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2 Easily transform Fairy Floss Sticks into a whimsical Christmas tree. This free-standing tree is striking in natural wood tones, however it can be further embellished and painted to create a brighter festive finish.

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PROJECT STARTER Fairy Floss Sticks

Step 1. Cut a series of Fairy Floss Sticks gradually getting smaller with each cut. Step 2. Arrange the cut sticks in order from small to large and glue them in place along the centre of one Fairy Floss Stick. Step 3. Decorate the tree with Bakers Twine and Twig Chips and glue them in a decorative design. Step 4. Place the decorated tree into a Wooden Model Stand.


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To Make



1 CN260 Fairy Floss Sticks Pkt of 1000 $38.00 2 NP015 Twig Chips Pkt of 250g $12.00 3 TQ005-SI Mirrors Round Plastic Pkt of 25 $5.25 4 SM323-EM Sequins in a Jar Embossed 50g Jar $5.95 $19.95 5 CN220 Wooden Model Stand Pkt of 30


6 CT020-GO Metallic Yarn Gold 20g 7 CQ090-CH Baker's Twine Xmas 100m Pkt of 3 8 WG800-GO Metallic Gold Wire Cord 25m 9 PA106 Cartridge Paper 130gsm A4 Ream 10 PA051 Cardboard Cones Medium Pkt of 10


You Need:

Fairy Floss Stick Christmas Tree • Materials List

10 $5.95 $21.50 $7.50 $18.95 $11.95

CN260 NP015 CQ090-CH CN220 AA005

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Fairy Floss Sticks 8mm x 25cm Pkt of 1000 Twig Chips 1.5–3cm Pkt of 250g Baker's Twine Christmas 100m Pkt of 3 Wooden Model Stand 3 x 3cm Pkt of 30 Supertac Glue 550mL

$38.00 $12.00 $21.50 $19.95 $19.95

Pkt Pkt Pkt Pkt Tub

1 x Pkt 2 x Pkt 1 x Pkt 1 x Pkt 1 x Tub

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Zart Christmas Catalogue 2016