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Foto Transfer Potch

Glitter Iron-On Sheets


Aluminium Foil



With Foto Transfer Potch you can transfer your oown wn motifs and photos to different surfaces including canvas, wood, ceramic, metal, glass, porcelain, fabric (only hand wash) and candles. Paint over transfered design with Potch Varnish. Foto Transfer Potch




Foto Transfer Potch Gloss Varnish new 50mL Foto Transfer Potch Candle Varnish new 50mL



These Glitter Iron-On Sheets will impress you with their easee of use and beautiful results. When ironed on, your fabric willl maintain its flexibility and flat surface. Apply to natural fibres es – both light and dark! Machine washable inside out.

$5.35 GZ172

A4 Assorted


Pkt of 10

How to use Foto Trasfer Potch

Step 1: Use a laser printer to print out your image design. Cut out image.

Step 2: On surface, mark out Step 3: Place image face down image area. Apply a thick layer onto Foto Transfer Potch, smooth of Foto Transfer Potch to area. out and wipe away excess Potch.

Step 4: Leave to dry for 24hrs. Step 5: Gently rub away the Use a spray bottle to wet paper fibres, be careful not to down image. pull away the printed image.


Step 6: Once dry, any remaining paper fibres can be hidden by applying a layer of Foto Transfer Potch Varnish.



How to use Glitter Iron-On Sheets

Step 1: Cut out and arrange shapes on natural fabrics, shiny plastic side up.

Step 2: Place baking paper over the design.

Step 3: Iron with a dry hot iron on cotton setting, for one minute.

Step 4: Peel off top plastic layer from your shapes, then cover with baking paper and iron again for one minute.

Step 5: To add more layers repeat the process on top of the shapes you have already secured.

Step 6: Embellish designs further using fabric paints or pens (PM056).

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