basics Thin Markers Assorted Tub of 60 $12.95

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Create a striking collaged tree with this cardboard cone. These cones can be transformed into dramatic shapes and forms.

Use Fairy Floss Sticks to create geometric patterned snowflakes. This great activity explores: line, shape, pattern and colour.

Pkt Pkt Ream Tub Pkt Tub

1 x Pkt 2 x Pkt 1 x Ream 1 x Tub 1 x Tub 1 x Tub


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